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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 68)

bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged
tanx alot Tins 4 the awesome update Happy Valentines to u too & all our Ltlian frnds! & congrats 4 ur forms anniversary!Smile
Tins the tasha moment just makes u aww so sweet 1 Q came to my mind after ur last update did she kiss him bcoz of her aunt's case or her love 4 him & in today's update i understood that she can nolonger hold back her feelings 4 him wow just wonderful moments b/n them d was speechless ha?Wink
Tins i also would like to know as a flash back or s/thing from either of them how their night was would b spsl.  AS finally found the strength to fight to get back her kids that would b good she will get the love & respect from them once she started to interact with them.
roops secret is almost out i wonder how things will b from now on i bet there will b storm before there will b changes but i beleive if they all unite against RS & that Gauri & leela they'll over rule their dad.
 i love the update tins tanx valentine spsl tasha becoming closer pls more of tasha tanx!Smile

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Chapter 34
(Sorry for the delay as home internet gone kaput)

Nakusha shoved the sash in his hands, matlab saaf hai, just open your eyes and see it, saying so she crawled out of the car, scrambling towards the Haveli to get ready for work.




Ayi Sahib was handing over tea when Nakusha entered the room, Kalavati raised her brow but before anyone could ask anything Nakusha went towards the bathroom…


Ayi Sahib turned towards Roopvati….Roops I know I have been a terrible mother, could never stand by my children in front of Raja Saab but then I trust you, Kala ke saath jo bhi huwa I cannot reverse that but then you have my blessings aur agar Raja Saab forces you to marry that bugger…mai apna jaan de dungi….


Ayi Sahib cool down, your life has very little worth to our father….Kalavati poured another cup of tea….




Dutta stood watching the sash, he was stunned to say the least…of course it makes sense…it was so obvious and still he could not see and no wonder Naku gets upset with him….yes Bajirao, Roopvati's childhood friend, maybe her sweetheart from that time…it is always Baji for Roop…Baji yeh kar de, woh kar de…mujhe idhar lekar chal, Roops has put the prefix 'Shi' just to mislead but it is nevertheless very obvious…Bajirao was a capable man, a good employee, he could have easily worked for some other company, in his generation many have not joined the patilwadis, his own brother has not but then Bajirao has stuck around, is it because he wants to serve the Patilwadis like his forefathers or because of Roops….


Dutta entered the office to see Baji sitting on his chair watching his mobile as if waiting for it to ring…he looked up seeing Dutta, his eyes were tired….Dutta took out his mobile, Morning Kala Tai…is Roops still with you?  Can you put her on please?  Hmmm  Ek minute Roops idhar baath kar….


Dutta held the mobile at Baji…Baji's lips shook, no words came out…he took the mobile, keeping the sash on the table, Dutta walked out going towards the Haveli for wash and change….




For the first time in many years Raja Saab's morning routine got upset….while he was feeling that his grip over the family was slipping away, he was trying to hold on to it but the grip was not tight enough…Leela entered the room with his tea, he was still sitting on the lounge chair in his night suit….


Leela poured a cup and handed over to him…keep it he growled…..Leela shook her head….


Have it, I have made it with my own hands with some herbs you need it believe me….


Reluctantly he accepted it….


Where did I go wrong…he narrowed his eyes…the same question which was haunting him through out the night….he has given his children the best, nothing but the best…they only had to say it and it was there for them…


Leela hesitated….you did not go wrong, it is our misfortune we have sheltered a girl called Nakusha in this house….


She is just a mere girl and you mean to say she is making my household dance in her tunes….


See Raja Saab yesterday night I did not tell you, even Tai Sahib agrees with me but then I wanted you to cool down, see it for yourself…just think about the events which have been taking place since she has arrived…the government had to put her aunt behind bars for instigating innocent people and terrorizing the government, Nakusha is doing the same thing in a smaller scale…


I always thought Roops was my little girl…


She is still your little girl but then now a bit mis-guided…it is fashionable to revolt...go against the wind….




