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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 69)

blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
nice  update  yaar............
so  dutta  understood roops  n baji's  love n  agree too coz  of  was nice........
looking  fwd...........

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 2:43am | IP Logged
Hi Jayati,
Finally dutta ke dimag ki batti jaliLOL.But, what i really admired was how coolly he took roops-baaji relation.Not just that he made them talk thru his phone.sigh,kitna pyaara bhai hai.
Ab shower me bhi dutta nakku ke baare me hi sochta hai,he has literally fallen hard.U proved mine & Vandu's guess right.Indeed nothing happened between the two.I really liked dutta's honesty.
So,as i guessed roops-baaji relation is exposed & everyone has different reactions in this matter.

1)AS - Being a mother,she wants to stand by her daughter even though she doesn't know about her   roops love.She is even ready to give her life for happiness of her child.

2)Kala - I am not sure right now,how far she will help the two.I also liked how she bluntly told AS about her life-value,even though it must have hurt while saying.

3)RS -Looks like he has been successfully made puppet by his sister & Leela.So ,he is doing what they told him indirectly.

4)Leela - she knew about this long back,but deliberately kept quite & now she is taking adv. of the current situation.How dare she called Nakku & Baaji -PestAngry.
Infact she is ultimate parasite.AngryAngry

5)Female RS - I still think she is not interested in roops-baaji love story,but she has some ultirier motive.I think she wants to take something more valuable from RS,She also like leela is taking adv. but,her way is going to be more dangerous.only ,u can tell ,whether i am right?

6)Dutta - True love can really change a person & his outlook.Thanks to nakku,he took this relation rather peacefully.

From,the convo. between RS & Vipinji ,it looks like Baaji is going to be the first victim of RS's game.Rather than being angry,i think RS will play his game differently.After baaji,nakku is next target.So,coming updates are going to be too many plots & explosions .

On a side note,I really liked Nakku's grunting,looks like she more or less understands female RS better than others.

Now,both relations - roops-baaji & Dutta -Nakku are going to  face stroms.I hope they come out of it victorious.

Have a nice day.

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged

Hmmm... where do I begin.. shall I begin with D-N today :-) hmm... so nothing like that happened, as many here were speculating.. and it was indeed a very refreshing change to have him hold back and her looking bewildered. Well, that in itself proves how much they have begun to trust each other. She trusts him implicitly now and was ready to go all thw ay with him and he held back as he loves and respects her and wanted it to be special between them.. I loved it that they spend the night just enjoying the comfort and love between them. Also, Naku mentioning about Baaji-Naku indirectly to D also speaks volumes about the growing trust and faith between them.. hope it just continues and they do always keep each other aware of whatever their feelings are..wish you had elaborated a bit more about their talk that night. It would have been awesome and left me going along with the flow..hmm.. though did enjoy reading about it in Dutta's shower thoughts..


I did wonder if Kala might not feel curious when Naku will wlak into the room in the morning and indeed she did..well, knowing her brother, she might assume what many her assumed! But once she gets to know the truth, she will then realise to what extent naku means to him..


AS should realise her giving up her life is nothing for RS.. but her saying that at least must give the kids a feeling that their mum has always loved them and will do anything for them!


Uff Leela..RS thinks where he has gone wrong.. well, to start with he never treated their mum properly. Just giving them the best does not assure that they will obey everything he says.. you can win only with love and respect not with money and power! Hope he gets that into his head. And gauri devi another uff.. hope Bolt throws her off and gallops away ;-P passing snide remarks to Baaji and glaring at Naku.. another prototype of her bro LOL


It was great to see Dutta extending an arm towards Baaji. He so needs any support he can get. Now that D-N know about Baaji, hope they can help him.  


Yippee.. Dutta is around the house today and not gone to his office.. gosh, I cannot wait to see what transpires between the two. Pls keep it long and don't break the flow when they are together Tin, if possible!

Wonder how baaji will be treated like RS and how he will respond.. he has not even had a chance to see Roops and tai sab has already filled in the blanks for RS.. Gosh, the porr lad has had it.. but good thing is Dutta is around in the house only today.. hmmmm...

