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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 52)

prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 5:23am | IP Logged

Hey Pooja.. thanks a lot dear.. I just ramble here ;-P my hubby cannot even make a cup of tea.. agar if he has to even put something in the oven, he ensures it comes out charred and my Sanju will go Daddddy, u can even do this right!!! Waise, it's fine as kitchen is my territory and I would hate the mess he would make if he was let loose there!


AS slapping leela would be awesome.. but why should she spoil her hands, Kala wwill be more than pleased to do that and the way their confrontations are going it will be fun!


Of course, baked fish was his fav na.. well, I am sure now after eating Naku ke haath k khaana he might have more fav dishes! Thanks for reminding about the fish, I had forgotten!


And yes I too feel it is someone imp related to RS and who can exert control over proceedings.. otherwise leela will not be talking about the picnic to that person!

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Aww tanx alot tins 4 updating i looov it so fun filled i am liking Naku changing the atmospher of the house even AS dared to go in the kitchen & loved her laaugh at the end when Raja sab left his going to have Hrt attack soon.
 i love how D so natural asked RS to eat BF book lagi hai aww love him. And D is feeling restless ha? & lonely Male ego why can't he ask naku make sure she is on her own & make her understand & his i can't wait 4 this to to unite just like in the epi waiting Tins eagerly dear tx 4 not taking break! pls con.HugWink awesome update!

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 26


There was a pin drop silence for few seconds and then Ayi Sahib burst into a laughter…others joined…




Dutta stood smoking at the backyard attached to the kitchen, today for once he felt theirs was a normal household just like the one when he visited his friends….His mother was laughing and smiling, his sisters looking a mess with flour dust on their hair, dirty hands and Naku looking like a little 'phataka' bursting with energy as she directed who does what….


As soon as Raja Saab left….Ayi Sahib turned, phata phat bel, aur bachcho apne apne plates lekar baith jao, breakfast will be served now…


For the first time other than formal occasions they sat on the dining table, his sisters, lay the table, requested Baji to stay back, his mother brought the puri, as Roopvati put down the 'aloo-matar' bowls next to each ones plate, Ayi Sahib went around serving the puri, theek se khana beta, pet bharke khana, the aloo matar tasted better than his expectation, Kalavati came chalo chalo rasta chhoro, I have made halwa, khao aur oongliya chaato….


Meetha ya namkeen Tai?  Dutta asked…


Obviously meetha Bhau, just like me, Kalavati posed…pushing back her hair…


Well tabh rehne do, I don't like sweets….


What?  Aisa kyu Dutta, I did not know this….Kalavati frowned


You should have known Tai, meri choice dekhkar aapko maloom par jana chahiye tha….Dutta replied with a straight face…Kalavati took couple of seconds to understand before breaking into a hearty laughter, Baji laughed aloud, Roops giggled, Ayi Sahib looked the other way and Nakusha frowned….


Kaise?  She asked not getting the joke….her mouth full of puri and sabji….


Dutta shrugged …tu hi samaj le….


Naku looked at the expressions of all, then turned towards Baji….by any chance does he mean me Baji Bhau….


Baji bit his tongue, pata nehi Nakusha…..


Then why did you laugh…..


Kala Tai laughed so I followed….


Nakusha turned towards Ayi Sahib…..


Beta I did not laugh…mujhe bhi nehi samaj aya, Ayi Sahib bit her lips trying to control herself…


Nakusha glared at Dutta…he concentrated on eating….


As Dutta dragged in the last bit of the cigarette, he waited with his ears alert, well it is Baaji Bhao always, abh maaza agyega, just when  a shrill shriek reached his ears….dropping the bud, he crushed it with his foot and tiptoed towards the kitchen window to have a look…exactly the way he had imagined…Roops was standing holding a leg of the lobster he got from the market, Naku was watching it with horrified eyes….




