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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 24)

prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 2:47am | IP Logged

Hi Jayati


Finally know your name.. Thanks to Kavi's post :-)


Good part again.. Gosh usually when my alarm goes on inn the morning, I hate it.. whereas these days I cant wait to get up and read your FF :-)


I am amazed how in one line you have explained so well why Dutta never connected with his mum.. that one line about his childhood gave me as a reader enough to conjure up my own views on why as a child he felt disconnected to his mum for not fitting in well and being 'different' to other mums.. as he grew up the fact that she never fought her corner also played on his mind.. he likes women who are not door mats and can stand up for themselves and AS is just the opposite.. maybe if she had voiced her opinions a bit more, she might have had a son who might have stood up for her.. but seeing an unresponsive mum, he probably never felt the need to stand up for her, though in reality she needed him more then..anyway, it's interesting, to say the least!


And AS is so correct in assuming the worst of her son and why he wants her to stay back.. But I so want him to prove her wrong esp when it came to his flings with other ladies.. she knows he has had several girl friends, but it will be a huge boost to her, if he has never crossed the line with them and proved he was her son in some ways too!!


OMG, when the mobile was unreachable, or a moment, my romantic, dramatics craving heart thought Naku had packed her bags and left and we would have Dutta jumping in his car in hot pursuit of her!!but chalo she was only out in the meadow! I have a feeling that he will not be jealous of her talking to baaji, but jealous/upset of the fact that she is so care free with Baaji and clams up when in front of her..


Sigh.. no tasha today Jayati :-( so kal pls kasar puri kar dena.. I cant wiat for my alarm to wake me up tomorrow!!!


BTW, loved how u incorporated the dosa batter in yesterday's part, forgot to mention that yesterday!  


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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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V nice update. Enjoyed it to the fullest. Waiting for the next post. Like the baaji charc too. He is so down to earth. V diff from rest of the ppl. Pls add me also to ur PM list.

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
excellent updateTins i have been missing ur ff  wow so finally the mistry of the dress solved ha!
awesome & don't laugh but i don't know may b u explained at the begining & i misssed i thought leela AS daughter i was confused though when she calle roops beta &  iwas really angry with her behaviour to blame AS with raja saab but now it makes sense.
how evil of her. she also wants to control D 's life i doubt she will succeed D is the kind of man who does what he pleases she shouldn't give her niece hope as they will b shattered just like hers.
i love how D stood up 4 naku & poor AS is confused whether to b happy or sad as she doesn't trust her son's intention. well i hope D proves his mother wrong by becoming a good doer & finaly fall 4 her & in the process make his mother proud of him! mygod Tins SP patil at this age he is still fooling around & e/one is aware & me like shilpita & vandu in this jorney not only tasha i would like 2 c them come close as well! awesome update as usual & tanx 4 reg. update. omy i am surprised on the length of my comment as i am not feeling well but kya keru can't keep away! 'ek chhota sa dosh' what does it mean Tins!

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
@bfunofbb123 'ek chhota sa dosh' means one little fault ...actually it is a very big fault but then for rich and classy men it is not a fault at all...

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swati2008 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
tins......the story becoming interesting day by day........Dutta stands for Naku against his dad.....good.....poor AS.....confused whether to trust her own son or Naku will take the decision.......i think she's going to stay for AS n for also her aunt.........

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.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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So that what got him attracted to her ...That she spoke up .. she reacted , she was not or is not a mere spectator .. Hmm ..
now He craving for her time and companionship . ... there is o his guy than what meet the eye
I cannot wait for tommo update to read his reaction .. though I feel he not jealous of baji ... But he just cannot take her being with someone else ..

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 14

she is alone perhaps…Dutta lowered his hand, there is no tower in the meadows and she will be out of reach there anyway, he has to go in person …when he saw Bajirao coming and pulling Naku's long plait then flopping next to her on the grass, the two seemed to get along fine….




Naku turned as Baji pulled her plait, kya re Naku, keya dekh rahi hai…..


Naku gave a smile bus Baji bhau dekh rahi hu…well these horses are indeed quite graceful animals…it is lovely to watch them trot….


