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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 26)

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Chapter 15
She opened her mouth to protest then closed it…yes of course selling horses is his business, his family survives on it…she ran past him trying to control her tears…..
Ayi Sahib sat watching the girl….she was distressed clearly…well the outcome she had expected…Kalpana Maam would never agree to such proposal, a self respectable woman, she must have been very helpless to bring to keep Nakusha in this house….due to lack of time and her case…she could not think of anything better but to seek a favour from one of her old students….
Well I guess Mr Kripalini cannot take up the case then…without Kalpana Auntie's consent …..aur mai toh unke pass ja nehi sakti…Raja Saab will burry me alive woh toh alag baath but then he will also plug all the efforts we make at all….
Naku sat looking blank, remembering Bolt going up the ramp into the truck….
Kya re Naku, kya huwa tujhe…Is Kalapana's auntie's health all right?  Ayi Sahib shook her ….
He sold Bolt …Naku replied…..
Bolt?  Kaun Bolt….a horse?
Ji….Bolt was my friend…he sold him…..
Ayi Sahib watched her….she was looking like a child…at times she behaves so maturedly…especially when she had asked why did she go upto Dutta's room….Nakusha had replied…he had sent for me…but don't worry Ayi Sahib I told him I will not accept his favours….you can trust me….
Beta this is their business, except for the ones they fancy, i.e the father and the son, the horse they ride till they start fancying some other, all the others are sold …..ek minute Nakusha…Dutta ne tujhe bulaya tha or you went up on your own…
Mai kuch samjhi nehi Ayi Sahib…he did not call me…I went to inform Baji I am back when I saw…
Not now, the time when you went upto his room…
Kanta asked me to go up…I mean she said he had summoned me….
Kanta…but Kanta told me…..
Kya huwa Ayi Sahib …..
Kuch nehi…..kuch nehi…Ayi Sahib clenched her jaws….In the past Leela played tricks with her, of course she got to know about them afterwards, after she suffered and damage done and  now Kanta is upto the same tricks….
Roops sitting and sipping coffee in a coffee shop, looking outside the glass walls waiting for Bajirao to come…he is forever late…and lately he has been acting very funny…no she does not doubt his feelings towards her but somehow Baji wants to end this relationship…..ageh baru to Raja Saab will ruin our family, I don't think it is worth it….
Why are you scared Baji…
I have a younger sister and she is yet to be married….agar mere waje se…..
Stop talking like a gawar, nothing will happen, times have changed and India is a free country….though Roops assured him, she knew within the radius of Patilwadi things were still very feudal…her father ruled with iron fist….
Roops noted the time….Bajirao aja jaldi, der se ayega and then will say jaldi kar….
Hi Roops….
Roops looked up to see Seema greeting her…she cursed within herself…her brother has strange tastes…Seema was not on her favourite list….
Had come to buy a gift, saw you sitting, so thought lets catch up…..are you waiting for someone….Seema pulled the chair and sat down….
I am in a hurry Seema…was just finishing off my coffee…
I will not take long, just wanted to ask you what is wrong with Dutta….
Bhau?  What is wrong with him?  Roops hardly interacted with her brother on a daily basis….he had his own routine and she had hers….
Yesterday we went out with some of our friends….I have never seen Dutta drink so much and then he was in no condition to drive, was sleeping in the car in front of the restaurant, my friends dropped me home….
So?  I mean ho jata hai kabhi know one of those days….Roops curled her lips….
Very funny Roops, lately your brother has been acting funny and to be frank yesterday it is him who set up the dinner not me….Seema sounded hurt….
Roops realized the matter was serious….I am sorry Seema I did not realise….theek hai  I will check him out…now I have to rush…Baji was at the door Roops could see and he avoided Dutta's friends in general…somewhere he was conscious he worked for Dutta….
Dutta watched Bajirao allotting barns to the new horses and the stable hands helping to put up the cards containing their identity details….amongst them was also Nakusha…the plait tied in a bun once again, unlike before which fell across her back till her waist…she appeared to be very busy, with a serious face was putting the charts in the slots…..
Dutta came out of the stable and stood….she was upset, the body language said so…well so was he…what has he done to earn mistrust?  She can tell Bajirao that her aunt has refused all help…but then why not him?  Just then he noticed Nakusha walking past him carrying a garbage bag….extending his arm he got hold of her….
Nakusha frowned hard…staring at his hand holding her…..
Bajirao saw it also….Roops told him about Seema's complaint and then he did share with Roops her brother's strange behaviour…
Do you think he likes her?  Roops suddenly asked….
Kaun Bhau?  Baji had frowned….nehi matlab they are so different and Bhau normally goes out with
Ha but change kise nehi pasand?  Roops had winked at him…
ROOPs…he is your brother….Bajirao adomished Roops…
Roops had giggled, Bajirao everyone is not Roopvati Sriram Patil....bachpan se ekjan ki sivaye aur kisi ki taraf nehi dekha….
Baji kept quiet…it was true…she had ample opportunities but she in her own way was very faithful to him….and whenever he thinks so he feels very humbled….
Baji's heart stopped….he wanted to reach out for  Nakusha, he felt very protective towards the helpless girl but then it was Bhau who was holding her hand and not anybody else….
Bajirao, Dutta called …hold Prettylady please….let Naku ride her….
Ji Bhau Sahib….Bajirao came forward….
Mujhe kisi ke upar nehi charna hai…..
Kyu….tera monthly abhi khatam nehi huwa kya….pura duniya ghum sakti hai …ek ghore par nehi char sakti…lifting her up, he put her on top of the horse….Getting up on another, he got picked up Prettylady's rein too leading them towards the meadow….
Bhau….Bajirao called….
Kya hai Baji….
Take care Bhau….Baji swallowed …Naku….darna math…pakad ke baith, nehi giregi....
The constant phone ring woke Roops up, it was Baji's special ring…she was surprised to see him calling so early in the morning when he knows she is not an early riser….
Kya huwa…sab theek toh hai na….
Your bhau has taken Naku out for a ride…..
On the same horse…
No but Naku is clearly frightened and upset
Tu ja pichhe pichhe, Roop knew in detail about Naku now from Baaji
Tera dimag toh theek hai na? You should have seen his face….calm before storm…..why he is so mad with her I wonder…..
Beyond the meadow there were trees they trotted through them, Naku sat stiffly hating the ride, she was scared of the ride and of him….
He stopped, Naku saw they had come to a clearing….with benches etc., it looked like a picnic spot, he jumped down and came forward to hold Naku's horse….
Naku did not want his help obviously  so tried to copy the way he does it and lost her balance…she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself, he let go of the horse to bring his arms around her…

