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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 20)

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged

Tin.. it is now my habit to read your update first thing in the morning. I am so glad I read the short story The Veil by you and ever since I am hooked to your simple style of writing. You are always precise and to the point.


Now, I was waiting to see what Dutta would say or rather do.. and yeah, he did not disappoint me.. he knew she was lying from the start na.. he has been studying her quite keenly even in these few meetings, he seems to know how her mind works.. that's a good start..and really admired how Nakku tried to shield AS as much as she could and eventually ahd to part with some of the truth as he caught onto the fact she was shielding AS..did that surprise him that a girl who came 2 days ago cares more for his mum than anyone else in that mahal?! Who knows?!!!you will tell us soon, I am sure.. and why do I feel that Roops is at least a bit more closer to AS compared to Dutta.. at least she is on talking terms with her mum whereas Dutta talks only when required and does not initiate a conversation.. hmm, so Roops has gone to meet Baaji..and AS in her tension cos of Nakku could not place where she had heard that voice!


Coming to Dutta, he knows his mind.. see, this is one quality I admire in men, who are sure of themselves.. sometimes it has a negative impact too as in when they make up their minds it is difficult to get them to change their opinions.. and he is no push over..he speaks his mind and sticks to what he believes in or thinks.. and wow, those few sentences to seema really did put her in her place.. and I really loved how he held Naku's hand when pulling her with him to go home.. atta boy :-)


AS does not know her son as much as she thinks she does.. she probably only has seen the outer shell of Dutta.. but knowing how close dad-son are, she has jumped in and assumed that he has a thing for naku.. she is not too wrong either as even D thinks he is only attracted to her and will pass away in time.. cant wait to read how this LS progresses as when he falls for her,, it will be with the same stubbornness, passion and intensity.. wow..i am loving this Dutta :-)



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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 3:47am | IP Logged
OMG...........OMG.........OMG.............. now   dutta  knew  all  the  truth  n  gave  phoneEmbarrassed  to  naku...........
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!  very  interesting..............
looking  fwd.................

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Hey Jayati,
Back to work after 25 days and it seems like a long day and the worst was for me trying to find some time to read your latest outpouring on RG.
I just loved it and I am happy that the Dutta/Nakusha story has, finally, started with the former anxiously trying to bridge the communication gap by offering a mobile phone to his latest interest. Wonder why, our own Dutta in LTL never thought of giving one to his Naku up to now. Chalo, tum ne ye kasar puri kar di...
I love your version of Dutta. In spite of all the arrogance and high-handedness, he is taking a healthy interest in his surroundings which augurs well for the evolution of his relationship (friendship/love)  with Nakusha. Again full marks for the subtle yet resolute approach in which you choose to portray the characters which leave wanting for more.
Is your next instalment due tomorrow? Will look out for it.
Will PM u later.
Take care,

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yoyo2 Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
hey TIn i just started to read u ff, zabardast hai yaar, i read it b4 i go to bed, so at times i have to wait for ur post, so i could read and then go of to LALA LAND...

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 12

away from him…..aur abh haath muh dhokar khana kha le…..tomorrow you have morning shift once again…..Ayi Sahib got up and went out of the parlour, for the first time surprising Nakusha by her abrupt behaviour…




Leela was sitting in her office next to the store room and having coffee while tallying various bills etc when Kanta came and knocked on her door…


Seeing her niece she asked…Kya phirse dosa khayega aaj?  She asked…remembering what problem she had when they heard Dutta's request but thankfully now many shops keep readymade batter…she called up and got a few packets in no time….even if the Haveli was out of town, things were delivered on priority basis…..


Pata nehi maine puchha nehi…Kanta came and sat on the chair opposite with a grumpy face….


Kyu…baath kya hai….why are you looking upset?


He returned with that girl….Nakusha and I even saw him presenting something to her…..




He drove in with her…in the hallway he called her and said 'Naku yeh tere liye', Nakusha asked kya hai isme…dekh lena tera kaam ayega….then Ayi Sahib came and took her to the parlour, closing the door….


