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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 33)

KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 4:28pm | IP Logged

My lovely Jayati,Smile

Wonderful update and I will confess that I am falling in love with another version of Dutta in your FF....He spells Danger with a D but I so loved the way he jumped to Nakusha's defence in front of Raja Sahib.
I feel that beneath that Casanova image that he projects to the world at large, he is an ardent romantic in search of the true love and the wahy he has been acting out of character is just so disarming.....
Thank you the love that you shower on all your readers with your FF. ClapClap

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
Chapter 18

Dutta drove the car towards the repairing workshop, tomorrow morning the mechanics can start repairing, as he switched off the engine, he frowned, the curtains were open, light coming out of the window….Nakusha? …..Nakusha stays in this room ?




Raja Saab sat in the Bar sipping his drink in the Turf Club…the racing season will start, members were excited animatedly discussing the performance of various horses etc…but unusually today Raja Saab was quiet, his son Dutta snapped at him today and daughter Roopvati wants to have her own banner with her own horse…of course he would not allow any such thing but then Roopvati curling her lips said, well Bhau has agreed to my proposal…..his children are suddenly behaving strangely…..


Raja Saab how are you……Raja Saab looked up to see Kripalini standing in front of him….


Mr Kripalini….after a long time….


Yes had gone out of station regarding a case…achha huwa aap mil gaye…you know what…that girl from your house had come…..kya naam tha…yes Nakusha Ganpat Rao….she wanted me to take up her aunt's case and she was supposed to get back to me on that….lekin there is no news ….


Nakusha…that girl….you mean how is she supposed to afford you?  Raja Saab frowned…..


Well we will work out something….she said she will raise money…lekin paisa ka kya hai….this case will get me publicity….smart girl….somewhat like her aunt I think….pocket me phuti kaori nehi but she approached me saying is will be mother of all cases for me….not everyday the government of India charges its citizen with sedition …aap yeh case lado you will get good name and publicity….


One minute Kripalini…you are ready to forgo your fees very good but then how did she make the appointment with you….I thought you were a busy man….


Don't you know anything about the case Raja Saab…infact I spoke to Vipin…he did say Raja Saab does not have anything to do with the case but if you take it up…


You mean my secretary Vipinrao?  Raja Saab became impatient


Ha aur kaun?  You mean to say…


Areh Raja Saab…Mr Kripalini…after long time…so with which one do you start the season with…one of their common friends came and interrupted…





Nakusha was trying keep herself busy, her grandmother used to say empty mind is devil's workshop but lately her mind had become overactive, with such thoughts that she realised it was making her hyperactive and cantankerous, she needed to calm down, hence she decided to sketch her parents and brother for she realised she did not have any picture of theirs, in one shot she also lost the memory also hence Naku sat sketching to keep her mind away from Kalpana Rao, Ayi Sahib, Bajirao and Ayi Sahib's son, specially the son…he was occupying he thoughts too much, much more than her liking…..


The door opened and someone entered….


Ek toh is ghar me nobody feels the need to knock and Kanta phir aur ek bar tune bina knock kiye andar ayi na mai toh tera khabar lungi….Naku was sketching furiously as she was not getting the desired result for she was not very good, a shadow fell on her paper…..


Teri toh mai….Naku put down the pencil and turned to freeze, it was not Kanta but Dutta….




Roopvati passed her mother's room to see the door open….Ayi Sahib was sitting and watching TV, Roops hesitated and entered to see Ayi Sahib was having her dinner and watching the TV, Roopvati sighed they never had food together sitting in a table, yes they had a big dining hall, a smaller dinning room for family but Roops never could recall when they had food as a family except for occasions and festivals but then they were joined by the extended family who come over as part of family get-together but just them and their parents never, whereas in Baji's house they had food sitting on the veranda outside the kitchen with his mother serving them personally, they also did not eat together most of the times except for holidays but still there was something made you feel at home…..


Roops turned to leave…when Ayi Saab called out…Roops beta you wanted something….


Nothing special Ayi sahib just heard the song so came in….


Baithja, khana kha liya….


Yes Ayi Sahib, had gone to Baji's house, his mother makes awesome baigan bharta….


Hmmm I also had learnt it from my mother, lekin abh pata nehi bana payungi ki nehi….Ayi sahib went back to watching the serial she was engrossed to it….Roops sat down, it seemed to be a high voltage scene, in their 'Suhag Raat' the groom finds that the girl he married actually covers herself with soot to cover her original beauty…..interesting Roops became engrossed in the scene and then the groom caught hold of the bride's neck, Roops flinched and her eyes fell on Ayisahib, Ayisahib was watching Roops unblinkingly….




Seeing him standing behind her, so close, Naku lost her voice….he was watching her with hooded eyes…..Naku swallowed…kuch chahiye…she asked…..


He seemed to come back from his thoughts….


Hmmm he turned and went towards the window pulling the curtains close…..tu is kamre me rehti hai…..he asked


Ha, kyu?  Naku was surprised…he was not suppose to know but then what does it matter where she stays in the Haveli…..


How can Ayi Sahib allow you to stay in this room, he looked angry….where is your intercom, call Leela, you will change your room…..


