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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 2)

Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
Ur FF seems really interesting.
Is Dutta rajasaheb?
upd8 wen u can dear will be eagerly awaiting it.
P.S plz cud u add me 2 d PM list

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged

Hey Tin,Smile

I changed my mind. Do we get to see a new avatar of Nakusha in a feudal household where she will fall in love with Madhvi's son, "the Raja Sahib". It is still very hazy but I am guessing that we will get to see another tug of war between values, education etc. I am happy that Nakusha is literate and has not been confined to the servant's quarters.....Gosh lady, you should have spared us one of the ET......I will wait for your update.
More than the story iself which is still at its infancy stage today, I read with interest your prologue making a rightful dig at some very famous people in this world. How true and how gross can one get in the art of flashing their riches. I have never been a great supporter of socialism per se but striking a balance sometimes becomes necessary. See, i am a master at diverting from the main subject....Do update ASAP & Good luck with the training. Four whole days will have its fair share of fun and a Hotel where they do have cable TV as you should not miss the LTL proceedings this week. Sleepy

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Hessa85 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:07pm | IP Logged

loved your ff, your off to a great start and realllyy looking forward to reading the rest!!Thumbs Up

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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
hey  nice  beginning  dear.................i  loved  it............
looking  fwd....................

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cutegurl224 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
sounds interesting!
Please add me to the PM list!
Take care

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shruti10august Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2010
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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Hi tin. Nice FF nd a brand new concept.

I read ur all SS- hume tumse pyar kitna, thali, luving u, faith nd now i m reading ur this FF nd already enjoyin it.

So, madhvi becums aayi saab, i guess nd raja saab wud be her husband, i believe nd their son wud be dutta.

Please add me to ur PM list. Please.
Update soon.
Big smile

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Chapter 2

Yes Ayi Sahib….Leela turned towards Nakusha, come with me, she instructed before marching off, Nakusha looked at Madhvi, she nodded her head gesturing her to follow Leela…




The room was certainly not the best in the haveli, for it overlooked the backyard, several cars were parked and some were having maintenance work done.  Nakusha touched the curtains, they felt like silk, the room looked comfortable though it had only one window, it contained everything, a big bed, cupboards, dressing table, it reminded her of her room it her own home, the furniture not so grand but then it was lovingly built and put together by her Baba and her…..Nakusha gripped the curtain, no she will not cry, she will not lose hope, she will ….


The door opened without a preamble….


I don't think so she is carrying anything proper with her other than a few rags, pata nehi Ayi Sahib kaha kaha se log utha ke late hai, now see what she has got, check out her belongings and give her a good bath before she leaves this room….Leela instructed a girl not much older than Nakusha….


Ji Ma'am….the maid stepped in as Leela pulled the door shut again…..much to Nakusha's surprise and disgust…..




Madhvi or Ayi Sahib as the people called her, climbed the massive stair case, she was feeling very happy today, she has got a new responsibility, to take care of somebody, the responsibility has been entrusted on to her by none less than Kalpana auntie, the teacher whom she idolized, whom she wanted to follow but never could, with whom she wanted to establish a contact but never allowed for all these 35 years there has rarely been an occasion in her life that she has not remembered Kalpana Auntie, how would have Kalpana Auntie reacted to this sort of situation, she often imagined but then invariably she would not be allowed to execute the same the way she wanted, today Kalpana Auntie came, she came because she thought only Madhvi can help, she has heard about the social services Madhvi undertakes…and Madhvi would not let her down…she stopped in front of a closed door…Kalpana Auntie found her to be capable, she knew I have the means and this time I will not let things go out of my hands….taking a deep breath she pushed the door open….


Leelu, I am not getting up now, a girl cried from the bed…


It is me Roopvati..Ayi Sahib announced….


Ayi…kya hai, itna subah subah ….


Ayi Sahib sighed…9 baj giya beta, not that early anymore…..




Ok beta for some more time bus…but do get up and have proper breakfast….I am telling Leela to wake you 15 minutes…..


Ayi, let me sleep…..


Roop I am borrowing one of your dresses….I hope you won't mind……


Uff Ayi you and your charity…..anyway don't take my halters……Roop buried her face under the pillow…Ayi Sahib smiled and opened the cupboard….




The maid stood holding the towel watching the girl….she was standing staring the shower, who knows maybe she has not seen a shower in her life thought the maid, for it seemed like it…the bathroom was small but likes of her would give arms and legs for a bathroom like this…


Should I switch the taps on for you?  The maid asked again, Nakusha raised her hand…nehi….mai kar lungi…she stepped away frowning at the maid….


