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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 39)

Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Hey Jayati,
what an interesting surprise this was.Here also Dutta proposed in fornt of the family but once again without asking nakku.I guess like he said in show - Kuch aadatein jaati nahi.
But his way of proposal really shocked me.somehow after the initial shock ,i have a feeling that before doing this he spoke with nakku's aunt in this matter.Am i correct? only future updates will tell.
Thanks a lot for introducing Kala,for past 2 updates i was interested in knowing what kind of personality she will be.
As they say - ab aaya kahani me interesting mod.
with the shocker form dutta ,the length of this post did not bother me.
But next one should be long.
Have a nice day,

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Juni17 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Wow Tinni, what a twist......Shocked.......I cannot put it in words ..............da way dutta proposed it was jus plz make nakku accept it wholeheartedly , i am too worried that this leelu dear will again play some of her tricks........but don let tasha fall for it......i hav a feeling that kala is going to be a positive character.........oh god plz give us a long update (Wid a gr8 tasha scene) tomorrow as it it its a weekend Big smile........take care bye

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Vampgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:16am | IP Logged
hey tin,
WHAT A SHOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap daughter in law....... omggggggg but i like it very much what a dinchak styleLOL ............... ab aaega maza... i waana whatch everyone's reaction to this, naku ke thoughts to pata chal gaye but baji, roop, AS,kala......oh KALA i really wish yar she shd be positive, and shd help tasha plzzzzz. ........uff this leela kya samzati hai AS ko under control rakha to naku ko bhi rakh sakti hai Angry .......... but she shd know one thing naku is not at all like AS. she will surely not tolrate leela's tricks

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged


Hey Tin.. I like this name more than Jayati for you ;-P hope you don't mind me reverting back to Tin!


Pls don't apologise for the short update as it is great that you are still doing an update every day and that too with work and other responsibilities. Short, but full of action that yeh part.

I will start with Leela first.. Gosh, she has no clue what she is getting into this time. Just cos AS gave up without a fight, she expects she can do the same with mistaken is she or so sure of herself that she is grossly underestimating him.. wow, cant wait to see her fall!

Absolutely loved Dutta asking his mum to sit down and offering her a chair and the way he gives strength to Roops was just so good.. Raja saab has a mutiny on his hands soon ;-P

Now coming to naku, she feels safe and comfortable with him and has come to trust him too which is why she broke down in front of him of all the people. I feel she has realised now that her parents and bro will not come back. I always knew this at the back of my mind though never thought Naku was also aware but not acknowledging it..poor thing. Tin, pls can we have a khushi ke ansoo scene as well please as the bursting in tears due to sadness was wonderful.. pls can we get a scene where she is overcome with emotion, bursts into tears and he comforts her and assures her.. I would sooo love it

Hope kala is a positive influence on the whole situation and her unhappiness will probably highlight that being married to high class family is no guarantee for happiness in life!


Now the proposal..i was not shocked.. would you be upset if I said I saw it coming.. I just had the idea he will say something on those lines.. and am glad he did..he stood up for his mum and Naku big time..he might have wanted to ask naku first before telling everyone, but the way raja sab kept going on and on about that ladki, irked him no end and he knew if he said this, then it will shut up everyone?!


But there is something else that I don't understand..D went to meet Kalpana with 1 request.. then added 2 more.. am I right in assuming, the 2nd request before he got up to leave was to search for naku's family or get more info about them and so klpana says they are no more.. then 3rd request was for the photo.. so the original reason for the visit was not the photo, correct? Was it to seek permission for Naku's hand or to make her agree to Kriplani fighting her case.. or something that you plan to reveal later? Pls can you clear my doubt?


Waiting with bated breath for tomorrow's update.. I know kala will be there, but pls give a chance for D-N meet and talk properly maybe at night in the garden?!!

sorry for rambling!

