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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 35)

shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged

nice update ..... getting interesting

you should update on sundays ..; i miss your updates badly

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Tongue  Thank you friends for the lovely comments, tomorrow I am going out for picnic early morning and will not return till late evening so there might be no update day after...kal kya hoga kal dega jayega Wink 

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Subii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
hey jayati,
i read your FF in one go as when i started off i could stop in between.. loved it! you have written it so well.. Loved the way dutta is falling for nakku and trying to help her every possible way.. Raja sahab is really mean.. 
would love to see a strong bond growing between dutta and AS.. At least she deserves that much for her children being her part only.. i would like to see them more attached to her. 
waiting for the next update..

prettywoman Goldie

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hey Jayati.. lovely yaar.. hope u enjoy your picnic.. we will wait patiently :-) lekin us ek din post nahin karne ka kasar kal puri kar dena ;-P


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Chapter 19
Well times are changing…Leela raised her arms, when the door once again opened and he put his head through, if you do not want me to come into your room or chase you down, use the mobile….pulling the door shut with a firm hand…..
As Raja Saab got ready for bed, Leela briefed him about the latest development in his household….
What in Kalavati's room?  He was furious
Well I told the girl to sleep there tonight but don't worry Sir, I will shift her downstairs tomorrow …abh bol diya other rooms are not ready toh I couldn't just…I mean I did not realise Dutta would suggest so…..Leela watched Raja's Saab's expressions…he was mad and when he is mad he can do anything…..after many many years Leela was truly tensed…
Do you think Leela my son is going against me…..
Well Sir, I think Dutta …I mean it is temporary, I must admit the girl was also very uncomfortable….
Who knows if she is not acting, I am wry about gold diggers, I certainly do not want one in my family…
Leela handed over his night time medicines …Bachche abhi bare ho gaye hai Raja Saab, they now want to lead their own lives…
Yes, they do, I do not mind it also lekin shaadi hamare ichha se hogi, equal family, class etc etc….
Leela gave a low laughter, no way she wanted to disturb Ayi Sahib the next door, not that she cared but today was important, Raja Saab should not blame her anyway for not keeping him informed….Raja Saab aap bhi na, where you will get a family like yours in this region…ha if you want to do alliance with erstwhile royal families then it is of course anoher thing…
Well I do have a list of those having eligible children but then many of them are having affairs or are about to get engaged…some of them I have not got full information but then …no Leela I am ready to compromise on some fronts but definitely not on class and upbringing…I definitely don't want another Madhvi in my family….
Yes I know you are being liberal, you married off Kalavati so well and I am sure you will do the same for Dutta and Roops….
Hmmm Roops still cannot make up her mind about Suraj …areh jab meri shaadi hui thi, nobody asked me to make up my mind, I just had to get married….
Well if she cannot make up her mind about Suraj…Raja Saab I think you better get another proposal for her fast….Leela spoke very carefully….
Raja Saab frowned, he knows Leela well…Kya baath hai Leela…
Kuch khas nehi Raja Saab…nothing to get alarmed about….it is just…I mean it is getting late and you should go to bed….
Raja Saab caught Leela's hand, kya baath bata rahi thi pura baath batake ja…..
Leela patted his hand…Raja Saab…kuch nehi…bolne wale bolte rehte hai…you know I know they are childhood friends, Baajirao toh idhar hi bada huwa hai….lekin you know how people talk but then Vipinji and Baji both know the stakes and I am sure they will not cross the line…Leela added hurriedly inspite of Kanta telling her that she has seen Roops and Baji exchanging a kiss or a quick hand holding as Baji went about his duties around the house and Baji is often found hanging around with Roops and her friends…..abh pal pos ke bada kiya hai humne toh sunne me bura lagta hai…
Hmmm…yes I trust Vipin, he will not….Raja Saab stopped…he remembered Kripalini's words …Vipin made the appointment and did not inform him?  Or what was Kripalini trying to tell him when he was cut off, Raja Saab checked the watch it was past 12 midnight…too late to call him…
Leela got up, Raja Saab was lost in his thoughts….mai chalti hu aaj….aap sow jayiye…raath bahut ho gayi hai….and trust me I will keep you informed …as long as I am in the house…you will have all the information and of course our support…..
Raja Saab smiled, it is good to see you so worried about my children Leela, I doubt if Madhvi spares a thought for them…
