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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 54)

bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
tanx tins 4 the awesome update wow what fun they r having this was lacking in their house now it feels normal even D feels so it so good to c them doing normal things w/out that leela dictating things!
he he it is nice to c leela pushed outside she has to go cafe to get food ha? serves her right after all she took over that house in all sense pushing out AS from her husband , kids & her right in the hse! now maza ayeega  when finally As spending time with her kids heart to hrt & may b wining her kids & love of her husb. at the process. Tins this what i wanted from naku from the day she entered the hse.
giving it life she did ofcourse with help of kala! and tanx to kanta we get to know the inside scope as well kya chelrahatha with D-N naku watching him & D in return lost in her gaze wowDay Dreaming. i love at last when they all spread lying on the floor or sofa it is so beautiful as simple as it is but yet extraordinary love it. and who is this new entry? is it RS behen or kya? Tins lovelove it tank u dear pls cont. eagerly waiting!Smile i can't wait to c the barbicue it'll b fun as u did excellently with the kitchen i am sure u'll make it even more beautiful at night barbeque , fire and moon light ohh start pic. already & pls make tasha talk alot on that night pllllllls!txWink

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yoyo2 Goldie

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hi TIN,Smile will there be an update today... just wondering  that is all,, Smile

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 27

Apne ghar ane ke liye mujhe khabar bhi dena parega?  The lady snapped at Ayi Sahib with her eyes flashing, face stern…




Smiling inwardly Leela asked Kanta to carry the luggage to the rooms prepared.  Leela did not need to put much effort, she received them in the station, purposely entering the platform a little late…Chhoti Tai Sahib was predictably furious….


What is wrong with you Leela, you were so punctual before….


Sorry Tai Sahib, no drivers, all given off and you know how traffic has increased and I do not drive regularly nowadays….


You mean to say we need to take a taxi…


No no I will manage….ei coolie, follow me, ayiye Tai Sahib…Leela led the way to the carpark…her's was a small car and luggage…well Tai Sahib did not believe in travelling with less luggage, sitting cramped in the car did the rest….by the time they arrived in the Haveli and got down in the portico no butler coming running to open the door, Tai Sahib was already boiling…




Tai Sahib scanned the room, Kalavati, I heard Gaurav and you are having problems…..


Yes Aatya…I have left him?


Raja Bhau ke naseeb hi phute hai…..the poor man did not get any happiness from his marriage and now his daughter has left a man like Gaurav…aur Dutta…how are you, Tai Sahib made herself comfortable on the chaise lounge…


I am fine Aatya ….


Yes of course I do see you fine but then Raja Bhau was telling me there is a lot of work pressure at Serumix so what are you doing home, sitting holding the apron strings of your mom and sisters….


Dutta's face burnt, he looked the other way….


Aur Roops … college ?…..she asked….Nakusha started feeling uneasy, she shifted towards the corner


…..and who is this girl?


There was pin drop silence…nobody replied…..




Her name is Nakusha, my teacher, Kal


Oh yes that woman who is now serving in the jail....a criminal…and I did hear her niece is the big VIP here… you are at home all of you and nobody went to receive me in the station, I had to come sitting cramped in a dingy car when there is atleast 100 cars standing outside…..


We were not aware….


Of course I heard you Madhvi but how will you be aware, when I called up it was Leela who answered the call, you all were busy having picnic on the whims of a girl who comes from questionable background…tumhare apne logo ke liye you simple do not have time….Madhvi I am very upset with your home management style I simply do no know how Raja Bhau stays and shame on you, today he had to leave his own house and check into the club…


They stood with their head bowed….


Abh khare hi rahoge aur will you arrange for some refreshments for me, lambi train journey karke ayi hu….


Just then Leela entered…Tai Sahib, you have come home now relax, I have asked Kanta to fill up the tub with water, you can have your bath…I have also left a message for Raja Saab at the reception for he is playing golf, about your arrival….


Oh Leela thanks …for you this house is still a home….