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged
yet another awesome update Tins tanx 4 telling us what happenned Tins aww so sweet of D such a gentle man he knows he is no saint but then again he is different with naku.
such a gentleman he knows his limits & ofcourse he doesn't want her just temp. she is his soulmate  i love the way the spent their time just awesomeDay Dreaming i loved how u combine e/thing Tins excellent.
ugg this RS when he said were did i go wrong i thought here we go the fam. Q does he know money can't buy e/thing he has to literrally spend time & give love to his children. just bcoz he shoved money & toys at them doesn't make him a good parent! LOL
i can't wait 4 s/body 2 show leela & gauri thier place s/one may b embaress them with their flop plan eww i can't staand them! ooh poor baji i hope he stands up 4 RS wow Tins u surprised me by D reaction well done just perf. change is coming surely even D knows it he is reacting this way bcoz of N leela is right in away but she doesn't have to b evil about it!LOL
tanx agin tins 4 ur unfailing update love it dear pls cont.Smile

Edited by bfunofbb123 - 15 February 2011 at 3:52am

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.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
first one on ur earlier update ....
Did I read it correctly ............What did the dude say .... rubbing my eyes..oh Yes ! he did
Is he the guy , who sd that he will not ask her again ....nd that she will have to ask him to marry her ..
 But here he goes again  .... So cute .. Big wet Mwah to this guy ... damn funny
.......abt Yesterday update I was right , they did not . .
As I sd whatever these guys come out to be ... they r not sleaze bags .. they r totally like lil  angels disguised as Devils .. they like to be taken as devils nd even call themselves so . But one Can see through their facede , only if u care to sit with them ......learn nd talk to  them
So  now the workaholic....... sees other things in life ............(whistle ) Nice .....

Edited by scorpio10 - 15 February 2011 at 7:00pm

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Chapter 35

His mobile rang, his father conveyed that Raja Sahib wants to see him right away….



Meri jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan
meri jaan, meri jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan
meri jaan, meri jaan
(jaan na kaho anjaan mujhe
jaan kahaa rehti hai sadaa) 2
anjaane, kya jaane
jaan ke jaaye kaun bhala
meri jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan
meri jaan, meri jaan
(sookhe saawan baras gaye
kitni baar in aankhon se) 2
do boondein naa barse
in bheegi palkon se
meri jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan
meri jaan, meri jaan
(honth jhuke jab honthon par
saans uljhi ho saanson mein) 2
do judwaan honthon ki
baat kaho aankhon se
meri jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan
meri jaan, meri jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan (smile)
meri jaan, meri jaan

(Geeta Dutt for Anuvabh)


Standing against a tree Naku took a breather…what a day it has been she thought, it is like a dream, she looked up in the sky, yesterday it rained, the force frightened her .,,,,she knew she would not have been able to step out as it took her days to take bath under the shower finally overcoming the fear few days ago but has she overcomed it or was it her excitement to join the party….yesterday night was so different, did she ever think she could go upto Dutta and kiss on his lips….did she ever think it was possible for her to overcome all her fears and inhibitions….is she in truly love…will she be able to stand up and face all the opposition which will come their way when they announce their intention…Naku sighed she did not want to think….she was scared…now roops and Baaji's relationship was bare in open as most probably everybody knows the meaning of the name is just like yesterday, calm before the storm….Naku felt she was being watched….she turned to see Dutta who was working with the mechanics in the backyard was watching her leaning against a tree…last night he lay next to her patiently as she explored him, felt him the way a woman is curious about a man, as she recollected the same she felt shy to meet his eyes at the same time she could not move away even….




Vipinrao raised his brows as Baji entered his father's office, Baji kept his face expressionless…..


Bajirao come have a seat, Raja Saab welcomed Bajirao, young man looking smart in his uniform,  as he entered the office offering his greetings…Baji hesitated already feeling like a sacrificial lamb hearing the hearty greeting of Raja Saab……


Bajirao you were present yesterday at the party….


Yes Raja Saab I was….


You know about Roops' banner….


Baji kept quiet trying to judge in which way Raja Saab wants to go as if he has deciphered the name why is he not shouting yet…..


Ji Raja Saab….


If I am given to understand correctly you are the one who carries out all Roops orders in this house….




You knew about the Banner….


Ji I helped her to get it registered….


And of course to choose the horse and pick the jockey….




Well Vipinrao has been my trusted employee for decades now….I respect his integrity and you are his son, I feel you will not let your father down….


Bajirao shifted his weight…..


Bajirao as a father I am worried about Roops, I have never ever shouted at her so badly before…I feel bad, times are bad….nowadays young people lack patience….




