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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 44)

prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
hwy Tin.. did read your usual v good, cant comment much as i have been down with a tummy bug for last 2 days..hence not much strength in me!
waiting for tomorrow when naku wil talk to Dutta about Kalpana's  decision.. waise i loved how naku felt guilty for talking to D like that and her head/heart not being  in tandem!Leela is just plain horrible now, but her actions esp with binocular is as expected of her character here.. hmmm.. so one of the reasons why naku says no to Dutta is AS as well.. otehr than that she cant see herself in tht pagal khaana, she feels they do not belong to same status..etc..sorry, my comments do not do justice to ur update today.. maybe i will be better by tomorrow :)   

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
Get well soon Vandu!!  Take Care!!
suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Hey JayatiHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful updateHug
Ufff this leela is getting on my nerves with each passing day Angry...can u pls make her disappear somewhereOuch
Omg naku is in sherni modeLOLEnough is enough ...She rejected Dutta and then showed Raja Saab his placeROFL....I loved it Thumbs Up....Haila dutta is falling her even more now ....that has guts to speak to raja saab like that Wink....
Wow Kalpana said ki dutta is like AS Winkand he Convinced Kalpana to fight the case ....she told naku that dutta knows about her family i wanna see there long convo btw Tasha...hopefully she doesnt run away this time.....Day Dreaming
Haila AS is frowing at naku ShockedMay be she wants naku to be her Bahu ...making poor naku all confuseLOL
Waitng for the nxt part eagerly .....loved this update ...awesome Thumbs UpClap..U rock yaar ....
u take care and see ya around...
Have a wonderful day !
Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
Chapter 23

Naku frowned…what is wrong with Ayi Sahib, wasn't she the one who had said Nakusha should not get close to her son?




Kalavati stood in front of her cupboard, the maid had unpacked her belongings, she even asked Naku to hang her clothes at one side, the cupboard also had clothes from her girlhood days, stored carefully by Leela but then Kala's taste over the years have undergone huge change, she should ask Leela to give away them to charities, as Kala picked her clothes she wanted to change in, her eyes went towards Naku's section, 4/5 churidar suits, 2-3 sarees, all gifted by Ayi Sahib as her taste written all over but then there was one tunic dress….Kalavati took it out, interesting….who got this for her, the label was expensive so naturally not Naku…..Kalavati put the dress back…she remembered when in school they had an anglo-indian governess who made them wear a lot of tunic dresses, she must also be having one somewhere….




Naku looked at Ayi Sahib….aap kya bol rahe ho….mujhe kuch samaj nehi a raha hai….


Why did you tell Raja Saab you will not marry Dutta….


Ayi Sahib…obviously you know the answer….I don't want to end up as you……


Ayi Sahib kept quiet…then asked what did Kalpana Auntie tell you?


Naku narrated …Ayi Sahib listened…then she caught Naku's hand……


Yesterday night I could not sleep, Kala's life has been ruined, Dutta said he wants to marry you, Raja Saab mad, mai sochti rahi, will I never get peace in my whole life….puri zindagi Iwill be trampled and I have to keep my mouth shut…..


Mai Shanti ke pass apna rowna ga rahi thi, then Shanti told me, Kala is a strong woman, see you are crying lekin jisse huwa woh toh bilkul theek hai, gone riding, laughing, chatting with her sister..why are you crying, my logic was I am the mother, whatever Raja Saab thinks of me, but I am the mother of his children….Mujhe Gaurav pasand nehi tha but then I am prejudiced....I am not comfortable with the class, Kala never told me about her husband, though she was closest to me amongst all my children still she did not say..I now come to know that Raja Saab was aware about some of it but then I guess he things it is normal for men to have few of these so called habits…it is part of their class I think…'paisa hai kuch shauk pal sakte hai' anyway when Dutta wanted to marry you yesterday I was shocked too…like you said I never wanted to have another Madhvi in this family till Kalpana Auntie called…while she asked me to convey to you to call her back, she congratulated me for having a son like Dutta, he is so like you Madhvi, the moment I saw you I knew he was your son….