The maid sighed, the girl was not allowing to touch her…see here is the shampoo, the soap, achhi tarah nahana nehi toh Leela Maam will make you have bath till she is satisfied…the maid made a face walking out and pulling the door shut…..Nakusha swallowed…water scares her….she extended her hand to turn the knob and stood shivering….the maid put her ears on the door, to see if she could hear any water sound….jaldi karo pura din khara rehene ka time nehi hai mere pass…




Ayi Sahib crossed the corridor to see a young man entering in riding boots and holding a riding whip, he was speaking to an elderly gentleman in agitated fashion, they were discussing horses obviously, the forthcoming racing season, Ayi Sahib stepped back, she did not want to come into their vision…as they passed, she went towards the room allotted to Nakusha…opening it she gritted her teeth, trust Leela, she has shoved the girl in one corner of the house, what could have been expected of her…she is Ayi Sahib of this house but then Leela is Leela, this Haveli is under her….Ayi Sahib entered the room, hearing the door open Nakusha glared at her direction, seeing Ayi Sahib, she lowered her eyes…Ayi Sahib smiled, I am sorry I should have knocked…lekin meri buri adaat…Ayi Sahib looked at the girl, after her bath she was looking a lot different, which her hair wet holding the bathrobe around herself tightly but her eyes were still sad…..she had a very soft and calm look, just like her aunt….


The maid raised her hands….kya pehnayu ayi sahib…she does not have anything proper….do salwar, whose kameez do not match and the under garments….


Ayi Sahib turned towards the maid….koi baath nehi…yeh Roop ki hai, for the time being let her wear it and ask Leela to call up 'Gauris'


Ayi Sahib udhar se inke liye….the maid commented


Ayi Sahib frowned, did I ask for your opinion….go from here now and ask Leela to have the breakfast ready for us, …….…..


Cursing under her breath the maid left…..





Carrying a tray loaded with breakfast, Leela clicked her heels and walked down the gallery on arriving in front of a closed door she knocked a couple of times before opening it to enter, Sir, she called out as she placed the tray on the massive study table….


Good morning Leela, a man in his early sixties greeted….wiping his face in the towel around his neck as he entered through the door leading to an attached gym…


Breakfast …Leela announced stepping back….


Hmmm as usual smelling good, he pulled up the chair and picked up the glass of juice, finishing it in one long drag, he started uncovering the other dishes to inspect….


What is it Leela, what do you want to tell me, he asked as he lifted the covers…


What makes you think I want to tell you something…..


Sriram Patil smiled….Leela today you have come yourself with the breakfast, obviously not waiting for me to finish my breakfast for you are a busy woman, so what is it, kya hai Leela so urgent that it cannot wait for later….


Sir, well nothing really but I thought I should let you know Ayi Sahib has brought it a village urchin into the Haveli, she is providing shelter, a room has been prepared for her….


Her?  Urchin? Sriram frowned…..


A girl and yes she needs a good bath, maine Kanta se kaha hai to give her a good wash……


At times Madhvi takes things too far, I never stopped her from meeting the villagers but told her many a times to keep the Haveli free from her charities….he was frowning hard….


Sir, I am sorry but had to let you know, the Haveli is full of invaluable treasures, infact we keep the servants after proper scanning, I am not complaining but sometimes Ayi Sahib goes a bit too far….


Thanks Leela for the information, I will speak to Madhvi….




As they walked out of the room Nakusha watched her surroundings, big pillars, ornate ceiling with ornamental lamp shades, not to say about the various figurines and statues displayed…other then uniformed servants, Nakusha saw no person who looked like a family member other than of course Ayi Sahib….they entered what looked like to be a parlor, Ayi Sahib sat down on a high backed chair…sit here, she directed….Naku looked around, somehow this room was different, decorated with local handicrafts and fabrics, it did not have the expensive look of the rest of the house….the same maid pushed in a trolley…..


Dekho kya khaogi, Ayi Sahib asked Nakusha to have a look….


Nakushal looked into the trolley, the items were too many…..she looked confused….Ayi Sahib smiled and instructed the maid handing it over to Naku….Naku hesitated, Ayi Sahib started eating, khao she smiled …


Naku took a few bites and then she lifted face to look at Ayi Sahib, her eyes were filled with unshed tears….


Aap baata sakti hai why my aunt dropped me here…..


Ayi Sahib stopped….the very question was going around her mind…you heard what she said, didn't you….she replied instead….


Ji but then I don't know my aunt very well, she rarely visited our home, my father used to say my sister has forgotten about us, she will even not come when she hears I am dead….


She came, didn't she….


I think she came hearing the sudden flood, cloud burst to help in rescue operations…..