Hmmm suna kuch der pehle Haveli me ek kand ho giya hai…..


Hmmm yes …who told you?  Naku asked….


Hai na ek batane wali…wohi batayi……Baji gave a sad smile…




Aur kaun…..he nodded his head…itna  saal beeth gaya but still Raja Saab is allergic to Ayi Sahib's family or her type of people….


He is surrounded by her type of people only…or does he take you to be of his class…


Areh nehi nehi….agar hota toh aaj Roops aur mai…no we are his faithful subjects generation after generation….he needs us to get his work done….


Baji bhau you are educated, why couldn't you get a job elsewhere?


Baji watched the horses at a distance, then he sighed….my family is very faithful towards the Patils…my elder brother works for a big company, so my father thought one of us should work for the Patils, he is very faithful, no matter what we hardly get to hear anything from him regarding Raja Saab, it is not that we do not know but Baba does not talk….and I must say Raja Saab also treats my father with a lot of respect….they have virtually grown up together so they do understand each other well…so when my elder brother wanted to make his career elsewhere Baba thought I must join the Patils after all they have been nice to us….I rode horses here from childhood, I love horses too, Bhau was back from abroad, he wanted someone young so…..


And of course there is Roops….


Yes there is Roops…Baji agreed…..but then Naku, Bhau is fighting for you, so I must say lucky girl….


I don't know I am lucky or unlucky for I don't know what to do…should I stay or go….I don't want to be the reason for fight between father and son….


Kaha jayegi tu….areh us kal hi toh TV par dikha rahe the state of the affected areas are still very grave and the authorities are fearing break of epidemic as few cases of ….


These come with natural calamities Baaji bhau….when I was in the camp we were warned to be careful everyday but then Baaji Bhau they are my own people, I know no matter what they will welcome me back….ek roti hi khayenge lekin maann me shanti toh rehega that I am not unwanted….


Baji kept a hand on her shoulder, Naku I get good salary….remember if the Haveli door closes for you, mine will be opened, ghar toh chhota hai isse lekin tu khush rahegi udhar….


Lekin Raja Saab….


My boss is Dutta Sriram Patil, ha at times he is difficult to read as he has his moods but one thing I know, Dutta Patil does not care who I keep in my house, outside my duty hours or the fences of this Haveli I am Baji and he is just Dutta…yes that is the way he treats me…


Then why can't you tell him about yourself and Roops….


Bajirao patted Nakusha…kaisa batayu Nakusha…samjha kar….areh tu toh kuch bhi nehi kar rahi hai but still Raja Saab is fighting with his son and does not want to keep you in his such a big house aur sach batayu Nakusha, I  am unable to understand Dutta too…achanak tere mamle me beech me tapak para, it is so unlike him, yes he treats me as a friend, his equal but then there is a distance…I did not go to school with him nor college but I have grown up in this place, we even rode together then but still when I see him with his school/ college friends mujhe lagta hai…there is a gap…an invisible wall….just like I feel he is so regal, so part of this whole heritage and at times I find him far removed, alienated from this very place….


Nakusha you are sitting here, Bhau Sahib is looking for you…he is calling you asap….Kanta came and announced from behind….




Nakusha entered the hallway behind Kanta….Kanta showed her the stairs….the 2nd door on the right is his room….


Mujhe unke kamre me bulaya ?  Nakusha frowned at Kanta….


Well he said get Nakusha and ask her to see me....


Nakusha stood at the bottom of the stairs frowning….


Kanta was amused, theek hai let me go and tell him that he should go instead to your room..


Maine aisa kuch nehi kaha…Nakusha glared at Kanta as she climbed the stairs….


Coming to stand in front of the door, she knocked on it softly….




Ayi Sahib was crossing the hall when she saw Naku going up….she frowned and then noticed Kanta….Naku kaha ja rahi hai….


To meet Bhau Sahib I think….Kanta replied….trying to look busy…




Nehi pata….she asked me which is Bhau Sahib room and now she is going up….Kanta wanted to loiter around but then with Ayi Sahib already standing, she had to leave ….




Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein basiya jaise nain yeh tere
Nainon mein basiya jaise nain yeh tere
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain




He was standing against the window with the drapes open…Nakusha saw behind him the meadow, so he knew where she was…He stood watching her as she came into the room and surveyed the surroundings….


You sent for me…..she spoke at last looking like a school girl in principal's room…


Hmmmm…I did…..




Yeh bolne ke liye…until and unless I tell you don't come into any pressure and leave this Haveli…tere liye I will make alternative arrangement if need be….


No need I can take care of myself…..Nakusha was feeling uneasy, the room was huge with period furniture including a four poster bed…


How?  Tere pass paisa kaha hai…..


Well I will get paid won't I ….and then for how long I can take favours… is best that I start getting self reliant at the earliest….


Tera idhar ki naukri sirf ek mahina ke liye hai…and till you get self reliant I want to ensure you are taken cared….


Not you, definitely not you ….Nakusha glared at him….


Why not me….he got pissed off….she was chatting with Baji a little while ago and looked most comfortable and now she is standing near the door as if when he takes a step she will run out shouting 'rape' 'rape'….he did not ask for her to come up….Kanta was told to inform him, he did not want her to know he was watching them and he himself is very surprised to see her in his room….


Bus yuhi….I don't want you to get involved in my matters….


Your matter is it?  He raised his brow and came forward…..


Nakusha leaned back against the door….


Dekh Naku, don't try my patience, I want to help you and I do think my father is being unreasonable with you…after all this is our home even and we should have our say too….


Naku was now mad…yeh batane ke liye he summoned her….


Well Ayi Sahib does not want you to take care of me….she said it….


Why?  He looked surprised…..


Why do you think?  She asked in turn…..


He stared at Naku….Naku stared back holding her breath…..he then turned …moving away….Naku released her breath…..


Tu abhi ja idhar se…he replied without turning back….


Nakusha came out, walking down she saw Ayi Sahib standing looking worried….




His own mother does not trust him….but why…what has he done to gain her mistrust…ok he does have girlfriends but in this age which man does not ….what is she thinking Dutta wants to do with Nakusha….what is she scared off…uptil now no woman has come running to this Haveli accusing him for taking advantage of her….




Nakusha sat on the bench in the garden and watched the Haveli…today Ayi Sahib has gone out with Raja Saab to a party but before going out she did hear what Dutta wanted to say to her …Nakusha assured her all is well, she need not worry and also added that Bajirao had offered to keep her in his house…..


Hmm Baji is a good boy, Naku but Vipinji is Raja Saab's right hand, a very respectable person but I do not know how would Raja Saab react to this…give me sometime to think Nakusha…..Nakusha also had called up her aunt's organization in the no. her father at times called to speak to his sister or get news of her whereabouts…


Nakusha?  A female voice answered …yes Kalpana didi often spoke about you all….well not everyday you get to meet her but tomorrow if you can make it by 11 then for one hour  is the visiting time…..can you make it within that time?


I will try my best Sudha tai….


We will wait for you, you have to start early for the district jail is outside the town…..will take you atleast 3-4 hours to reach in the morning …they are very strict with the timings…


Nakusha was waiting up for Ayi Saab to come maybe if she can make some arrangement for her to reach the bus station early in the morning…..when she noticed Dutta coming out of the Haveli ….yes Seema I will be there within next half an hour, he spoke as he walked past her towards the car park, Nakusha quickly averted her face, she did not want to come eye to eye with him.  As he drove out Nakusha sat watching the rare lights.




At the wee hours of the morning Dutta was driving up the hillock towards the Haveli in full speed, his head was heavy from hangover, he needed a good ride and some fresh air, when he noticed Bajirao driving down in his trademark jeep, they crossed each other and Baji raised his hand in greeting..but then who is sitting next to him….he pressed the brakes ….Nakusha where is she going at this hour….he watched Bajirao's jeep driving away through the side view mirror….jaane de mujhe kya..he started the car….




Ayi Sahib finished her morning session when she noticed Datta walking past her, returning from his ride…


Dutta…..she called out….


Dutta stopped, his Ayi was calling him ….so unusual …


Ji Ayi Sahib…..


Ayi Sahib hesitated a bit and then said…beta do you have Nakusha's mobile no….she …she has gone to meet her aunt ….pata nehi theek se pahuchi ki nehi….


