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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 18)

swati2008 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
tins.......awesome update as usual.......TaSha are getting attracted to each other......good......plz dnt make her call him RooJi are in a relationship........but are not sure about its he Dutta in the he knows about the case n all that.......update soon........

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 7:47pm | IP Logged

Dear Jayati,

I love the subtlety of your "Raj Gharana" and the restraint observed by each and every member of this stately house that will soon be thrown in turmoil by this fathomless attraction that Dutta does not seem to be able, nor desirous, to control. For once, let the regal Dutta do the running for the doe-eyed Nakusha who is shown to have enough savoir-faire to be able to deflect this unexpected interest as she has more important personal issues to sort out.
I am not into predictions when it comes to FFs as I feel that most of the ones posted on the forum seem to project the vision of what the author would want to see in LTL. Yours is different as it takes us to a world where your version of Dutta is not exactly a saintly figure and does seem to cultivate a healthy interest in all the benefits of material trappings, including women. But most of all, I love your projection of grandeur and the ensuing decadence....that we are yet to see unfold with Raja Saahib and a rather colourful life where Shakuntala plays no part whatsoever. Leela is another character that fascinates me. I cannot repress a feeling that she is privy to more than she should be and hence have the upper hand in many decisions affecting the day to day running of the Patil Mansion....
Somehow, your FF, faintly, reminds me of a world seeped into prejudices yet struggling to keep up with modernity and that it will be Dutta who holds the key to break the deadlock for the emergence of a new Patil Wadi where the concept of populism represented by Nakusha will finally blend in for new beginnings.
I will look forward to your update on Monday. Take care.Smile

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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:16am | IP Logged
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it  was superbbbbbbbbbb  update  yaar...........
so  naku  was be  friendly  with  baji  n  started  attached  with   horses  too............hmm  interesting......................
i  couldn't  understood   dutta   many  times,now   he  was  following nakuLOL?????????????
who  is  infront  of  naku  now,if  it  was dutta  then  he  already  knows  abt  nakus  aunt ah????
very  interesting  yaar..................but  in  ur   15th  update  u  didn't  mention  abt  duttas  dinner(that is   abt  dosa,he  asked  for  it  na n  he  for  the  first  time  gonna  eat  dosa na)  expecting  abt  duttas  reaction  after  he  had  dosa?????????
looking  fwd....................

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged
hey tin.. sorry could not post my comments yesterday.. kya weekend special and kya weekend special ka ending that girl!!! am on tenterhooks..
your stories are always very uniqque.. i have to give u that.. and very beautifully structured.. now i wonder if D knew about Kriplani all along.. why do i feel that when AS-Nakusha saw him in his car that day when she went to meet Kriplani for the first time, he had seen them ;-)
Baaji-roops story looks very have given a whole new dimenion to roops here and i am loving it.. the less i say about that dreadful AS's hubby the better.. it is sickening, but you have portrayed his outings and his daily routines so well..
waiting for Monday

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
Chapter 11

As the lady handed over the signed receipt she heard a voice from behind….Chale?


Spinning around she saw HIM standing….




Through the glass door Mr Kripalini's secretary got to see, Dutta leaving the reception with Nakusha…he frowned the girl said she is on her own on this face…except for setting up the appointment the Patils are not involved, even Vipinji has said that atleast that is what Mr Kripalini was given to understand or is there something more to it….he picked up the intercom and pressed Mr Kripalini's no.




A police constable was standing next to the car when Nakusha came out with Dutta from the building, seeing them, the constable saluted him, he nodded as he unlocked the door, the constable held the door open for him, he took out a note and offered, the constable shook his head in negation but with one piercing glance he quietly accepted the same and put it in his pocket with one final salute…


So Ayi Sahib was right, Nakusha observed wondering how he got to know she would be here…Bajirao did not know…she only told him she has some work in the town and if he just give a lift till a convenient point…..can the telephones be tapped….if so Ayi Sahib would have told her not to use any of the house telephones or does she know about it at all….no Naku is not going to open her mouth and make a fool of herself anymore…he has seen her, how much he know and how he knows she has no clue so it was better she kept her mouth shut and waited for his reaction, he was driving with full concentration and Nakusha noticed it was not towards the Haveli.




He stopped in front of a gate, Nakusha read the name, Serumix India, the name sounded familiar and wondered what he was doing here, as usual the security was utmost courteous as they opened the gate for him, he drove the car to the car park, getting down from it, he said come walking ahead in long strides….Nakusha hardly could glance around but through the glass walls she saw people working wearing aprons and masks just like they do in laboratories….he went towards what seemed to be the office area, people greeted him as he walked through the long corridors, he greeted them back….Nakusha virtually ran to keep space with him, he opened a glass door and waited for her to come through, it was a beautiful office with a lot of natural light, plotted plants and two girls working…seeing him they wished him, he nodded his head and then asked…Sara you go it?


Yes Mr Patil…the girl took out a packet and gave it to him…


Make an expense report I will sign it…..he went towards another door….and Sara no disturbance please…you can defer my appointments….with his head he indicated Naku to enter and closed the door behind him.




