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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 15)

shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 12:38am | IP Logged
First of all, very gud lines by gurudev (rabindranath tagore).
Tin, this ff of urs is making me mad, so much that before going for exam, instead of revising my chapters, i read ur ff.

So finaly, he is feeling attracted towards naku. Gud. Now, he also want to eat the food naku eats. Oh my my.... I don't know how many tyms i vl say this that i m luving it....

Thnx for uqdating it on regular basis

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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:17am | IP Logged
hey  superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb  update  dear...........
so  dutta  was started  fall  for  naku   n   he  asked  for  dosa................really  surprising...............
n  interesting  tooooooooooo................looking  fwd...............

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.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 4:13am | IP Logged

I love this version Of D ...

 A thinking guy ,

Successful businessman ,

Good taste

he knows that he is good at what he does  and no clams of excepting it

Air of Arrogance


But still sweet

 Nd he got a great way of gifting a girl ( I hate guys , here I got u a gift .. I would throw the  gift back the guy's face nd say Did I ask u too .)

But I like the way he brought her a  gift of his choice ... and did make a show abt it ..
Totally bowled over by him

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 June 2010
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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
tanx alot Tins 4 the wonderful update wow tanx 4 making it longer as well.
wow d doesn't want to get out i think he is thinking it is only attraction little does he know that it is beyond that can't wait 4 him to make effort to b near her & talk to her & i am sure N'll impress him with her simple philosophy! Smile
tanx Tins 4 the awesome update pls cont. i am hooked eager to know what happens next?Embarrassed

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shally_m Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2006
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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged

nice update ..... getting interesting ....

update on weekend also

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 6:24am | IP Logged
lovely lines in the beginning..

Hey tin.. arreh wah, so he now thinks he is just attracted to her and that will vanish after a few days.. my my.. he is in for a shock then, isn't he!!

Wow, they had dosas.. I made the batter this morning and hopefully we will enjoy some this evening.. now how will Leela get dosas ready for dinner as preparing the batter will take a day's time! Unless of course she has the batter.. but wish I could see her face when kanta will say he has asked for dosas!!


poor AS thought he may look down upon her for ordering that.. was touched to read that this was the first time she was sat next to her son.. an hopefully when naku becomes her bahu, she will get a lot more respect and love from her son..


And OMG, did he buy her that dress.. if she had not seen it when AS handed her the bags.. also him handing that bag at the last minute saying she left it behind, makes me think he bought the tunic dress for her.. if so, pls tin, let us know his thoughts on why he bought it.. whether on w whim and then trying to reason himself that it is just an attraction for her..

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Chapter 10 Weekend Spl 

Funny request, Kanta thought, he never ate dosa for dinner before…what would be her aunt's reaction when she hears this…




Raja Saab wiped his mouth with the napkin, Leela indicated the butler to clear the dishes…as the butler left, Leela came forward, I hope you have enjoyed your dinner Sir, she said while retying his tie knot…


Thanks Leela it was lovely, enjoyed the mutton after a long time…


Yes doctor wants you to control but once in a while I guess it is okay…


Yes because of you this house still has the warmth…Madhvi toh ghum kar bhi nehi dekhti….


Sir, as you say class makes the difference, she was no match for you…that time guruji insisted she was the best suited for you as her horoscope showed strong indication she would bear a male child.


Ha woh toh tha, that time my parents had become too obsessed with that Guruji, uska phal mai bhugat raha hu…sometimes I feel Madhvi's father had bribed that Guruji to get a good match for his daughter….


Heheheh ho sakta hai, you know these people will do anything to get a wealthy groom for their daughters…


Wealthy and classy….Raja Saab got up…thanks Leela, kabhi kabhi tujhse baath kar leta hu, dil halka jo jata hai….


Anytime Sir, anytime…..


Vipin you are through for the day….Raja Saab came out of the dining room….


Yes Raja Saab, I have kept your schedule for tomorrow next to your bedside table and now the car ready…


You have informed her…


Yes she is expecting you…..


Okay goodnight Vipin…see you tomorrow….Raja Saab, got into the car as Vipin Rao held the door open….as the car rolled away, Vipin turned to go in, as per habit his eyes darted to one corner of the hall to see Leela going towards the kitchen dragging her feet…..


He closed the office, locking it, he went towards the car waiting for him to take him home.




It was past two in the morning, when Ayi Sahab heard the car stopping in the portico, a pair of feet walking past her room and banging of doors….the interconnecting door between the two rooms vibrated in that force, Ayi Sahib let out a sigh and snuggled into bed….why should she care….he does not then why cannot she sleep until he is back into his room….as usual there were no answers…..pulling her cover she closed her eyes firmly…




Nakusha stood before a horse whose name was 'Thundering Bolt', Bolt in short, in last couple of days she has become quite friendly to some of the horses and she liked Bolt particularly…a chestnut brown horse with a white patch on his forehead…..after her cleaning round she went around tickling all the horses making friends with them, giving them sugar cubes but Bolt responded to her best……


Hmmm Nakusha, nuzzled her nose with him, scratching his neck…Bolt too made a purring sound, enjoying himself obviously…..