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Awww Nakku is so cute..He sold bolt  hahha.. n AS is like Horse? .. I can imagine her face as well...
Hailaaaaa.. i thought she just got her monthlyLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. n its finishedShocked ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. He picked her up n put her on the horseeeeEmbarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Jayati... how could u end it der??? Shocked What a cliffhanger!!.. ohh im hopin ders gna b a weekend specialLOL...
Awesome update... Cant wait for the next part.. Haiiii he holds herDay Dreaming

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Good morning! a very nice dutta is disturbed to hell that neither AS nor Nakku trusts him.........he is jealous of baaji tooo that she could share things with baaji but not!!! J Dutta.......So seema is confused with his bhaviour......means Dutta didnt spend the night with her but in the car in frnt of the restaurant.......AS cums to know that Kanta is playing games with Nakku......... So now J and disturbed Dutta wants to hav a talk with nakku......... so he forcefully made her ride the Prettylady........I liked the dialogue of Dutta when Nakku refuses to ride the horse....Kyu….tera monthly abhi khatam nehi huwa kya….pura duniya ghum sakti hai …ek ghore par nehi char sakti…lifting her up, he put her on top of the horse…...Her actions and reactions really do matter to him.........It does make a difference.........isnt it??????/ what nxt???? Roops and Baaji convo gr8........looking frwrd fr ur 2morrows updt..........Hav a nice day....

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Tinni how cud u end it like dat hate cliffhangers
So ayi sahib realizes wat dat kanta is upto hope she does something bout it
Waiting for next part

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Good Morning Jayati,

I just read the update. Sweet, so eventful, yet so short. We should only allow the CVs to ration us....our friends are not allowedLOLLOLLOL. Subtlety, thy name is Jayati and that is not an attempt at a bad joke as I do like the slow and sure progression in Dutta's feeling for Nakusha in the way he hankers to be near her. The fact that he, practically, forces her to ride with him is a clear indication that Dutta is now ready to embark on that voyage of discovery where he feels the need to have a real friend/companion. And what better way than to get to know Nakusha in the entourage he loves, that of the vast plains of his stud farm. I can even picture the scene. Beautiful.
Also liked the fact that Roops is depicted as such a sweet girl who really cares for the one love of her life, Baaji.
It must be very demanding to update on a daily basis, do take a bow Madam. ClapClapClapThat is what we call prolific and dedicated.
I will now try to catch a few hours sleepSleepySleepySleepy.

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Leandra IF-Rockerz

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very nice update tin

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
awesome update.....................dutta is jealous that naku can her problems with baji and not him!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......................can we plz get an update tomorrow...............will be eager to know what he tells her.................and why baji is telling 'calm before the storm'

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Hey Tin Hug
I just read both updates...really very wonderful yaar ...
Omg now a days dutta is stalking herLOLor watching her everyone move...Btw i don"t like this kanta....i hope she don"t create problems Ouch
well we trust u yaar ....
Awww baaji sold bolt....Ouch
Omg he picked her up and put her on horseShocked...dutta is boldLOL
Awww yeah kya tin cliffhanger?.....pls pls update soon yaar .....
i hope we get weekend special ....Big smile....
u take care and see ya around ....Thumbs UpClap
love suhanaHug

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