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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 71)

Juni17 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Hey Tinni wonderful update..............luved da way u described D & N afterthought abt that special night they we'll look forward to those little precious moments they this RS n GD has planed sumthing big i guess to put N & B in RS has appointed B as a bodyguard for R ..........i think RS has sumthing else in mind......n this GD i don kno why she hurt bolt will it help her....well it will get clear in da coming days.......N is too scared now but i kno D will be there for her n as well as for B&R........luking forward for tomorrows update...take care 

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 3:07am | IP Logged
So the first slaughtered goat is baaji & next nakku.
When RS  was speaking with baaji so nicely,i thought what is wrong with me,am i reading wrong story,but no,he is playing with not only baaji but his family as well.What kind of a man he isAngryAngryAngry
OH,poor nakku,just when she finally gave in for her love,such a tragedy created with bolt,whom she loves a lot.
I tell u,this female RS is epitome of evilEvil Smile ,what sort of creep uses poor animal,to play a game with someoneAngry.I am sure nothing has happened to her,but now what will happen with boltCry.Just like nakku,even we all are so attached to bolt as if he is part of our familyCry

What will dutta do ?Will he be able to save bolt?Will he be able to save nakku from yet another emotional break-down?Will nakku take her step back from dutta after this incident?& most imp. will these RS & female RS just stop after doing this horrible act or will they continue with more sinister plans?
Oh,god,so many questions are floating in my head.I hope some answers i will get in next update.


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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Tanx tins 4 the wonderful update dear o no poor bolt this ppl r sick playing this kind of game RS i have no words lets c how long his calmness will last bcoz it is not his true feeling.
and baji been made BG now what instead of holding him responsible now RS wants to trap him & make him responsible i hope s/how D helps & also tasha becomes closer bcoz of bolt. pls tins more tasha we only had eye lock today no more pls moreUnhappy!

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vahgar Senior Member

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Hi Tin,
Nice update, Please let nothing happen to Bolt, BTW where is dutta when all this drama is happening........ ? GD is very clever, guess she does'nt know about Nakku's love for Bolt, but she is just planning to prove that Nakku is not good at her job and try to get her out of the house......
and poor Baaji, guess now he will think twice since he cannot break RS's trust , guess GD and RS know how sincere Baaji was and are taking advantage of that......cruel people....
Hope Kala helps these 2 in someway.......
Can't wait for today's update........
Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Chapter 36

Put it down matlab, hamesha ke liye sula dena….Naku looked horrified and her legs gave away, she collapsed….





Dutta was working with the mechanics completely immersed in his job to know what was going around when one of them gone for a bio break came back running, Bhau Sahib, Raja Sahib is very upset, it seems Bolt has thrown off Tai Sahib and now Raja Saab has asked Bajirao to put down Bolt….


Hmmmm Dutta barely registered as the new engine was not setting in properly, they were working on it for quite a while now….is Tai Sahib injured, he asked a bit absent mindedly….


I have not got to see Tai Sahib but yes Bolt himself is badly injured….


BOLT?  Did you say Bolt?  Dutta straightened….


Yes, I heard Baji Rao sending for the truck….


Oh shit …Dutta exclaimed taking out his gloves…..




Aaahhhhh Tai Sahib moaned as Leela put the compress below her neck….Ayi Sahib stood in the corner with her head bowed, Kareena held her hand and Raja Saab fumed….


My family rides horses before they can crawl and now am I to believe that she has been thrown from her horse….who buckled it?


What is her name Leela?  Tai Sahib moaned …


Whose?  Leela asked pretending not to understand….


Well the girl who works in the stable….I understand there is only one girl working there…..


Nakusha?  Leela asked….


Whatever…she ….Baji asked her to buckle Thundering Bolt….Gauri Devi grimaced


See, tumhari maayeke se ayi hai, what better can be expected….Raja Saab glared at Ayi Sahib


Bolt is it?  Naku loves Bolt very much, he is her friend and I cannot believe Naku will be careless with Bolt….Ayi Sahib retorted in her soft but firm voice…


Friend my foot….Leela call up Dutta just now, I want to see him asap….


Errr Raja Saab Dutta is working in the workshop…..


Taking out his mobile Raja Saab walked out of the room, apprehending trouble Ayi Sahib followed him with her new found courage.


Beta Kareena….beta you go, I am fine now…much better …will take a brief nap….Leela you too…..


As Leela and Kareena went towards the door, Gauri Devi called out Leela…err I wanted to say….Leela came back, Kareena left closing the door behind….


Seeing the door shut, Gauri Devi sat up quickly…..the plan was good, she whispered….


It reminded me of the time we played pranks on Madhavi, Leela gave a low laughter…bechari she did not even realise, Nakusha aajkaal ki ladki was a bit smart or should I say oversmart but then mujhe bahut se hisab chukana hai usse….I can never forget how Dutta …..Leela clenched her jaws….


Did Bhau speak to Bajirao…


Yes he did….and for a change cool and calmly…..


Now let me call up my son, let him bring Yuvraj for the ball….They are in a midst of a business deal….Jagat needs it badly as our Hotel is not doing so well as we do not get much tourist as there is nothing interesting around the surroundings for them and for business travel it is not suitable location wise….Yuvraj's property is a good one and if he becomes a relative will be helpful…..