Tears of happiness rolled down from Ayi Sahib's eyes…itna saalo main, I think this is the biggest compliment I have ever got, a person like Kalpana Rao congratulating me for a son like Dutta…a person who does not spare unnecessary words just for the heck of it…I know also if she had appealed atleast 10 people or organizations would come forward to sponsor her lawyer fees….humare desh me achhe logo ki kami nehi hai but then  I am happy she has chosen my son…atleast to one person he is known as my son…….Ayi Sahib could not speak anymore….sat gripping Naku's hand…after a while till she got control of her emotions…she said I now realize why Kala hid the truth from me…she knew I could not take it….but then Kala I think can take care of herself hence Nakusha I want you to accept Dutta's proposal …..marry my son and do what I have not been able to do…teach a lesson….




Kalavati took out the dress she was looking for, not exactly a tunic dress but ….the door opened Leela entered with Kanta….coughing as she inhaled the smoke filled air….areh Kala beti kitna cigarette piti hai, kuch kum kar, it is not good for your health….


I know Leela I am trying, Kala gave a sweet smile….


Hmmm so how was your ride in the morning…


Oh nice got Naku on the horse, asked Bhau to teach her….she will learn fast….


Well it seems she has to cut short her riding lessons for Raja Saab wants her out of this house within half an hour….Kanta, beta get the bag and pack it up please…hurry up, Raja Saab is getting impatient….


Does Bhau know about it…Kala asked as Kanta went at the cupboard to take out Naku's clothes….


Nakusha, maharani does not find your brother eligible enough, she has refused to marry him…bus aur kya, kisliye rahegi, khel khatam paisa hajam…now time to leave….Kanta pack the bag and bring it down…..Leela commanded as she turned to leave…


Ek minute Kanta, do not touch Naku's things…and Leela, Naku might have refused my brother's proposal but then she is my friend, she stays here as my guest in my room as long as I stay in this house….now both of you leave, I want to have my bath and get ready…Oh Naku you are here too, achcha hai, andar aja, get your bath..see I have also taken out a similar outfit like yours, come lets wear them and go for lunch outside, we will pickup Roops from college….abeh khari kyu hai, behra hai kya, jaldi jaldi kar, Roops will be waiting…..


One minute Kalavati…Leela intervened….what do I tell Raja Saab


Precisely what I told you Leelu….Naku you can have the bathroom first, I know after the stable work you must be feeling dirty….





Dutta sat in his office in Serumix, her way of saying 'No' is also unique…what does she expect that he should go down his knees with a rose in his hands and with same elan she replied back to his father, Dutta laughed, no she has not left for the orphanage, gone out to Kala Tai as per information… he had told Bajirao to take her to his house if she was planning to leave, itna asani se thori na jane denge hum but then I am not going ask her to marry me again, now she has to come to me and say she wants to marry me….Dutta picked up his mobile…




Sitting next to Kala in the car, Nakusha watched Kala driving in break neck speed going down the hill, Oooooooooo she screamed as the car nearly flew….


Dheeme kijiye dheeme kijiye kisiko lag jayega ….Nakusha shouted…as the reached the plain road, Kala lowered the speed…kya re Naku don't behave like a dadiamma…


Nehi Kalatai….I ….I know what it is to lose dear ones in one stroke…..Nakusha looked frightened


Kala pressed the brake….


They are dead?  I thought missing….


Errr missing….lekin today my aunt said D…...Bhau Sahib ko maloom hai…usse maloom hai aur mujhse kahe bhi nehi…she sounded hurt….


Tu mauka degi tabh na kahega…nakh me toh makhi nehi baitne deti…aur upar se you have rejected his proposal also…..


Lekin yeh koi toh waja nehi ho sakta hai….


Kala braked the car, turning to Nakusha she said, dekh this is your life, tu Dutta se saadi kare, Satta se saadi kare mujhe kuch pharak nehi parta, your life you will live but then keep your eyes and ears open and make use of the best of situation, don't let emotions run you life…you have rejected his proposal, as far as I know my brother, I know he will not come begging on his knees with a rose but to ask your hand, lekin abh tere pass na ghar hai, na ma-baap, na paise…samajdari yeh hoti you make Dutta dance to your tunes, aur kuch nehi he would have ensured your upkeep till you find another solution….