Leela watched Ayi Sahib walking up and down, waiting for Nakusha's return…as soon as she returned from her appointment, she asked about Nakusha to be told she has gone to the town with Bajirao…rest nobody knows….


Now she was standing in the hallway making a note of the time, walking up and down…


Oh my my…thought Leela never seen her getting so perturbed for her own family, husband, children nobody….


Just then Roop came down, hello Ayi Sahib…you are back….


Yes Roops…you are going out…..


Ha one of my friend has come home, would be meeting her in the club with our old group….you will be going out again Ayi Sahib….


Nehi beta, I am waiting for Nakusha, I heard she has gone to town but she should have been back…gao ki hai…I hope she will find her way…


Oh Nakusha….I saw her going out with Baji….errr…Baji I think has gone for delivery because I also saw the truck …..


Baji ke saath, delivery ke liye?  Why…I mean she…I mean delivery is not a part of her job…


Roops opened a mouth to say something more but then she changed her mind….I don't know if she has gone for delivery or just taking a lift till town…call her up in her mobile…may be she can tell you in detail her whereabouts….


Beta, she lost everything in cloudburst…uske pass mobile kaha….


Roops shrugged when her eyes fell on Leela…


Oh Leelu I will be late tonight…will not have dinner….


Roops beta…again late night…. beta…Raja Saab is looking for a groom for you…now you cannot have eyebags…roj roj agar raath ko der se ayoge kaisa hoga…Leelu admonished Roops…


Leelu now don't start it again…..waving at them Roops went out…..


Ayi Sahib glanced towards Leela, Leela turned her face away, shrugging she clicked her heels and walked away…


Ayi Sahib sighed….she never misses an opportunity ….maybe till the last days of our life it will be so….who knows….




Like the outer office, this room was also with a lot of natural light, it was packed with trophies and various figurines of horses and models of cars, there was also a big oil painting of a gentleman, the same person who alongwith his wife hung in the galleries of the Haveli, one of the ancestors maybe Raja Saab's father….


Kuch piyegi?  He asked….


Ji…pani….Naku replied….


He put a bottle and glass in front of her, opened a bottle and poured a glass of wine for himself….


Sitting on the high backed leather chair on the other side of the table, he looked at her with a piercing glance, Nakusha gulped down the water uneasily and held the glass as if it was her lifeline…


Shoot, he said….


Shoot…Nakusha raised her brows, rolling her eyes she asked…Kisko shoot?


He banged his fist on the table, Nakusha nearly jumped out from her skin….


Nakhre nehi….have you ever stood in front of the mirror while lying?  Because when you lie it can be made out clearly from your face….I knew you were lying from the very first day….isiliye nakhre nehi…sach sach bata Kripalini ke pass kyu gayi thi….nehi toh…he picked up the intercom…mujhe ek minute bhi nehi lagega pata laga ne me…


I had gone to ask if Mr Kripalini will fight for my aunt, Kalpana Rao's release….


Kripalini is a busy man, who made your appointment with him?




Ayi Sahib's secretary?  He frowned…strange  Kripalini does not give his appointment so easily that too… Ayi Sahib is always kept out of these matters, how did Lekha get access?  Has she used our name?


Mujhe nehi pata, lekin yeh baath sach hai I told Mr Kripalini that you…I mean Raja Saab and his family is no way involved in the case…


He agreed to take up the case…sala Kripalini ek no. ka khoonchoosne wale me se hai…who sends his bill by minutes, don't tell me he is willing to fight free for your Aunt….as I have read in the papers that Kalpana Rao has said let justice prevail, she will not spend poor people's money for her freedom…she has refused to take the help of her organization saying please do not waste your hard earned money…she is even ready to fight her own case to save costs…….


Well I will raise money…I told Mr Kripalini I will campaign for my aunt…and this case is also a challenge for Mr Kripalini, after all a case of sedition does come everyday in an independent country like India…


He did not say anything, instead kept on staring at her….


She took out the receipt…leaning forward she showed it to him…sach me…see he has only taken Rs.100…he caught her hand instead….pura sach bata…the girl who came shaking in the Haveli looking lost is now striking deal with Mr Kripalini, a man who shreds his opponent like paper in the shredder…kiske bharose me tui gayi thi Kripalini ke pass…..


Nakusha looked at him….his eyes was gleaming….taking a deep breath she replied Ayi Sahib….Ayi Sahib wants me take up my aunt's case ?


Why?  He still held her hand in firm grip….


I …I have no family member as of now…unless my baba/ayi and bhau comes back ever….my aunt is my only…


Yeh bata why are you trying to guard Ayi Sahib all the time…jhoot toh isi waje se tu bol rahi hai…you can fight for your aunt…that is not a problem but why are you lying in this regard....


