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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 37)

divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tintiny

Chapter 19
(Friends, Happy Republic Day!!  Tomorrow no update as I am going for a whole day picnic, Have a nice day!!  Love Tin)

happy republic day, jayati......

wat an amazing update yaar........ a subtle way of love between dutta n naku.......  he brought her, her family photo........ that so cute of him............. mmm......... now he has realized he has fallen in luv with her......... at least him hearing to that song n thinking it suits his mindset, he shd hav come to this conclusion............ hope naku n dutta change rajasahib n ayisahab relationship also........

oh so good dear......... really nice update....... n a long one too......... u giv us daily updates, so i can bcom greedy n expect for one more tomorrow....

hav a lovely n safe picnic........... enjoy ur day...........

i wil b eagerly waiting for ur next update.............

luv n tc

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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged

nice update ...

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Juni17 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Happy Republic Day Tinni,

I hope u enjoy ur dayout to da fullest......what a marvelous nakku is also giving in slowly.........i jus love da way they r gradually falling for each other..........u hav developed all da characters so beautifully its jus like reading a story book.............thnx a lot tinni for such an amazing tomorrow is going to be a painful day ways.........dard ke bad sukun after tomorrow we''ll get a mussy tasha scene Day Dreaming........take care.bye

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
Hey JayatiHug
Thanx alot for the woonderful update HugGosh i so h8 the leela..pls do something about her....Angry...Wow naku convinced  AS to let her move out of the house ,,,,Omg What a reaction for dutta....He literally dragged her backLOL.....Uppar se taane maar raaha tha ....AS and Baaji ....What a change in him....yeh pyar jadoo haiWink.....I loved the song u picked ...He gave her the family pic ...Awww so sweet ...i guess he went to meet kalpana...Omg they hugged Day Dreaming....U left us again on cliffhanger ....okk will wait yaar ...
Have fun at the picnic .....
u take care and see ya around .....Thumbs UpClap
Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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Vampgirl Senior Member

Joined: 23 September 2010
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
hey tin gr8 update.......... hope you enjoy your day.....Big smile
wowwwwwwwwwww what an amazing tasha moment u gave us. so dutta realized his love for naku thats to cute i was waiting for that only.....oh and love the way he drove her car & bring her back..... so he went to meet kalpana and brought for her. and now i think naku is also slowly falling for dutta. i so love this possesive, caring dutta he is too much sweet.  really what cllifhanger yar. i told u i'm addicted to u r ff now how i'm gonna survive. now kal bada wala update kar do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wo bhi full of tasha........Tongue

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shruti10august Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2010
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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Hey tin, first of all, i m sorry that i couldnt give my comments for last two updates as i was out of town, bt inspite of being out of town, i never forget to read Raj Gharana nd press like button. Believe i read it early in the morning nd it made my entire day.

Cuming to updates they r mindddd blowingggg.... Clap .... Clap . Its fantastic....

Awwwww, dutta is so caring.... Day Dreaming .... Day Dreaming . I swear to god, i wish that i was naku to whom dutta loves sooooooo much.... Day Dreaming .... Day Dreaming .

Dutta brings nakus family photo, naku hugs dutta nd burst out in tears.... Day Dreaming .... Day Dreaming . Ok, so now, its naku's tym to confess her attraction cum love for dutta. I m eagerly waiting for next update....

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
Chapter 20
(Sorry for the short update...kya karu, not getting enough time)


Naku threw her arms around his neck and burst into tears…




When her parents and brother still remained missing, Naku had hope, she always maintained that they will be back one day ….her eyes always searched them, though many nights she was woken up dreaming them or crying in her dreams but today after seeing their photograph, she simply could not check her tears.


Dutta stood holding her firmly, today when he met Kalpana, he thought what a dignified woman…in her simple jail uniform she was oozing with personality….Naku too was somewhat like her yet different, while Naku was more vibrant, Kalpana's eyes conveyed deep thinking mind….


Dutta introduced himself


I see your mother in you….the moment I stepped into this room I knew you had to be Madhvi's son…


Dutta was surprised to here it, he was always told he was his father's son…


No I have not seen Mr Patil in person but the way you speak, stare etc., it is Madhvi all over…and I am sure nature wise you must be somewhat like your mother…no wonder today you are sitting in front of me….


Dutta kept quiet…he always found his mother to be very hesitant a person of low confidence….as Naku says he truly does not know his mother….


Kalpanaji I have come to see you with a request, I hope you will not deny me…..


As Dutta was getting up he said he had another request to make….Kalpana heard him and then said well Naku due to her age lives in the dream world but the truth is they are no more, I have seen their bodies….


What?  And Naku does not know about it….


Subconciously she too knows…she has seen them also but then she did not recognize them ….or her mind refused to acknowledge it…..


You mean to say they are not missing ….


Yes they are not missing….infact all the villagers let her believe they are missing, it was too much a shock for a girl to bear….


Dutta then put forward his 2nd request….


Yes I do have a couple of photographs….they are in my office amongst my personal belongings, you have to go and meet...Kalapana Rao gave the details, whom to contact……


I will scan and give you back your copy….


Yes please, those are all I have, I had planned to send a copy to Nakusha but then …she grimaced….


Shhhh chup ho ja ….Dutta patted her lightly, Kalpana had told him that I could not break the news to her that time for I knew I might be jailed the way the case was progressing, I did not want to tell her about her parents specially when I might not be there to help her and that I why to also dropped her to Madhvi, not only Madhvi could afford to keep someone but also provide a bit of emotional support and healing ….