She is your closest surviving relative…naturally it was her duty to look after you…..


Nakusha swallowed….I don't know but somehow I feel she and this does not match…she indicated the grandeur of the place….


I know but then she said everything happened so quickly and all of a sudden she is strapped with responsibility of a girl, she was not prepared for this and wants me to take care of you for some days, till she makes some arrangement for you, you know the camp which was set up for the disaster is being dismantled now, people are moving on and Kalpana Auntie says under the conditions she lives in the remote villages is not suitable for you….


I have not seen the bodies of my family, I don't want them to look for me when they come back…..


She still hopes her family will be alive, Ayi Sahib sighed….of course not, that is why I will keep in constant touch with the local authorities, you know since your aunt works in remote villages it is not possible for her all the time…..


Why do I feel that my aunt is hiding something….Nakusha observed…


Ayi Sahib stopped, the girl was speaking to her for the first time since her aunt dropped her here and her thoughts were pouring, she seemed to have too many questions and apprehensions….


Little I know of your Aunt, Naku, can I call you Naku…your aunt is a very straight women who does not know how to hide things….


Mere Baba bhi yeh bolte the, she gets into trouble so much as she does not keep anything hidden…..


Ayi Sahib smiled, she did not tell Nakusha that Kalpana Auntie told her something before Nakusha was called to be introduced…..but then till Nakusha is here, she is her responsibility….


Ayi Sahib excuse me please but Sir wants to see you…an elderly man in uniform came and bowed…..


Ayi Sahib frowned, how she hates to be sent for but then he never learns, this is how they do it in this family…..


Ayi Sahib it is 'now'….the man repeated once again softly but firmly, his words even made Nakusha look up to see the man observing her….


Ayi Sahib got up, giving a stiff smile she said, you finish your breakfast, mai abhi ati hu…..she walked out, the man followed…..


Strange thought Nakusha, who can be so important to send for the lady of the house….her husband?




Ayi Sahib shut the door a bit too loudly as she entered the room making Sriram look up from the files he was signing…


Madhvi…who is that girl….


Ayi Sahib was prepared, after all she has spent over 35 years in this house….


Ayi Sahib kept quiet…..


Madhvi how many times I told you …..


How many times I told you that please hear from me first…..Madhvi countered in a soft voice….


I would love to but you did not come….


It happened today morning, I did not get time…..


You know my morning routine Madhvi as my wife…..


I was not prepared and the request came from someone whom I idolized …..


Sriram Patil raised his brows……And the great person is?….


Kalpana Auntie….my teacher from school….


Sriram Patil frowned….teacher from school….is she the lady who wrote to me …I mean made you write…..


She is a woman with great honour, the girl lost her family in the cloud burst which happened, she is Kalpana Auntie's niece and Kalpana Auntie only wants my help for a few days….


Hmmm …lekin Haveli me kyu, you support many orphanages you could have made some arrangements in one of them…..


It is only for few days and in this Haveli guests do come and stay don't they?


Sreeram Patil stood up, 6 feet tall he had a body without extra fat, yes they do but they are all esteemed people who come on our invitation…not like this…..


Ayi Sahib bit her lips….35 saal me not one member of my family stayed in this Haveli for a night….she said…..


Madhvi don't start a fight, I am not in a mood for one but then when you speak about your family, I can only say you know the answer yourself….my parents committed a mistake but then they were misguided….anyway I am not going to argue on that, the only thing I want to make clear….I want to see that girl out of this Haveli within two days….that is the maximum time limit I can give you….


Lekin Kalpana Auntie?


Madhvi if you expect me that I will dance with joy that Kalpana Rao has found my family worthy to shelter her niece with us, then I am sorry, that woman is always into some trouble or the other with the Government and now knowing that girl is Kalpana's niece I have one more reasons not to keep her in my Haveli…..


You are not getting the point…Ayi Sahib countered….


Bus bahut ho giya, I have said what I wanted to say…you want to do charity I will not stop you, never have infact but not within the walls of this Haveli, this is our home ….looking at his watch, Sreeram Patil walked out of the study…..


Ayi Sahib stood trying to control her emotions…it is his home indeed but not hers, never have been hers, even not after 35 years…..



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Yuvika_15 Moderator

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 6:50pm | IP Logged

thanks for the PM

just read both ur updates nw... nice story...very dif from the shw obviously...
hmmm so raja sahib is sreeram, gosh he seems pretty rude nt allowing aayi sahib's guest remain in the haveli... n none of her family members lived for one nightShocked seems pretty unfair... why??
pls introduce dutta soonEmbarrassed

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