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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 60)

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lovely update TIN,Clap want tasha scene please,,, no sher in the epi today ,, atleast aap ki taraf se lovely tash scene hojayBig smilee and let leela get sick in bed for days,, lord that women , Angry.. ohh kala is such a darling,, Smile

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Chapter 30

As Rishi left the room Dutta sat still oh god what is happening to me, I had to hear from an outsider that my own sister has floated a banner, once again an outsider informed me about something going on in my own home…..yeh kya ho raha hai, the girl is clearly not interested and then why am I running after her wagging my tail and in the process getting alienated from my world?


Ayi Sahib signed the letters Lekha had placed before her….Lekha announced she was going for lunch, Ayi Sahb sighed….she too had to entertain Gauri Devi now, Raja Saab was busy and Gauri Devi had lunch with Ayi Sahib did not look forward to…

Entering her parlour she saw Gauri Devi already sitting and doing some work of her own….Ayi Sahib greeted her…she barely acknowledged…Ayi Sahib picked up a magazine when Leela came pushing the lunch trolley…Ayi Sahib sat immersed into the magazine, she knew Leela now personally comes to serve them in order to be in the good books of Gauri Devi….

To Ayi Sahib's amazement Leela handed over the plate to her first…Ayi Sahib glanced towards Gauri Devi….

You carry on Madhvi, I will just finish this report I am reading, I have to speak to my son after lunch….

As Ayi Sahib accepted the plate…Leela spoke

Ayi Sahib I ….I am sorry for not handing over the keys of the store to you when you went into the kitchen….I realise I should have….

Ayi Sahib was surprised, what is wrong with Leela…is she by chance apologizing to me? After all these years…..She stared at Leela not understanding how to react….

I should have but then I did not want to hand over the keys in Nakusha's mercy, my mistake is when you entered the kitchen I should have done it….but….I was too upset….

Well Leela I think Madhvi understands your point, we all do, how well you have managed this house….Gauri Devi took off her reading glasses…

I am glad you realized it Leela but yes if the children want to indulge once in a while, I think this house can afford it….Ayi Sahib found her voice

Leela's temper shot up…give a chance and now she wants me to tell me what I should be doing…..

Gauri Devi indicated her to cool down, she has her own household under her thumb, she knows how to manipulate and to what degree…she never liked Madhvi the classless girl whom her parents chose as a wife of her brother..nothing in common….

Leela took a deep breath, of course this house can and it won't happen again….

Ayi Sahib gave a stiff smile….

Leela left the parlour with her head held high….


What did he say, Kala asked as she combed her hair in the washroom…

He did not answer the phone…Naku frowned…

Must be busy, he has to choose the jockeys, select them


Hmmm the persons who will ride on the horses we want to race….

Oh..achcha I see…

Kala looked amused tujhe kya lagta hai, Baba and Bhau will ride on them…..

Naku giggled no, I mean I never thought about it…..

Jockeys are also very important, to get the right one and pick them up before others do…abh chal jaldi kar, my friend should be waiting, lets have a quick bite and I want to pickup a few nice dresses from the shops I know ..they have this beautiful embroideries done, speciality of this area…before we take the flight back home…


Mora Piya... Mo...ra Piya
Mora Aa Aa Aa ...... Piya Bolat Naahi
Mora Piya Mose Bolat Naahi
Dwaar Jiya Ke -3 Kholat Naahi

Pi Ya....

(aise Na Mose Pher Najariya
Dekhu Suratiya Akhiya Uthaake) - (2)
Tujhase Lipat Ke Mar Jaayungi
Jaane Na Dungi Baiyaan Chhudaake
Bedardi Tu.....
Bedardi Tu Pir Jiya Ki
Kaahe Ko Bujhat Naahi Haay
Mora Piya Mose Bolat Naahi

Pi.... Ya....

Walking into the stables next morning, Naku greeted Bolt first thing, rubbing her nose with his…then went around wishing all the horses her greetings, tying her musk, wearing the gloves she got ready to work, yesterday they returned quite late and her eyes were swollen due to lack of sleep, first ride on a plane to a new city, meeting new people, buying new clothes, she really had a good time and today she had to makeup for her absence…

Just then Dutta entered with some men, Naku greeted him just the way she did in front of everyone in the mornings, he ignored….kept talking to the men, all quite shorter then him, having very light weight, Naku noted the similar physical appearance and then heard Dutta saying be careful I don't want you weighing more than 55 kgs, come to the office and lets get you weighed…they walked towards the office….