Naku was stunned to say the least, she was expecting he would speak about their ride or for falling asleep in the process disturbing the whole family including Raja Saab…..lekin yeh toh


Ek minute ek minute….Nakusha climbed down from her bed, she realised her pajamas too crumpled and her hair open all over the place….she looked for her wrapper but then she was not expecting him in her bedroom…he was speaking to Leela, asking her to come over…..


What is the problem?  She stood, uff this man, I try to keep my temper check lekin pata nehi how he manages to ruffle it….Naku murmured to herself….


The problem is, this room is next to the repair centre, here men work with variety of chemicals and greeze, the air is not good and to top it all tu aisa kholke baithi rahegi how will they work….


Mai kholke?  Mai kya kholke baithi rahungi…areh in the morning I am not in the room aur …what do you think that I change my clothes with the curtains open….


I never said that…I only said I do not want the mechanics to get distracted….


You called me Dutta, Leela came in…


Yes Leela change this room, shift her to another room, this room overlooks the repairshop and the chemicals are not good for health….


Dutta she is hardly in the room, aur chemicals ka kya hai, you work in with the mechanics too…nothing happens


Leelu I did not ask you for your opinion, I just said change her room


I am not going anywhere, I kind of like it here, atleast in this room you get to hear voices as it is the whole house has this feeling of mortuary where you cannot even hear a sound….saying so Nakusha clutched her mouth with her palms……


Dutta raised his brow…..


I had promised myself today that I will keep my mouth shut…


Tabh toh…Dutta started to speak but bit his lips trying to prevent his laughter….his eyes twinkled instead…Leela I will be paying Raja Saab for Nakusha's boarding and lodging and I do not like this room…shift her….


Dutta the problem is the rooms on the otherside are under renovation…if I get two days time maybe I an do something about it…Leela replied…..


All guest rooms cannot be under renovation at one time…..we do have visitors coming all the time….


Err racing season is coming up, so before that starts, Raja saab wanted everything to be completed…..


The put her somewhere upstairs…


But that is the family floor….


Dutta raised his brow and stared at Leela…..


Errrr at the moment no room except Kala's is ready…..I mean that is always ready….


Ok since Tai is not coming within the next couple of days for sure, shift her there and then once other rooms are ready….


But?  Leela's eyes nearly touched her forehead….


Ek minute mujhe kahi nehi jana.. …and I already have decided that I do not want to stay in this Haveli anymore……


Dutta frowned….Naku stared back as Leela held her breath and waited ….


Till I am satisfied where you will be staying and how you will be staying, you are not going out of this Haveli….Dutta said with finality…Leela shift her now….


I am an adult, Naku gritted her teeth….


As he fixed his stare on her chest briefly, he replied well I never thought otherwise, trying to conceal his laughter…..opening the door he stepped out…..


What an obnoxious man, Naku growled….


Well times are changing…Leela raised her arms, when the door once again opened and he put his head through, if you do not want me to come into your room or chase you down, use the mobile….pulling the door shut with a firm hand…..



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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
me first ..........a really nice updt..............
Why had Mr.kriplani open his mouth this wide???/ Vipinji is in danger now...........Dutta doesnt like nakku staying in that room near it bcoz of the chemicals or the men??????? she is determined to leave the haveli and he to not let her leave the haveli..........As-Roops watching!!!!.............they will bond will the end the way he said her to use the mobile was nice........waiting fr 2morrows updt eagerlyyyyyyyyyy.........

Edited by ushankitvc - 24 January 2011 at 7:36pm

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Ohhhhh Shyattttt... I hope Vipin doesnt get in trouble.. why the hell did kripalini come??? Now Raja saab will suspect vipin n baaji is vipins son.. oh god..!
Awww Roops went to her mums room n LOL AS was watchin the actual LTL hehe.. aw she never had dinner with her mum.. she sud hve joint her even doe she ate lol..
Ahhhh he's so protective n i love it.. he doesnt want her der cause of the workshop.. n well the men wud probably stare at her n love her responce..hahah .. Sigh.. i love them.. gosh this leelu is so annoying.. hmm so nakku will shift to kala's room.. n i have a feelin kala will come very soon and maybe she will be nice to nakku..
At the end when he put his head through the door i imagined a giraffeShocked for some weird reason loool..
But yeh kya? choti update.. itna tadpao mat Ouch.. But it was great as usual..
Now waiting for tomorrow Day Dreaming lool

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
Awesome update..
nice to see that Dutta cares enough for Naku to get her another room..
o hno Raja dude found out about th ecase..and vipin/baaji may be in troubleOuch
AS/Roops watching LTL LOL Hope they bond with each other soon!

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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
hey  todays  update  was amazing..........
each  n  every  matter  was superbbbbbbbbbbb...........................
the  lawyer  arrival mades  vipin  in  trouble  naConfused............feel  bad  for  him..........
am  happy  that  roops  started  to  visit  AS n  made  convo  with  her,it  was nice.........
n  most  important  thing  is  dutta's  sudden  visit  to  naku's  room  n  his  caring  towards
 nakuEmbarrassed was  chooooooooooo  sweet n  finally  he  said  use  mobileLOL otherwise...........
it  was superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.............. totally  marvelous  update  yaar..............

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
superb update dear

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yoyo2 Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
hi TIn thanku for the update, IF U DO NOT WANT ME TO COME IN OR CHASE U , USE THE MOBILE,,very nice naya flirting line lagta hai re, and this kirplani, hope he does not get vipin in troble, plus ayi saheb,

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