Well hardly Dutta thought when Kalpana once again added….I would suggest that one of these days you break the news to Nakusha for she should know the truth, the last time I saw her she looked quite fine….good progress from what she was when I left her with your mother….


Seeing her breaking down now, he had no heart to tell her the truth…he rocked her gently….


Naku's tears subsided gradually, as she came back to her senses, she realized that she was hugging Dutta Patil tight, she became conscious…..hey bhagwan what am I doing when the door opened, once again without a knock …..Oh Dutta you are here? Well ….Raja Saab is back and wants to see you both downstairs….Leela announced…..


As Nakusha wiped her face, Dutta turned…No wonder Leela,  Nakusha gets upset, where is your manners, shouldn't you knock the door….He said…


Leela looked straight with a blank expression….




Sitting in her office, Leela fumed, she was upset ….Dutta's words were hurting, not that Dutta was rude to her for the first time, when he was growing up he had his moods and often took them out on her…she did not mind as she thought she was responsible for them and then she had to prove that she was more caring and loving than Madhvi….but today Dutta was sarcastic, he was hugging Nakusha…well apne ishq ke samne sher ban raha hai…..well if she goes and complains to Raja Saab…kissa abhi khatam ho jayega but then Leela knew better, she ensured much as she cribbed about Madhvi, Raja Saab always appreciated how she dealt with her children…for she projected herself that way….


Raj Saab is already mad, he will ensure Naku's goodbye soon but then if Dutta defies him, she will do the needful….Madhvi ko kaisa seedha rakha maine, Naku kya cheez hai…and what has she seen of me?…




Sitting on his high back leather chair, Raja Saab looked at his family, his children and wife alongwith that girl Naku….


As Vipinrao politely shut the door …Raja Saab asked him to leave for the day…I will spend the evening at home, see you tomorrow Vipin….


As soon as the door was closed behind them, Dutta looked towards his mother who was already looking  guilty standing with her head bowed….


Ayi Sahib have a seat, Dutta pulled the chair in front of her…..


Ayi Sahib gave a frightened look at her husband, who sat with a big frown of his face….


Dutta pushed his mother's shoulders lightly….Ayi Sahib flopped down…Roops touched her brother's hand lightly, he pressed her hand firmly…Naku as usual stood in the corner behind them…..


What is going on in my house…and what is this girl still doing in this house….I thought I made myself clear to you Madhvi, this girl is crossing all lines and I cannot tolerate the same any longer….


It was my idea that she shifts to Kala Tai's room temporarily…..Dutta spoke….


Dutta I am not speaking to you yet, Madhvi is responsible for that girl and she is answerable….


Her name is Nakusha and yes Ayi Sahib is responsible but the idea was mine….


Dutta I will not tolerate your answer back…I never did the same with my father and I expect the same from you …..


The little I remember my grandfather he was a very logical man….


Dutta….Raja Saab growled….


Baba, I am telling one think clearly how Naku will stay in this house I will decide, regarding her lodging and boarding, I hope you will not expect your daughter-in-law to pay for the same…..


Needless to say the whole room was stunt including Nakusha….there was pin drop silence, every member except Dutta forgot to breath…..


After a few seconds, Raja Saab jumped up, his eyes glaring, nose flaring…


Just then the door opened, Raja Saab gave an angry look, who dared to disturb him….


Raja Saab sorry to interrupt you Sir, in the middle of an important meeting but the matter is of great concern…Kalavati is here Sir, she says she has left her husband and come….Leela announced looking distressed.




Naku sat in the garden, she was shaking within herself….did she hear him correctly…and if she has, isn't it his duty to take her consent first ….what kind of proposal is this…is it out of his love for her or to prove a point to his father….


Does anybody get married to prove a point?  Can it happen?  She remembered one of her friends in college whose parents did not approve of the boy their daughter had chosen, her father had said he would burn himself alive if she dares and marries that boy, so the girl agreed to get married to the man chosen by her father, she even refused to see or go out with her to be husband….why should I?  The girl used to say….my father knows best, let him prove his point….how can you allow that, it is your life, they had exclaimed….


She had shrugged, after two months of her marriage she was back…well my father's point is proven now I will prove my point…she had informed her friends…..


Are the father and son using me as puppet in proving their point?  Naku shivered at the very thought…now also Kalavati is back….what is her point…will the settings of the house change because of her presence?



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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Reserved . Me first.......... a nice updt with 3 shocking news...............
First, Dutta goes to meet Kalpana and finds out Nakkus parents and bro are no more.......... Kalpana says that Dutta is like his mom really surprised him........ now he realises that nakku was right that he did not know his mom............ OMG!!!!!!! Kalpana wants him to break the news to her........ he was so sweet of a gentleman to console her and not take any advantage of her.......
Second, Duttas caring attitude to AS......... and Duttas declaration of Nakku as Raajasaabs DIL.....luved the dialogue.....u do not wish that ur DIL to pay fr hr lodging and boarding...... Nakku stunned along with all the other members of his family..........
Third, Kala left her hubby & home and is back to PN.............I think she will help Tasha to cum 2gether...........
Nakku is still shocked after what jst happened.............OMG!!!!! he indirectly just proposed to her.............cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!! waiting fr 2morrows updt.........xpecting a long one.........Hav a wonderful day........ cya.........

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