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update as usuall Tins i love it oh how i love the way u tell the story how u blend the past happenings with the present. so D got the pic from kalpana i love how u executed that v.well done.Clap
 i love how he got it 4 her & finding out in the process a lot of things such as his resemblance with AS quite a revelation that was & also it is heart breaking to know naku fam. r no more wow i like naku was hopfull they might turn up but aww so sad i wonder how he is going to break it 4 her.
i love how N let her gaurd down & just let out her emotions & d was just there hugging her & just b there 4 her. wow leela she has no manners at all i am glad he told her off she doesn't know who she is dealing with she'll b shocked 2 find out.
wow what a surprise TinsClap D just blurted out DIL to his father how shocked e/one was except him. i like @vandu i would like to know what D initial purpose 4 his visit 2 kalpana was &tasha convo'll b good.
so finally u entered kala i like e/one here i want positive kala we have the evil one enough in the epi.
tank u Tins dear what ever u can is enough dear the fact that u update reg. is much appreciated look forward 4 spsl weekend if u can that is sorry 4 long bak bak. pls cont, love it!Smile 
@vandu i love reading ur comment it gives me an insight.

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.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged

I think what D did for was by far the sweetest ever '.. I simply love it ..Btw what was the first request ?

Aur Leela  " apne ishq ke samne sher ban raha hai" this line suits her to the core .. she behaves the way she does becoz of Raaj saab

" Madhvi ko kaisa seedha rakha maine, Naku kya cheez hai'and what has she seen of me?"

Toh dekha na .. hum  bhi dekna chaite hai.. kya cheez hai


"Baba, I am telling one think clearly how Naku will stay in this house I will decide, regarding her lodging and boarding, I hope you will not expect your daughter-in-law to pay for the same'.."

Way to go boy '. Kya baat hai

D will now tell naku ' did not u get it ..that I love u '. I know u love me too do not even try saying no


Edited by scorpio10 - 28 January 2011 at 6:59am

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Hey JayatiHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful UpdateHug
Omg Did he just Propose her in front everyoneShockedThis was a total shockerShocked...He even didn"t ask her ...Just straight forward went proposed her Big smile....Raja Saab Kabab mein haddiOuch...Btw iam glad dutta supported his mom ...Wink....
Omg that Leela shamless woman just walks into naku"s room without knockingAngry....Good that dutta showed her place.....
Haila naku"s Family is deadCry....So sad ....Poor her ..She is still in shock and not ready to accept it .....I hope dutta supports and stands by her in this tuff timeSmile
Omg Kala is back Wink....i really hope for that she is not evil for once yaar ...Will wait for more...
I wanna know how dutta wins Naku"s love and trust ...waiting for the nxt update ....
u take care and see ya around Thumbs UpClap
Have a wonderful Day!
Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Chapter 21, Weekend Spl

Are the father and son using me as puppet in proving their point?  Naku shivered at the very thought…now also Kalavati is back….what is her point…will the settings of the house change because of her presence?




Kalavati was sitting on a sofa and smoking her favourite cigarette ….Ayi Sahib came out hurriedly….Kala, beti kya huwa, she sounded distressed….


Ayi Sahib, how are you, Kala sounded calm…have a seat, she shifted a bit on the three seater sofa to make room for Ayi Sahib to sit…Hi Bhau, hi Roops how are you both….Kala greeted her siblings….


Yeh mai kya sun raha hu Kala, what is Leela saying you left your husband?


You heard her correctly Baba, taking one last drag, she crushed the cigarette in the ashtray….it is preceisely what I have told Leelu….


Lekin kyu?  Gaurav is such a capable man, what family he has, kya shaan hai uske….how can  you just announce that you left your husband….


Baba don't tell me you did not know, the circle you move around is quite similar and I have from time to time given you a lot of hint, the only thing you never really acknowledged the same ….


Aap jante the, aap kya jante the?…Ayi Sahib suddenly stood up and asked her husband in a very angry tone…….




Naku climbed the stairs towards Kalavati's room, not knowing where to shift but then surely she could not stay in that room anymore, there were voices coming out from the hall and she noticed, Leela standing behind a pillar and engrossed in the proceedings …Naku curled her lips in disgust…..turning her face away, she climbed up, wanting to clear the room before Kalavati entered her own room….




Madhvi, sit down, don't get so excited, after all these years, stop showing your concern for your children…I have all along managed their lives, I will handle this also…Raja Saab sneered…now tell me Kala what is Gaurav's problem….aisa kya kar diya Gaurav ne that you decided to walk out on him….


Well he decided to sire a child with his mistress…Kalavati replied calmly taking out another cigarette ….