Nakusha carried on with her job, she was given some more responsibility like supervising the fodder mixing etc as part of the charts given by Baji to her….they crossed each other more than once and everytime Dutta was looking elsewhere….Naku got busy, she had so much to do ….


Kareena gave finishing touches to the invitation card design for the opening ball which Gauri Devi had asked her to make… It was a very easy task for her but then she made with the colours of the Banner the Patilwadis used….her aunt was a difficult person to please but then as she turned around the fortunes of the family, she demanded respect, Kareena was taught from childhood to adhere to her wishes….

Completing the design, she got up putting it inside the folder for Gauri Devi to have a look, she skipped towards the stables, oh how she wanted a ride…


Naku was updating the charts inside the stable when she saw Kareena walking in…a gayi chipkali…she said to herself….trying to ignore her pretending to be very busy….

Hello….Kareena greeted….

Ji…Nakusha replied…

Can I take one of the horses for a ride….

Well I am not sure, you see I am only the stable hand and since Bajirao and bh..Bhau Sahib are out in the meadow I think you should come later …..

I am a good rider…..

I am no judge ….I can hardly ride….

Can you handover a saddle please….Kareena asked politely enough….

Naku was getting irritated, as it is she was managing alone, compensating for the holiday she had taken…..

See Maam, these horses are short listed for racing season, I am not sure if you should ride them….

Kareena looked around, picking up a saddle herself she started buckling one of the horses, oh what the hell, thought Naku…I have told her and now it is upto her…


Kalavati stood scanning her text messages, she frowned and then deleted shoving the phone into her bag forcefully….taking out her packet, she lighted a cigarette with shaking hands….


Nakusha heard voices, so they must be coming back after the evaluation…she carried on with her work when a voice barked next to her ears literally…..

Baji what the hell is going around here…haven't I told you that no horses now short listed should be taken out of the stable without our permission…..

Ji Bhau Sahib….Naku, Baji called…..

Ji Baji Bhau Naku came forward …I had told her, Nakusha now glanced at Dutta but she said she is a good rider....

Dutta once again ignored her and glared at Baji …..who is she to judge….I want my orders to be strictly followed…

I am no judge …I told her that too but she did not listen to me….Naku quickly added

As far as I know, Kareena is not a deaf or dumb girl, theek se agar boli hoti, she would not have done it…..Dutta stomped off towards the direction where one of the jockeys was bringing the horse back….

Areh vah dosh koi aur kare aur daant pare mujhe….Naku muttered

Chup ho ja, upar ka hawa abhi garam hai…aur uski waja tu hai....

Me ….how? Nakusha fell from sky literally….

This is how that you did not inform him about your reason for going to Kolkata and at the same time did not warn me not to tell him….

I did call him up but he was busy….Nakusha replied….

So? Baji shrugged….

And then Kala Tai said…..

See Naku, you might have your reasons, mujhe kuch nehi kehna hai but then that man has stood up for you many times, itna toh haq uska banta hai…Bajirao looked real pissed off going inside his office….

Nakusha stood watching Dutta inspecting the horse ….no wonder he was avoiding her since morning…

Nakusha went upto Bajirao's office….

Toh abh mai kya karu?

Mai kya bolu…Mana le…issme tera hi faida hai….


Well how you have to find out how…and now let me finish some of my work, a lot is pending….


Raja Saab admired the card made by Kareena….

She is talented isn't she….Gauri Devi asked….

Hmmmm…very nice….

And here is a portrait of Dutta she sketched the other day….Gauri Devi sipped the wine….

Raja Saab inspected it….I will get this framed, tell her I am very pleased …

Yes of course Bhau….not only talented but a very capable girl…..

Hmmm…Raja Saab still inspected the portrait….Dutta looks so like me doesn't he…..he commented….

Yes of course thank god for that ….atleast in this regard God has been kind to you….

Raja Saab agreed nodding his head….