I thought Bajirao took her…she should be reaching safely…


He went to drop her at the bus station only…..Baji should be back….


Is he, he did not notice….he took out his mobile and dialed Nakusha's no….


She left a note for me not to worry she is going to meet her aunt…lekin bachhi hai…if I knew I would have given my car to her….Ayi Sahib cribbed as they waited for the mobile to get connected…


It is switched off…Ayi Sahib he informed her….


Ayi Sahib looked up, looking very tensed and worried….I hope she has reached safely….don't you think so?


Well Bajirao will atleast ensure she gets up on the right bus…..and once she reaches, locating the prision should not be a problem…..


Pata nehi….chinta hoti hai beta, akeli ladki….Dutta are you okay beta…your eyes are red….


I am okay Ayi Sahib, thoda jaida pee li kal raath ko…..he walked off…


Ayi Sahib stood watching his back….she did not know her son but felt somewhere he was swimming aimlessly looking for a shelter….his lost look, his tired eyes….


No, I am just getting worried…Dutta is very self confident man…he is not like me, he is like his father….




The autorickshaw dropped Nakusha at the gates of the Haveli, Nakusha ran across the lawns toward the stables, her aunt looked fine, she was used to hard life so prison was giving her well earned rest….I am catching up with my reading, Nakusha noted down the names of books she wanted to have next time when she visited her….


Nakusha narrated what she does in the Haveli including her job, obviously leaving out the unwanted parts….


Kalpana was amused a bit but then said, good Madhvi is not pampering you too much…it will help you to get back to your old life without problem….


Nakusha then slowly told her about Mr Kripalini….


Ask Madhvi not to worry….I do not need Kripalini…I now have time and I am preparing myself to fight my own case, why spend unnecessary money….


Mr Kripalini is yet to charge anything except for a token amount of Rs.100 for my meeting with him…he is taking it as it is a challenge…


Beta don't worry, aaj nehi toh kal he will want something…lena ka dena par jayega tabh…Madhvi is keeping you is more than enough….bus tu apna dekh le….I am alright….


But this is a disgrace…


My conscious is clear Nakusha….if Madhvi comes over I will explain my stand to her…she will understand…..


Panting Nakusha reached the stables, she wanted to tell Bajirao she is back before he leaves for the day…he had told her he could pickup from the bus stand if she should call him in his mobile no.


I don't have a mobile, (she did not want to use his gift) and Bajibhau I should get self reliant…ageh kuch karna hai mujhe…has Bajibhau left already, she asked one of the stable boys…


No loading the horses, there was a buyer today ….he wants the shipment immediately…..


Nakusha went towards the delivery area where the loading is done and froze….Thundering Bolt was being loaded …..


Bolt…you are selling Bolt….she asked….as Baji looked up to watch her….


Why not?….after all I earn my living through selling horses…and Bolt fetched me a good price…..a voice replied ….


Nakusha turned to watch him standing with his hands in his pocket,  still eyes, serious face…just like when she had seen him in the beginning….


She opened her mouth to protest then closed it…yes of course selling horses is his business, his family survives on it…she ran past him trying to control her tears…..



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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Stupid kantaAngry... she didnt tell AS dat Dutta called for nakku.. lol.. Aww AS spoke 2 her son.. but i just wished he opened up to her a little bit more.. ders a big distance between them.. Cry
He looked tired? lool Mayb nakku doesnt let him sleep.. all he does nowadays is think bout her, look at her or stalk her
Nakku went to meet her aunt.. dats good.. but i think she will still fight for the case..
Oh nice song u used when she goes in his room.. n him watching.. how lovely.. Embarrassed
lol for one moment he didnt like the fact she was going somewhere with baaji but then his ego took over.. lolLOL
Ohhhh if she goes live with him.. Dutta will be so jealous.. he will think ders something goin on as them 2 are already friendly towards each other..
BOLT? they are selling bolt??? Shocked.. Well after seein her reaction.. i dnt think he will sell it... nakku shares her feelings with bolt na :(..
Great update as usual ... waiting for tomorrow now lol :)

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