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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 64)

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Chapter 32, Weekend Spl



Dressed in the colours of the banner Dutta sprayed himself with a perfume when his mobile beeped announcing arrival of a sms…picking up the phone he opened the was from Naku…I am going to meet Sudha Tai blah blah…ok so she has decided to keep only one part of the deal and that too from a safe distance…


The noise of the thunder reached his ears…looking at the watch he got out to go down ….




Raja Saab stood with Ayi Sahib in receiving the honoured guests, today it was the Jockeys..their special day, today they will get their colours and on the opening day of the season party they will come wearing them alongwih other guests, family and friends….


Raja Saab shook the hands of each jockey, he knew most of them, there were some new ones whom Dutta introduced to his father….Ayi Sahib greeted them with folded hands wishing them a good season ahead…..


As Bajirao announced the drinks, his eyes fell on Roops wearing a lovely red dress with the sash around her shoulders walking in through the other door….Baji tried to catch her eyes but then Roops went and stood with her Aatya who was obviously taking a great interest studying the sash….Baji looked heaven wards and called his gods…




Naku looked at Sudha Tai who was having difficulty in believing that as Dutta is busy with the upcoming racing season…matlab he is trying his best to meet Mr Sen as soon as possible….Nakusha stammered….


As soon as possible….


I mean Mr Sen has got a doctor's appointment tomorrow so he can only come over the weekend now when there is no court…otherwise we have to meet him in Kolkata but then that will serve the purpose for we cannot take Kalpana auntie to Kolkata….


Do these people realise who Kalpana Rao is and how her release matter to us?  Sudha Tai asked a bit sarcastically…..


Naku looked outside, it was pouring….she looked around her surrounding a simple office room from where the NGO her aunt represented works in this town…old furniture, shabby walls….


Yes Sudha Tai, we all realise it…it is…no way Naku could tell Sudha the reason for Dutta's not willing to meet Mr Sen, it is her good fortune that Mr Sen called up Kala Tai to shift the appointment as he had to take his wife to a specialist has she was not keeping too well…


Sudha Tai kept a chipped cup containing tea in front of Nakusha….


Kripalini ran off, what makes you think Mr Sen won't…why is he shifting dates….


Nakusha remembered the father like figure….I don't think so…he is a nice man….


How good are you as a judge?


Well not good I am admit but Tai please give me time till this weekend, I am sure you will have no reasons to be any further disappointed…


Sudha shook her head we can raise money but then we have to go against the wishes of Kalpana Tai….and now we have to rely on the whims of the rich when they have spare time from their racing….


Nakusha sat with her head bowed….




Dutta went upto Kareena and apologized to her regarding his behaviour…I am sorry…..


Ok I will accept your apology if you will do the opening dance with me in the ball…


Ball?  Dutta frowned…..


Yes the opening of the season Ball….


Oh are we having a Ball this time?  Dutta asked trying to cover his frown…


You know our aunt, how she loves to plan everything in an elaborate manner….


Oh yes definitely and thank God you told me, I did see the bunch of cards lying on my table for me to send but had no time to go through…achha hai, something different and I can brush my dancing skills too…


Shall we start it now itself?  Kareena put her hand forward, Dutta placed his…


Raja Saab looked up, yes they make a perfect pair indeed, he raised his glass at his sister standing at  the other end of the hall ….Gauri Devi nodded her head slightly and indicated to her brother that he comes across.




Nakusha came down from the stairs to stand in the passage watching the rain pouring, as it is she was feeling very low, Sudha Tai was upset but then she still could buy time till weekend now in this rain going back to the Haveli will be a uphill task, the umbrella she was carrying would not be sufficient when she noticed a car coming to stop in front of the building, the passenger window getting lowered someone calling out to the security to verify the address…




Dutha bowed to Kareena, others clapped, not bad…Kareena complimented, I can imagine you in dinner jacket and bow tie, she winked….Off shoulder gown for you, Dutta asked…..


Oh yes, Armani or Doir?  Kareena sounded excited…..


Hmmm Armani for me…I am partial, I have his dinner jacket…..


Kareena beamed….done …she bowed to him, I will be delighted to present myself and be your partner for the Ball….


