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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 4)

shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged
NICE UPDATE TIN. I knew it that raja saab wud be SP nd i lyk the fact that he is introduced first tym in ur ff. Otherwise, SP is dead.

Nd cuming to dutta, he vl be opposite to SP nd roops nd wud be lyk AS. Nd leela kabhi nahi sudhregi, bas aag lagati rahegi.

Just one request, please add me to ur PM list nd please PM me next update. Update soon.

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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged

very interesting ff.... please update soon

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swati2008 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
tins.........nice part.......i felt very bad for AS......she has given her whole life to SP n his family.....still she can't shelter a girl in the i hate SP...........Naku still believes her parents are alive n will come searching for her.....poor girl...suffering so much in such an young age......why Leela hav to poke his nose in family matters......i just hate dare she instigate SP againt AS.........btw where is Dutta.......bring him soon........

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Hey Tin's wow i love ur ff loved ur ss's & this one is very unique & interesting and spsly the reason 4 it love it. oh today i am feeling sad after i saw the epi it put my mind off the epi tanx dear pls update soon & i can't wait 4 u to introduce Dutta. OMG SP gave AS 2 days i hope D is more powerful than SP so that he can stop N from leaving AS seems powerless infront of SP love it dear pls continue & pls pm me when u update!!SmilePS: i love what u wrote about the rich ppl it is so true it is good to b humble no matter what u have & charity only u should know what u do not the world glad u mentioned it awesome!Smile

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Chapter 3
(As we are sad with the MR leaving the show news, I hope this update will cheer you up some ways )

Ayi Sahib stood trying to control her emotions'it is his home indeed but not hers, never have been hers, even not after 35 years'..




Nakusha got up, sitting alone in the room was giving her a queer feeling, the house was silent, except for clicking of heels at times you hardly hear voices, even if someone laughs at one corner of the house, you cannot hear this side'.how does one live here wondered Nakusha as she stepped out of the parlour gazing at the whole place, remembering her small home, it was truly a home, when she was born, her grandparents were upset to see a female child, her grandmother christianized  her Nakusha, the unwanted but then other than the name she had no reasons to believe she was unwanted'.her parents at one point of time were contemplating to change her name but then Nakusha somehow felt she wouldn't be able to respond to another name'.kaise ajeeb lagega'.she crossed the corridor to come and stand in the portico, the lawn was empty now, visiting hours over but there were several cars parked on the lane with drivers standing, the warmth of the sun was welcoming'the house was cold'Nakusha crossed over to the lawn'.




Ayi Sahib flopped on her chair, Nakusha was missing, must have gone back to her room, thought Ayi Sahib, thank god, I did not want to face her now'.


35 years'.she sighed, closing her eyes she remembered when the proposal came, brought in by their family pandit'.'Jajmaan they are looking for someone whose stars are in perfect match with their son, you know they do not do 'rishta' other than their own circles, but in the boy's horoscope ek 'chhota sa dosh' hai, fortunately they liked your daughter's photograph also''.


Her family thought their status had shot up, they were ready to overlook the 'chhota sa dosh', meri beti rajrani banegi' her father literally danced with joy'.rajrani indeed, after the wedding  Ayi Sahib virtually had to severe all relations with her 'not so classy' family.




Standing on a slope, Nakusha noticed vast meadow below no. of horses were trotting, a few handlers were patting their backs, trainers watching them jump hurdles, how beautiful thought Nakusha, she ran down the slope a bit to get a better view,  when suddenly she realized she was hit by a whip, move cried a male voice shoving her aside roughly, Nakusha lost her balance, falling on the ground, she saw a man wearing aviator style sunglasses half turning to see her before turning to his companion on the other side to say, Bajirao who is she and what is she doing this side'.nikalo usko idhar se, trespassers not allowed this side'.I hope she is not from''Nakusha could not hear the rest'.


Her arm burnt, she inspected it, the whip had cut through the soft material and she saw a red slash mark'..thankfully the skin was not broken'.


Clearing of throat caught her attention, she looked up to see a pleasant looking young man observing her with a serious face.




Mai Bajirao'.the man announced'.


Nakusha stared at him clutching her arm'..


This is strictly prohibited area, what are you doing this side?


I '.I'.I saw the horses'..Nakusha stammered her reply'.


Yes and they are our treasure, I have not seen you before'.how could you come this side'what is the security doing'..


I stay in that Haveli'Nakusha quickly added'.she did not get into trouble with security'.


