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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 72)

MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
plz unke bich sab thik kardo

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Oh god... I duno how to react!
RS & co. hit the right spot.. they broke nakku down in one go and now she doesnt want him to be with her just for his safety.
She needs him a lot right now.. I don't want him to give up.. he needs to b with her, console her, support her.
I love the way he straightened up when he heard it was bolt who got hurt and lol he didnt even go see GD.
Talkin bout GD.. I knew this was all intentionally.. she isnt even hurt.. bechara bolt.. i felt sorry for the horse but really didn't care about her but i did wish she broke some bones in her body! And she played a trick on AS before? Ahhh im hating her more and more everyday!
Lucky Roops but they don't know what lies ahead. I'm sure this is one of his and GD's plan..
Great update...

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divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 12:27am | IP Logged
hi jayati,

oh god, naku is so down emotionally........ pls do something.... dutta shouldnt give up....... he should pursue her......... first let dutta know its GD plan......... n make him put her in her place..........Angry

they are so badly n cruelly harassing her...... my poor naku......... yaar, u write with so much detailing, i literally am into the FF..... visualizing everything.......LOL

wil wait eagerly for tomorrow's update.........


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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Hey Tin.. firstly sorry could not comment yesterday.. dont ask me yesterday was one big lousy day for me.. but at least Dutta bhao rocked last night!
anyway, i knew there will be something coming up with Bolt as soon as that GD chose Bolt. why else would she pick Bolt of all the horses? of course, naku's soft wapot was Bolt.. her allies are Bolt and Dutta.. poor bolt cannot speak or stand up for naku, but only be there to comfort her with his presence and grunts..whereas Dutta will be there for her in mind, body and spirit!
hmm.. I am not liking this plan with Baaji and Roops..Roops bechari is not seeing the end picture, she is so naive and trusting as she still believes that no one can be that bad.. dont blame her as some people are very trusting by nature na.. but baaji i am sure is realising the gravity of the matter.. so does kala. for a minute, the woman in kala feels the sadness and angst when she knows about Roops-Baaji..she realises for a fleeting moment what all she never had..and wihses her sister gets all that amd more which she never had..but correctly so she is worried for naku.. one disaster after another..somehow she seems to be plagued with such incidents.. no wonder she is feeling like she is unlucky or something.. do u know what.. yesterday's update about her talking so long to get used to stand under a shower hit me hard.. she is a normal middle class girl and suddenly thrown into surroundings and people so alien to her that she is out of her depth, but still she is striving hard to make the most of whatever life throws at her..
GD adn Leelu think the plans they implemented in the black and white zamaana will work today!! hmm.. let them dream on as it will be more fun now to watch their fall.. but i will not feel a shred of any emotion for them not even hate when they get their due as they used a poor animal as the means to their end..for a second i thought baaji was ordering the truck to take Bolt to have him put down.. thank god, he has been taken to the specialist.. i m sure Bolt will walk again..see, i am forvere a positive soul and do believe in the magic of love and miracles in life :)
absolutely loved the last bit.. but again i have to say Tin, you leave me all disturbed as you end their part so abruptly and i would love to see a bit more depth in their conversations.. u have the ability to do that esp the lines chorne ke liye nahin pakda tha and the way he explains how they were with each otehr the previous night.. i so wish he stopped her running away, though i dont see you stopping them ;-P
but Naku needs Dutta more tahn ever u know what, i think it is time for him to marry her.. there i said it.. so he has all the haq he needs to be with her! not that he is showing any less haq even now..
thanks again Tin.. waiting for tomorrow! 

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 2:38am | IP Logged
Hey Jayati,
I knew it,this was all plan by that female RS & leelaAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry,even RS is still not aware as to what his sister has done.He seemed concerned for her,these two evils used to play same type of tricks with AS as well.But,let me tell u both,this time u are so going down,& i am so going to enjoy ur downfall.Both these ladies are worst human beings.As i mentioned last time - what kind of creep uses poor animal as a weapon to hurt someone?since from day one i thought this female RS is worst & she has some ultirier motive  behind coming to haveli & today she herself revealed the reason for that drunk boy & roops alliance.It is for her son's benefit.Angry

Oh,i felt really sorry for Kala ,but i really admire her,the way she felt happy for her sister & feeling sad for nakku.Looks like after dutta,Kala is the only one who understands nakku so well.

I really liked how dutta just ignored the news of taisaheb getting hurt,but as soon as he heard about bolt,he just couldn't stop himself.

Roops is still so much childlike ,she doesn't understand the real motive of her father,which Kala immediately got it right.

