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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 7)

shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
nice one tin. Now, i m realy luking forward to TaSha's luv story. It wud be interesting to see how arrogant dutta vl fall for naku.

Update soon.

Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Nice update, Jayati
God...Dutta is so arrogant, rude and selfish..idiot!
like father like sonAngry
...I hope Naku sorts him out somehow lol
.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suvi7884

Nice update, Jayati
God...Dutta is so arrogant, rude and selfish..idiot!
like father like sonAngry
...I hope Naku sorts him out somehow lol
Suvi ...Such Arrogant guys r fun to be with ... becoz to discover and understand why they r what they r .... it is awesome tasks .. nd they like lil babies within
Moreover ..I feel SP is angry ..with AS becoz he feels that Kalapna did not want them maaried .
D ..I have yet to discover him in this story

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Chapter 5


As they walked towards the Haveli, a suave looking expensive car without roof (convertible) having its logo proudly displayed in the front zoomed passed them with Dutta Sriram Patil at the wheels….to Nakusha's surprise he did not acknowledge his mother and Ayi Sahib too lowered her head making it impossible for Naku to read her face….




As Naku sat down in the parlor, she heard Ayi Sahib sighing…. on being eye to eye, Ayi Sahib gave a sad smile…..


Ayi Sahib you want breakfast here ?  Leela came clicking her heels……


Yes Leela like everyday but today I will share it with Nakusha once again……


I thought …..


Leela can I have the breakfast please I am hungry and have you asked Nakusha what she would like for lunch….Ayi Sahib cut in startling Leela….


Leela frowned ….Ask Nakusha…why should I…..


Have you forgotten the rule of this house, we do take care of the guests likes and dislikes….


Ayi Sahib….but she …


Well as of now she is a guest isn't she…….Ayi Sahib replied in her soft tone but in a firm voice…..


Leela frowned and kept on staring at Ayi Sahib, Ayi Sahib raised her brows and asked any problem?


Err…I will go and send the breakfast…Leela left in long strides……as she went out of their sight, Ayi Sahib giggled like a small girl this time startling Nakusha….


Ayi Sahib leaned forward and touched her hands, you know Nakusha your very presence gives me strength, 35 years I am married to this household but not even for a day my parents or for that matter of fact any of my family members got to stay in this house…..


Nakusha sat up, aisa kyu she frowned……


Ayi Sahib looked at the ceiling don't go by the looks Nakusha….ghar bada matlab dil bhi bada ho jaroori nehi hai….


Lekin bahar, the villagers and I mean when I was coming here with my aunt, she did tell me briefly about you, saying even though you have got married early but you are trying to do you bit for the society…she said if we only had some more like her, the poor people of this country would have had a better life…..Naku recollected…..


Ayi Sahib eyes watered, she bit her lips…it was so heartening to hear such nice words about herself from her idol…


Ayi Sahib….Sir wants you in the study now…yesterday's gentleman came and stood behind….


Naku did not miss Ayi Sahib clenching her jaws…Vipinji I will see him after breakfast….which I will be having with our guest here now….


Ayi Sahib he said now….


Ayi Sahib turned her head to look at Vipin Rao…who stood watching her for few seconds then bowing with utmost courtesy….I will convey to Raja Sahab you will come after your breakfast is over….he turned to leave promptly…..


Kanta came pushing the breakfast trolley…she waited upon them to serve when Ayi Sahib said, Kanta, after lunch Nakusha and I will go out to do some shopping, as you know Naku needs a few more things for herself, I want the car at 2 sharp…..


Ji Ayi Sahib, Kanta left……


Naku observed that all of them were surprised by Ayi Sahib's new found attitude….her very presence gives Ayi Sahib strength Naku recollected but then why?  Hasn't she been married for a long time now….as Ayi Sahib picked chose the items from the trolley, Nakusha rubbed her yesterday's wound involuntarily…abhi bhi bahut dard hai kya, Ayi Sahib words brought back Nakusha from her thoughts…


Ji nehi…I mean ….I thought the man who drove out of the house a little while ago is your son….strange he did not greet you on his way out…..


Ayi Sahib did not reply, her face turned red as she handed over the plate to Nakusha…


Naku cursed herself under her breath, my god why cannot I keep my mouth shut….now I will also lose the only person who is willing to give me shelter till I find something…..


You know for 35 years I have not spoken a word, waiting to share my thoughts with someone, Nakusha stopped chewing, Ayi Sahib was fiddling with the food instead of eating….