He narrowed his eyes'.do you now?  From when did you join the Haveli''


Tell me something, marna jaroori tha'..Nakusha could not control her temper any longer'.


You came on his way'.we normally don't expect people loitering around'..


So you hit people who come in your way?  Nakusha asked rubbing her arm....Bajirao climbed up the slope, Nakusha followed him automatically'.


Or trample them, it is your good luck that the horse and its rider are well trained'.so what do you do in the Haveli'.


Nakusha was lost in her thoughts, he is well trained the man says, how can you hit a person or trample even'why couldn't he simple reigned the horse'.the very thought made her more angry'there are somethings she cannot accept, often her parents said to control her temper, otherwise you will end up like Kalpana'.


Bajirao cleared his throat'.Nakusha looked towards him'.


You have the habit of getting lost in your thoughts it seems'so what do you do in the Haveli'.


Nothing I stay there simply'..


Now it was for Baji to look surprised, she was wearing a nice dress but clearly she looked to be of a different class, not the ones who came to stay in the Haveli'..


So you are a guest of'Bajirao asked carefully'.


Ayi Sahib'.Nakusha said and ran towards the Haveli'..


Strange after all these years Ayi Sahib has got someone from her family as guest'interesting '..infact'would love to see how the other haveli members react thought Bajirao'.




Patilwadi was a princely state near Pune.  The Rajas of Patilwadi gained prominence when they sided with one of Maharastra's most famous sons, Shivaji in his fight against the Moghuls, Aurangazeb to be precise. During this time the Rajas of Patilwadi not only gained a lot of prominence but also earned a lot of respect in the court of Shivaji.  They made good use of the opportunity to do trade with other regions and add to their riches, during that time they also became breeders of horses, which they sold to Shivaji and his army. Now India is an independent country.  The Patilwadi rulers are no longer called Rajas instead they are bestowed with the same rights of their erstwhile subjects nevertheless they still consider themselves as class apart'due to the charity they do, people still come to their doorstep for help which no way means they do not flaunt their wealth, they are one of the country's most richest royals for they earn millions from their estate and the horses they breed.  Their horses not only win national races but are exported also to international buyers.  A Patilwadi Horse is one of the most coveted item a rich man to possess.  The eldest son of the family is trained to take care of the family business legacy.





Ayi Sahib, Kanta called out announcing the person from the shop called 'Gauris' is here'..


Call Nakusha, she should something for herself, Ayi Sahib came back from her thoughts, if she has to send the girl in the orphanage she would need clothes there too'..orphanage, how can she go to the orphanage, Sriram obviously has no clue about Nakusha'isn't she an adult already, studies in college'.


Ayi Sahib, Kanta called again, that girl is not in her room''


Not in her room?  Then where has she gone?


No idea, I was busy in the kitchen'


Ayi Sahib got up quickly, as it is Sriram is not happy and if he catches her loitering around the house'..Ayi Sahib came into the hall to look for Nakusha when she saw her running in, clutching her arm'.


Areh Naku kaha chali gayi thi'.Ayi Sahib was much relieved to see her'.


She stopped, for a walk as I was finding the house too cold, dekhiye na'somebody hit me with a whip as I came in his way'.she grimaced in pain'.why couldn't he just rein the horse 'she grumbled under her breath'..


Ayi Sahib lowered her eyes, she knew who it could be 'like son she thought''.Kanta get a pack of ice please for Nakusha'.come Naku'see what kind of dresses you would like, tomorrow or day after when you feel a bit more better, we can go to Pune and shop other items of your need'..


Naku did not look too enthusiastic but followed Ayi Sahib as she was taught to obey elders'..




The maid pinned Ayi Sahib's sari as she got ready for her 'durbar' next morning.  As she adjusted her ornaments watching the mirror, she thought that all these 35 years of her marriage in this household, this is the only  job which gives her pleasure, it was tradition of the family started one of the forefather, the lady of the house will listen to villagers in order to do some charity and earn some blessings and well wishes, in short some brownie points as this generation calls it'as per tradition, her husband ensures that the problem is solved with the connections he has or with monetary help, which for them was just a negligible fraction.


The door opened suddenly, Ayi Sahib was surprised to see her husband walking in, after how many years exactly he is coming into her room exactly she tried to recollect as he flung a newspaper on the bed'..dekho'.just see what Kalpana Rao is upto'..


Ayi Sahib looked at the maid calmly and nodded her head, the maid bowed and walked out, after she closed the door behind her, Ayi Sahib picked up the news paper'..Kalpana Rao arrested for sedition, the lower court passed a judgment yesterday afternoon that Kalpana has been found guilty for siding with people involved in unlawful activities etc etc etc'.