Roops flinched, Dutta frowned…Ayi Sahib put her hand on her head


Raja Saab sat on the sofa opposite calmly….well since you cannot have his children, how can a man of his strature go childless….


Anger shot up through Dutta….what is his father speaking about…Roopvati clutched his arm, digging her nails on to it….Ayi Sahib looked sad, the words were not new to her…she also faced the same when she had mis-carried a couple of times….but then even after having three children, Raja Saab still did not feel to give her rightful respect…


Yes Baba, nothing wrong, after all such a family, such class, hence I decided to keep my dignity and have come back......bus…. not for long for I have my own career…Kalavati replied to her father in a steady voice…..




Nakusha looked around in the room, hopefully she did not leave anything behind. She really had not unpacked in this room, so the question of leaving anything behind does not arise nevertheless she ensured all the items were kept properly, everything in order, she straightened the bed cover and then picked up her bag….


The door opened, Kalavati entered …..


Oh?  She stopped seeing Nakusha….


Nakusha picked up her bag, giving her an uneasy smile she replied, sorry I am about to leave….


And you are?


I am Nakusha…there…there was problem with the room where I had put up so I had shifted to this room temporarily yesterday….now that you are here….


Oh so you are Nakusha, Ayi Sahib's guest….so now the Haveli is having shortage of rooms…well must be under renovation before the racing season starts …no problem you can stay with me…I don't bite…..Kalavati threw her handbag on the bed…..


You know about me…..Nakusha asked….


Oh yes, my sister and mother keep me posted to most matters of the house….in this mobile world you do get updated frequently, it does not matter if you are interested or not….sit down, Nakusha….be comfortable…..


I think I should go and ask Leela to allot me a room….


Areh nehi nehi, you can have the bed, I will sleep on the settee ….theek hai na….abhi baith ja…thora guppe marte hai tere saath….


Settee ? I can also sleep on the settee….


Tu bistar me sow jana, settee me sona mere adaat hai….let me ask Leela to send us some snacks and tea….chal baith ja…..Kalavati picked up the intercom…


Nakusha stood surprised, she never expected Kalavati to be so easy going…her siblings were not, neither Roops and Dutta definitely not…..




Dutta stood outside the stable watching the activities, Nakusha in her usual avatar was carrying out her job trying to look busy and ignoring him obviously….seeing her expressions, Dutta laughed within himself, yesterday night he wanted to speak to her but Kala Tai dropped a bombshell and later when she went upto her room, Naku did not come out, later Kanta informed him both of them were having picnic sitting on bed….eating and chatting…he thought for the sake of both of them let them be with each other….he was infact surprised to see Naku at work today but then knowing Naku it would  have been un-natural otherwise too…he was trying to get Naku's attention but then she was too busy for him….


Congratulations Bhau!  Bajirao greeted him as he took off his gloves, he was injecting one of the horses with routine injections….


Dutta raised his brow….


Good choice Bhau!  Bajirao told cheerfully as they watched Naku walking across with a broom…


Hmmm must be Naku…who else for she is very friendly with Baji…Baji of course an old faithful….


Well thanks Baji….I was thinking what else can Naku do, surely she can no longer work as stable hand….


Baji scratched his head…well it is upto you Bhau what can I say ....


Areh you are her boss, she will say I will do what my boss says…Dutta mocked…..


Baji looked uncomfortable, well who is the boss they all know….Bhau…I can only say this she is not afraid of the horses, she is quite good infact, not scared and caring….since this is your love and line of business, I think you can teach her all aspect ….you know like the way you and I learnt….hands on….



Dutta smiled, yes it is what he has in mind….


Areh Bajirao kaisa hai tu….Kalavati greeted …get me a horse, let me go on a ride…


Ji  Kala Tai, I will get Prettylady for you…a very gentle horse for the ladies….


Eh Bajirao mai tujhe gentle dikhta hu…..get me a fiery horse….I will want to gallop real hard… Bajirao went into the stable to get the horse….


Dutta watched his sister….she was not showing any signs of sadness or depression, infact very calm and happy as she asked Dutta about the forthcoming racing season…when her eyes fell on Naku crossing ….


Areh Naku…kitna kaam karegi…chal lets go for a ride....


Nehi Tai, mai abhi duty pe hu and I cannot ride.......