You will not believe Nakusha, life has been like a golden cage for me…..I have been married at the age of 17 to a house with opulence, at least 100 times bigger than my family, chahe woh ganapati puja ho nehi to diwali…..normally any girl would be happy to be in a house where you get to wear the finest of saris, jeweleries, food, no worries about ration, what to cook, routine household chores….Ayi Sahib stopped, after a deep breath she continued…but then you are rebuked, no manners, no etiquette, no sense of dressing, you don't know anything about horses, you cannot speak anything intelligently, cannot participate in a conversation etc etc……


Didn't you make any effort to learn the ways of this house, I can understand, I mean they do have a point….


Initially for few days I felt upset as I always thought when they did not want me, then why have they got me married here….my parents did not come pleading?  Then I thought of getting to know them….try to adopt their ways…yes my in-laws were very prompt in getting tutors, still things did not work out…


Why?  Nakusha asked…

A range of varied emotions played on her face, Ayi Sahib, she hesitated lifted her face, what do I say…she sighed…instead of trying to solve your problem mai apna ram kahani lekar baith gayi….


So many years have passed maybe she is not used to speak about herself….


Naku, Raja Saab does not want to keep you…..Ayi Sahib spoke with her head bowed…


Naku leaned forward, believe me I did not want to come here too, but aunt thought I should be mentally healed before starting something and with the floods my certificates also…..


Yes I know….Dekho Naku….all these years I accepted by fate, my parents were no match to fight with Raja Sahab or give me support…. I was married off, even if they were not welcomed here but they could nevertheless boast how well their daughter has got married….


Hearing her words, Naku was not sure with whom Ayi Sahib was more upset, her parents or her husband….


Naku, after 35 years I have got a chance to take care of somebody…matlab jo mere apne ho, that too relation of the person who has been my inspiration and helped me to carry on with my life, I want to do something for you, I want your cooperation…..


Naku pressed Ayi Sahib's hands….she did not know what to say, it seemed more than wanting to do something for Naku, Ayi Sahib wanted to prove her own worth to herself…


Naku started speaking about her family, her baba unlike his sister was not so well educated as he was more of 'hands on' man, while the family was proud of her aunt, my grandparents always regretted they could not marry her off… you think she can be a 'desh-drohi'….Naku asked….


Naku that is one of the reason I want you to stay in this house…Ayi Sahib's eyes gleamed….


Aap kehna kya chahati hai…..


Well I want you to take her case to the highest court of India with the best possible lawyer…..


How that will be possible?  Naku sounded excited …fighting cases costs money….


I will give you the money….


Will Raj Saab allow it?


He did not know…..Ayi Sahib, felt her necklaces….


Naku's eyes grew big… will 


Shh I have lots….kuch kaam toh aye….


But if Raja Saab


Imagine Naku how would Kalpana Auntie look cooking and doing household chores, talking to her husband….Ayi Sahib suddenly changed the subject…..


Naku giggled, those things seemed so alien regarding her aunt….Ayi Sahib joined her when a voice spoke from behind….


I thought we had scheduled a meeting….




Standing in the hallway, Nakusha inspected her wound, all of a sudden it started throbbing, he entered the parlor, six feet tall he stood dwarfing them suddenly, Nakusha noticed a man in his mid sixties, much older than what she had anticipated, obviously he looked through her nor showed any signs of acknowledgement towards her presence…..


You know Madhvi I am a busy man and I adhere to timings strictly, kitna der tumhare liye baithe rahu?  Nakusha quietly got up and walked out, atleast this much she could do for Ayi Sahib….now standing she knew she had to stay back here for Ayi Sahib's sake for her Kalapana Auntie's sake…


In no time, Sriram Patil walked out of the palour cutting across the hall when Nakusha ran after him….


Sir …Sir…..I have a request, she cried…..


Sriram Patil stopped, with a sarcastic tone he asked you are speaking to me? 


Yes, I mean yes Raja Saab….I want to say that it is only you who can allow me to stay here for few days, I mean maybe a week or so max to max and I promise during that time I will make myself useful to you…..I mean I would love to make myself useful to you….


Oh really?  Do you think this house needs another maid?


Err maybe I can help you in office?


So what experience do you have in office work?


Ummm nothing for I am yet to finish my college but then I am sure I will make myself useful….


Leave my office alone, is there any other job which you think you will be able to do….Sriram sounded real mean, wanting to cut her in pieces in seemed….


What about washing cars, mowing the lawn or maybe feeding the horses…..Nakusha replied as brightly as possible because she knew the Haveli was under Leela and Leela did not like her….


And what do you know about horses? 


Nakusha kept on looking at Raja Saab for him to speak, not realizing a question was asked already….Raja Saab raised his brows and indicated her that the person with the question was behind her….Nakusha turned back….it was HIM….clearly his father's son….being eye to eye, he opened his eye shades, for the first time Nakusha got to see him without his accessory…. His features looked softer, the face was not harsh like his father, maybe it will come with age….