Pehle ka toh pata nehi lekin abh Nakusha se phursat milega toh sochegi na…..
Nakusha…the very name shot up his anger…..
Now Raja Saab go to bed…nowadays you should take it easy….chaliye sow jayiye, mai bhi chalti hu…unless I get up in the morning no servant is up, this house refuses to wake up…chaliye good night….
Nakusha opened her eyes, the room was different…she sat up….then remembered….Oh such an overbearing man, she thought, kuch na kuch karna hi parega, have to convince Ayi Sahib to decide…sitting on the bed Nakusha glanced around the room, yesterday night when Leela shoved her in..she was upset, too upset to look at the room….now that the dawn was breaking, the room was lighting up, thankfully today she does not have morning shift so can take it a bit easy, Nakusha leaned back, she has been to Ayi Sahib's room a couple of times, also Dutta's room once but this room was different, blended with period and modern furniture, it showed the fine taste of someone, the walls were adorned with photographs, one was the family wall, she noticed, getting down from the bed, Nakusha went and stood in front of it…Raja Saab, Ayi Sahib with the children at various age groups, while Raja Saab was clearly the boss in the photograph too, Ayi Saab as usual looked like a mouse, dutifully sitting with a stiff smile, scared eyes, Dutta and Roops usually had the same expression of their father, as if trying to copy him hard, Kalavati was natural self, smiling, showing her beautiful sparkling teeth, there were also her single photographs, again of various stages of growing up, Nakusha inspected the other wall, they were adorned by various paintings, some name she have heard in the fast, great painters…there was nothing of her marriage or the photograph of her husband…hmmm maybe because this is her life before getting married, after her marriage she must have hardly been here ….Ayi Sahib says her husband holds very important position in the government and they are always entertaining and travelling…..
Naku opened the drapes properly now, the room overlooked the front lawns and the flower garden, a sweeper swiping the dry leaves, the house was waking up, Naku inhaled the morning fresh air deeply closing her eyes, as the cool breeze touched her face, opening her eyes after few seconds she saw Dutta standing on the lawn and watching her as he munched an apple….Oh good lord, not a moment of peace, itna subah subah kya kar raha hai yeh, she shut the drapes quickly to step back…well he is usually an early riser, going for his rides and I must be imagining it for he was not wearing his riding clothes….hey bhagwan kya mai din me bhi sapne dekhne lagi hu…Naku again opened the drape partly and peeped out, he was no where to be seen, she looked left, right, forward…no he was not there…what is wrong with me, I am seeing Dutta Sriram Patil everywhere….
abhi kuch dino se lag raha hai
badle badle se hum hai
hum baithe baithe din mein sapne
dekte neendein kam hai
abhi kuch dino se lag raha hai
badle badle se hum hai
hum baithe baithe din mein sapne
dekte neendein kam hai
abhi kuch dino se suna hai dil ka
rob hi kuch naya hai
koi raaz kambakht hai chupaye
khuda hi jaane ki kya hai
hai dil pe shaq mera
ise pyaar ho gaya
abhi kuch dino se main sochta hoon
ki dil ki thodi si sun loon
yaha rehne aayegi
dil saja loon mein khwab thode se boon loon
hai dil pe shaq mera
ise pyaar ho gaya
tu bekhabar ya sab khabar
ek din zara mere masoom dil pe gaur kar
pardon mein main rakh loon tujhe
ki dil tera aa na jaaye kahin yeh gair par
hum bhole hai sharmile hai
hum hai zara siddhe masoom itni khair kar
jis din kabhi
zidd pe ade
hum ayenge aag ka tera dariya tair kar
abhi kuch dino se lage mera dil
duth ho jaise nashe mein
kyun lad khadaye yeh beheke gaye
hai tere har raaste pe
hai dil pe shaq mera
ise pyaar ho gaya
(Film:  Dil toh Bachcha Hai ji, singer: Mohit Chauhan)
As Dutta drove out of the Haveli he laughed aloud remembering Naku's expression on seeing him…humming the song he drove down the hill towards the town, on coming to a turn he stopped…the words of song got him…. tu bekhabar ya sab khabar…..ek din zara mere masoom dil pe gaur kar…he stood hearing the song till it was finished…suddenly the words made sense to him, it was just not another song, somehow the words conveyed his thoughts…Dutta started the car ….
Vipin come inside please….Raja Saab instead of returning Vipinrao's greetings called him in..Vipin knew he was upset….as he entered the office…Raja Saab asked him…you made an appointment for that girl with Kripalini….
Yes Raja Saab Vipin replied calmly ….
Why with whose permission did you make such an appointment obviously by using our name…..
Raja Saab I am sorry but....
Vipin I am very upset, you should have taken my permission before making the appointment ….he must have given it thinking it was for our use…
Yes of course Raja Saab and that was the intention…..
Raja Saab looked at Vipin…it was so unlike Vipin…Vipin stared back…..
Raja Saab narrowed his eyes…matlab….
Ayi Sahib had inquired if I could help this girl…now for me she is your wife, her wish is my command…

