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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 30)

meghaparti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Hardly get time to post my comments dear but I must say ,,,.Your Fanfic is really touching...I just loved each n everyupdate of urs till now.....Pls. do continue..would like to see how AS handles raja saheb n would like to see Dutta n Roops stand up for his mother infront of raja Saheb n  Leela as well..Would like to see Dutta showing Leela her placeLOL

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
Hi Jayati.. sorry for posting late.. i had read it in the morning, but got too tied up today and did not get a chance to post a repsonse..
Now, that was a super weekend special.. loved dutta-naku conversation.. yeh dutta bhi na, instead of trying to put her at ease, apna rob jamaatha hain!! aawww, bless nakku loses herself for a moment.. pls elaborate on naku's thoughts too.. we sort of get the idea that Dutta is attracted to her and is now questioning himself if it goes beyond that for him..but i dont really understand nakku's thoughts on D.. as all her thoughts/observations are from what AS has told her and that does irritate D tooo as he correctly asks ki kitna jaanti hai tu mujhe that you can forum such an opinion about me!!  and his pregnancy comments had me ROFL..but he tries to picture her as in the haveli in AS's place.. i.e., as a bride in that house.. wooopiieee..
i was expecting Nakku to be angry at Dutta, but it was a treat to see her defending AS and asking him to open his eyes/ears in that house.. that was surely needed..Uff yeh leela bhi na.. kabhie nahin was refreshing to see Roops come out and talk to her bro.. 
So Dutta goes to office and is called back by AS.. now him coing back cos naju is missing itself says he cares deeply for her, though he hmself is unaware of it..oh, poor nakku.. where is she.. in some corner of the meadow trying to get a grip on herlself?!
and what is so special about prettylady.. he chose prettylady for naku, roops wanted to ride prettylady.. uska Bolt ke saath koi rishta hai kaya?!! LOL..
and regarding your baba, mine is also short tempered, but cant stay a minute without amma being around.. i guess all husbands, or rather all men are a bit like Dutta!
just my pov, in today's interaction, Dutta just proved to nakku that what AS told her about him is true and her misgivings about him were i hope he does something truly exceptional which will make her see him in a different light.. pls do that if poss

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yoyo2 Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Hi Jayati, nice name, i knew a girl at my high school her name was jayati and we used to call her Jaybird,
the update is lovely yaar, some parts are emotional where ayi has to deal with raja saab, maybe vipin should get closer to ayi saab and see if raja ka baja bajta hai ki nahiLOL
and dutta kissing nakku, wah, i bet she love it ehh,,LOL but was saying otherwise, nakku should take him for a ride up in the sky and then give him a hard fall, if all he want is lust from her...  but hamara dutta aisa waisa admi thori na haiEmbarrassed,, waiting for ur next update,,
ohh by the way,, do u think one of these days u could give us a SPECIAL UPDATE,, say a longer one then the usual one u give us,,, Embarrassed how about treating ur fans JAYBIRDBig smile