I want you to do me a favour….you have been Roops' friend from childhood, you know I only have her welfare in mind….I want you to act as Roops' bodyguard …go with her to all places she goes…


Bajirao's heart jumped, wondering if he heard Raja Saab correctly….


I trust nobody with my daughter, Kalavati has come back home and what more tragedy it can be for parents….so I do not want Roops to do anything untoward….hence thought about you….


Raja Saab with the racing season around the corner…..


Yes Yes, you will work for Dutta as you work but when Roops goes to college or with friends I want you to accompany her, I am sure with best interest in mind Dutta will look for somebody who can help him, we do have a lot of trained personnel around, maybe not good as you but then as a stop gap….


Bajirao did not know how to react, trying to delve into the proposal ….


I hope you will do this much for me……


Err for how long Raja Saab….


As long as I feel Roops has stabilized emotionally, she rides high on emotions you must be knowing that Bajirao….




So it is a yes from your side….I knew it, Raja continued, after all you are Vipinrao's son, trusted lieutenant of this family…..


Bajirao knew he has been dismissed, the order was given and he had no option but to accept it….he got up leave….


Bajirao ….Raja Saab called out once again…..


Bajirao turned….


Baji one thing I forgot to mention, if something happens to my daughter, anything which is not desirable I will hold you responsible and in this regard I will be a ruthless father….his eyes were still…




The communication system in the Haveli was in general quite fast, at times faster then the lightening incase you have right people at the right place, as soon as Baji entered Raja Saab's office Roops' maid came and informed her the same, as Kalavati caught her breath, Roops ran out of the room to come and stand on the landing from where she could see her father's office…she would have entered it if Kalavati had not come after her and pulled her back…..patience…..she said only one word…Roops looked at Kala's face…it was calm…..


Baji Rao came out within 5 minutes if not less for it was an order and he only had to hear it, coming out his eyes automatically went towards the staircase leading to Roops' room to see her standing there looking distressed….


He froze, opened his mouth to assure her but no words came out….he wanted to hold her but then it was not the place…he was in a spot…fixed…just then he heard a scream….


Baaji Bhau come fast ….Bolt has been hurt…………Naku screamed…..




Nakusha was mixing the fodder as the horses would be back after their light exercise when she heard Bolt's neigh…she was familiar with his sound and it sounded as if he was in trouble..she came out of the  stable to see Bolt limping badly and could hardly trot….Oh my god….she ran upto him, taking off the saddle she ran to call Bajirao…..


Hearing Naku's cry, Bajirao ran towards the stable, Naku followed him so did the sisters….Bajirao asked Naku to get the first aid box from the office as he inspected the wound…taking the opportunity Roops whispered fiercely at Baji…what did Baba say….


Good thing is I become your bodyguard and the bad thing is I have to treat you like a crystal ball, koi kharoch bhi aye na, suli pe char jayunga apna parivaar sameth..


What does this mean?  Roops asked….


Baji bhau Naku came back panting with the first aid box, I hope he will be ok….


Kalavati who was hearing their interaction silently turned her attention to Naku who was looking very upset and distressed…


Baji sprayed Bolt on his leg, he would guess what has happened, the bone was broken and there were chances Bolt going lame and even if he does not go lame with multiple fracture as it looks apparent Bolt may never run in the races again….Tai Sahib is a good rider how this could happen, Baji murmured to himself as he injected Bolt with pain killers…..


Is it very serious?  Naku asked….


Kalavati watched Baji…who hesitated knowing Naku's affinity towards Bolt…tu chinta math kar he will get the best attention….


WHICH IS THE HORSE  NEARLY KILLED TAI SAHIB…a voice thundered from behind….Raja Saab was standing with his hands on his waist…


Nearly killed Tai Sahib?  Naku asked…


Her saddle was not buckled up properly, she fell down nearly breaking her neck…..aur tumlog idhar instead of finding out how she is, you are after a horse?


Raja Saab Bolt has been very badly injured, Naku cried out


Not more than my sister and Bajirao if the horse is so badly injured you know what to do…PUT IT DOWN!  I will not waste my money after it anymore!! And I mean it Baji Rao!  Saying so Raja Saab walked away in long steps…


Put it down matlab, hamesha ke liye sula dena….Naku looked horrified and her legs gave away, she collapsed….



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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
very nice

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
great did Tai saheb get injured?,..........did she do it on purpose?................

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