Raja saab opened his mouth a couple of times but technically Vipin was right, Raja Saab grunted and then said Vipin next time onwards please keep me in the loop…
As you wish Raja Saab….
Kalpana was studying various cases and making notes sitting in her small cell, she looked calm and peace with herself, the image of fiery activist missing….she was engrossed in her study with the door came and opened…..a lady constable announced….the Jailer wants to see you in his office….
Me?  Now for what, Kalpana got up, time for studies were not enough, she was required to work around the jail with other convicts…
I think you have a visitor…
Visitor?  But today is….
Ha hogi koi VIP, no wonder the Jailer has sent for you and wants you to see him inspite of not being 'Visitor Day'….
Kalpana Rao stood frowning…she did not want so much of publicity and 'hulla gulla' over her case, she knew there were some elements who will want to use her name and make some publicity stunt for themselves….
The constable looked around, seeing they were not observed…Didiji…I know you must be thinking kya jaroorat hai…but didiji no harm, believe me it is good to be in news at times….
Kalpana shook her head …but then the Jailor ordered and she could not defy him…if she does, things will become more complicated….
Ayi Sahib was signing some 'thank you notes' when Naku came and stood in front of her….she looked up, her eyes watered ….Naku came and held her hand…Ayi Sahib please don't….for you I stayed back….but no longer…I should leave before Raja Saab and Bh..Bhau Sahib starts fighting…the last thing I want to get involved is in family dispute….
Well it is for Raja Saab to realise his son is growing up….
So toh hai but I don't want to be the cause…
Mai phirse akeli ho jayungi….Ayi Sahib muttered….
Mai ayungi na roj, duty ke liye to ana hi parega and I will ensure that I get to spend sometime with you…
Baji's mother is a good woman, Roops was telling me about her …..
Naku hugged Ayi Sahib, keep well Ayi Sahib…..blinking her eyes she walked down the hall carrying her clothes in a bag lent by Roops….she came with two mis-matched salwar kameezes and she was leaving now carrying a big bag…Baji was waiting for her in the portico with his jeep talking to Roops….
When Naku came out, Roops moved away, Naku put her bag at the back of the jeep, Roops came and hugged Naku surprising her…..all the best to you….sab theek ho jayega …Roops smiled, Naku smiled back wondering what has got Roops but then it must be Baji's influence….
Dutta had gone out since morning to keep an appointment he was yet to be back and Baji thought it was the best they left before he returned, but then Raja Saab was shortlisting the horses for the upcoming racing season and he wanted to examine them before he sends their name for registration…Dutta had already short listed some but then Raja Saab being Raja Saab hence Baji got late in getting off for the day….
To Baji's surprise Vipinrao did not protest when he said he would be bringing in Nakusha to stay with them….I understand for a girl like her she must be feeling lost and I think Raja Saab will be too happy to see her leaving the Haveli atlast…rest Vipinrao did not say keeping to his usual dignity…
In short Raja Saab's gives a hoot as to where Naku lands up….
Leela moved away from the usual place as she saw Baji's car roll away, ladki samajdar nikli..before Raja Saab could throw her out she moved herself…Raja Saab was waiting for Dutta's return…aaj toh ek bara hungama hota but then the girl realized….now how to deal with Bajirao…hmmmm
Leelu, Leelu….what are you staring at…Roops came forward….
Me?  Urrrr no no I was just thinking the girl left….poor her…kuch din aur reh leti…..
Well a self respecting girl, how can she stay when she knows the head of the family does not want her ….
Leela gave a startled look…Roops let not Raja Saab hear you speaking in this manner for he will be hurt…you should understand he has his reasons….
Roops did not reply, stood pondering for sometime and then said…whatever….anyway..send me some papers please….I want to take print out of the banner I designed….
I thought Raja Sab said….
Leelu papers please…..Roops almost snapped…Leela was taken aback….what is wrong…yesterday Dutta and today Leela…
Bajirao drove in full speed towards the gates of the Haveli only hoping Dutta would not be mad…Naku was sitting quietly, she had a soft corner for Ayi Sahib, must be feeling very bad for her….
Baji rao blew his horn for the security to open the gate…just then another car came and stopped the otherside….
Naku who was sitting lost in her thoughts looked up, squinting her eyes, the other car had its head lights on in full and was not coming forward inspite of the gate being opened….
Roopvati watched the printout, the banner looked better than her expectation…though Raja Saab is yet to agree but then what Roopvati told her brother as a whim is something now she wants badly…Bajirao was not very willingly but then he is always scared…she has a horse in mind too…and she can afford it also incase her father wants her to pay for it….ShiBajiRao Racers…..hmmm excellent work Roops….she patted herself.
Kya huwa Baji Bhau, lets go…Nakusha turned towards Baji who was sitting still…hearing her voice ..he muttered something under his breath and got down, walking towards the other car…
Naku sat still, she saw Bajirao bending at the driver's window to say something ….the door opened Dutta came out…..firmly he walked across while Baji stood holding the door of the car….Naku geared up …revising her answer in her head over over again, aaj jayu, kal jayu kya pharak parta and she does not want to be the reason of confrontation between father and son…..
Instead of coming at her side, he got up behind the wheel and reversed the car, driving towards the Haveli…..
Naku was stunned, for one thing she thought he won't stop her once he realizes how serious she is….
Areh areh yeh kya ho raha hai…she exclaimed turning to see Baji was coming behind with Dutta's car….this is too much…..Naku gritted her teeth….he stopped the car under the portico, picking up her bag from behind, he came on her side…Naku did not want to get down, she stayed put…without wasting anytime, he used his force to lift her up and put her down on the veranda…pulling her inside…..
Mujhe chhoriya mujhe chhoriye  Naku screamed….
Chup ekdom chup, I thought I made myself clear yesterday that you are not leaving the house without my permission….
Dutta…Dutta what is the matter beta…what is going on here….Ayi Sahib came out of her parlour…
Ayi Sahib how could you allow Nakusha in leaving this house? 
Mai…woh….Leela said Raja Saab was very upset for using Kala's room
And I also wanted to go….areh Bajirao ke ghar hi ja rahi hu…not very far too….
Remember one thing Nakusha, Bajirao works for me, if he thinks he can bypass me and take decisions regarding you  he has to loose his job…
Startled Nakusha looked past Dutta, Bajirao was standing with his head bowed and Roops on the stairs looking horrified…..
Bowing her head Nakusha picked up the bag and started climbing the stairs…..