….Leela frowned…Dutta and Nakusha…baath kya hai…..she is not his type….gawar, no class, no sense of dressing….just like Madhvi when she entered this house…not that Madhvi has changed much…but yes some outer polish has come…after all after spending her years here kuch faida toh hoga…Leela's eyes fell on Kanta…who was crying silently…like every young girl in the locality, Kanta too had given her heart to Dutta…


Areh apna ankhe poch…baith baith kar apna asu math gira….I give you so many opportunities to get close to him lekin tujhe toh atah nehi hai  ladko ko kaise khush kiya jaye……jakar khana de ati hai aur plate uthakar le ati hai….abh baithkar mere samne math row….jakar puchke a raath ko keya lega..aur Roops ka toh kuch pata nehi…Maharani bahar gayi hai…abh dekho kabh takh lauti hai….ekdin sab kuch Raja Saab ko batana parega…yeh bachche toh haath se nikal rahe hai…..something needs to be done soon very soon….ja ja puch kar a….


As soon as Kanta left her office…Leela took out her glasses and banged it on the table…same story all over…when will her battle end….


As a young girl, Leela had entered this house holding the hands of her mother….she initially worked as her assistant but then Leela was very intelligent, she learnt her way about in the house quickly and picked up the manner, etiquette, how to serve, how to diplay everything quickly, she had an eye and also sense of beauty….


In those days, Sriram Patil was a dashing young man, girls and parents of girls were falling head over heals for him but then Sriram Patil was taking his time to choose creating much displeasure for his parents who wanted to see him settled down producing a male heir at the soonest for their guruji had said Sriram's horoscope was weak in siring a male child, only someone with strong male child in her horoscope should be married to Sriram….if Sriram was liking someone, their horoscope was not matching as per Guruji's requirement….but that did not deter Sriram from making his conquers…being a hot blooded male it was very difficult to keep him tied down, Leela like girls of her age during those days also had a soft corner of her young master…rich handsome man….one day there was storm outside and Sriram could not go out…Leela was saw a good opportunity, she took dinner for him, as she served him, his eyes fell on her cleavage..two buttons were open of her uniform….Sriram could not take away his eyes….Leela made lame attempt to cover up but then Sriram was already ……


Leela thought herself to be very smart, next time when he came to her…she ensured they get caught…his parents were upset…Sriram how many times we have told you leave the girls of the house alone..haveli ki reputation ki sawal hai…


Meri beti…Leela's mother had cried out…aap kuch kijiye…


We will ensure her reputation is not tarnished….Damodar Patil  father of Sriram had assured her…


My daughter's horoscope is good the pandit who made it was saying….


Yeh bada bada sapna math dekh….kya mai apna beta ki shaadi kisi naukrani ke saath kawaunga….


Nehi…mai sooch rahi thi


Soochna bhi maath aur sochna hai toh iss haveli se bahar jakar sochna….


Just then the security announced the arrival of Guruji….he came with a good proposal …he has found a suitable match for Sriram…ha ek problem hai but that is very minor……


Leela somehow mananged to save her job, while her mother was given retirement for uttering those very words….when finally Sriram got married and brought Madhvi in the house…Leela saw they had very little difference…while Leela was already accomplished in everyway in Patil's way of life…Madhvi had no clue and she found herself lost in this vast household…


Leela decided to keep  her lost…she would try everything to ensure that no way Madhvi becomes the mistress of this house except in name….




Nakusha stood in her small room…as she looked around her eyes fell on her reflection on the mirror, the dress fitted her well, with a claw clip she had kept her hair on hold, which fell otherwise lose, how her mother used to say she would ruin her such lovely hair as she refused to tie them in plait, itni fashin achhi nehi will ruin your hair and that time you will not get it back even when you cry….


She will get a wig for herself then Ayi….her brother had quipped…..making her mother more upset….


What is happening to me thought Nakusha….this dress Ayi Sahib did not buy, so her apprehensions were true, now Ayi Sahib is upset and tells her to stay away from her son…..lekin maine kiya kya?  Asked nakusha to herself, I made no attempt to get close to him….did I…she remembered while he drove his convertible in full speed towards his office, the wind was making it difficult for her to keep her hair in place….she was holding it but a gust swung up her dress above her knees…as she released her hair to pull down her dress, the locks hit Dutta's face….Dutta did not push them away, he did not even say apne bal hata Naku….he called her Naku today…not Nakusha like before….mai kya karu…jayu toh kaha jayu….the bank says the money her father had in the account can only be transferred to her name if she gets his death certificate…no no he is not dead, he will come back and once he is back everything will be alright……


Somewhere a ringing of phone distracted Nakusha's thought…she frowned …before realizing it was coming from the box…she quickly opened it…


He…hello…she answered…


Kya kar rahi hai tu?  The voice at the other end asked…


Aap…aap kaun?


Tu bata mai kaun?


Pata…pata nehi…Nakusha swallowed….


