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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 56)

prettywoman Goldie

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@Pooja - pls dont give Tin ideas yaar.. one RS kaafi nahin hai kya hum sabke liye!! But if you read she does say that of all the siblings, he was closest to Gauridevi whose nature was similar to his.. isliye laga ab aur kitne hain siblings and they may be better in nature!


Sigh.. that conversation was just like a couple who have been together so much na.. esp the way he says pata hai and ha bol with so much of a right that comes with ease only in a relationship which has been on for a while.. sorry cant find the exact word, but amazing phone convo..


I seriously don't see D as a guy who will resort to using Kareena as a weapon against Naku..or to make Naku confess..he knows she has feelings for him as she cant help but stare, peek at him and what not! So he is very astute there.. but he also knows that her impression of the Haveli, AS life there, their diff backgrounds etc are not allowing her to come clean.. these issues are only from Naku's side and are trivial in his views..but if he were to say these were trivial, knowing Naku and her gussa, she might just throw back AS ka case on his face.. so him spending time with Kareena knowingly or unknowingly will affect naku as we have already seen, but I don't want D to use any girl to get to Naku..his love and trust and faith in her is more than enough to achieve that..but I feel he will be amused to see her jealousy and may even comment on it knowing him, which will irk her no end.. but away from him that might get her thinking too!but yes, I don't also want to see D knowingly use Kareena..just him being normal with her as a friend is more than enuf right now to make Naku see red ... hahahah no other plottong is reqd, esp the way after she says ki jab se aayi hai chipke baithi hain.. aaram se baath bhi nahin kar sakthe.. now she wants to talk to him.. huh naku.. all this while the poor guy has been vying for your it will be lovely to see a fuming Naku.. But I so want D to calm that jealousy in naku with his assurance too..that would be totally aweeee..


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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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tanx alot Tins 4 the awesome update tanx 4 our daily dose dear! ohh Tins uggAngry what is this Aatya tai how rude is she speaking 2 AS & addressing e/one & poor naku baddly i so want to c s/one putting her in her place. & as 4 leela well she is smiling now we'll c if she'll still smile when her plan fail.Tongue
and this tai saying tanx to leela this hse is a home i thought it is the otherway round this home is a hse bcoz of her no warmth in it.D'oh
ohh i am liking kanta giving the inside info to N & N even though she doesn't want 2 show it she is clearly distraught by the arrival of karina i want this kareena to paly cupid 4 tasha to get together N is already fuming by what she is hearing i woder what she'll do tommorrow. Tins can't wait 4tommorrow pls lots of tasha tank u!Smile i like @ vandu i want D to b in the caf as well will b good!LOL

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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@ Shilpi - You said it, December mash theke ektao weekend free na, I am just eating and eating and next saturday there is another picnic scheduled, hopefully last for the season, which I am planning to avoid but then lets see, tomorrow is Saraswati puja, office closed and ma already asked what I want to eat as haven't been to her place for last 3 weeks...

@Vandu & Pooja the Royals are giving you a hard time is it?Wink  and now a wedding is also coming upTongue  Well Vandu, yes the other day when Gauri devi and Kareena entered, Naku had run off to Bolt but I guess (though I do not know) such stables the horses do follow a strict routine and since it was evening already, time for Bolt's rest she had to come back to her room to see the siblings entertaining Kareena in the lawn...when Kanta enters....

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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waiting for the update dear
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Chapter 28
(Sorry for the delay got up late due to holiday today is Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja as we celebrate in this part of India)

Jab se ayi hai, tabh se chipki baithi hai and now also they are together….koi aram se baath bhi nehi kar sakta…Nakusha crossed over to the caf where Kala was waiting for her…..




Kala disconnected the mobile and saw Nakusha sitting with a long face, opposite her….


Kya huwa Naku?  Tera kaam huwa….


Nehi now he does not want to fight my aunt's case….


But you told me he was keen…


Tabh the abhi nehi….since we took so long to decide he has taken another important case….


So long?  What does he mean by so long?  Areh a person will take sometime to decide, and somebody like Kalpana Rao or does Kripalini want her in his beck and call….Kala sounded irritated…


Kya pata?


Does Dutta know?


Well I called him up, he seemed to be busy……


Hmmmmm…..Kala nodded,  do you think my father might be behind this…she added thoughtfully….


Raja Saab…err Kala Tai…Kripalini is also quiet famous and why would he come under the influence of Raja Saab's words…..


Idhar rehta hai…this is his home base….aur idhar mera Baba ka chalta hai….any person big and small does not want to annoy him…..


Kripalini bhi?


Nakusha tu abhi bachchi hai, duniya nehi dekhi….in this world you know how things move?  You scratch my back, I scratch your back….and people like Kalpana Rao who refuses to scratch anybody's back are charged with sedition ….chal uth, this is not the end of the world but then now we have to move very carefully….Kala kept a note under the coffee cup and picked up her bag, chal kuch na kuch karenge….