Leela drove out of the Haveli in her personal car, from the morning other than a cup of tea and two biscuits she did not get to eat anything, Kanta told her the kitchen is in a mess…they were playing with flour balls, hitting each other….Nakusha was teaching the girls how to do rangoli with various coloured masala powders on the kitchen table….needless to say Leela was having mini heart attacks for she knew she had a task cut out for her to put everything back into order…


Coming to the first available caf, Leela stopped the car in the carpark, noting the time, she picked up her handbag, entering it she ordered a heavy branch for herself…



Yeh kya hai…aur kitna badbooo, Nakusha covered her nose….Dutta entered the kitchen but it taste awesome when you cook it….


Cook?  Aap ka dimag toh theek hai….mai toh non veg khati nehi hu toh pakana dur ki baath....


Well that day if I remember correctly you were enjoying the baked fish very much…..Dutta's eyes twinkled…


That I ate without knowing…aur sach batayu toh mujhe banana bhi nehi ata….


Hai Naku aisa soch if you get married to a person who loves non-veg toh tu kya karegi?  Roops asked….


Err cooks se khana pakwangi….Naku replied


Woh baath toh theek hai if you get married to Bhau, nehi toh tu agar kisi aur ko se shaadi karegi, I mean  you know jaisa normal ghar me hota hai, lady of the house does most of the things…..


Chahe kuch bhi bolo I don't want to cook that insect Naku pointed at the lobster….


Naku tujhe seekna toh parega, as Roops said aur maine suna bhi hai the heart of the man is through his stomach…chal… pata nehi kaha kisse tera shaadi ho, sab seekee rakhna chahiye…Ayi Sahib also made a serious face further adding agar Kala aur mai…she sighed….


Tu picnic orgnise kya lekin menu sabki pasand ki hone chahiye na…keya bolti hai tu…Dutta asked Naku…


Bus yehi ulti dimag ki hu…picnic ka idea bahut bura tha….Naku flopped on the nearest stool….




The family assembled in Ayi Sahib's parlour, it was early evening and they finally finished their lunch…now sitting down to relax, as Ayi Sahib sat in her usual chair, Kalavati lay on the chaise lounge, Dutta sat on the other spare chair, Bajirao back to his duty and Roops / Nakusha lay on the floor….Ayi Sahib watched her children, they were quiet, resting after their cooking and lunch, even Dutta sat with his eyes closed, Ayi Sahib sat watching them, she cannot remember when was the last time she laughed so much and ate so heartily, thanks to Raja Sahab she has stayed or been with him the best of places in India and the world but the fried rice, dal and pakora they had for lunch was just awesome, no Ayi Sahib did not want to close her eyes for she did not want to open it to see it was a dream..she felt so content.  Ayi Sahib watched with her half closed eyes, Dutta opened his eyes, shifted to a position making himself comfortable as he watched Naku, lying with her head at one side, eyes closed, her hair thrown back, nearly touching Dutta's feet…


Huuuuuuu I have eaten so much I don't think I can eat anything for dinner…Roops moaned, I cannot move…..


I did not get to eat my lobsters, itna shauk se kharida tha…Dutta grumbled, veg khana para mujhe ….


Itna sa khana bana ne me pura din nikal gaya…Nakusha replied as she stretched herself lazily, Dutta did not miss anything…


Koi baath nehi Bhau, we will try it out in the evening, I think in my laptop I have some delicious lobster grills, Kalavati informed, after all she might not have cooked but she ran a house for 10 years…we will marinate the lobster and Bhau you can grill the same for us and over glasses of bear we will sit in the lawn and have the same looking at the stars…


Oh you that outdoor grill, wow we can also do some paneer and aloo baba used to do it over fire directly, me and my bhau,  we loved it so much, the day my baba cooked…his style was so different from Ayi's….Nakusha recollected….


Dutta wanted to rebuke Nakusha for unable to think beyond aloo and paneer but then his eyes fell on Ayi-Sahib…she was blinking her eyes, maybe like Nakusha she too might be having some such memories which she remembered ….