He repeated the question once again….


Nakusha stammered….no…nothing ……..


He raised his brow looking past her at his father at the other end….


Interesting he replied staring back at Nakusha, then turning to his aid…Bajirao you were telling me that one of the stable boys want to go on leave, chalo put her in his place, she can start with some cleaning….


Lekin Bhau…..


Dutta….She ….she is my teacher's….Ayi Sahib who was standing next to the pillar behind intervened in her soft hesitant style….


Ayi Sahib, he turned sharply, it is her desire and I only assigning her the job, it seems otherwise she will go homeless…..


Oh he is just like his father, thought Nakusha, they sound so similar, a father's son no doubt, she gritted her teeth…she gave him a stiff smile as he turned towards her once again and added Bajirao, our supervisor will take you to the place of your work…..but then be careful, the horses are our treasure, humare shaan hai yeh, if anything goes wrong be prepared to face the consequences….giving one last glance towards his father, the ran up the stairs towards his room….Nakusha turned to see Raja Sahab also going in to his study……


Bajirao stood looking uneasy then said I will be waiting for you at the stables, it is beyond the meadow down the slope where we saw you…..I think…I mean…………. ok let me check what overall would fit you….


As Bajirao left Ayi Sahib came upto her, taking her hands she said….you know what it entails, cleaning horses' shit most of the time…she cried…..


Shhhh, Nakusha patted her, don't distress yourself but then I have to stay back don't I, since we have a bigger goal in front of us…Nakusha whispered …..


Ayi Sahib realized to what Naku was referring at…..Ha lekin….Ayi Sahib looked tensed…


Shhh koi problem nehi….I will manage…..I don't think he gave you a chance to speak, atleast your son solved our immediate problem….


Ayi Sahib beamed in understanding, her eyes watered…..Nakusha gripped her hands,  after the cloudburst she felt so connected to someone…..


Hello, who are you, do I know you?  A voice said….


Nakusha turned to see a young girl a bit older than her was standing on the stairs with a jeans and T shirt….her dress looked a bit out of place compared to her surroundings here….


Roop beta this is Nakusha my teacher's niece…she ….


Nakusha observed as soon as Ayi Sahib said 'my teacher's niece' Roop's expression changed, it became guarded as if she was trying to evaluate Nakusha…..


Good morning Maam, myself Nakusha Ganpath Rao, I am the new stable boy here …oops, Stable girl …no…I think you can say I am the new Stable hand here…..Ayi Sahib, let me run before Baji Rao starts looking for me….


As Nakusha walked out of the hall she saw Leela standing behind the pillar watching the proceedings, as their eyes met, Nakusha thought she smirked, Nakusha turned a face away….


Leelu, can you serve my breakfast in Baba's study…I want to have a chat with him…Nakusha heard


Yes Roops beti, right away!! Leela replied

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
She's going to be a stable hand....but they are making it sound as if it the worst job on earthLOL....story is getting more and more intersting, Ayi saheb is a really kind person, and I like her more in this FF than in the show...Great update!

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
Im sooo glad Nakku could connect to atleast 1 person.. AS is sooo nice... Hailaaa she wants nakku to stay bak to fight the case... interesting.. n lool she will sell her biggg necklaces... thats going for something good so y nt... I really hope SP doesnt find out doe..
Now coming to SP... HAILA buddha to bohut hi rude and arrogant hai.. jaisa baap waisa beta... I cnt believe D appointed her as stable girl... he has no respect for his mum at all!... I feel sorry for AS and Nakku..
Awww baaji beech mein paas gaya lol.. Im hoping B and N becomes friend soon.. Baaji seems nice... hopefully he is..
Hmm roops is modern.. great... n she seems close to SP as she wants to have brkfst with him n tlk to him... lets hope she doesn't tlk bout puttin nakku outta the house...
Great update Tin... Thanks for the PM.. Continue soon :)

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Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Hiya Tinni
Thanx 4 d upd8
At least AS finally has sum1 she can call her own even doh she has a "family"
Plz upd8 soon

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
AS-Nakku bonding is gr8........they find solace in each other.........AS is so lonely  in the house......even after 35 years.......SP is very rude and arrogant..............But Dutta I dont think is that rude.........he helped Nakku stay back for he knows that his mothers guest r not at all welcome in that shows frm the dialogue....

Ayi Sahib, he turned sharply, it is her desire and I only assigning her the job, it seems otherwise she will go homeless…..

Hope roops is +ve........
One doubt, is Naku fair or in her koyal roop?? no, if she is in her koyal roop then she will hav probs while washing the horses..........plz cntinue sooooooon...

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