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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 28)

Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Thanks tin for this lovely update,but i found it short.I guess i m being greedy.
Hope to get week-end dose slightly longer.Smile

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by dc17-7

Originally posted by shilpita87

hey shilpi,

i seriously did not understand one bit what u wrote in btw......... is it marathi......... oh god, i m confused now.........ConfusedConfused
Soo Sorry...i lapsed into bengali with jayati who is also frm between as i sometimes feel straved for speaking my mothertongue..actually i wrote the same thing in english in the above para and just summerized it in bangla....will try to stick to english.Big smile

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged

First of all Tins tank tank u for been so loyal to us & delivering ur beautiful FF everymorning w/out fail. read both updates which is amazingly awesome & can't get enough of it. aww he is trying to sell bolt but i doubt he is going to sell him infact i refuse to beleive D is that insensitive he is just doing that to make naku upset like she upset him by not trusting him. like @vandu i also think bolt is some where on that meadow & once she knows he is not sold she will soften towards D. wow vandu i am quoting u every time but it is true As surely woke up from her sleep & is smelling the coffee i am glad she picked up on kanta's game & she will b on her case & she won't let D or N suffer the consequenses as she did. Ohh poor naku D is absolutely adamant to get his way he is not used ppl refusen him & w/out her consent he shoved her to pretty lady & i love the comment he made about her monthly so humourous & it was funny how she said it in ur prev. update. tins i love how roops is her i love how she replied to seema & baji so adorable as usual he is looking out 4 naku but he knows he cant with his bhau.LOL Tins i love the way u r writing it so unique & entertainging but there is chota sa problem now that u told me the meaning tanx dear short hai sorry but pls we greedy readers we so love it we want more pls 4 weekend spsl make it looooooonger pls i am begging with follded hands & i am sure my fellow readers will agree as well 4 longer hai na? tanx dear lovely update can't wit 4 next sorry long comment!Smile 

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Juni17 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Dear Tinni,

As always ur update was awesum i kno its not fair to request as ur a amazing writer n i've complete faith i n u.........but plz plz plz make dutta pour his heart to nakku this least nakku shud kno that dutta has feelings for her n that to genuine........... waiting for a memorable weekend update...............take care dear

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Dear Friends,
Thank you for your lovely comments.  Please feel free to write your thoughts as they give me inputs to ponder specially at times when I am stuck... :) :)
@ Vandu - you caught me right....I did write as prettywoman and then changed to prettylady Tongue  I did not want to make you a horse so soon ....Big smile
@ Shilpi ..gyan nishoi debe...ebong amio debo sujog hai...paisaa nehi lagta toh problem keya....
To be frank in my effort to keep the characters realistic as much as possible I do need inputs because I have not met variety of people...e.g I have not met any couple like Ayi Sahib and Raja Saab....since Shilpi wrote she wants them to connect or unite also ...I am wondering what to do...after 35 years is anything at all possible to that regard...was speaking to my partner with whom I created 'All Is Well' she knows somebody who reconciled after 17 years but told me I really do not know if they are happy in true sense or just have reconciled...
My own parents are very different...if my father is like Dutta my mother is somewhat like Naku..My father has his moods and temper, my mother bears it all till she gets angry...she does not shout but then from 'sher' he becomes.....nope I will not call my Baba names Embarrassed  Love Tin

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yoyo2 Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
hi TIn, we all love our baba dont' we,Embarrassed they are "sher" but when the wife say's something, that is the final word... Wink I lost my baba a couple of years back, but not a moment has passed that i donot think about him
keep up with ur ff , i really look fwd to it, it is my bed time treatBig smile, with a pack of m&m's on the sideWinkLOL

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anupamas2 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Hi, lovely FF. waiting for the next part.

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Chapter 16, weekend spl

He stopped, Naku saw they had come to a clearing….with benches etc., it looked like a picnic spot, he jumped down and came forward to hold Naku's horse….


Naku did not want his help obviously  so tried to copy the way he does it and lost her balance…she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself, he let go of the horse to bring his arms around her…




Leela was supervising the cleaners when her eyes fell on Roops coming down the stairs….she raised her brow…Roops and at this hour…..


Kya baath hai Roops…jaldi uth gayi aaj…..


