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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 49)

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 2:51am | IP Logged
.Wow Tinni, mindblowing......Clap...thnx so much for bringing bolt back was such quite a relief for nakku before accepting da bad news......... isn't she taking a bit long in deciding??? plz dear make her say yes soon so that we can hav some lovely nok jhock situation between tasha..............n 2 days holiday ????? Disapprove its quite a high price for bringing bolt back.......i kno it can be tiring to update everyday... but 2 din kuch jyada ho jayega Ermm can u plz manage wid a days off........i kno my frnds here will be angry wid me ........but u see .......ek din rest milega to she will create awesum tasha convo for us...... isn't it TInni Embarrassed??? but plz not more than a good care of urself n give us loads of tasha in ur nxt update.bye

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 4:20am | IP Logged


OMG OMG.. Bolt aa gaya.. aa gaya.. I am so happy.. doing lil jig..thanks Tin from Naku and meeee


Oh, such a wonderful part.. less of those irritating creatures and so much of tasha.. she sensed Bolt was there.. for a min I felt he had sense HIM..hahaha..and my cheeks are burning just imagining Dutta's tongue in cheek comments to naku..gosh, it was superb..too good..see, he is still romancing her but in his own inimitable style..and nakku who has an answer to everyone and anything is gobsmacked when he fires tehse volleys at her..OMG, I was laughing reading that Bolt had gone to have some fun aur who bhi koi extra kharcha nahin.. good Lord, D does have a GSOH..and issshh, she was about to call him bhao which really got him irked!finally she calls him is amazing when she talks to AS or Kala she starts to say Du.. and sort of bites her tongue to say bhaosaab! And kya kahoon, the whole sequence from when he walks in behind her to caress Bolt till they ride was one amazing scene.way beyond my expectation.. she cries her heart out, and he is holding her tight and they are on Bolt.. could it have been any better or soothing.. NO..she was with 2 people she cares most now..Bolt and Him..sigh.. and Bolt toh already is taking good care of her, even pushing D down when he thought he had made Naku upset..i am so glad Bolt was there with him when she needed them the most :)


Awww.. he is still stalking her with his eyes..and even ths sisters can see that bhao sirf taaktha rehta hain.. sigh..


Uff Leela..Today she got a glare from D.. she might have had some words too if naku was not in such a bad shape..and RS tell no khaana for her.. gosh how mean.. does D know this now?! Hungama ho jayega LOL..Naku wants to cook.. that's a greta idea plus very good stress buster I feel! Slowly she might be able to come out of her shell..


Hmmm.. I have been wondering about D-N and their equation.. D will not go down on his knees again and is waiting for N to come to him..But N is in a state of shock still.. too much has happened around her to an extent she has not been able to assimilate and assess everything.. she I seeing things, responding to them too, but not thinking and responding..everything is being done superficially by her.. wonder what will be that final catalyst which will snap her out of this state of inertness..hmmm.. I always thought actions speak louder than words.. D has been doing just that.. been there for her every step of the way, brought back Bolt, stood up for her in front of all, out up with her refusal to marry him, helped her come to terms with her parents/bro's death and to overcome that.. only a person who loves deeply would have the patience to do all this.. cos he cares for her deeply.. but the state naku is in, these subtle things that D is doing for her which is visible to all is just touching her outer surface and boucing off.. it is not sinking in..maybe here, we do need some words.. strong words of love from D to jolt back Nakku.. to reassure her that he is doing this out of love and not using her as a pawn...sometimes, you just need the words and physical touch to reassure you.. so Tin,w e are waiting.. I know you don't want D to jhuko in front of N and I also want N to mellow a bit towards D..but kaise.. that I leave in your very capable hands.. but pls let them both get married for all the right reasons..not with a mind filled with doubts..Naku will have enuf on her plate once she becomes the bahu! And the most she will want is her hubby's love...BUT, it would be too sweet to see a silent tug of war netween D-N after marriage also na.. it would be most interesting how you take this fwd and I for one cannot wait.. khabardaar agar chutti lene ki baat kit oh.. kaan kichungi mein personally aake.. hahaha


Once again thanks a lot for updating every morning without fail..

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Vampgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 6:26am | IP Logged
hey tin,
sorryyyyy kal comment nahi kar payi humare gharme function hai aur mai kafi busy hu atleast10th tak topata nahi kab waqt mile par mai roj padthi hu
now coming to the topic, GR8 part; really. baki preetywoman has mention everything.....