Leela bowed and left….Dutta murmured something and went towards the door, followed by the girls and Nakusha...Ayi Sahib sat down…..




Nakusha felt guilty, she hated how how Ayi Sahib was redeemed in front of all but then it is all due to her fault, picnic was her idea….taking a deep breath she walked towards the hall…..


Duttaaaaaa…..Kala Tai and Roops….oh god it is ages I got to see you all….


Kareena …..what are you doing here?  Is your course over in Paris.…Dutta leaned and kissed the lady on her cheeks followed by his sisters….


Nakusha slipped past them towards the stable.




Nakusha looked at the receptionist, she pretended to be busy but the truth was she was hardly busy, half of the time speaking on her mobile…Nakusha fumed, she tried to catch the woman's attention but then she looked the other way….


Finally Nakusha lost her patience, it is over an hour she is waiting, she got up quickly, crossed the passage and knocked on the door of the Kripalini's secretary ignoring the summons of the girl's madam….madam…


I am sorry to barge in but then I have to return…..


Madam….I am sorry ….but I thought the receptionist has conveyed to you the message….


But why?  I mean since he agreed and informed my aunt and finally when she has agreed….


Maam you are not getting the point…..Your aunt has taken too long to decide and Mr Kripalini in the meantime got another case which is very important….


And profitable is it?


Well I will not mince my words but then he does have an establishment to run, give salaries to his employees and your aunt's case other than name was giving nothing…


I did say I am ready to pay now….we have been able to arrange some funds…


The man shook his head….what funds?  From where?


Err that is not important, Mr Kripalini will be paid …..


Maam kindly do not force me to call the security and show you out of the office but lets put it this way Mr Kripalini is no longer interested in your case….he has not signed any contacts or flouting any rules, please Ma'am now leave I have work to do….




Dutta tried not to move but his patience was running low, Kareena a painter trained in Paris, specially in painting portraits, she was making a rough sketch of Dutta whom she thought to be of an interesting subject, you will not notice me, just carry on with your work, she had told him but then it was not exactly what was happening for Kareena wanted to have the light fall on Dutta's face in a certain angle…bus Dutta 10 minutes and 10 minutes was turning out to be an eternity for Dutta….


Kareena, his aunt, the sister just above his Baba, Gauri Devi's brother-in-law's daughter.  Gauri Devi Gaikward was the closest of the siblings of Sriram Patil and very much like him in nature, no wonder they got on very well.  Gauri Devi was married to one of the most ancient's royal families for whom the 'shaan' or the 'aura' of the strature was very important, sometime after Gauri Devi's marriage, it was revealed that underneath the glitter and the show, the family properties were mortgaged under high interests.  Gauri Devi was an ambitious lady who also had a strong head, she refused to compromise…her husband compared to her was a soft man, a man used to luxuries without any clue how to earn the means to the luxuries….Gauri Devi sought her family's help….their father Damodar had a weird business sense but nonetheless it worked, he did things a bit whimsically, sometimes way ahead of his time, a sort of maverick, so he guided his daughter to how to convert the property to a hotel etc., and after his death Sriram too did his bits for his sister, bringing the family to the racing circuit elevating them to regain some of their lost positions…and then Gauri Devi also managed it, since the mortgage was steep, it took some years to break even and make money out of it nevertheless it was her endeavour and her strong headedness that their family could see a turnaround in their fortunes and thus elevating her position in her household alongwith her pride of self importance…..


Like her brother, Gauri Devi too was obsessed with class and her family background…it is another story if her father did not stand by they would have been begging on the streets but then it is not something Gauri Devi liked to speak, instead it is the success story inspite of Government of India's policies to strip the royals of their wealth we have been able to make our living with our head held high, maintain our status and our prestige (obviously it is the government's fault as there is no fault in living beyond your means as a royal)…therefore when a person like her visited any place she expected her orders be followed, desires be adhered to and tempers be smoothened.