I am not worried about roops-baaji,they will come out victorious.But,what about nakku,just when she felt little happy about herself,realised her feeling for  dutta,this tragedy happened with bolt,whom she loved so dearly.As expected she again went into her shell,now this time it is going to be very difficult for dutta to bring her out.

As Vandu suggested,may be now marriage is the only solution.So that he can take care of her with full rights of a husband.
If possible pls. give some good news about bolt in next update.

Have a nice day.

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Hey Tins awesome update dear as usual love it but i am greedy i want more tasha.Embarrassed Oh poor naku this ppl r heartless as if naku hasn't been through enough 4 their selfish reason they targeting naku uggAngry 
 now she thinks she is unluckiest girl & even afraid to the point she rather leave D alone than any harm come to him!
i love how D is understanding her w/out pushing her to do too much he is just going at her pace.
pls Tins me like vandu &pooja i want them married as well. @vandu i like how u said it there said it about D-N marriage ha ha am with u100% tins r u reading dear tasha marriage!Wink 
oh i hope & i am almost certain nothing will happen to bolt gauries & leelas plan flop i wish RS 'll find out about their secret & about the past as well!Tanx Tins love it pls cont & tank u dear !Smile

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
Chapter 37

Nakusha stepped back shaking her head…aaj nehi huwa, kal ho sakta hai…nehi nehi…I can't take anymore chances…turning she ran towards the Haveli




Ayi Sahib stood at the centre of the Lobby looking around..she was having this queer feeling, feeling that somethings were not right….the same feeling she had for few years after a marriage…as if someone was creating a wall in between, drawing bounderies and then she got busy bearing children and afterwards maybe she got used to them but then why the same feeling is coming back…for what? …for whom?




Advocate Sen was busy dictating a note to his secretary when his mobile started ringing, he ignored it…it stopped and again it started ringing continuously….


The person who invented mobile invented the biggest nuiscence of our lives, he grabbed his phone and barked 'Sen' into it…..


My name is Dutta Sriram Patil….I am Kalavati's brother….Advocate Sen, I have taken the liberty of sending you my private jet, on its arrival the pilot will call you up, if you can come immediately….


One minute Mr Patil, I may not be as big as you or as busy as you but then I do have commitments and what makes you think that I was sitting free for your private jet to arrive?  Sen could not help but be sarcastic….Bare bap ki bigre huwe bete he thought to himself…


Mr Sen I am not calling you on my behalf or behalf of Kalpana Rao today…today I am summoning you on behalf of Nakusha Ganpath Rao…she needs your help….


Nakusha?  Usse kya huwa? Mr Sen frowned….


If you have two minutes I can brief you…..




Dutta crossed the lawns to come into the Haveli to see his cousin Jagat was standing…Jagat  Gaikward was a couple of years older than Dutta and Dutta was not too fond of him…the reason being whenever his Baba got a chance he always compared Dutta with Jagat…be like Jagat, what a boy he is after few years, what a man he is turning out to be and now look at Jagat…Tai Sahib is always singing praises of saying atlast I have got some peace and happiness….while his father sang praises, Dutta's sources tell him that it is still the mother who is running the show, Jagat is not such a good  businessman, due to his bad decisions he has missed out on couple of very good deals, now they are in need of a big business breakthough…


Dutta,! Jagat greeted coming upto him….


Jagat Bhau..after a long, Dutta tried to sound pleased….


Yes…heard my mother had a bad fall and hence I chartered a helicopter and came…


Oh I did see a helicopter flying by a little while how is business?  In reality Dutta wanted to ask who is footing the helicopter bill, Raja Saab or Jagat himself which he doubted…


Recession has affected us but nothing which we cannot overcome…


Yes of course….Dutta did not have anything else to say and was looking for an escape route when Kareena came across the lobby…


Hello Kareena look who has come, Dutta greeted her….


Oh Jagat Bhau, Kareena came forward to greet her cousin, as Kareena kissed his cheeks, Dutta noticed like him, she was also not looking very excited to see him…Dutta cared less, he took the opportunity to go up the stairs towards his room….on the landing he found Nakusha sitting….


Kyu re kya huwa…tune Kala Tai ko bhi chhor diya?  He asked


Nakusha looked up, she was looking drained….


Koi aya hai…koi Gaurav bolke hai, she is talking to him so I thought I will wait outside…


Gaurav, her husband, he is here?


Oh shit, Nakusha realised her mistake…mai tu bhul hi gayi thi, her husband's name is Gaurav, let me inform Kanta….after all he is the son in law, some refreshment should be offered….


Sun tu mere saath mere kamre me chal…Dutta did not want anybody to see Nakusha sitting here as she did not have a room of her own...


Naku went stiff…..