Dutta rubbed the back of his neck, the meeting was finally over, they started late because of Kareena and once again when the assembled men picked up their laptops and papers, Dutta apologized I am sorry for the delay…


Koi baath nehi Bhau Sahib once in a while…one of the senior persons replied….


Dutta gave an uneasy smile, his business teachings abroad told him to keep him private and official matters separate and today somehow the delay was his fault, Kareena ki baato me a gaya mai…once again he cursed himself…picking up his jacket he walked towards the car park scanning the smses, there was one from Sara….she informed him that Kala Tai wanted to speak to you and since you were busy in the meeting and your calls were diverted I am to inform you that she wants the jet tomorrow as she wants to fly to Kolkata in the morning to keep some urgent appointment….I checked the schedule and booked a time slot for her at 8 in the morning….


Dutta started the car, what is it with Naku he has to find out but then now she must be in bed as she gets up early so not before tomorrow morning he can catch her…..





Sitting in Raja Saab's sitting room, Gauri Devi sipped the wine which Raja saab had handed over to her, as Raja Saab narrated the whole thing, Gauri Devi's blood once again boiled….


Bhaiya how could you allow….baath ageh kaise bari….you should have informed me…mai pehlei a jati…


You are a busy person….


Not really abh toh the boys are taking over….and I must say they are doing a good job of it…ha shuru shuru me there were a couple of wrong decisions but then who does not make mistakes and it is good they are learning from their mistakes….


I hope my children learn from theirs, I am trying to say in so many ways to Dutta that don't make the same mistake that I have have been forced to make but then….


Don't worry bhau I am here now….you see some people do not realize until and unless see for themselves….Do one thing, organize the opening of the Racing Season like every year and let the whose who come, I will supervise it with Leela personally and then let her see for herself where she stands….aisa karungi ki dum utha ke bhagegi…..aur agar nehi bhagi toh Dutta will also get to see the difference in class, he will know what mistake he was about to make…


She has a lot of supporters in this house other than Dutta


Kala is no problem, I will tackle her my way….




Dutta was crossing the hall, time for his morning ride….


Dutta …Dutta…Leela called….Dutta did not pay any heed…..


Bhau Sahib….Leela skipped across the hall cursing her knees…


Kya hai Leela, Dutta stopped….


Errr yesterday night you did not have a proper dinner, today morning what would you like to have for breakfast, I will have it made….


Please do not bother Leela…whatever is available I will have….


Leela frowned, Dutta had a hearty appetite and when he had meals at home always desired a dish of his choice….


Dutta beta are you well….Leela had to regain her lost ground, she leaned to touch Dutta forehead, just the way she did million times in the past….


Dutta shoved her away……


Dutta?  Leela was startled with the roughness….


Bhau Sahib…..Dutta retorted…..


Kya baath hai…you seem to be very upset…..


And why not?


Have I committed any mistake…..


Dutta now turned fully to face Leela…..Raja Saab was crossing towards the gym stopped and Gauri Devi who came out in her riding attire stood still


Don't you know about it?


Leela's ears burnt but then she has never bowed down to anybody in this house except for Raja Saab whom she has cleverly handled always…..


I am not going to hand over the keys of my store to that girl…..


That girl?


Nakusha….after the mess in the kitchen I had to put 4 servants to clear the mess and put back the kitchen in order…..


First of all it is not your store, it is our store…you are merely an employee here….


Leela's face turned red, the children of this house never ill treated her, yes they had their tantrums but then she was like a mother to them…..


Leela's lips shook…Raja Saab was about to open his mouth when he saw his sister indicating him to keep quiet feverently…..


I am responsible for the upkeep of the house….and I was merely doing my duty….


I appreciate your sense of duty but then when Ayi Sahib walked into the kitchen why didn't you come forward to handover the keys?


Ayi Sahib…what does she…..Leela stammered


She is the 'Ayi Sahib'  …Dutta muttered…..flickering his head, beyond the lawn they could see her sitting hearing the villagers….


Leela kept quiet…whatever she might think she is, she is not above that lady………


Leela looked towards Raja Saab, he was quiet hearing his son in an expressionless face…..


In my service in this house for more than 37 years I have never been spoken to in this manner…Leela blinked her eyes…..


Dutta I think you are judging….


One minute Baba, would you want me to be quiet if the servants defy you?  If Ayi Sahib is not shouting back does not mean as her son I will keep quiet and see the place is run by someone who gets paid to do so……


There was pin drop silence….even Gauri Devi did not know what to say for though she was big supporter of Leela but then Leela is paid employee and Madhvi, much as she is not fond of her is indeed the lady of the house….


Leela turned to leave….