Nakusha swallowed trying to wriggle out her hand from his grip but he was not letting go…she then said…okay my aunt Kalpana Rao was Ayi Sahib's teacher and Ayi Sahib wants to do something for her as Ayi Sahib has always been inspired by my aunt but due to …due to various reasons she could not keep in touch and now that she has got a chance she wants to help her idol…..Nakusha spoke in one breath…


Dutta listened to her in full attention, this is something he did not know…he had heard that Kalpana Rao once her mother's teacher wanted to keep her newly orphaned niece in the Haveli for sometime till she settles her personal issues …not every family can keep a orphan penniless girl….


Hmmm now you are speaking the truth but Kripalini does not come cheap…raising money is alright, challenging case is also alright but then he will want money for his travel and lodging, got expensive tastes, even if he forgoes his fees, paisa agar na utha payi…tere pass kuch paisa nehi hai….but then how will Ayi Sahib give the money without Raja Saab knowing?


Just then the door opened….Seema entered…there you are atlast….kya Dutta what is keeping you so busy that you cannot accept my phones even?


Dutta let go Nakusha's hand…..Sara was standing at the door trying to indicate that she had told but Seema did not listen…..


Its okay Sara…I know how pile on Seema can be at times…..


DUTTA….Seema growled….


Seema…he growled back…this is my office….and I am busy….what reasons I have given you to believe that I will be happy to see you anytime and everytime?


This is your office and you are with a girl…




Isn't she the same girl whom I saw at….


Yes she is….and I am talking to her ….


You were holding her hand…..Seema screamed….


Dutta looked furious,  he got up, picking up the packet, he said, Naku chal ghar chal…..taking her hand, he pulled Nakusha out of the office refusing to answer to Seema's summons….




Ayi Sahib was now really tensed, where is that girl….she had picked up the courage and had called Bajirao on his mobile who was surprised to receive her call…


Ji Ayi Sahib…ji maine toh usse chowk pe hi chhor diya…kya abhi takh ghar nehi ayi….


Chowk pe kaunsa chowk pe….


Bajirao named it…abhi tak wapis nehi ayi kya….should I go and look for her…even if he does not know our phone nos..but Haveli everybody knows, she should have no problem in returning…aap ko kuch idea hai kaha ja sakti hai woh….


Ne..nehi….but lets see…nehi toh mai dekhti hu….Ayi Sahib kept down the phone…frowning as she heard a voice behind…'Baji aur kitna der…jaldi karo'….the voice was very familiar but where is Nakusha?


Ayi Sahib came into the hallway to see Nakusha entering with Dutta ….Dutta handing a packet to Nakusha….


Kya hai isme….Nakusha asked….


Dekh lena tera kaam ayega…..


Nakusha…Ayi Sahib called….



Ayi Sahib you are back….Nakusha came towards Ayi Sahib…


Kabka…I was worried for you…where had you been….


Ayi Sahib mai…Nakusha stared back to see Dutta still standing….on being eye to eye he walked towards the stairs…..


As they sat in the parlour….Nakusha whispered about her outing at Kripalini's place….


Lekin Dutta tujhe kaha mila?


Nakusha swallowed….Ayi Sahib ….he…he…


Kya huwa….


Nakusha then narrated what happened including the Seema episode…..


Yeh dress kisne diya tujhe? 


Aap ne nehi kharidi…..


Nehi maine toh nehi…Ayi Sahib nodded…or have they given the wrong packet….


Nakusha swallowed…….she remembered how Dutta called her before handing over this very packet…


Isme Dutta ne tujhe kya diya….Ayi Sahib asked noticing the packet in Nakusha;'s hand now…


Pata nehi…abhi diya…she said…


Kholke dekh…


A box containing a mobile phone …..Nakusha felt embarrassed as Ayi Sahib frowned….


I did not ask him for this…she stammered….


Ayi Sahib was staring it with a still eyes….so like his father, she muttered to herself too softly for Nakusha to hear….Dekh Nakusha my son it seems has taken a fancy on you, pata nehi kyu but stay away from him…..aur abh haath muh dhokar khana kha le…..tomorrow you have morning shift once again…..Ayi Sahib got up and went out of the parlour, for the first time surprising Nakusha by her abrupt behaviour…



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divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tintiny

Chapter 11

hey jayati......Smile wat an update......

it was very nice, very brisk n crisp in covering issues..... i so liked it..........

so dutta's mom herself knows of his wandering well like his dadShocked

it shd hav been very hurtful n painful to c her son behave like this towards women..... i thnk it wud not have happened if she wud hav personally taken care of him.....

anywayz....... superb update........... so seema wil b exiting from the story is it......Big smile very happy.....

even though the update was lengthy, it was so full of information........ hope it wud hav been lengthier...... next update, much bigger one......... so tomorow mrng or today only?

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
ayi saab guessed it right..........dutta has taken a fancy towards naku.............
shruti10august Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2010
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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
My my tin....

First of all, thnx a lot for updating it today.

Now, it is quite clear that dutta had brought that dress for naku, nd now he gave a mobile to her.

AS thinks that her son has fantancy on naku, bt she didn't knw that this tym its nt fantancy bt luv.

Thank u dear for update.

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