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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 42)

KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 6:59am | IP Logged

Hey Jayati,

U will never cease to surprise me....Love the turn of events, love Kala's bindaas attitude and Roops for once....Keep them this way. As for Nakusha, she should make Dutta sweat but do let her say yes to D quickly and let's get to see the nok jhok start between the two "lovebirds".

I am looking forward to the next update.....Do we have one tomorrow?

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Hi Jayati,
Awasome update.If the last update was shocker than this was pleasant surprise.
I knew somehow that kala would be nice,& i was waiting since last 2-3 updates for her entry.But she is totally chilled out ,yet at the same time seems like woman who speaks her own mind.
I think so far what i understood,she & nakku will nicely gel together.
As far as RS is concerned,the least said the better.What sort of father he isAngryAngryAngry
I liked AS ka slight anger at RS.
Now coming to the most interesting & funny Convo. between D & N,so much has been said by other members that i can only say I liked N making D speechless.I liked the slight J factor that u mentioned.Now i am waiting to see what Dutta will do to make Nakku agree.I guess he truly found his match in nakku.
There is mystery around Kalpana aunty - Dutta convo. ,& now her call to AS, makes me wonder what was dutta's request.Hope this will be solved within few updates.
Now i am interested to see slow development of  D-N love story,RS ka stand in terms of Nakku & also for Kala.
Hope u have a nice weekend.
Waiting for monday update.

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yoyo2 Goldie

Joined: 04 March 2006
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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
great update Jayati,, Big smileand kala, by god, kiya baat hai, she seems fabulos, please make dutta, go his wildest over nakku,  she should absolutly not say yes to him,,, considerring raja saab attitude,,,  until raja saabAngry gets down from his high horse accepts ayi saheb as his soul mate ,, then nakku should get down from her highness and say ok, DUTTA TERE SE HI KAAM CHALA LETI HU, LOL,, and ofcourse say yes to him,,, Embarrassed

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 December 2007
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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Ah! I've been silently reading along all this time, but this chapter was just too awesome for me to stay silent!
Yay Kala! I'm so glad to see one person in the household who actually is genuinely friendly with Nakusha (besides Baaji, of course!). I felt so bad for Kala, even though she seemed perfectly calm about the whole matter - kudos to her! Now if she ends up meeting and falling in love with Kishore at some point, that would make me happy.
Okay, now to the main point of focus: Dutta and Naku!
I started laughing at the bit where Dutta observes that Naku is ignoring him and focusing completely on her work. Trust him to get annoyed at such things! Haha, I love Naku in this FF.
Kala is so endearing (which is a very welcome change from the actual show, as you may have guessed from my earlier ramblings above) - loved the way she said, "Eh Bajirao, main tujhe gentle dikhta hoon...Get me a fiery horse!" And of course the way she galloped off, leaving Dutta and Naku alone - this woman seems like a godsend for Dutta and Naku!
The confrontation between Dutta-Naku at the end was fabulous! LOL, I adore Naku's sarcastically "innocent" comments and her play on words!
"Raat ko kya kaam tha aapko mujhse?" (I can totally imagine Naku asking her saab this question)
What a stunning answer to Dutta's frustrated attempts to get her to speak her mind about the proposal. Gosh, I love these two, and I love the way you've written them!

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 July 2005
Posts: 5353

Posted: 29 January 2011 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Hey JayatiHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update Hug
Omg what a mindblowing update ...loved it Thumbs Up.....For once Kala is different and nice....Loved naku and kala"s interaction ...Winksharing the room and having picnicLOL,,,,
Dutta was getting restless to have a convo with her Wink...But here she is not giving me any chance...Just straight out said NOShocked...Zor ka Jhatka Zoro Se lagaLOL...
Btw Kalpana called AS wonder for what?...Just to let her know about dutta coming to meet her or is it something elseWink.....
pls jaldi update karna...u take care and see ya raound....Thumbs UpHug
Have a wonderful Day!
Love and hugs suhanaHug

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Ruya Senior Member

Joined: 15 September 2010
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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Hiya tinni
Sorry for d late comment
So kala seems human in ur ff plzz keep her dat way AS shud hce at least one of her kids who kinnda relates wid her
Go nakku for telling D she don't remember anyone asking her if she want to get married.
Plzz update at ur usual time if u can cuz I read ur ff while having brekky LOL
It's become a habit
Update soon

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 December 2009
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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
You aren't going to update today?Cry
I guess its okay..since you must be busy..waiting for tomorrow!
Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Chapter 22

For one thing I don't remember being asked and even if you ask me now, the answer is no….saying so..Nakusha got up and walked in big steps towards the Haveli….leaving Dutta sitting speechless….