Dutta kissed her palm…




Raja Saab scanned the assembled guest…..the jockeys were having fun, drinking and talking, Bajirao ensuring constant supply of drinks and eatables for once the season starts these people have to maintain their weight strictly but then where is Rishi…his sister was trying to catch his attention for a long time but he signaled Dutta who was now catching up with the jockeys…


What is it Baba?


Where is Rishi….


Rishi …. Rishi has signed his contract with some other Banner….


I think I saw him the other day….in this Haveli….


Yes he had come……


Why couldn't you match Rishi's price…Raja Saab sounded upset, not only he wins but even when he does not he maintains good position….and what is that thing Roops is having around her neck?  ShiBajiRao Racers?  What does it mean?  He was almost shouting….


Err Baba calm down Roops has launched her own Banner….




The car entered the Haveli gates, well the driver announced he had been sent to pick her up but who sent it he had not specificied …Nakusha could only guess….it was a torrential downpour with poor visibility, the driver drove very slowly and carefully and now it was subsiding….Nakusha got down in the portico, nodding to the driver she quickly climbed the steps to enter the house when she heard Raja Saab shouting….


What is going on in this house….Koi humme batayega…or do you consider me to be dead and buried….??




Dutta stood smoking leaning against one of the cars, the air was wet, the sky was more or less cleared, the moon was playing hide and seek with the remaining clouds, their guests left the party or ran away to escape Raja Saab's scathing temper….They were contracted and they would be back but then what will happen to his sister …girls are normally apple of their father's eyes but….


As soon as Dutta uttered those words, Raja Saab barked Roops come here…..

Roops strode upto him confidently….


Raja Saab snatched the sash from her shoulder….what is the meaning of all these….


Baba I can explain, Roops tried to get back her sash from her father's hand…..


No explanation, I want no other Banner in this house….we are Patilwadis and we will remain Patilwadi…..


We can discuss this matter afterwards, please calm down we have guests now….


This is for you Dutta and your ways that things are not right anylonger in this house….Raja Saab now was loud enough for all the guests to stop their activities and look at him…


Dutta quickly looked towards Bajirao who was frozen on his spot and asked him to take care before pushing Raja Saab and Roops out of the big ballroom where the party was being hosted to the lobby, other family members followed….


Baba I told you I am serious about the Banner…..



What is going on in this house….Koi humme batayega…or do you consider me to be dead and buried….?  You were serious but where is my consent?  My horses will not race in another Banner name that is for sure….


I have purchased by own horse….


Oh I see and from where…..


From the Patilwadi stud firm, you have signed the transfer of ownership paper…..Roops stated…..


I sign such papers by dozens but that does not mean you have my consent to host another banner in this premises…


This is also my house…..


But I am the head of the family….Raja Saab thundered….


Nakusha stood at the door unable to take another step, she saw Bajirao tiptoeing to come and stand in the shadows, he was already looking drained and scared…..


Baba I think you should calm down now…we will talk it over later…Dutta came and stood between his father and sister….


Rishi is riding some other banner is it?  So Dutta which banner is he riding under…..


Dutta kept quiet….


Raja Saab turned to Gauri Devi….You know what Gauri, you were right the other day, genes do make a difference….this is all because of that woman standing there that my children are going against me….


Baba please do not accuse Ayi Sahib for no reason….


Dutta I think you are growing too big for boots, I am still the head of the family and Roopvati is my daughter….


She is my sister, Dutta was losing his cool fast and I think as an individual she has every right to do what she is doing….there are so many banners so why not hers?


Gauri you were saying Dheeraj Singh was looking for a match for his son….kal hi mai baath karta hu….


Dheeraj Singh…you mean for Yuvraj…that drunkard who used to study with me?  Over my dead body if you want to marry Roops to that bugger….


Ayi Sahib cried out…subh subh bolo


It does not matter, he has class and money and doing quiet well as a house….Leela take Roop to her room and she will not leave it till I say …….


You cannot lock me up… Roops protested…..


Kala Tai take Roops to your room and keep her there…..Baba I am telling you, you may not agree with Roops' banner but if anything happens to her mujhse bura koi nehi hoga…..