I will wait to hear from Ayi Sahib that you have apologized to her…..


Leela stopped to hear and then bowing her head she walked towards the kitchen…


Through the corner of his eyes Dutta watched his father going into the study, he gritted his teeth, the man was ready to stand up for his housekeeper but not his wife, thank god he had the sense not to interrupt him otherwise today Dutta's temper would have burst breaking all barriers, as Dutta stepped towards the portico he heard footsteps to see Kalavati dressed in a smart business suit, carrying her laptop coming down the stairs followed by Nakusha in her usual churidar and kurti……


Yeh tu kaha ja rahi hai Tai ki pooch bankar?


Errr Kolkata ..Nakusha replied with a bit of hesitation…


Kis khushi me?


Woh aisa hai ki…


Bhau it is like this I have a client meeting and since Nakusha has never been to Kolkata I am taking her for a short trip…..


Aur idhar jo kaam hai….Dutta wanted to say she should now accompany him for a meeting with Kripalini…


Maine Baaji Bhau se permission le li hai….he knows I am going…tomorrow I will do double shift….Nakusha quickly added…


Of course Baji Bhau, duniya idhar se udhar ho jaye Baji Bhau will know about everything…….closing his mouth, Dutta went towards the stable…..




Leela sat in her office locked up…the words still ringing in her ears…37 years, a lifetime she has given to this family and today the boy who went around the house holding her apron strings whenever he felt unwell or wanted something special is asking her to apologise to his mother….ek din me kya jaduu chala diya Madhvi ne that Dutta forgot all these years of Leela's care and love?  Leela dabbed her eyes, oh she has a working shift but then she gave 24 hours service, hardly taking holiday except when Raja Sahab went on holiday with the family..she even worked when she was sick, staying in her quarters, she sacrificed her life for this family, never got married or had a family of her own aur aaj yeh naubat a gayi….


There was a soft knock on the door….Leela refused to look up …the knock persisted, Leela looked up to see Gauri Devi indicating to open up….Leela sat stiff but knew Gauri Devi could be very persistant and now she needs supporters on her side, suddenly Madhvi is proving to be very powerful, getting support from her children, with great reluctance Leela got up….




Dutta walked towards the stable when he overhead the conversation – ladki hone ka bahut faida, kabhi bhi ayo jayo aur agar malik pocket me ho toh….they changed the topic on seeing Dutta, greeting him with utmost respect, Dutta crossed over to Baaji's office, early morning his mood was off, he remembered how his aunt greeted Leela when she arrived, for you this house is still a home, he remembered seeing Ayi Sahib's face, eyes downcast….opening Baaji's door he greeted him…..


Baaji next time you allow Nakusha to take off, be careful, I do not want a revolt in the stables because of her before the racing season….


Mai kya karta bhau…she said she had to go, Kala Tai has lined up some big shot lawyer in Kolkata for her…..


Kala Tai?  But why?  What is wrong with Kripalini…..


Errr I am given to understand he refused to fight the case …I thought you are aware about it…..


Kripalini refused and Naku did not inform me …Dutta was furious, that moment he forgot that Naku had called and was trying to tell him about something…he stomped out of Bajirao's office and going into the stable, taking his horse he galloped towards the meadow in full speed, making the people around the stable stop their work and look up….



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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Reserved ............ Me first again...............2days updt awesome, Jayati........ 
So now Kala is going to help her........... really life has taught kala a lot of things like even understanding people and even their intentions.......... Kala understands RS has done it.......... So dutta is too busy with the meeting ......... Luved the way Dutta made it clear to Leela and indirectly to RS and GD that AS is the Lady of the House........... and that if she doesnt react to be looked upon doesnt mean Dutta will not react or respond...........Usne Leela ko apni aukaat dikha di........
Luved the way he asked Nakku where she was going.............I think Kala didnt want Nakku to disclose abt the new advocate to Dutta in the haveli bcoz she didnt want RS to know abt it......... sure she will tell abt it once she is back and things fixed ..... he wanted her to go with him to the Kriplanis......... The stable boys are against Nakku......... hope RS does not use this against Nakku........ Dutta too asked Baaji to be careful abt it........... Dutta didnt yet know that Kriplanis refused.......... he came to know abt it frm Baaji.......... and this time he is damn angry on Nakku .......... and in anger he even forgot that she had called and that he was busy at that time.........
Looks like Dutta will really tear Nakku into pisces in his anger............... hope bfore he meet her he remember that she had called but it was he who did not hav time fr hr............. waiting fr Tasha confrontation.............
Waiting eagerly fr 2morrows updt..........

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excellent part
Thank you

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thanks for the update. this is getiing v interesting. keep updating. Smile

this is the only thing that make my mood, after reading all these articals of MR leaving. i am so thankfull to you
keep up the good work.Clap

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