Leela stood on the terrace looking towards the meadow with her small but powerful binnacular to see Dutta and Nakusha sitting side by side on the meadow…Leela sighed as she lowered the binnacular things are moving very fast, in jet speed or if something is faster than that, before she could plan her move one bomb after the other dropped, first Dutta wants to marry that 'dehati' mannerless girl and then Kala.. I left my husband…well she must to say it but then she always found Kala to be more manly than womanly…no not lookwise but the way she talks and walks….which man would like such a wife…akhir hai toh Madhvi hi ki beti but then Raja Saab, the whole night he spent in his study, drinking, every few minutes asking Leela where did I go wrong….you wrong Sir….not you it is Madhvi's genes Sir, please pardon my saying..but then nothing is lost yet…I am sure Dutta will soon realize, if you so want we can look for a nice girl for him, a girl who knows about the ways of life of your household …'taur tarika' and who will of course not question about Dutta past life, about his girl friends etc…..


Aur Kala?


Kala Sir, lets sit for a while and observe her but then you can speak to damaadji and call him over for dinner one day…stay back couple of days…go for rides….he too enjoys racing..maybe organize a 'Polo Match'….for he plays Polo very well….


Just then Leela eyes went towards the meadow to see Naku coming towards the Haveli in long steps, Leela ran towards the other side to get a better view looking through her sweet little accessory she noticed Naku was looking anything but happy….Leela smiled…chalo jhagda ho giya….well she was always right, Naku simply cannot handle a man like Dutta, somewhere she was more like Kala…Leela ran towards the steps, Naku must be entering the house, lets get a feeling how her mood is like…hamari honewali maharani hai….dekhbhal toh karna hi parega…..




Nakusha crossed the Hall cursing herself, she knew she was too abrupt and she should have handled the matter too cautiously, after all it is indeed a serious matter and she should have dealt with it with a lot of care but then her mind and heart were not acting in coordination, while the heart wanted to find comfort in his arms, security, she knew she would be making a big mistake as when she went to college her mother had a talk with her, beta you will meet variety of people here, may get to meet some interesting boys too, you may also like someone, we are always with you but remember to choose someone who is your equal in all respect including family, after all in the long run in India more than the boy other things become important in success of a marriage…


Well Dutta or his family was no way similar to her, whole of last night while she lay on the bed still with her eyes open, inhaling cigarette smoke that Kala was smoking lying on the settee, she simply could not see herself as a member of this house…yes she does feel attached to Ayi Sahib, Dutta, somewhat Roops and now Kala for in one night she has seen the otherside of Kala which probably she hides from the world with her 'bindaas' attitude….


Areh yeh ladki…a voice boomed from behind….


Nakusha stopped….then after a bit of hesitation she again stepped forward….


Mai tujhse baat kar raha hu….yeh ladki….


Naku turned, her temples already throbbing, so called classy people do not know how to address a girl….


Yes Raja Saab?  She asked politely….Raja Saab was standing in front of the study, unlike his normal self always properly groomed he was looking as though he had a very bad night…


Listen go up and pack your bags, I have already spoken to the orphanage we sponsor my driver will go and drop you….


Naku hesitated for a couple of seconds….


Aur ha, udhar jakar muh bandh rakhna, don't go around spreading the news that you are going to marry Dutta Sriram Patil, no such thing will happen…I will not allow it….now get ready within hour….


Waise Raja Saab you can rest in peace…..I have no such plans to marry your son…I have just rejected his proposal agar biswas nehi hota hai toh ask him….he is standing there….Nakusha pointed towards the door where Dutta was standing, as he had followed Nakusha…..


Raja Saab instead of looking towards Dutta, frowned at Nakusha…You rejected his proposal, kya bakwas kar rahi hai tu…..I would rather buy Dutta realised his mistake…..