The date of passing the judgment was yesterday and she must have had an idea as to what the judgment was going to be so she parked her niece with us'the woman who had opposed your marriage to me had no qualms about taking our help in this regard'.


That is not true'..Ayi Sahib protested in her soft throat'.


What is not true?  Didn't she make you write that letter to me'..Sriram Patil roared


The point is she opposed me marrying at that tender age'..


Tender age?  You were 18'.. be precise'.


Well my mother got married at 14, aur mujhse shaadi hokar tumhari toh bhagya khul gayi Madhvi, which of your sisters or cousins have got married to such a household'.


Well they do get to visit their parents'.


Your cribbing will never end'..anyway now you go for your audience but then after that come to my study we will speak to the Orphanages we sponsor'.


Suniye ji'.


Aur kuch nehi sunna hai, we have remained above the politics of this country and we will not get involved with it now'.Sriram Patil walked out of the room'..


Ayi Sahib picked up the newspaper once again'Kalpana Auntie's photograph was given, the same sari she was wearing when she came yesterday morning, sedition?  desh drohi' is a big blame to give someone, someone who selfless strived to help the poor and the downtrodden, she never got married instead she dedicated her life.  Ayi Sahib remembered Kalpana's word yesterday before she called to introduce Nakusha'my life is in a difficult situation now, it is nothing new, kuch na kuch hota hi rehta hai'I really do not have the time to introduce and help Nakusha to adjust with my people who work with me'.for one month Naku would not leave the camp, she was expecting her parents and brother to come back''she has not given up but today I managed to bring her with a lot of pleading, if I cannot come back within next 10-15 days to take her, I leave the decision of her future to you'..


Kalpana Auntie did not say anything about her court case, she may have assumed Ayi Sahib is aware about it as she is often in the news for various reasons'


Ayi Sahib read the report carefully, the nation is aghast with a decision like this, the reporter writes but then that is the law of our land'Kalpana Rao before getting into the police jeep said, I have not done anything wrong, except for helping the needy and the downtrodden and if that is a crime then yes I have committed a crime for I know I am and the people whom I work for are peace loving people like any other citizen of this country provided you give them to practice their fundamental rights and meet their basic needs'..


Ayi Sahib folded the paper neatly and tucked away in her dresser before leaving her room to go down to the lawns'today she felt proud, proud to know a woman like Kalpana Rao and to think that she was once her favourite student




The voices outside woke Nakusha up, after a long time she could sleep through the night, not that it was a peaceful sleep for she dreamt about her baba, ayi and bhau but the comfort of the room and the general silence unlike the camp where many of them slept together and more often than not someone or the other sat crying  remembering their loved ones, Nakusha could sleep even it was disturbed'.realizing it was morning, Nakusha sat up feeling a bit guilty, have I given up on my family so fast, am I forgetting them she thought'..


Areh jaldi karo, Nakusha heard a voice from outside, Dutta Bhau wants the car in the portico sharp at 8'.and you are still not through'..


Listen he wanted some technical changes in the car to quicken the take off speed now these are technical changes, I do need some time to carry them out'.


Don't you think Bhau isn't aware about these'ghoro aur gadiya ki sivaye unhe kuch aur dikta hai?


Ha kabhi kabhi ladkiya dikh jati hai, commented the mechanic most probably'.the men had a good laugh'


Abh jaldi kar, nehi toh khud hi a jayenge haath lagane and if he can do it in a shorter time you know the consequences'.



(My training is over today but I think I can only be regular in updating from next week as I have to write the story before I start posting :) )

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged

Baaji is AS's son, Dutta's bro.. oh cool .. wow he rides horses as well but ouch ... hw cud he nt see Nakku n he hit her .. hailaaa rudee not even a sorry!!

Sriram is a MEAN man... Only care bout his status!!!...
Hmm Dutta is yet to be introduced!... Well hoping to see him in the next update.. Great update doe...
Continue soon

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Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Nice upd8 tin
Man is SP 1 obnoxious man Angry
WHAT Nakku got hurt by Dutta ?????
Plzzz tell me it was not him but sum1 else can't wait 4 d next part
Plzz upd8 as soon as u can

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vahgar Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Nice Update Tin, it was refreshing to read this, after all the depressing talks of the turn of events in LTL......... maybe the magic of LTL will now continue in all the wonderful FF's, SS's and OS's  Smile posted by all the lovely people on this forum.

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