Areh you cannot ride, kya Bhau tune apna honewali patni ko ghora chalana nehi sikhaya?  Kala asked Dutta, Dutta watched in hooded eyes at Naku, Naku stood making a face….kisi biwi kaise biwi….


Areh Roops so boli mujhe abhi abhi….itni bari baath kal raath tune mujhse chhupai….


Achcha aisa koi baath mujhe toh nehi maloom…Naku curled her lips…


Now it was for Kala to be surprised…but Roops said …Dutta Bhau ….Kala looked at her brother….


Dutta was frowning…Baji came out with two horses, one for Dutta and the other for Kala….


Bajirao get prettylady for Nakusha, she will learn how to ride….Dutta asked Baji in a serious voice taking Baji by surprise….Nakusha turned, I am not going riding, mera abhi bahut kaam hai, I don't want the boys to say that I hardly work…..


Nakusha , come here….you will start learning how to ride from today, it is also part of your job….


Nakusha looked at Bajirao…Bajirao nodded his head slightly….Dutta fumed silently…usse abhi Baji ka approval chahiye har kaam ke liye….he thought suddenly feeling very jealous….


Baji helped Nakusha to get up on Prettylady  as Dutta waited pushing the rein into Naku's hand, showing her how to hold it….




Ayi Sahib's maid Shanti combed Ayi Sahib's hair gently, patting her lightly from time to time…now control yourself Ayi Sahib….


He has ruined by life and he is ruining his own children's life…Kala…meri bachchi…Ayi Sahib cried out once again…


Shanti made a per the servants speaking behind, Kala is hardly looking like a woman in distress and pain, infact she is smiling from ear to ear, smoking her cigarettes and ordering her favourite food…


Ayi Sahib control yourself, believe me Kala Tai is a strong woman…you should instead worry about Bhau Sahib….do you think Raja Saab will allow such a thing….


Ayi Sahib clutched her chest…I have faith on Naku…she told me….


Ayi Sahib…Nakusha keya kar legi….Raja Saab for sure is going to ruin her life….


Ayi Sahib's lips shook …she wanted to believe Naku was a strong girl, neice of Kalpana Rao and she was too small for Raja Saab to take on the fight with but then the issue was getting bigger and bigger everyday, suddenly Naku's shadow was looming high on their family….


The phone rang, Shanti picked up the phone….for you Ayi Sahib….


Itna subah subah kaun hai…


Koi kalpana baath karna chahati hai…


Ayi Sahib grabbed the phone…


Kalpana Auntie…Aap?




Kala watched Naku riding the horse with a bored look…she was not frightened just somewhat irritated…..strange…for she knew girls were dying to be with her brother and yesterday her brother dropped a bombshell saying he wants to marry this girl….Of course if she would not have arrived in the scene…what would have happened she can imagine…the imagination itself sent shivers down her spine..and they have a long day ahead…surely her father would like to take up from where he has left off….Kala observed her brother keeping with Naku's pace..Kala suddenly kicked her horse and galloped away….Dutta leaned forward and snatched Naku's reins from her hands…abh niche utar ….


Kyu?  Why?  I have come for horse ride…why should I walk….


Tabh se dekh raha hu tere lambe lambe nakhre…abh uttar…tujhse mujhe kuch baate karna hai…


Abh baate karne ke liye itna dur lekar aye….Nakusha grumbled as she got down….


Dutta pushed Naku down on the meadow and sat next to her, his shoulder touching her's….


Kal raat ko I was expecting you….lekin tu toh Tai ke saath busy ho gayi…..


Raat ko ?  Kyu…Raat ko kya kaam tha aapko mujhse?  Nakusha asked innocently…..


Dutta's jaw dropped, whatever Naku is she is not dumb…..yeh tera dimag to theek hai…maine itna bada bomb pheka in front of Baba and you are asking what?  Kya kaam tha…..Dutta sounded offended…


Kaisa bomb…mujhe toh kisi bomb ki awaaz sunai nehi diya….


I thought I said I want to get married to you….Dutta was real offended now….


For one thing I don't remember being asked and even if you ask me now, the answer is no….saying so..Nakusha got up and walked in big steps towards the Haveli….leaving Dutta sitting speechless….



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