Dutta used his strength to pull her up, dekh I could have done many things to you yesterday but then I have to go out now…no time …you sit and watch TV in my room…don't keep sitting on the stairs, we have a big house but it is unfortunate that you don't have a room of your own….chal aja…he pulled her to his room.




Kala glared at Gaurav, firstly it is bad that he has come and secondly it is worse that he walked into the room unannounced when Nakusha had come back running and Kala was about to talk to her but Gaurav walked in….


What are you doing in my room, Gaurav?


I think I still have the right, don't I?  Gaurav looked at Nakusha…who is this?  I have not seen you before….


Nakusha somehow managed to utter her name and ran out of the room.


Your new maid it seems….what happened to the old one…too hot to keep in the house with your brother and father around?


Nakusha is not a maid of this house…..


I thought she was wearing her uniform…..I wonder from where does Leela get these girls…..


Gaurav stop it…tell me what brings you here….


Your father….mai shauk se nehi aya…but then he is making my life difficult …areh I do have a government job, he is creating pressure with his sources…abh naukri chhorke should I sit home holding your pallu and another thing…I did not ask you to go, you left on your own….


Yes because you refused to mend your ways…


Gaurav shrugged…why should I?  Your own father has not mended his at this age even…why are you after me…I am a normal man with normal hormones and men by nature are polygamous…no wonder in the past they had so many wives and concubines …..


Fine, I have accepted your way of life and I do not want to be part of it anymore, now leave me alone…get lost from here….


Chala jayunga, rukhne ke liye nehi aya but then call your father, ask him not to pressurize me indirectly to accept you back….




Dutta pushed Nakusha on the sofa, switching on the TV he unzipped his overall and noticed through the corner of his eyes that Nakusha sitting with her head bowed lost in her thoughts, this was the girl giving him lovey dovey looks in the morning…Dutta sighed going to stand under the shower, no she should not undergo another turmoil,  she refused to realise her family is no more, she lived waiting for them to return over a month that too inspite of seeing their bodies…oh how painful it must have wonder Kalpana Rao did not want to take her along to the places where she worked, the conditions were extreme and for Nakusha it would have doubled but then this house, the house which Kalpana thought would heal her niece, has it been able to do so?


Naku, I am just going out for an appointment, if you feel tired use the bed to sleep, I will come back and have dinner….


Though Naku looked at him, he had doubts if she registered anything at all…but he had to go…Bajirao was waiting for him already…..



Amake amar moto thakte dao

Ami nijeke nijer moto guchiye niyechi

Jeta chilona chilona sheta na paoyai thak

Sab pele nashto Jibon


Tomar ei duniyar jhapsa aloy

Kichu sandhyer guro haoa kaancher moto

Jodi ure jete chao tobe ga bhashiye dao

Durbine chokh rakhbona na na

Na na na na

Na na na na


(Song from the Bengali movie autograph : roughly translated…


Let me live like the way I want

I have settled myself the way I want

The things which are not there, let me not get them

If I get all I want, life will be spoilt


Your world in the fading light

If there are some doubts floating like glass pieces

If you want to fly, release yourself

I will not keep my eyes on the telescope…

Na na na



Ayi Sahib cringed every time Raja Saab tried to reason with Kalavati….see Gaurav is such an accomplished man, inspite of his inheritance, he works in a good position with the government and has been able to give you a lifestyle which even many families like ours cannot maintain nowadays…you have not only money but position too….


Yes and a sharing husband….Kalavati mocked…


Don't be headstrong Kala…learn to adjust…Gaurav is willing to accept you back….


I am not ready to go back….


I …I support Kala, Ayi Sahib spoke up startling Gaurav who cannot remember the sound of his mother in law's voice as well as stunning both Kala and her father…


But of course, Raja Saab thundered…you have never adjusted yourself in the ways of my life and you will of course support your daughter….like mother like daughter….


You now know Raja Saab what it is like…I hope to have your sympathies….Gaurav added cheekily


Kala stood up, giving her mother a fleeting smile she said….Baba I am moving out in a couple of days, I have already selected a house and in the process of setting up my own office…


What in this town, where I am the Raja Saab you have chosen a dingy house for yourself….


Kala did not bother to reply, she walked out of the room…Ayi Sahib followed her in quick steps…


No use of telling him that India is now an independent country and he is just like any other ordinary citizen now, he is no longer the Raja here and she can stay wherever she likes….




It was past 10 in the evening when Dutta finally returned, he informed the servant who opened the door for him that he won't be having dinner, too much of snacks with drinks spoils appetite, he went up to his room taking two steps at a time, with a thumping heart opened it, the TV was still on but Nakusha was not there…so she has gone back to Kala Tai's room, of course it is not expected of Kala Tai to entertain Gaurav, she was a no nonsense woman ,,,Dutta walked into his bedroom and stopped….