Raja Bhau, after we deal with this girl, I think you should get Dutta married quickly…

There was this girl called Seema, quite a nice girl, her father is also my business partner lekin….

Jisko chhor diya, do you think Dutta would want to go back to her? Gauri Devi sounded impatient…

No I guess not…..

Isiliye I suggested….I have brought Kareena for you to see…you have seen her growing up, now she is a fine young woman and we are also looking for a nice family for her……Gauri Devi held her brother's eyes….



Naku was feeling tired after doing two shifts but then even Kala Tai is of the opinion she should speak to her Bhau…see Naku I only wanted to help but then you have to makeup with Bhau in your own way…..

Naku shifted on her feet to be more comfortable when she saw Kanta coming out of the kitchen with the tray….Dutta was back and he wanted his dinner….

Looking around to see if anyone was watching, Kanta handed over the tray to Naku …Naku climbed the stairs with a thumping heart….he atleast deserves this much, Bajirao said, Bhau ko tujhe hi manana parega Kalavati agreed…..softly knocking on the door, she waited for sometime before entering his bedroom….


Kalavati was drawing a plan for an office space she had selected for herself …it was a nice place with a upper storied of the house also available..Kala wanted to shift out from the Haveli, she could not sit endlessly licking her wounds, she has to move on in life, enquiries are coming in and she has to get moving….

The door opened, Naku entered….going to the bed she flopped down….

Kyu re mana liya Bhau ko, Kala asked ….

Apka Bhau itna besharam hai….

Hai hai itna agar besharam hai toh tu idhar kya kar rahi hai?

Nakusha did not reply, she buried her face into the pillow….

Opening the door of the bedroom she saw no one…keeping the tray down on the table she stood trying to hear some sound, she knows he has come, she had heard his footsteps and banging of door…


Dutta wrapped around the toweling robe coming out of the shower, shaking the water from his hair he walked into the bedroom to see a figure standing on the other side of the sheer curtain in the sitting area…he gritted his teeth..yeh Kanta has the habit of loitering around but then the long plait got his attention….Naku…itna meherbani kyu? He came out pushing back the curtain, sitting down to inspect the dishes, picking up the soup bowl…ignoring Naku's presence….

The other day I went to Kripalini's office, his secretary told me he is no longer interested in my aunt's case…

Datta took a helping of the chicken salad …

I called you up to inform you so you were busy….

Did I not take your call? Dutta asked picking up the salad plate….

You did but you seemed to be busy…so I thought of not disturbing you….

Hmmm isiliya apna phone bhi off kar diya…..

Well when I told Kala Tai about it, she remembered about this advocate in Kolkata whose home she had done…and Kalatai thinks that ..Ra..I mean Raja Saab might be behind's Kripalini's withdrawal so told me not to discuss it with anybody in the house till something is not fixed ….

Ok I accept I am nobody of the house aur Bajirao is the one without whose permission you cannot go toh abh mujhe kyu bata rahi hai?

Mujhe toh jana tha, permission toh leni thi….

So you had taken, had a nice trip to Kolkata and now what ?…maine kuch puchha tere se?…kuch kaha?

Advocate Kamal Sen said he is ready to fight for my aunt….

Toh mai kya karu? Mujhe kya karna hai….

He is coming day after for a meeting with us….

Am I stopping you?

Us means you too…

Dekh Naku…you wanted to fight for your aunt, abh tu jane, I am busy, mere pass time nehi hai….

You are angry because you did not know but I did call you up first….

And I had taken the call…I did not tell you I am busy….you assumed I am busy….

I heard woh chipka…I mean Kareena's voice…so I thought why disturb…Naku made a face, kya admi hai, not even dressed properly …she kept looking at the ceiling….

Is she jealous by the way?

Stop staring at the ceiling when speaking to me, look at me….

I can't… you are not properly dressed….

Ha agar pata hota tu a rahi hai, mai burkha pahen ke baith ta….

Well I wonder what Kanta gets to see when she comes with the food…

You have some problem with it…I think I am over dressed for my bedroom…

Toh mai Advocate Sen se kaunsa time bulo…

Woh tu jane…he picked up the next item…..

I …er I have committed to give him payment for his appearances….