Dutta crushed the butt of the cigarette, oh god what is happening as family when we were coming close then why are we being pulled apart….suddenly he felt her presence…he saw her form …he watched her….she stood in silence, she knew he had seen her but she was not running away, must be returning or going to wish Bolt goodnight…Dutta remained standing like before…Naku came upto him….wetting her lips with her tongue she stood on her toes  and placed her lips on his….



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My Spot!! :)
Hailaaa.. i almost thought you wudnt update 2dayLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page... But Yaaaay.. u updated n im first for such an amazing update.. n a cliffhanger... I swer.. this is gna b so hard to wait for mondays update... Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Anyway.. Dutta-RS = Clash of the Titans LMAOLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page... One says leela tke roops inside.. n one says kala tai take roops insideLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page... Roops is like a ping pong ball in the middle.. But bechari.. RS wants to get her married to a drunkard? Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. RS ki problem kya hain? and he needs to stop blaming AS.. Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page...
As much as i hated Dutta-Kareena dance i will let it go because of the AMAZING endingLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page... And he even sent a car for her.. im sure its him.. lol.. He didnt go with her but thats ok cause of the jockeys special day thing...
I understand cause of name, fame and reputation RS doesnt want Roops to have her own banner but bruv.. ders a way to say it.. he just defamed himself by shouting like that infrnt of everyone!Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page... Aww baaji is scared.. lol cause if any1 check it out properly.. they can clearly tell its his name lol.. Roops ne kya panga liya.. LOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Dutta is ryt.. just when the family EXCEPT RS was getting close..ek nayi musibat.. just cause of RS, his pyari behna and Leela!..
And Finally... Finally.. Finally... Nakku sealed the deal with a kiss!Embarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.... I'm hoping *fingers crossed* you will not cut the scene out and continue with the kissLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. .. Dutta is gna be elated lol.. I can't wait.. AHHH this time I really can't wait for the next update.. and monday seems so far away!!.. Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.LOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page...
Brilliant update... especially the ending lol.. Waiting for Monday....Day Dreaming

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OMG Tinni..usne uko kiss kiya!!  hayyye hayye hayyyeeee!!Embarrassed...Raja dude angry at Roops...Angry

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I love this guy ... he spk his mind ... knows what he wants .

So when comes to defending what or who he loves ..where it is  his sis ..he will call a spade a spade .
I just love this guy .. typically my kind of a man .
Oh ! The last scene she kissed him .. she actually gave in ... Hahha now I want to see his reaction .. Oh! Wait forget his ...I want to see RS and Gauri devi reaction .. LOL

Edited by scorpio10 - 11 February 2011 at 10:25pm

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  superbbbbbbbbbb  update............
raja saab was scolding  roops  n  decided abt  her  marriageConfused.............thank  god  atleast  dutta is  supporting roops...................n  OMG  naku  kissed  duttaEmbarrassed.................sooooooooooooo  dreamyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......................waiting  for next  updateTongue................

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hey tin,
what a weekend spl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing.................... aaj maine past 4 updates eksath padhe atlast function khatam..........
coming to topic uff this atya, leela,RS Angry i jus can't tolrate them....... oh i thought ball me naku aur dutta dance karege but yaha to vo kareena ab jaldise usse uske ghar bhej do................ i like roops she is so confident.......... poor baji...... & poor kala i feel very sad for her.....& last but not the least wowwwwwwwwwwww so she kissed himClap wanna see dutta reaction on this sure he will be on cloud 9after this........ so cute... Tongue oh god don't know ab monday tak kaise wait karungi??????????

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Wonderful update Tinni.....Clap...............u handled da showdown between D n RS perfectly......luved da way D was being possessive abt roops...........RS is so inhuman he's ready to marry off roops to sum drunkerd coz he has "class"...but RS was r8 in saying that his children got there genes frm AS.....thats why they r so human, they hav emotion so they r not bothered wid class...................n not to forget what n ending Blushing............plz plz plz let nakku accept her feelings for D...........
           as u mentioned in one of ur earlier updates.nakku speaking to herself "Aur pyar nehein barana hain, ab yehann se chale jana hain".......I think unconsciously she is deeply in luv wid D........she is not able to reciprocate coz she is scared that may be D doesn't luv her truly or may be,  there is so much difference in there class she hav to loose D, i think this can be da reason N is holding back......
  dunno if i made sense Embarrassed  ........sorry for da rambling...........waiting eagerly for Mondays care

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