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
Hey  JayatiHug
Omg they kissed Winkshe lost herself into him...but came but reality Struck her .........
Wow naku is full on sherni mood to listen to duttaLOL....He wasn"t in the mood to listen to the bashanBig smile...Loved the way she stood up for AS .....Now he must understand his mom and what she has been through Smile.....all her life .....
Omg she is missing Shocked....Pls kick leela out ..this women is getting my nervesAngry....
I hope naku is safe and sound....i don"t mind dutta looking for her and we get more romance...sorry but been greedy for romance hereLOL....
But AS has to face the consequencesOuchfrom raja saab...i hope dutta supports his mom ....Wink......
Thanx yaar ...superb Thumbs Up.Clap....will wait for the nxt update ... u take care and see ya around.....
Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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Vampgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 2:14am | IP Logged
hey tin your ff is fabulous. i read it everyday sorry for not giving comment Embarrassed. but surely nowonwards aisa nahi hoga. comming to topic . D-N kiss wowwwwww Tongue. so did he really sold bolt Confused? baji roops are also good like the way she says sab log roopvati jaise nahi hote. and yes baji naku are also gr8. poor AS Cry ufffff this leela & kanta are just getting on my nerves Angry. and what still dutta thinks that he is just attracted to her????????????Stern Smile hey tin plz tell what exactly naku thinks abt dutta? did she have her diff thoughts or she is jus trusting AS & listing her. ok but i like the way she told how much AS is suffering. naku missing maybe now D will come to know that he feels somthing more for her. oh god now raja sahib is also involved oh no hopes naku doesn't face big problem Unhappy. maybe iske bad naku ko haveli chodni pade i mean obiously dutta ye hone nahi dega but if AS says her so then to keep her away from D then maybe she will but that's ok BAJI kisliye hai Wink. however i feel naku is center of attraction u see ajtak jo kam koi nahi kar paya vo ussne kar dikhaya i think it is for the first time AS, DUTTA, ROOPS, BAJI AND now RAJA SAHIB  all are going to talk abt one sub & it's only abt NAKU.last question baji said he have one bro; so r u gonna include him? tin i'm really addicted to u r ff. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update fast waitng eagrlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Chapter 17



Leela putting down the tray in Raja Saab's room, patted her hair and putting the loose tendrils behind her ear..


Vipinrao watched her antics through the corner of his eyes…and sighed…how many times he has seen her playing tricks with that helpless woman…




Stretching herself on the grass Nakusha sat leaning against a tree…her heart was beating fast, palms sweating…she did not know if she was right in out bursting the way she did, tension was building up alongwith the attraction of Dutta Sriram Patil…she was afraid…afraid to loose herself to him..afraid of not being able to keep her words to Ayi Sahib, afraid of being discarded by Dutta Patil once he had his fill.  She did not want to but somehow she was getting attached to this peculiar family.  Ayi Sahib was a powerful but helpless woman…just like president of India, Naku thought, she has all powers but cannot execute any, while the president is made to feel important atleast, here given every opportunity Ayi Sahib is redeemed by everyone…Nakusha's heart rached out for her…she wanted to protect her…she remembered her parents often saying we have another Kalpana Rao in making….


Is she like her aunt….Nakusha remembered strong arms…oh she wanted to forever remain there, it felt so secured…for the first time coming into this Haveli she felt so secured….but then he is so like his father, he will never stay faithful, Nakusha shivered imagining him someone elses arms….she put her head down on her knees, she felt so disoriented, she did not know how would she show her face to him, kuch jaidahi bol gayi mai…she will have to leave anyway, no matter what Raja Saab is adamant to see her go and after today's incident it is better she leaves, pyar nehi barane ka hai…her ayi, baba, bhau and aunt…she has her bigger mission in front…she will fight for her aunt…she is healed enough and no more healing because the longer she stays the more she will get hurt….bus aur nehi, I have suffered enough for one lifetime..losing no no all is not lost yet…missing …they are missing three of her dearest in one stroke….nehi aur nehi….she will have to speak to Bajirao and convince Ayi Sahib…Bajirao, her Baji bhau just like the elder brother she never had..but if he protects him what will happen to him and Roops…no she did not know Roops, for Roops maintained a distance with her and she too never wanted to get close to her but then Roops loves Bajirao and Baji is so nice….Nakusha felt tired, she lay down, the faces of Ayi Sahib, Dutta, Bajirao floated in front of her....bus aur nehi…chali jayungi mai….dur bahut dur…nobody can hurt me then…she closed her eyes…falling into a deep slumber….




Kya ho raha hai idhar Madhvi ?  Raja Saab's voice boomed…..


Ayi Sahib don't worry, I will send out men to look for her…..Bajirao informed…he was going to meet a buyer and was called half way through by Roops that Naku is missing and Ayi Sahib is upset…..