Wearing her riding clothes, Tai Sahib walked towards the stable….ShiBajiRao Racers is it?  Well yesterday night Raja Bhau was too blind to see it, today will just have to point it out to him but then before that let her take a ride and see in which direction is the wind blowing today morning….











Chhokar mere man ko
Kiya tune kya ishara
Badla ye miosam
Lage pyara jag sara
Chhokar mere man ko
Kiya tune kya ishara

Tu jo kahe jeevan bhar
Tere liye main gaun
Tere liye main gaun
Geet tere hotho pe
Likhta chala jaoun
Mere geeto main
Tujhe dhudhen jag sara
Chhokar mere man ko
Kiya tune kya ishara
(film: Yarana, Kishore Kumar)


Dutta stood under the shower, Nakusha, his body felt lethargic as if he had been taken out of the bed forcefully…yesterday was so unique…she kissed him, for Roops she said, he held a her as a man desired a woman…Nakusha did not run away, she did not stop him either, it is he who stopped at a precarious moment…controlling his lust surprising Naku even, she looked at him bewildered digging her nails in his shoulder for she could feel his want …..


I am not a saint but then today is not the day I want to make love to you…I do want you but then not today, like this on the back of a car seat….instead they lay together in silence mostly, holding each other, feeling each other…


Roops loves Baji….he could not see it, Naku knew, how does she know?  Have they told her or does she know like the way she knows everything?  What now?  How will Baba react to this news ?




Baji Rao sat looking blankly at the computer screen so Dutta knows, well as Naku knows it is not surprising Dutta knows too but after last night the whole world will be knowing now, the name itself was a big give away…now that he heard Roops voice, she was crying, mai theek hu, tu apna khyal rakh is all she could say….since she is with Kala Tai does that mean Kala tai does not know yet, the knock on the glass window broke into his thoughts…It was Tai Sahib….


Good morning Tai Sahib, Baji came out greeting her as brightly as he could…


Good morning Bajirao…I could not sleep last night at all subah huwa I thought let me get some fresh air….


Err now most of the horses are for racing here but then there is two three for Raja Saab's and Bhau Sahib's riding, see which one you would like….


Sure, Raja Bhau I doubt would want to ride today, yesterday he was very very shocked and upset, poor man….you too do not look yourself Bajirao, kya baath hai….


Baji froze involuntarily for few seconds and then said too much of drink Tai Sahib…not used to it but then when you are entertaining the jockeys….


Yes of course, the jockeys, I was thinking ShiBajiRao Racers also shook you too, Tai Sahib said looking into his eyes directly….


Tai Sahib choose amongst these stalls which one you would like to ride, prettylady is good, I would recommend that for you….


What about Thundering Bolt…Tai Sahib peered the name on the chart…..


Bolt is also good but….through the corner of his eyes he saw Naku stop work, her ears alert….




Oh nothing, Bolt is not running this season, Bhau Sahib usually rides on him but then today you can take him, Naku  buckle up Bolt for Tai Sahib please…..Bajirao wanted to get free of Tai Sahib as fast as he could….


Ji….Baji Bhau….


Bajirao you have grown up here, infact you know how things are in this family….


Ji Tai Sahib….


I hope you realize and not misunderstand Raja Bhau…err…for you know honour comes first in this family and for honour Raja Bhau


Bolt is ready……Naku announced…..


Theek se kya na...Gauri Devi almost glared at Nakusha…..


Please check it yourself…Nakusha replied as politely as she could…


Gauri Devi got up and rode out….


Was she trying to warn me indirectly….Bajirao murmured ….


Hmmmm…Naku grunted…Tai Sahib was definitely not a person who believed in spending her time in small talks with the employees or servants of the house….