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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 7:20am | IP Logged

very nice update

dear you can't have 2 days off..... not fair

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Hey JayatiHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update HugLoved it Wink
Wow bolt is back dutta didn"t sell sweet .....Naku was happy to see him and bolt 2 was excitedLOL...i loved the Tasha convo Wink
Omg finally Shockedshe accpeted that her family is no more and dutta was there to support her Smile...
He really loves her a alot ..."sigh" now only if naku see that soon"....Bechari she went through a lot so confused about her feelings ....
Kala and Roops want to call naku "Vehini".....i hope soon they get there wish fullflilledWink
Raja saab is so meanAngry.....wait till dutta finds out  LOL
wow Kala is so sweet ...they are going to have a picnic again LOLi hope D joins them Wink
will wait for the nxt update .....ClapThumbs Up
u take care and see ya around.....
Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
ohhh Tins i have no words to tell u how marvelous ur update is & with that each morning without fail Vah Vah dear tusi great ho tank u tank u dear.Clap
 bas every morning i feel certain when i come to the form to read ur update & u never fail me love it tanx again dear.
sorry coming to the update wow marvelous just wow & most of all u brough Bolt back we become his fun just like naku ohh i was exited 4 naku when she sensed his presence & i must say soROFL hillarious when i read where he has been dutta bi na the way he said it bluntly it was so funny. he was having fun ha ha!LOL ohh poor naku finally she knows the truth about her fam. ahh was so sad atleast she will deal with it na & as vandu said the 2 most imp. that means to her was with her D & bolt. uggAngry Tins i canot belive this Rajasaab how mean is he my god he is reach guy but he doesn't want N to fed eww i hope D find out about it he will give him anear ful, but i am loving kala in ur ff she has got principle i like that she is standing by naku.
 i can't wait to read about them cook it will b fun & D watching chupke chupke & tasting N's cooked food awesome.
well Tins i am sorry 4 late comment didn't have time to comment as i want to do it proper but i did read it love it but ye kay no break dear pls atleast make it 1 not 2 plssssssss!Smile waiting eagerly!Day Dreaming
@ vandu hey vandu i am glad to c u back in full form i hope u r better dear & congra bolt is back here we r worried  thinking he is sold & he was having fun he he ....LOL

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 25

I am, I can, my mother was teaching me …it will be fun, we will eat our own food today….


Kala loved the idea…..Yes yes come on….ok Kanta…shoo..teri haath ka chai mujhe nehi pina…I will make my own tea…..ja yeha se …bhag….


Kanta made a face and picked up the tray…




Ayi Sahib was getting ready for the day, when with a slight knock Kalavati entered carrying a tray….Ayi Sahib here is your tea, now come down for your breakfast…me and Naku are making the same….


KYA?  You mean …I mean Leela…she does not allow anyone in the kitchen….Ayi Sahib already looked nervous….thinking of the consequences, there are strict do's and donts in this house….


Not to worry Ayi Sahib…come down…it is fun…..


I have to meet the villagers beta….


Hmmm I have asked Lekha to note down the issues, you will speak to them if anything is serious…ek din ki hi toh baath hai roj roj ki nehi…


Ayi Sahib sipped the tea, not bad….if fact quite different, not the flavoured English tea but masala chai, karak with spices….




Dutta went down for his morning ride, though he knew it was off day of Naku but then he felt restless to lie on the bed after he got up, since he is not sharing it with anyone what is the point of lying and looking at the ceiling…as he came down the stairs he noticed Leela walking up and down the hall, she looked very disturbed but then Dutta did not want to come in her way, lately he was having a feeling she not only keeps their father informed about everything but also instigates him to certain extend as from his father study the meadow cannot be seen and the day he had taken Naku for a ride after she realized her parents are dead, he knew it precisely….the girl said she has refused to marry you, lekin tumhare godi me baithke ghore per ghumna is something she enjoys I think…….


Hearing those crude words, Dutta lost his temper….


Leela was trying to catch his attention but then Dutta walked out in long steps…to come face to face with Baajirao in the portico who was getting down from his jeep with several packets in hand….


Kya baath hai Bajirao, what are you doing here now…..


Received a phone call Bhau, they are having picnic, cooking day in the kitchen and since Leela Maam has refused to handover rations, toh ghar me jitna tha abhi ke liye laya hu…baki market se lana parega….


Picnic inside the house….


Hmmm Naku is taking cooking classes to be precise….


Naku….no wonder Baji is here and no wonder Leela is looking so upset…aur idea kiski hogi….


Hmmmmm lets see what they are upto……


Leela glared at Baji but they walked past her to see Kanta and other servants standing outside the kitchen door and peeping in through the door glass ….


Dutta cleared his throat, within seconds the  passage was clear….Dutta opened the door to see Naku in her night suit still wearing a chef's cap, directing Kala, Roops and Ayi Sahib what all is needed to be done..




The phone rang, yes I am on my way and the train has started on time ageh dekho kya hota hai, traino ka koi bharosa nehi hai lekin Raja Bhau apna agar plane bhej dete we would not reached in no time….


Yes but then these people might have come to know …and that is not desirable, today they are having picnic inside the house, can you beat it?  Don't worry I will receive you personally in the station bus abh aap ajao…




Leela was shocked to see alongwith Kanta, Kala and Naku marching into the kitchen when she was handing over the ration for the day to the cook etc….as Kala shooed the servants out of the kitchen, Leela quickly locked the store room refusing to hand over the keys….Sorry Kalavati, I am the incharge here and I do not trust Naku's abilities, in this house we maintain strict rules with regard to food specially…keeping in mind everybody's health, taste and desire….