I will come with you also Dutta replied….he somehow could not fathom the reason Naku was lost for though the meadow and the woods were vast it was not impossible to walk back…since they dealt with horses, they ensured there were no wild animals in the woods…..


Should I ask for the dogs to be taken out….Bajirao looked Dutta…..


I think I asked a question….Baji what is going on here….what is the big chaos about, I will have buyers coming over in an hour…..


Raja Saab woh Naku nehi mil rahi hai……




Nakusha…the girl who has come to stay…Bajirao stammered….


So?  Areh what is the big deal….the sun is still shining and Haveli can be seen from a distance….itna shor machanae ka keya hai….


Actually she was very upset….Dutta atlast spoke…he was feeling guilty before he left the house he should have ensured she was back but it did not occur to him thus…..


Roopvati darted at glance at Bajirao who tried to remain expressionless….


Oh how am I going to show my face to Kalpana Auntie if something happens to Naku….Ayi Sahib started crying


Madhvi that is enough…your Kalpana auntie should have thought about it before she came to drop her niece for  free boarding and lodging…..


Closing his eyes Dutta grimaced at the crudeness of his father's words…..


Theek hai mere thankha se kat lijiyega….a voice replied….


Naku….Ayi Sahib flew towards her as soon as she saw her standing at the door…..where have you been ?


I fell asleep Ayi Sahib….mai sow gayi thi


Aisa kaisa sow gayi thi?  Mujhe kitna bure bure chinta ho rahi thi….Ayi Sahib scolded Naku mildly…


I am sorry Ayi Sahib I did not realize it was so late….Naku apologized….Ayi Sahib hugged Naku…with slight hesitation Naku too hugged her back…Roopvati stood watching, she never realised her mother had this sort of emotions also….


Dutta watched them as Ayi Sahib led Naku to her room…well it seems truly he does not know his mother……




Dutta stood hearing his father grumble saying chit of a girl, saying to deduct from her salary…how much does she get for helping in the stable….


Baba send me the bill for her lodging and boarding and I will pay….saying so Dutta strode out signaling Bajirao to get back to his business…


Raja Saab stood stunned for few seconds to see Roops  tiptoeing up the stairs….


Roopvati come here I want to have a talk with you…Raja Saab called out….


Baba…I …I have to go…


Not before you have spoken to me….




Leela flopped on the chair of her office, Kanta …Kanta get me a cup of strong coffee please she shouted…..aa maaza agiya….aja baith Kanta….close the door….


Today Madhvi has shown her weakness for that girl….chalo...Raja Saab ne khud dekh liye and the news is Dutta had taken Nakusha for a ride in the meadows….Leela winked and now Nakusha goes missing….Dutta says she was upset….upset my foot….dar gayi hogi…could not handle a hot blooded male…Dutta will soon wash his hands off …after all he is a Patil, bus yuhi kisi ke pichhe nehi bhagega, several girls out there to satisfy him….nehi toh Raja Saab hai na….he invariably hates what she likes….Leela added gleefully …


Kanta smiled…she knew her aunt always eyed the Raja Saab and felt as this Haveli's rightful mistress ….


Now Kanta tighten your belt….abh Naku out aur tujhe in hona hai….




Bajirao sat checking the homework of his sister as Roops chatter with his mother  who was making roti and serving Roopvati with 'garama garam roti with baigan bharta'…Roop has been coming to their house as his friend from childhood so once in while to see her sitting with his mother in the kitchen having food was not unusual ….


You know chachiji today I saw my mother hugging that girl and crying for her…..


Beta I always told you she is a mother…she is a woman after all….


Hume toh kabhi nehi kya…I mean I do remember sitting in her lap while I was a child….she tying my shoe laces but as I grew up somehow I always felt she was very detached from us…very misfit….


She comes from an ordinary family….maybe she could not overcome her inhibitions….