He laughed…a husky laughter…..jhoot maath bol ….tujhe pata hai….Ayi Sahib ne kya kaha yeh sunkar tu pakar gayi….


Boli aapse dur rehne ke liye….Nakusha disconnected the line….


Throwing the phone on the bed…there was a queer feeling over taking her senses, she felt like crying, just like the day when she realised she was saved but where were her family nobody knew and then she felt a sensation, when he stared at her with hooded eyes, when he gripped her hand…she saw the faint mark of his grip on her hand still…..


The phone was ringing again…..Nakusha refused to pick it up but it went on ringing…


Kya hai, Nakusha answered unable to control herself….


Tu ne yeh nehi bataya bataya mai kaun?  Kisse Ayi Sahib tujhe dur rehne ke liye kaha…..


Aap jante ho aap kaun ho….


Ha sow toh mai janta hu lekin jara tere muh se sunlu mai kaun hu, Ayi Sahib ne kis se dur rehne ke liye kaha tujhe….


Nakusha clenched her jaws then replied Bhau…Bhau Sahib ….she replied firmly…


Mai Dutta hu….the phone got disconnected…


Nakusha covered her face with her hands, she wanted to bang her head in the wall, 'Mai Dutta hu'…the words threw her off her feet..she felt she was falling in a dark vacuum…suddenly the door opened……


Nakusha looked up to see Leela standing…..


Kya chal raha hai….Leela asked in her usual style with her arms folded on her chest….




I hear that today also you returned home with Dutta….what is going on here….let me warn you that he is …..


Ek minute Nakusha could take it no more….


I know who he is but you seemed to have forgotten your position in this house……and as I told you I am Ayi Sahib's guest…..I am sure the Patils has not given you the licence to speak to their guest in this manner…….


Leela was furious….she glared at Nakusha….wait till I tell Raja Saab…it will be a pleasure to see him throwing you out of the house…


You seemed to have forgotten I am still in this house because Bhau Sahib wants me to and I heard Raja Saab seldom over rules his son… I have committed no offense  why will Raja Saab throw me out….


You have just spoken to me rudely…


Have I, it is you who is disturbing my solitude….mai toh chup chap apne kamre me baithi hu….you are disturbing me for no reason….and if you don't leave within a second, I will call up Bhau Sahib and tell him you are disturbing me…Nakusha picked up the mobile and showed Leela…without another word, Leela banged the door shut before walking away…..




Leela stared at the close door…well 'aaj-kal ki ladki' she is not afraid of direct threats like Madhvi...who shivered literally on being told 'this is not how things are done in this house'…Leela would disapprove in all knowing voice and of course go to Raja Saab and say she does not want to learn the ways of this khandan… Madhvi does not shiver, nor Leela needs to go to Raja Saab and crib about Madhvi…her work is done…both of them are emotionally so detached from each other they don't simply care…


Well with Nakusha it seems she has to do things a different way….gao ki ladki hai…kya 'tuk tak' janti hai kya pata….when Dutta gets married it should be as per her approval and she has to ensure that…




Bajirao stood taking stock of the new arrivals, when he noticed Nakusha arriving for her duty….


Kya re Naku kal kaha reh gayi thi?  He asked in response to her greeting…


Naku got busy in pouring fresh water in the pails….


Bajibhau what is 'Serumix' she asked instead…


Hmmm company hai, injection wale company….




Woh jo injection dete hai na…measles, mumps etc etc ke liye yeh sab banta hai udhar…


So this is a nice business, logo ki seba me ata hai…atleast more beneficial than this business, Naku pointed at the horses…


Heheheheh tujhe lagta hai they have made this company for human usage?




Nehi…actually for horses too you need a lot of vaccines etc., in those days they were procured from abroad as many of them were not made in India…once a consignment got delayed, the horses suffered…Damodar Patil, Raja Saab's father said I will make my own vaccines for my horses…bus jameen hai, paisa hai aur keya chahiye…laga diya company….Bajirao's eyes twinkled


Toh yeh bhi admiyo ke liye nehi…Nakusha asked….


Suru me nehi lekin abh barte barte company thora bar gayi, toh ghoro se jo bach jata hai, admiyo ke liye bech deta hai market me….


Ghoro ke dawai?  Naku was horrified….


Areh Naku…these horses are also living beings just like us…they too have their diseases like us too…bus their doses are bit different…nehi toh hume aur inhe ekjasahi dawai lagta hai…inhe thodi jaida aur hume thodi kum…


Aisa hai kya?


Ha aisahi hai….Bajirao reaffirmed…


Nakusha laughed, the heavy feeling she had the whole night seemed to ease a bit….Baji was a darling….