Err socha Bhau se ek baath kar lu….Roop stammered


But now he must have gone for a ride….lekin baath kya hai…what is so important…Leela asked….


Bus ek baath hai….nothing important usdin Seema mili thi…but then I realized I hardly get to see Bhau…so thought let me catch up with him….


Leela stood amused…my god what is wrong with the girl..there must be something otherwise why would she wake up in the morning and want to speak to her brother…they rarely interacted until it was some occasion or they crossed each other's path somehow….


Seema is it…I thought she was dropped…chalo I will set up a breakfast for you two and both of you of you can chat…


Thanks Leelu…let me see if I remember to ride…Roops went went…..




Ayi Sahib was listening to a villager when she heard a voice saying Areh Baji…jaldi kar…mere liye saddle prettylady,…… Roops so early?




His hot breath fell on her forehead…she dug her nails in his shoulders….


He brought her closer to his body…she tried to push him away…trying to deny the attraction she was feeling…..he kissed her forehead….


She raised her face to look into his face…he lowered his lips and captured her's….


Momentarily she lost herself…swimming in an unknown sensation which filled her body, he pressed himself to her, her arms went around his neck…he moaned….feeling her hair, trying to open her bun lifting his face…I hate when you tie your hair like this…he said….


Naku came back …she pushed him hard…making him lose his balance….


Isliye aap mujhe idhar laye ho….


Not exactly but partly yes…he tried to pull her back into arms…


I thought I told you to stay away from me ..Nakusha glared…


Dutta looked amused…interesting…you want me to stay away from you but given the first opportunity you hug me with your might….


I lost my balance….


I am here to help….


I don't want your help…..


Why?  Just because Ayi Sahib told you to stay away from me?  What is my fault….that I wanted to help you…I wanted to share your problems….I wanted to take care of  you…..


Take care ka toh pata chal hi gaya…Nakusha replied retying her bun…given the first opportunity you ….


What did I do?  He lifted her chin…maine kya kiya…don't tell me now that I made you pregnant….you just had your….


Nakusha's ears burnt…..well kya pata agar mai chance deti toh……


He kept a finger on her lips…dekh Naku….I know my limits…yes I am attracted to you but don't think you are the ultimate woman in this world….and don't dare accuse me…mujhe kitna janti hai tu…you are going by what my mother has told you….a woman who hardly cares about her husband and children….inspite of all these years refuses to come out of her shell ….


Nakusha grabbed his hand and lowered it….Don't speak about Ayi Sahib in that manner…she is your mother…


Hardly….he released himself from her grip and pushed her back to turn around…..pulling his horse away


As a son how can you be so blind…how can you be so deaf….you stay in this house….do you have any idea what goes around here….do you have any idea that your mother for 35 years have died hundred deaths, specially when her husband compared her with other ladies and flaunted his ladies on her face…..


My mother told all these to you…..he was surprised…Patils believed in keeping their secrets under the carpet….everybody knows but nobody talks about it….


When I met my aunt I asked her how was Ayi Sahib as a young girl….she replied a very vibrant and full of life girl who came forward in every project they undertook….my aunt then asked me why do I want to know…..


I did not tell her the obvious reasons but which woman for 35 years would like to hear that you are a classless woman, you don't know how to keep your husband happy…you don't know how to dress…you are a bad example to my children…etc etc agar mai hoti na kab ka chali jati aise shaadi par juta marke….


I hear amongst her sisters she has got married the best.....


Ha with a rich man yes…but is she happy…does her children understand her…areh even Leela snaps at her…Kyu?  What has she done to earn Leela's wrath…


I have never seen seen Leelu snapping at Ayi Sahib….she is utmost courteous to her….


Uff ankhe khule rakhoge toh  dekhoge na ….Nakusha turned to walk away …


Yeh kaha ja rahi hai tu…don't dare and walk out on me….


Nakusha stopped and turned her head….I have been hurt a lot family is yet to be back and my only relative is imprisioned atleast I understand why Ayi Sahib does not want me to get close to her son…she has suffered ….she does not want me to suffer anymore…atleast I understand her very well…Nakusha ran towards the haveli….Dutta stood stunned ….