Hmmmm Leela agreed a bit absent mindedly thinking how to take her plan forward….




Kala released a ring of smoke in the air, suddenly she felt jealous of Roops, what a lucky girl, she has a man who loves her, who is her soulmate, a man who is ready to go any length for his love…of course she deciphered the 'catch' her father had laid in front of Bajirao, an offer very difficult for Bajirao to refuse, he was in a sense bringing them together but only confining Baji as the gatekeeper of the cage he was putting Roops in,  till such time Baba decides Roops' life further…Kala's eyes misted no Baji was a good chap, her kid sister had chosen well and she was sure they would come out winners, Kala was not too worried for Roops for she was in good hands, she was worried about her new friend Nakusha….she had no words to consol her….Nakusha has gone into shell once again..the poor girl was loosing her loved ones too soon….Kala remembered how Nakusha held Bolt, with her arms tightly around, refusing to let go….Bajirao sent for a truck, whatever he wanted to do he did not want to do it in front of Nakusha, the poor man himself was getting one shock after another and he had no words to consol Nakusha….instead he sat in front of Bolt inspecting in wound….trying to ease the pain….


The sound of the truck brought Nakusha in her senses, with a cry she ran away before Kala could react….


Kala Tai, jane do usse, let her cry, if she can that is….come on Roops and Tai, hold on to Bolt, give some comfort to the poor fellow….Baji got busy instructing his men how to load Bolt..


The door opened….Is Nakusha with you Tai?  Dutta asked walking in….


No….she is not here Bhau…….


Kaha chali gayi…Dutta muttered….


Dutta….dekh, I am sure it is not Naku's fault….I mean accidents do happen and Bolt was a prized horse having won many races….




Yesterday night I guess Naku was with you, I may be wrong as I did not get to speak to her but be very careful when you deal with her Dutta, she is in shock….I hope you will try and understand her…


Dutta nodded his head, his father whom he met a little while ago wants Dutta to sack Naku with immediate effect…Dutta had no problems in taking off Naku from the stable, she was not meant to do such menial job but then it is something Naku enjoyed and it suited him too….


Ji Tai but let me find Nakusha first….





Roops held Bajirao's hand, why such a long face Baji…itna toh soch that abh tujhe mujhse chhup chhup kar nehi milna parega…koi bahana nehi karna parega…see the brighter side of it….


Baji shook his head…Roops was forever optimistic…


Mr Bajirao, please come in…have you got the report, the specialist asked…


Yes Sir, here it is…Bajirao went forward…





She was sitting on her favourite spot looking out at the meadow, a couple of horses were still doing exercise, she sat still, Dutta came and sat down next to her…she did not react…..


After being quiet for sometime Dutta started recollecting the races Thundering Bolt had won for them, the races he did exceptionally well and the races he lost…as Dutta finished he kept quiet…they watched the handlers taking away the horses towards the stable….


Today Bolt will be missing from his stall….Bolt's stall will be empty…suddenly Nakusha got up, Dutta caught her hand…Chhoro chhoro mujhe she cried…..


Chhorne ke liye nehi pakra…Dutta replied….


You don't know what you are getting into Dutta Sriram Patil…


I am waiting for you to tell me….


I am the most unluckiest girl in this world….I had gone for tuitions after my college and look what happened to my family, pura beh gaye…today I buckled up Bolt and see what has happened to him, aur tum mera saath rehna chahate ho?


Yes…Kal rath I was with you, you touched me, I touched you, you explored me, I explored you…pura rath thi tum mere baho me…aur abh dekh ..mujhe kuch huwa hai?  Hatta khatta tere samne khara hu…



Nakusha stepped back shaking her head…aaj nehi huwa, kal ho sakta hai…nehi nehi…I can't take anymore chances…turning she ran towards the Haveli



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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
aww I hope nothign happens to bolt..I hate leela, Gauri and raja dude...miserbale loners kahin ke...have nothing to do besides irritate tasha...
The end part...naku is even more scared that she is going to looseDutta, poor thing!

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
knew it..........this GD did this will dutta pacify naku.......

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
OMG!!!!! It was a plan by GD and Leela......... Hope Dutta finds it out soooon......... Dutta is worried fr Nakku........... he knows it she luvs Bolt very much and that she must be really disturbed.......... Baaji is taking Bolt to the veternary.......... Kala is too worried fr Nakku...........Nakku is so scared that she is loosing evryone she lovs........ she is scared fr Dutta toooooooo......... luved the Tasha convo in the end...... especially their last dialogue..........

I am the most unluckiest girl in this world….I had gone for tuitions after my college and look what happened to my family, pura beh gaye…today I buckled up Bolt and see what has happened to him, aur tum mera saath rehna chahate ho?

Yes…Kal rath I was with you, you touched me, I touched you, you explored me, I explored you…pura rath thi tum mere baho me…aur abh dekh ..mujhe kuch huwa hai?  Hatta khatta tere samne khara hu…
A very nice updt.......... looking frwrd to 2morrows updt...........


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