Naku was lying on the centre of the bed and in deep sleep, her hair thrown back, curled up, almost in a foetal position…his hands froze on his shirt buttons, he stood watching…mesmerized by the sight of this girl who has found the way to the deepest recesses of his heart. He felt like a jolt shaking his body and mind and setting off a myriad of emotions ranging from a longing to take her in his arms and reassure her that everything is going to be ok from now on but also very scared that Nakusha had gone through so much trauma over such a short period to the point of shying away from any sliver of happiness darting her way. The more he drank in the sight of this girl with a mass of hair sprayed on his bed, the more he was convinced that this woman was meant for him and was the one to erase the coldness that had inhabited this mansion everyone called home. Nakusha will make this my home. 


A sudden knock brought him back to his senses….he grunted coming into the sitting area to see Kanta entering with the dinner tray ….


I had dinner he frowned and wished he could tell Kanta what a pile on she was…


Ummm Bhao Sahib….Naku did not have anything the whole day…except for her morning tea and biscuits….


Hmmm put it down…..


Kanta glanced around and then lowered her voice…Bhao Sahib gustakhi maaf…aur ek baath mujhe bolna tha…if you will permit….


Haan bol….




Dutta carried the tray and put it down at one side of his big bed…shaking Naku lightly…Naku uth…khana kha le…Naku get up….


Bolt…Naku cried in her semi consciousness…


Nehi mai Dutta hu…he patted on her cheeks lightly, and smiled at the prospect of becoming the assertive husband who is going to take care of Naku's needs, even the mundane task of feeding her…


Naku opened her eyes….then sat up…Bolt?  Has he been put down…has Baji Bhau done it….


He was annoyed for a second that all Naku could think of was Bolt but happy that Nakusha was so attached to an animal that would always hold a special place in their lives. Dutta held the soup bowl in front of her, holding up the spoonful of soup….


Soup pi le….


You went to put down Bolt, didn't you….Naku said fighting to keep the tears welling up in her eyes.


Dutta did not answer but put the spoon into her mouth….


He was such a lovely horse, there are so many horses, ek aur hota toh kya pharak parta…why did you have to do it…the first friend who embraced me without demanding anything in return but love.


Dutta kept quiet, instead he went on feeding her in between her babblings…..Ayi Sahib was right, having big houses does not equate to having a big heart….how much does the fodder costs…I could have taken up another job and paid for it….


Abh chup…bahut bak diya tune…khana kha chup chap abhi…Dutta scolded Naku…


She pushed Dutta away, disbalancing him nearly….


Idhar muh ghuma aur yeh khatam kar, he said in a firm tone…turning her face towards him forcefully….


No I don't want it…I want Bolt back Naku dug herself into her pillow and cried out….


Putting down the tray on the floor, Dutta unbuttoned his shirt, throwing it on the floor, he lay down next to her, holding her firmly, he turned her towards him, Naku cried wetting his chest with her tears…he held her patiently till she was spent…and then he started kissing her…She did not respond first but then something seemed to snap in her and just gave in to a wave of emotions washing over her body, mind and heart. She suddenly felt that she had reached home, that she would be safe in the arms of this man who had become the focal point of her life. Dutta could feel a shift in Nakusha's embrace and he hugged her closer, they had no words to put their feelings. Both had no idea of the length of time they held on to each other scared that letting go would rob them of a magical moment that comes once in a lifetime, the realisation of love to the point that two human beings are ready to give in to each other, dream and hope for each other together.




In the light of the bedside lamp Naku looked into his eyes, she felt she had no control over her senses any longer. Dutta kissed the tear away, then her eyes and then holding her gaze he entered her….Naku dug her nails into his back….Dutta whispered into her ears…abh tu meri ho gayi…in my house, in my room and on my bed…now we are now one…aur yeh baath tu nehi bhulegi….Naku wrapped her legs around his waist and cried out….



tere mere sapane, ab yek rang hain
jahaa bhee le jaaye raahe, hum sang hain

mere tere dil kaa, tay thaa yek din milanaa
jaise bahaar aane par, tay hain fool kaa khilanaa
o mere jeewan saathee.. ..

tere dukh ab mere, mere sukh ab tere
tere ye do nainaa, chaand aaur suraj mere
o mere jeewan saathee.. ..

laakh manaa le duniyaa, saath naa ye chhootegaa
aa ke mere haathon me, haath naa ye chhootegaa
O Mere Jiivan Saathii...


(As suggested by Kavita DR )



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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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totally awesome

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