Chachiji….at the age of 17 she was married, 35 saal kisi ko nehi lagti hogi to settle down….look at Leelu…she is what?  But then she so accomplished…she taught herself….once she did not like the flower arrangements the boutique was sending…she took off from her duty and learnt it for a month and now does it herself for the whole house, for all occasions….Ayi Sahib ne kabhi koshish hi nehi ki…


Bajirao's mother got busy in making the rotis, her husband has a different tale to tell her but then she would not say it to Roopvati, they have learnt to see and not comment…Raja raja hai…and they are ordinary people hence will not invite trouble for themselves…


Beta, today's action only showed she has a heart, she is not so detached as we assume her to be…reach out to her Roopvati, you are her daughter…if Nakusha can in so little time, you can too….maybe you will realize why she is the way she is….


Areh Roops, hogiya khana …kitna khayegi…hamare liye kuch chhor…ja ghar ja….roj roj der se jana theek nehi hai …..Bajirao came upto the kitchen….


Areh Baji chal mujhe ghar chhor de….


Kyu?  Tera gadi toh hai khara …


No no I cannot drive anymore…have eaten too much, tu chal and then you can come back with this car, tomorrow morning I will have it picked up….achha chachiji thanks for the dinner…Leelu is very accomplished but in this matter you beat her….your cooking is any day better than what Leelu gets it done in the Haveli…


Saying so Roopvati went towards the car, Baji signaled his mother he will come back and have dinner….


As they drove out, Roops snuggled into Bajirao's arms….tu toh mujhe marwa degi…Baji whispered kissing Roops hard….




Dutta inspected the damage cursing could he be so careless, it was his latest porche arrived last week only….lost in his thoughts he hit the culvert on the side of the road……Dutta rubbed his forehead…Ayi Sahib/ Naku….the way Ayi Sahib hugged Naku, Naku responded…Naku could connect to their Ayi in a level which no member of this house connects probably except his elder sister to some extend, after her marriage …. Dutta took out his mobile and dialed his elder sister Kalavati….the phone went unanswered…well she must be busy, her husband was a high profile man, socializing with the whose who…..Kalavati herself often featured in the page 3 for her sense of style and fashion and not to say about the successful interior decoration business she runs….


Dutta started the car and went towards the Haveli, as he entered the gates, he saw Bajirao driving one of their cars and going out….well must have come to drop Roops…she still treats him like her friend cum helping hand…Baji mujhe idhar lekar chal, mere liye yeh kar de, woh la de….so during his free time Baji is running about fulfilling Roop's demands….he has to talk to Roop now….if she has so much work she should appoint her own manager….


Dutta drove the car towards the repairing workshop, tomorrow morning the mechanics can start repairing, as he switched off the engine, he frowned, the curtains were open, light coming out of the window….Nakusha? …..Nakusha stays in this room ?



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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Reserved .... Me first..............
So Nakku too is attracted to Dutta.......... and she knows that fr Dutta she is not permanent and that he will dump her too................ He is scared of him dumping her............ AS is so relieved to see Nakku safe...........all watch the bond between As and Nakku.......... Roops and Dutta shocked to see the caring side of their mother...............Dutta  is starting to hate the bossiness of his father................ hope he too baonds with his mom............ Liked the dialogue when Dutta says to send bill of nakkus lodging and other xpenses to him...he will pay........... SPs face was worth watching when Dutta and Roops walked out on him.............. Roops has good bonding with Baajis mom........she tells roops to develop the bonding with AS tooo like Nakku............. Dutta wants Roops to appoint a manager..............why cant Nakku be her manager???? Nakku is educated and best of all she is a good frnd of Baaji.........I think Roops should appoint Nakku as her manager with this suggestion frm Baaji.............Hope Nakku shifts to Baajis house sooooooooon............. want Dutta to realise that Nakku is really special fr him and not any other girl whom he dumps usually............

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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nice to see naku also attracted towards dutta.........

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