Kareena was known to the Patil children very well.  On various family gatherings and social meetings especially during racing reason etc., they met over the years till Kareena decided to go to Paris to learn from one of the leading schools of the world….but then that did not mean they were cut off for ever, they kept bumping in home and abroad less frequently though and when Raja Saab travelled with his entourage to take part in various events in the world of racing or for business travels, his children accompanied at times if their school / college happened to be closed or just for the pleasure of it, if they happened to be in the same city they called up their friends and relatives to have some fun and Kareena was one of them, friend cum relative.


Dutta was getting late, there were some serious matters which needed his attention on an urgent basis but then Kareena was taking longer than he had anticipated…bus Dutta ho giya, Kareena murmured once again….she could sense his impatience…


The mobile rang, Kareena showed a finger indicating she will take a minute…Dutta flickered his eyes to see the caller on the mobile kept on his table and seeing the name he frowned and then grabbed the phone…..


Ha bol…..


Mai bol rahi thi…..


Pata hai….


Woh aisa hai ki …mai aaj gayi thi….


Oh Dutta pleeeeeeeeeeassssssssseeeeeeeee bus 2 minutes, thodi der rukh jayo pleassssssssssseeee….Kareena groaned…..


Before Dutta could react, the phone went blank and when he dialed back it came the 'subscriber is switched off'…..




Nakusha fumed as she switched off the mobile, as it is she had called after a lot of hesitation, she carried the mobile in her bag but never used it….today after her attempt to make an appointment with Kripalini she knew she had to inform the same to Dutta, it was he who made her aunt turn around her decision. 


When Aatya made her entry yesterday, needless to say the rest of the programme went for a toss, Nakusha was already feeling guilty for Ayi Sahib, the poor lady again was being subject to another of round of redicule….Nakusha sat at the window of the bedroom she shared with Kala and watched the front lawn, she wanted to go to Bolt but then they were sitting with the girl who accompanied Aatya, she could hear them ….Oh she is the criminal's niece…she remembered the lady saying when Ayi Sahib introduced her…criminal indeed thought Nakusha….she wearing finest of silk, jewelry, compared to her, she remembered her aunt in simple jail uniform, blue border cotton sari…. how dignified she looked….how calm was her behaviour…..bahut ho giya mauj masti….I am moving away from my goal, I have to make an appointment with Kripalini and ask him when he can visit aunt in jail, I will go personally over to his office….with a knock Kanta entered, Nakusha moved away from the window to sit on the chair, picking up a magazine she tried to look busy wondering what brought Kanta in…


Kanta started making the bed, Nakusha frowned, well after she shifted into this room, she makes the bed and had told Kanta not to bother….but today …maybe wants to impress her aunt….Nakusha turned the pages of the magazine when she heard Kanta saying…..


Her name is Kareena, she is Aatya's dewar's daughter…they know her from before…at one time she often visited with Aatya when she was a child…


Hmmm Nakusha tried to show her disinterest….


She is a very good painter and it is said she is trained in a place called Paris where big big painters get trained….


Oh I see…..


I also heard she had enrolled for the Miss India contest and got selected for the final round but then Aatya ko khabar mil gayi and she was mad, our family girls don't participate in such contests, Kareena had to pull out…..


Oh such a loss for India…Nakusha mocked….remembering the tall figure, slim with sharp features wearing well cut trousers …..


Hmmmm ….Kanta finished making the bed and then went to the door, before opening the door she called out once again….Nakusha….err I thought I will let you know….I heard from reliable sources that this time Aatya brought Kareena so that Bhau Sahib and she can meet….Aatya wants to put forward her proposal to Raja Sahib…..


So?  Nakusha got irritated….


Errr nothing, Kanta went out shutting the door behind her…..


Jab se ayi hai, tabh se chipki baithi hai and now also they are together….koi aram se baath bhi nehi kar sakta…Nakusha crossed over to the caf where Kala was waiting for her…..