Kanta cleaned the kitchen, she has been working in this house for the last two years, always doing what her aunt wanted her to do, working as per her instructions, keeping her aunt informed whatever is going around in the house but today when she stayed back to spy as she knew her aunt would be very upset if she goes out, she must say she enjoyed herself, Kala Tai and Roops did not treat her differently, Nakusha shed her grudges and she loved how the family teased Nakusha…oh the girl was nearly in tears when Dutta dissected the lobster and started displaying its various parts ….Nakusha was about to vomit…..


It is the first time in her memory that she saw the siblings laughing and joking sitting in the kitchen, Ayi Sahib talking so much and Nakusha….well it seems the girl had indeed stole Dutta's heart for Dutta often kept looking at her and Nakusha not intending to show but often observing Dutta through the corner of her eyes…




Kala ek gana ga, bahut din ho gaye tere gana sune huye…


Ayi Sahib…gana toh kaab ka bhul gayi mai….


You had such a beautiful voice…Ayi Sahib sighed….


Now due to smoking I cannot hold my breath also……


Comeon Tai, be a sport, kuch bhi ga de, you must be remembering something ….Roops said


I don't get to hear much of English songs, when at work the labourers hear hindi songs only…jo yaad hai gati hu….




Do Dill Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Sabko Ho Rahi Hai
Haan Sabko Ho Rahi Hai
Khabar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Saanson Mein Badi Bekaraari
Aankhon Mein Kai Rat Jage
Kahin Kabhi Lag Jaaye Dil To
Kahin Phir Dil Na Lage
Apne Dil Mein Zara Thaam Loon
Jaadu Ka Main Isay Naam Doon
Jaadu Kar Raha
Jaadu Kar Raha Hai Asar Chupke Chupke

Do Dil Mile Rahe Hain


Yes her voice was really sweet, Nakusha sat up sitting with her knees up, her head resting on it…and without her knowing she watched Dutta, who sat lost in her gaze…..


MADHVI…Areh MADHVI….kaha mar gaye sab….a voice called out….


Kala stopped…she frowned…Roops got up and Dutta straightened…


Aatya?  Was she supposed to come to today?  Kalavati whispered….


I never heard about Chhoti Tai's coming Ayi Sahib whispered back, standing up arranging her sari when an elderly woman wearing an expensive chiffon sari, pearls around her neck, gold rimmed glasses came and stood at the door of the parlour….


Chhoti Tai Sahib apne khabar nehi di ane ka….Ayi Sahib hurried forward to greet her…..


Apne ghar ane ke liye mujhe khabar bhi dena parega?  The lady snapped at Ayi Sahib with her eyes flashing, face stern…



(Friends there might be no weekend spl, I will try my best but again I am going on picnic with office :) )

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Reserved .............
The in-house picnic was a real njoyment........ Dutta felt his house a home and his AS an sis like being themselves those in his frnds house whic he really liked............. he is so J of Baaji bcoz she puts him first................wuld luv to see dutta ask her why she rely on Baaji than on him........ she too will see the J Dutta and realise he is truely in luv wih her.......... Duttas eyes isonly on Nakku........she too realising it........... luvd the song right fr their  situation..........looks like the new entry (tai saheb) is like her bro (RS).......... Looks like Dutta, AS,Kalavati and Roops to hav tough time to support Nakku........... 
Cliffhanger!!!!!!!! contnue sooooon........... if possible, giv a weekend updt........else a very long long one on Monday will do.............njoy ur official picnic..........hav a wonderful weekend............goodday...cya............

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome who is this tai sahib?.............the picnic was so much fun

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shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
GR8 WORK TIN.... Clap .

Wonderful picnic! Tin, u narrate it so beautifuly that i imagined each nd everything. Its nice to see family spending tym wid each other, laughing nd enjoying to the fullest.
Just awesome....

Hope u have a gr8 picnic. All the best.

Thanks 4 update

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vahgar Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Hi Tin,
Loved Loved Loved todays update........
Could'nt stop smiling thru out the picnic, and the way Dutta was pulling Nakku's leg and she was'nt getting it..... very nice
Liking Kala tai in you FF - wish kala in LTL was atleast 10% like this.
Wonderful bonding time for the Family...until the choti tai came.......hope they all stick together to face her.......
Enjoy your picnic......

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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just loved it

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