Yes I agree Leela but it is for one day….


Well for me it is for everyday…


I am the daughter of the house….


I am responsible ….


Kala was getting mad, Naku could see her eyes becoming still…she quickly intervened…Kala Tai, Roops ke pass shyaad Baji Bhau ka no. hai…ask Roops to call him and get us…Naku blurted few items which came to her mind, daily use items like salt, oil, masalas were already out on the racks…as Kala called Roops over the intercom, Naku opened one of the fridges which Leela could not lock and inspected, it had few basic items, enough for someone like Naku who was not used to exotic items or cooking gourmet dishes…


Naku got to see Dutta and Baji first, while she was flustered to see Dutta briefly loss of words, seeing Baji she recovered Oh Baji Bhau…what did you bring….


Baji Bhau comes first as usual, Dutta thought


Jo jo kaha gaya tha, thora thora laya hu….maida, ata, sooji…and ….


Okay we will have puri sabji and sooji ka halwa for breakfast …chalega …areh Sahib saab aloo ko aur chhota kijiye nehi toh it won't be cooked properly...


Firstly I do not like Sooji ki halwa…Dutta said and Ayi Sahib remember one thing, all the servants are standing out…during their duty hours they have their food with us, can you manage to cook for so many……


Naku looked at her helpers, cooking was not a problem but then who would do the other things, Ayi Sahib barely managed to cut the vegetables, very slow due to non practice, Kala was taking ages to scrap the skin of vegetable and Roops…..well….eerrr


Ayi Sahib looked flustered…abh kya hoga Naku…if the servants go hungry Raja Saab will bring the house down….


Ration bhi toh itna hai, I know we can get from the market for lunch but breakfast is immediate …Naku already sounded disheartened….


Koi baath nehi…Kala who often had to deal with crises situations in her job took over…Bhau tu aisa kar…those who want to join the picnic have to help us and the others working in the kitchen can have a day off…of course with an incentive, you give them some cash to go and have some fun…


Naku nodded in agreement, Ayi Sahib looked relieved, one tension gone…the house as it is was spik and span ekdin jharu pocha nehi hoga toh aisa kuch anarth nehi ho jayega…


While others accepted a sudden day off with money, which Dutta distributed, Kanta decided to stay back…




Raja saab came out of his gym to his study and looked at his study table as he wiped his sweat with the towel he noticed something was missing….


What is missing?  He frowned, then looked at his watch…shouting LEELA…


Ji Sir, Leela entered …as if she was waiting at the door itself….


Where is my lime juice….


Oh Raja Saab the whole house is in a mess…..Leela burst into tears…


Now what happened Leela, kaunsa asmaan tut para…..Raja Saab slumped on his chair, after his gym he really enjoyed the juice, it brought back his energy…


Well I have been chased out of the kitchen, the servants have been asked to take leave and they are having picnic in the house…..


PICNIC in the house, how can you have picnic in the house?  Raja Saab asked….


They will cook their own food, breakfast to dinner…..


And who are they?


Ma…Ma…I mean Naku and the whole gang….


What now my house will dance on Nakusha's tune….Raja Saab got up, Leela promptly opened the door and stood aside…




Ayi Sahib was frying the puris….dekh dekh  this is perfect, pura gol hokar phula hai…


Excellent Ayi Sahib, now take it off carefully, I will have this Roops clapped…others followed as Naku handed over the next one, she was rolling out the puris as others when given the task made maps of various countries except round….so Naku took over….


Our first perfect puri for you Roopvati Devi, Kala bowed deep as she presented the puri ….


The door burst open….idhar kya ho raha hai….Raja Saab thundered….Leela stood just outside …Kanta who was making the flour dough balls ducked under the table….


Baba you are through with your exercises….garam-a-garam puri is ready…you can have your breakfast….Kalavati uttered the same very brightly….


Raja Saab ignored Kalavati instead glared at Ayi Sahib….Madhvi….how many years you are married into this house and inspite of everything you are here…..


Ji…ek din ki…toh baath hai…the children want…


My children know the rules of this house, they have been brought up here ..but how could you being a senior flout it and allow that chit of a girl to do so?


Just then Dutta and Bajirao entered carrying  several packets…Ayi Sahib, Nakusha got all the provisions for lunch and dinner…is the breakfast ready….bhuk lagi hai….Oh morning Baba, ready for breakfast?….Dutta asked casually


Raja Saab shifted his glance from his wife to his son, ignored Bajirao's greeting, gritted his teeth and then turned calling out, Leela ring the club and tell them to book a room for me till tomorrow, I am checking in just now….stomping his feet he left the kitchen banging the door shut….


There was a pin drop silence for few seconds and then Ayi Sahib burst into a laughter…others joined…



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