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nice going there,,, and LEELAAngry ohh she is giving me stomach achesLOL
yeh choti tai tou raja saheb se bhi ulti khopri ki lagti hai mere ko, and kareeen,,, uufff, ab iss ka kiya bolu,,, is nakku going to be losing her cool over dutta ,,, ohh ab laga hai competition hone wala hai reLOL

Edited by yoyo2 - 06 February 2011 at 7:02pm
Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiin... Aatya brought kareena for Dutta... n OMG.. Aatya is so .. like RS.. arrogant, rude and... thinks only about class!!...Dead ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
she ruined the whole atmosphere lol... Ergh.. she thinks that house is a home cause of Leela? Oh Puhleeez... Leela is the one destroying it.Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Ohh Nakku better be quick.. I so dont want Aatya to even talk bout the proposal of kareena the professional painter and Dutta lol..
Aww she called him but i guess she heard her in the background. Nakku jaldi se haan kar.. n omg is kanta good now? lol.. shes even informing nakku bout everything. Yh sure nakku was not interested lol. Koi jhoot bolna inse seekheLOL... I'm liking kanta ben lool..  ..
But yeh kya? No TaSha? Ouch Ok...I will wait lol...
Great update... Waiting for tomorrow nowDay Dreaming

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Reserved ........... a nice updt..............
Now this Aatya??? as though RS and Leela were less........... so Kareena is bought in fr Dutta........ hating that aatya and Kareena........... Nakku calls Dutta.......... Dutta busy posing fr Kareena......... No wonder Nakku is frustrated........... Kanta is acting good....... No way she is good.......... she is doing pouring ghee in the fire work.......... she is trying to force Nakku by telling abt Kareena and dutta that Nakku might do sumthing such that Dutta will react.......... and Aatya will be angry on Nakku ........and kick hr out of haveli...........Thats it......... Hope Dutta remains stern in his decision whether Nakku says Yes or No........
Thanx fr the long updt...... but today no Tasha at all............. only Aatya, Kareena and Dutta............. looking frwrd fr 2morrows updt..........

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why this lady had to enter now to spoil all the fun................loving naku's reaction......

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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My dearest Jayati,

I hope that you had a rocking picnic on Saturday. Lucky girl, you even got to see a rocking episode of LTL finally. That was truly the culmination to a great day.

Gosh, do pardon my erratic posts to RG (I have missed  Chapters 25/26) but as I explained, it has been a rollercoaster week. ButI was happy to be able to comment on all the events at one go and what a bouquet you came up with. The one thing that I like about your FF is that there is, absolutely, no attempts at procrastination at all and that is very, clearly, reflected in the pace with which the character evolve in harmony with the essence of the story. Loved to the core the bonding element that Nakusha is alreasy proving to be for the Patil family and it did a world of good to see a normal Ayi Saheb letting her natural guards down for the first time in years to enjoy some priceless maternal moments with her kids who also revelled in an innocuous yet so profound opportunity to be their real selves .

How sad can any house where a mother is relegated to the background be and Dutta and his sisters will be forever grateful to Nakusha for showing them the way any normal house should be, full of little joys shared without the shadow of prejudices that would have been handed down through generations for obscure reasons. The picnic reminded me (As Vandu said in her post) of good old days when my whole family would unwind after a simple yet leisurely meal that was made all the more enjoyable because of the happy atmosphere. This is what Nakusha needed after the tragedy that she has just gone through and it was great that Dutta sensed the need to let her be and participated fully in the whole endeavour along with his sisters. This will go a long way towards reinforcing the magical bond that love will carve in their lives and eventually change the dynamics in the great Patil mansion.

I will finally confess that I am not too happy about the unwanted and possibly noxious influence that the "Aatya" may have on proceedings, nor do I really like the notion of Kareena to be flaunted as a possible match for Dutta. But she may prove to be the catalyst in the grand scheme of things for Dutta and Nakusha and I am sure that the former will not let this golden opportunity go waste and hence compel his ladylove to confess and say YES quickly.LOLLOLLOL

I will look forward to tomorrowEmbarrassed


Kavita. Smile

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