The clearing of voice interrupted them….while Bajirao turned to greet him, Nakusha pretended to be busy and moved away…




Ayi Sahib got through her morning chores like everyday.  As she got ready she came down the stairs to go to te lawn and sit for her morning duty….as she crossed the hallway she remembered Dutta and Nakusha coming in together, she sighed…she likes Naku, she sees herself in Naku somewhat…though she was much younger but then she too did not have any family support…while Naku's parents are missing, hers were helpless… Ayi Sahib does not want Dutta to use Naku and discard her….he changes girlfriends as his shirt…once she had told that it is time they start looking for a girl for him, his father said, you don't have to worry about it Madhvi, my son would not be short of girls…of course he won't be but she does not want Nakusha to be one of them.




Bajirao was briefing him about the deliveries, how they horses reacted as they were taken inside the cargo plane, etc etc, as he listened to Baji, his eyes followed Nakusha…she was looking a bit different, her long plait which she tied while working, is now tied into a bun at her nape…her hair back brushed and clipped without any tendril loose…her eyes looked swollen from sleepnessless….


Nakusha wished he would move away from the entrance for he was standing blocking it with Bajirao…she was feeling suffocated, his thoughts kept her awake most of the night, what to do, how to do, she has to establish a contact with her aunt, she needs to discuss it Ayi Sahib…she has to take leave and go, the boys working here already talk among themselves like the special privilages she gets, ladki hone ka bahut faida she overheard a couple of times….and on top of all her problems today morning grrrrrrrr…


At last through the corner of her eyes she noticed them leading two horses out…she gave a sigh of relief and went back to work….




Leela came out of the study with a smug look on her face….without Vipin around who comes much later, it feels like her territory as Madhvi rarely comes in unless she is summoned….hmmm dekhti hu…nip it at the bud....what is the truth does not matter as per traditions the Patils even if they want to do something for someone they get it done….so if Dutta wanted to present Nakusha with a mobile he would have asked someone to hand it over….could have been Bajirao or herself but he has given it himself, it surely meamns something inspite of Dutta being so called from different generation…





Dropping her gloves on the grass, Nakusha sat down, her legs were aching, having stomach cramps, first day was always bad for her….she stretched her legs…peace at last….


Naku, Naku…Bajirao was calling her….


Grrr Nakusha looked back to see both of them disembarking from their horses ….


Idhar a, Bhau is calling you….


Nakusha got up, no peace in this house…she walked up….


Chal Bolt par char ja....Baji hold Bolt….he directed …


Chal aja Naku…Bolt is a good horse, he will not throw you….Baji joined his master…


Goodness heavens…doesn't her consent matter…both of them assume that she is dying to ride Bolt…


Mujhe nehi charna hai…


Areh dar math…giregi nehi….Bolt loves you already….Baji assured her while Dutta looked amused….Naku wanted to wipe that smirk off his face..pura raath sone nehi diya mujhe….


Areh mai hu na…Dutta assured her.....nothing will happen char ja....


Kaise charu, I am on duty now….


So is Bajirao but he goes on rides with me …..Dutta stated…


Well he does not have his monthlys so he can go whenever you call him….Naku informed him in a firm voice…


While Dutta took a few more seconds to register it, Bajirao got it right away….


Oh Naku…apna kaam kar…kisi aur din tujhe sikha dunga…..


Getting orders from her direct boss, Nakusha started walking back only to look back to see Bajirao whispering something to Dutta and Dutta watching her as he scratched his chin….




Hurrying through the hallway, Nakusha wanted to have a bath immediately…wash off the grime and dirt and cool herself when a voice called out from behind….


Yeh ladki …tu abhi bhi idhar ghum rahi hai….tera jane ka kya huwa?



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Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 7:23pm | IP Logged
Thanx for an amazing update Tinni
Aha I knew der was something fishy bout dat Leelu Angry
I hope keh Nakku uhs keh chaal meh nah aajihy
Dutta acting as if she belongs to him
He needs to get of his high horse and looks like nakkus gonna b d one too do it
Thanx for a good start to d morning and plz update soon

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.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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I Like this Guy ... He sure knows how to get his girl ... But for now He is a gonner .... falling  hard , real hard .
Leela being the B@#$tH ... But naku is  giving it back to her hard and fast ... she is not a saintly girl or the girl come kick  me ... nd I will not say a word ..
she is more like
U  mess with me and I will mess things for u ... seems her way ... I so love it

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great update....

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