Chhi aap yeh kaya bol rahe ho….


Kala started the car….dekh once upon a time I knew what I wanted but then I came into my father's wishes, get married ..Gaurav adores you, he has class and family plus he is doing well in his career, in India very few such families are left now…mai bhi baato me a gayi, got married, tried to mould my self in Gaurav's ways but one fine day I realised ..what the hell…kiskeliye… kyu…but then thora aur time diya…till I arrived here….abh mai apne aap ke liye jiyungi, I have a base on which I can stand up, so why should I be someone's wife….Mai Kalavati one of India's  foremost Interior Designers….


Lekin kal raath ko….


10 saal ki ghao hai, bharne me thora time lagega but then I am telling you Nakusha I will come out of it….


They stopped at the Traffic signal, a girl was selling flowers, Kalvati handed a note to her and purchased a bunch of rose….chal yeh le…bachpan me karte the na…he loves me…he loves me not…tu kar…I love him, I love him not….whatever comes out…confusion dur kar aur us raste pe  ageh bar….then she added under her breath, teri ankhe kuch bol rahe hai, muh kuch aur, and I don't have the desire or inclination to babysit…..and added loudly aur ha…I don't know kiska khun jaida hai meri Bhau ki rago me, if it is my mother's you have some more time lekin agar Baba ka hai phataphat kar nehi toh gadi next station ke liye nikal jayegi…chal shuru ho ja….



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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 6:51pm | IP Logged

Hey Jayati,

So much has happened in these two updates (22-23) but the flow has been rich with practically everyone in the story evolving in such a way as to be part of an ensemble that sounds so more riveting than our actual LTL. I did not mean to make a comparison but I wish that our CVs would understand the importance of building on all the characters of the narrative.
To come back to RG, I love this version of Kala as I told you in my last post. Please keep her character in sync with her initial intro..It is so refreshing to see her completely devoid of any guises and she seems to care a lot for Dutta in spite of her carefree attitude and "The Devil may die" attitude for life in general. This image of the modern woman fully aware of her priorities and her need for self-preservation must be encouraged.
As to Ayi Saahib, funny that she is looking for retribution through Nakusha...Do I detect a tinge of sefishness somehow. Dutta ke to kya kehne. He is now waiting for his ladylove to take up the challenge which in no way is taking the sweetness of this whole LS in any way.
Let's see what Nakusha concludes after her tryst with the bouquet of roses...It took me back some years. Fancy incorporating it in RG and that too through Kala for whom love must not be the most crucial emotions she would probably want to think about.
Lovely updates. Will look forward to tomorrow.Embarrassed

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Reserved ........ Me second......
AS wants Nakku to accept th proposal of Dutta.........I liked d way kala handled leela nd kaanta......... Kala too wants nakku to accept duttas proposal.......... she doesnt want anybody suffer like she did............ Dutta ....... what is he planning??????? looks like he is not going to giv up............ but yet not ready to go on his knees.............. Hav a feling that kala is taking nakku to dutta or else dutta is also invited fr the lunch, right??????.............would like to see a nakku-baaji convo tooo........ seeing which dutta gets real J...........and then a tasha convo.............continue sooooon.........

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shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Firstly, i want to say WOWWW TIN, just wonderful, u makes kala character so positive, she certainly hav more of her mothers blood than his father lol, bt tin, this is for u.... Clap.... Clap .
How sweet of kala, first she stopped naku in the house as her frnd, allow her to use bathrum first, go out wid her 4 lunch, nd also gives advice on the basis of her personal experiences, mind blowing....

Now its duttas turn to show some tantrums to naku, i m luking forward to d's tantrums.... Day Dreaming . Bt now also, he cared so much abt naku.

Nd its a pleasant surprise that now, AS agrees on naku being her DIL.

Just 1 ques tin, wat abt seema?

Btw, ur update is too gud. Thanks 4 update.

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update.............i'm loving kala in ur ff...............

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