Nakusha stood watching the bag on the bed, she wished she could run away, Baji had said his mother is looking forward  to welcome her, if she takes legal help, Dutta can do very little but then she did not want Baji to loose his job, not that he was not capable of finding another job but then there was Roopvati for whom Baji worked for Dutta, whatever he might say he does not want to stay away from his love…
The door opened…Naku did not turn around, she was too tired of fighting and most probably Ayi Sahib came to console her….why cannot Ayi Sahib be a little more strong say Dutta she is my responsibility and I think she should go…it is my decision….nehi Leela ne kaha…uff
A hand came and held out a photo…it was her family, an old picture, she was small, her brother on the lap of her mother, Naku standing holding the hand of her father, their grandparents sitting in front of their house….
Naku turned to see Dutta standing….
Where did you get this, her lips shook….
What do you think I was doing the whole day, I realized you are very bad in sketching…..he replied looking into her eyes…
Naku threw her arms around his neck and burst into tears…
(Friends, Happy Republic Day!!  Tomorrow no update as I am going for a whole day picnic, Have a nice day!!  Love Tin)

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Dear Jayati,

A very Happy Republic Day to you. Enjoy your picnicBig smile.
What shall I say to thelast two instalments apart from the fact that you have fulfilled our wishes of seeing Dutta acknowlege his attachment/attraction for this chit of this girl. I am loving this Dutta and will look forward to Friday to see the extent of Dil to Bacchaa hain ji's lyrics on him.
Cant believe that he was actually humming the song to himself. Dutta to kaam se gaya. As for Roops, she has joined the silent rebellion where love will have to triumph despite Leela's machinations. I, really, commend you for the dignity that you have managed to suffuse all the characters of RG, so much so, that Leela and Kanta are starting to look like misfits with a devious mind to heel.....No worries, hopefully, as Nakusha seems to be rallying support without even realising it. Would have loved to dessicate Chap 19 but will try some other time.

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Reserved............Me second..........
A nice updt..........uff!!!!! do sumthing of this leela..........always bitching abt others into Raajasaabs ears .............. Dutta kick her out....... Dutta humming a Nakku convinced AS to let her move out of the haveli  to Baajis house........... hope they had left bfore Dutta arrived..............oho!! Dutta arrived at the gates when they were leaving..........I liked the way he reacted to Nakku leaveWinkLOL.......... the way he shouted at AS and indirectly to Baaji...........frm where did he get the photo?????? frm Kalpana???????  nakku in happiness put her arms around his neck...... cmon he is not going to leave this chance.................cant wait fr fridays updt.............jst imagine tasha will be standing in this position fr 2 days till friday updtWink.......BTW, njoy ur picnic to ur full..........hav a wonderful day............ cya..........

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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great update... he stopped her from leavin.. thats just awesome... omg.. the end is just Wooooooooow ... aww she hugged him n hes so sweet... he got a picture of her family...
have fun at picnic... n will wait for day after 2morro lol.. !!
Now thats a cliffhanger and its very hard to wait lol.. Dil pe pattar rakke i will wait ...Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
No comments on Leela lol.. i wnt spoil my mood..LOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Happy Republic Day 2 yu 2Big smile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

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