If horses were pride of the Patils, cars were passion.  Dutta inherited the passion of cars from his grandfather.  It was not only limited to collecting 'collectors edition' of various top range models but also buying old vintage models and upgrading them.  Here Dutta took special interest alongwith his mechanics he too got his hands greased. During racing season the likes of him went to the race course in such new upgraded and shining vintage cars, wearing their colours while the ladies dressed as per latest trends.


Calling his secretary he informed her that he would not be going to office today and she should send out the invitations for the ball and send him a list with telephone nos so that he could invite them personally too.  Wearing his overalls he walked towards the workshop, chalo lets see what is Naku's reaction to see him around in the house still…he smiled slyly….




Little later then his usual time, Raja Saab walked in to his office…no he will not lose his temper anymore, Leela told him you have to be cautious…no losing temper but then we now have to be very very careful and assertive, we should not give them chance to revolt…..but remove the pests without their knowing….


Good morning Raja Saab ..Vipin Rao wished his master, yesterday he was not present for the party, being a simple man he seldom attended such occasions except for festivals when he comes with his full family….


Oh Vipin, ask Baji to see me please…..


Vipin went still for few second but then yes of course Raja Saab let me call him right away..Raja Saab was looking quite calm…Vipinrao dialed his son's mobile…




Bajirao stood staring at the path which came from the Haveli…he hoped to see a glimpse of Roops…she knows how disturbed he is …but to make matters a bit easy a little while ago Bhau Sahib passed this way when Bajirao handed back the mobile to him….


Thank you for understanding, he managed to say  to Dutta….


Don't thank me Bajirao, thank Nakusha…Dutta took a deep breath…pata nehi most probably if I had come to know earlier I would have not liked it…giving a pat on his shoulders he walked away towards the workshop….


His mobile rang, his father conveyed that Raja Sahib wants to see him right away….



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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
awesome the storm is coming

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
Thanks for clearing the misunderstanding... they only kissed.. but that was so sweet of him.. he probably wanted it to b special.. wedding night n stuff.. dats great...
Im so scared for baaji.. gauri devi found out.. shes one clever woman.. Awwwww Dutta didnt get angry... Nakku changed him... and he gave the credit to nakku.. its great to see him like this.. n lol he smiled shyly.. oii hoii...
Leela is again fillin RS' ears.. god when will this woman go? kidnap her n lock her in the atic or something.. she gets on my nerves..
But i know for sure.. Dutta will stand by his sister, baaji, AS and nakku now..
RS needs to see baaji? Omg did he find out as well? *facepalms*
Great update..

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
My place ......... a superb udt..........
So Nakku changd Dutta a lot........... They both were jst 2gether and kissed........... I luved Duttas thinking abt himself and Nakkus relation............. He was so clear abt it now........... He acted so cool after understanding Baaji- and Roops affair tooo........ luved the way Dutta called Roops on the phone and he handed over the phone to Baaji.......... he was so understanding.............. Now Nakku, AS, Roops, Baaji and Kala need not worry as they hav Dutta fr them............... Leela ,RS and GD playing bring back evrybodys life in their control......... GD also knows abt Baaji-Roops......... OMG!!!!!! RS wants to meet Baaji.......... what happens now?????? cliffhanger!!!!!! cant wait fr 2morrows updt............ continue soooooooooooooooooon.........

Edited by ushankitvc - 14 February 2011 at 9:32pm

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
nice one dear

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divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
hi jayati,

i missed the update in the morning, thinking what would have happened.....

but now that i have read, i am feeling nice............ i am so used to reading ur FF.......

so, D didnt lose control of self....... wow....... good they hav something special to look forward to for their weddingLOLLOLLOL

so cat is out of the bag........ there is a storm or rather a whirlwind coming up........ just eagerly waiting for subtle lovely gestures between D n N..... i m sure she is going to be a pillar of strength to D..... oh god, now baji will be confronted in front of his dad......... poor soul........ howz he is going to face it........

feel like throwing GD n Leelu out........

so from tomorrow, slowly u will b tying up these loose ends......... looking forward to them



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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged what next? waiting waiting waiting....nice update dear..

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