Dutta sat on the bench….he never felt his home as home, not the same feeling when he visited homes of other friends…he attributed the same partly to his parents and partly to the size of house he stayed in…too big to feel cozy and homely…


A spite of a girl, no family, no money but the way she talked to him, her eyes blazing, nose flaring, 'juta maru mai aisa shaadi pe' he tried to imagine her in Ayi Sahib's place….walking about the Haveli boldly doing things herself, like the way she cleans the stable, as if she has been doing this work for ages…no longer the frightened and lost looking the day she had come in…her eyes flashed in anger, her lips soft and melting under his, her warm breath …oh he wanted her more now, he wanted see himself getting lost in her eyes as he made love to her…he wanted to hear her moans and cries….but is it only her physical being he wanted, to satisfy his lust?


Bhau…Bhau….tu idhar baithkar keya kar raha hai….


Dutta looked up to see Roops galloping towards him…he took a few seconds to register her presence…


Baitha hu bus yuhi…he replied trying to remember when did he last see her riding in the morning….tu is samay idhar….


Err I wanted to put a horse in the forthcoming racing season….I wanted you help me choose one….Roops looked around for Naku as she spoke to Dutta…Naku was nowhere to be seen…


We will have our horses anyway Roops….we are a big name in the circuit….


I know but I want my own horse….Roopvati ki ghora….not the Patils…my own….


You are a Patil nevertheless….


Well …yes I will not deny that…I can't deny that but I decided to have my own horse…under my own banner….you have any objection….


Dutta looked at his sister…she never went to hostel …how does she feel about their parents he wondered …she has her breakfast with their father he has seen many a times but what about Ayi Sahib…as a daughter shouldn't she be more close to her mother….


I don't have any objection Roops but then if you want your own banner do all the formalities …bus khali naam ka nehi….


Roopvati was surprised to hear her brother agreeing to her proposal …something she just said out of the hat to indulge in a conversation…


Of course Bhau, I have already thought about my own logo and banners…I will show you the design….Oh thank you thank you….I hope bus Baba agree ho jaye….


Well I am sure he will not say no to his little poppet….Dutta got up to bring the horses back which were grazing ….


What are you doing with two horses and prettylady too…


Naku ayi thi…..


Naku…where is she …Roops feigned her ignorance and looked around….


Chali gayi…..


Why…..I mean I did not see her when I was coming…..


Must have taken someother route or you simply missed her….come lets go back…..Dutta climbed his horse after tying the rein of prettylady to his saddle…


Oh I must have….strange girl….I mean she has no qualms in cleaning horse's shit but when she is around the Haveli she walks about as if she owns it…..Roops commented observing her brother's reaction….he was very quiet…thoughtful…..



Ayi Sahib looked at the watch and then went towards her room…no she was not there…she dialed the stable, one of the boys answered….no Ayi Sahib …Naku is not here…she is not here for quite a while….now…





Raja Saab was talking to Vipin regarding some appointments standing in Vipin's office when he heard voices from outside…looking past the glass doors he saw Roops standing and talking to his wife…Dutta too standing at a distance….Bajirao assuring something…..


What is the matter Vipin?


I am not too sure Raja Saab….let me find out….


Just then Leela entered carrying lunch trays….


Kya Leela what is the problem?  Chaos kis baath ki….


Ayi Sahib's pet is missing…Leela replied sarcastically and Ayi Sahib has put the whole house on her head….sar pe chara liya….


That girl?


Who else?  Vipinji will be going home for lunch or should I get something for you…..Leela asked….


I ….


No I don't think you can go home today…I think you have to call the police, maybe the fire brigade also…..I tell you Raja Saab…aaj toh hadh kar di Ayi Sahib ne….Dutta had gone to office…use bhi bula liya….


Dutta kya karega…how is Dutta responsible ? 


Pata nehi Raja Saab I was busy but overhead that Dutta had taken that girl for a ride and after that the girl went missing….


Raja Saab did not need anything more to hear, he strode over to open the door and asked …what is going on here in a booming voice….Madhvi what is the matter?




Leela putting down the tray in Raja Saab's room, Leela patted her hair and putting the loose tendrils behind her ear..


Vipinrao watched her antics through the corner of his eyes…and sighed…how many times he has seen her playing tricks with that helpless woman…



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