You have a job, you earn so you pay…what is the big deal in that….

How much salary do I earn for my job, abhi tak toh ek paisa nehi mila…

Salary you get at the end of the month and you can ask your Baajibhau the amount any time + lodging and boarding free….

Naku hesitated, Kala Tai had her own problems and she did not want to ask for another favour, specially when she has some of her own problems, that means Ayi Sahib…her jewelry …oh god mai kya karu….and what if Kalpana does not agree to it anymore…she too can change her mind

Naku turned towards the door….

Kaha ja rahi hai….

Since you are not agreeing let me see what else I can do….

Teri marzi, but then since I promised Kalpanaji I am ready to meet but there is a clause…

Clause? Sarth? Kya sarth…

You have to promise me not to keep me in dark in the future …..

Nehi rakhenge…Naku beamed promptly…

And to seal the have to come and kiss me on my lips…..he added casually between his helpings….

Kiss? Naku squeaked, thinking if she heard him right….

Hmmm..on the lips …..

Kiss and….

Now Dutta looked at her…and if you want to go all the way I will not say no….

Naku glared at him …mujhe aisa koi sarth nehi manni hai….she turned to leave…

Teri marzi lekin sarth wohi hai….

Nakusha went to Kala's room and buried herself in the bed….

Kyu re Naku, mera besharam bhau ne kya kiya tujhe…Kalavati asked….

Kala Tai …I think….we have to see some other way to get Advocate Sen to do the work….

Kala looked up from her laptop…Naku let me tell you one thing, much as I admire your aunt, at the moment I must get back to my career….I have to establish my new office as there I worked from home I mean had my office in Gaurav's house itself….I have selected a property and now I have to shift there…set up a new office….I have established a contact with the new lawyer now ask Bhau to help or do it yourself…

Naku pulled up the sheet covering upto her neck, remembering the half dressed man eating calmly and telling her his 'sarth' to help her…how much is he serious about it?



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OmggggggggEmbarrassed Finally TaShaa!!!...

Ok ok i will leave everyone out..!! concentrate only on TaShaLOL...
Awww he kept ignoring her.. well she deserved dat even doe she did call him .. Im so glad baaji told her he atleast had the haq to know.. he's damn rytBig smile...
And wooohooo she FINALLY decides to go manao him.. good idea!..
Sheeeeshh she goes in his room for dinner, how sweet.. just like a wife would doWink.. (waiting for that dayLOL).. And der he comes.. in towelDay Dreaming and LOL he thinks it kanta ben... LOL.. but then it turns out to be his nakku... Oh tlking bout kanta.. shes getting nicer aint she.. she even gave the tray to nakku .. awwEmbarrassed Bless her.. i take all my words i said bout her in the beginning bakLOL..
And she starts explaining without hesitation.. love it..!!.. Big smile.. And lol .. he still playing hard to get.. even doe munda pehle se hi pass gaya lolLOL..
And Finally he asks for a kiss to seal the dealEmbarrassedLOL... n LOL he doesnt mind if it gets outta control.. besharam kahin kaLOL..
Well now that kala is moving out soonOuch (i dnt want her to go.. nakku will be a bit lonely.. she was a great support system for her) .. anyway.. i think Nakku will have to kiss him.. LOL BUT i want her to kiss him cause she wants to.. not because of the dealEmbarrassed...
And there she goes dreaming about him... Ohhh i cant wait for the next part nowLOL..
Awesome update TinBig smile Loooove it!
Waiting for 2morro Thnk god its not weekendLOL

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rinku6us Senior Member

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Tiny, you made my day with this update. Awesome

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loved it dear

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Reserved ....awesome updt...........
Luved the way Baaji and Kala say Nakku should manaoo Dutta......... so Dutta was avoiding her........... luved their indirect convo in the stable too............luved the Tasha part very much ......... especially their convo............ cant wait fr 2morrow updt............

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Awesome update Tin, loving the jealous nakku......
could'nt help but smile at the tasha scene in today's update.....
looking forward for tomorrow's update......  Smile

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Thanks for the update. Not in the serial but atleast we have some tasha romantic!!! With nakku we too day dreming!
Thank god its not weekend :D.
Loking forward for tomorrow!!

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