Nakusha nodded her head…well I know it is very difficult for you to believe the truth but then I give a damn as to what you think…Nakusha eyes flashed….Dutta watched her mesmerized, the girl is not awed by his father or scared of him….Hmmm he has made a good choice…Nakusha in her usual long strides walked towards the stairs to go upto her room….when Shanti called from behind…Nakusha, Ayi Sahib wanted to see you….your aunt had called you have to call her back….


My aunt?  She called from the jail?  But why?  Nakusha ran towards Ayi Sahib's parlour…it is the first time her aunt called her after she has been jailed….




Trying to look busy, Leela crossed the hall, the girl, how dare she, no wonder people say today's children do not know how to respect….Raja Saab ke muh par jawab….areh mar ke idhar kisi kone pe dafna denge, people will not know she is missing…..




Ayi Sahib was looking tired and worried….she was sitting on her usual chair, already looking defeated, too many things going too fast in this house for her to take….


Nakusha came and stood in front of her…..


Kalpana Auntie called, she congratulated me for having a son like Dutta…He is so like you, she said….Ayi Sahib muttered dazedly, she was having difficulty in believing the words….


Nakusha gussed he must have got it from her aunt but he went himself? She picked up the receiver and dialed the no. written on the chit…it was the Jailor's office, they permit you to call up once in a while on special request….and of course depending upon your conduct, behaviour and Jailor's mood ….Nakusha was asked to hold or call back after 5 minutes as they had to send for Kalpana, as Nakusha waited she observed Ayi Sahib, poor lady, she was distressed but had nobody to share with…


Nakusha?  A voice asked from the other side….




How are you Naku?


Ji mai theek hu, aap kaise ho….hearing the voice of her relative, Naku's voice shook, eyes watered….


Tu row rahi hai?


Ji…ji …mai…


Naku don't cry I have something nice to tell you, maybe you know already Dutta had come to visit me, very nice boy, very well trained … like his mother, yesterday he told me that he wants me to allow Mr Kripalini to fight my case, I justified my reasons and but then he said….We need you, I have the money, my family does a lot of charity, of course in our effort to stay apolitical we are not associated with any parties but then you are my Ayi's teacher, abh Nakusha bhi hamare saath rehte hai, please consider our offer, Ayi Sahib will pay Kripalini if you cannot accept charity….as her teacher, Ayi Sahib does have some right over you….Hume ek mauka dijiye, paisa toh hum waise bhi dete hai for charity so why not for you?


He had asked me to think over Naku before I reply….beta kal puri raat maine sowee nehi, I kept on thinking and then I realised that you are working for them already, and I was indeed Madhvi's teacher so I can accept 'gurudakshina'…the project I had started amongst the villagers is suffering as the villagers are not ready to trust anybody else and yes as long as I live I should put my life in serving people, that was my moto all along and sitting in the jail I cannot do much… Dutta said the sooner you are out the better for all the people who need you….


Nakusha so I thought I should let you know first, will you tell Dutta on my behalf that I am ready to take up his offer?…aur Madhvi ko bhi, she must be a busy women but then she had the time to send her son, mujhe bahut achha laga…mai khud hi bol sakti thi lekin idhar se bahut sare restrictions hai and I do not want to flout the rules and create more trouble for you….


Ji mai bata dungi…..


Ok Naku, bye take care…listen to Madhvi, obey her…


Auntie did you get to hear anything from our village yet?  About the family….


Dutta ne tujhe kuch nehi bataya?


Nehi…matlab unhe maloom hai….


Ha matlab I must go now…time up….the line got disconnected….


Nakusha kept down the receiver….stood staring at the telephone, he knows?  Lekin nehi bataya….the  Village Police station always says abhi tak kuch nehi mila….we will keep you informed at the telephone no. given by you….nehi toh Kalpana didi ko khabar bhej denge, she is the pride of our village…..


Naku abhi abhi Shanti mujhe bata ke gayi that you have told Raja Saab that you are not going to marry Dutta…is it true?


Naku turned to see Ayi Sahib entering the parlour…she had gone out so that nakusha could talk to her aunt in private…..


Ji…theek suna aapne….


Kyu Naku?


Naku frowned…what is wrong with Ayi Sahib, wasn't she the one who had said Nakusha should not get close to her son?



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