Idhar kya ho raha hai Bajirao, my horses are getting seduced it seems ….


Hearing his voice, Nakusha jumped back…good god he has arrived early it seems, Nakusha noted the time….


Saddle him….He asked her….


Nakusha looked at the groom who was waiting with his saddle already….the groom came forward …..


Tum ruko…he stopped the groom…saddle him he repeated looking towards her….she hesitated briefly, cursing him 'kharoos kahika subah subah kharab mood lekar a jata hai'…she nearly dropped the saddle for it was heavier than her anticipation, taking it upto Bolt, she struggled to put it across him for Bolt was fully grown male and the saddle was heavy for her to lift….


Pehle pata hota thora gym me jakar weight lifting karke ati, she muttered under her breath….


He came forward to help her, instructed her how to strap it, she followed his instruction trying to control her shaking hands, feeling his warm breath at the back of her neck…


He inspected it and once satisfied he took the house and led it outside before jumping on to it and riding away…Nakusha noted Bajirao was standing next to her ….


Aap nehi gaye…she asked…..


Nehi today he wants to ride on his own, at times his mood is such…and I also have to get the horses prepared for delivery, loading karna hai, the truck


Hmm even Ayi Saab was saying Sir is very moody….


Naku I wanted to tell you…you can call him Bhau, by Sir or Raja Saab we understand his father…Bhau or Bhau Sahib is him…


Bhau…Naku muttered …Bhau she repeated the word to herself…the image of her brother floated before her…Naku blinked …then she remembered him feeling her wet tendril, grabbing her hand to take her up the escalators and the dress…has be brought the dress?…why does she feel like it is he who have brought the dress for her…..


Kya baath hai Naku, kis soch me par gayi tu?  Bajirao asked…


No I was thinking one of these days I should call up the village police chowki….pata nehi mere ma baap/ bhai ka koi khabar hai ki nehi….


Oh no problem, Haveli me phone kafi sare hai and if you want you can use my mobile even….


Ji thank you, Naku ran into the stable…today she has to call up Mr Kripalini, Ayi Sahib won't be in the house in the morning as she has been invited as guest of honour in some school, she has to make the call herself only…




Nakusha disconnected the phone, Mr Kripalini wants to see her, yes he would be taking up her case, if she would come down, he could then tell her what he all he would require and how to go forward….


Nakusha came out of Ayi Sahib's parlour….the Haveli was far from the main town, situated on a hillock, she had to find out how to make it to the town, lost in her thoughts she did not realize she had come face to face with Dutta.


He raised his brow….


Err phone kar rahi thi…she replied trying to give her excuse for no reason….


Hmmmmm….he kept on staring at her….


My friend K ka  Kapil…I had promised him, I will call today….gosh why am I saying all this to him he did not ask…she thought….


Hmmm good….he climbed the stairs..Nakusha walked outside ….she will ask Bajirao how to go about it…..he would help certainly…




In the open truck the horses were loaded, Bajirao once again checked the inventory and then signaled the driver to drive out handing over the signed challans…


Nakusha bit her lips…tomorrow a set of fresh horses will again come in these pastures and she will not see these ones anymore…her heart felt empty….one day maybe Thunder Bolt will also go away…she thought….


Naku  are you ready?  Bajirao asked….


Ji, I am, chale?


Ho chal…..I will drop you to the crossing, udhar se ek auto le lena….


Ji I will manage…Nakusha sat next to Bajirao in the open jeep….Baji drove towards the gate, he was going to see off the horses in the airport, get them loaded in the cargo carefully, as safe delivery to client is also a responsibility….though their man will be there in the airport but still it is a responsibility… as they reached the gate, Roopvati came driving in another car, she was back from her college it seemed….


As Roops frowned seeing Nakusha next to Bajirao, Naku noticed Baji sitting straight waiting for her to give way so that he could pass, jaws firmly set…..


Naku looked away….


As they drove out , his mobile started to ring, it was kept on the dash board, Nakusha saw R calling….


Mai delivery ke liye ja raha hu…will be back late evening, Bajirao said abruptly before disconnecting the line as he darted a glance towards Naku….


Naku fidgeted on her seat a bit uneasily…


Actually I have grown in this premises, infact played a lot with Roops…Roopvati, Bhau when he came from boarding…i.e when we were children…


Err Baji..bhau…I can call you Baji bhau isn't it….




I must confess the other day, on the party day….after dinner I wanted some fresh air…could not sit in my room so……..Naku stopped….


You saw something…Bajirao asked softly….


Yes ..I saw Roops with you….matlab….cl…standing close….




I did not tell Ayi Sahib…I promise….


Hmmm, Roops and I have grown up together….we studied in the same college also ….I mean I am her senior by couple of years…Kala Tai was quite elder to us…Bhau was in hostel most of the time hence we…we have become close….


Isme kharabi kya hai…you are nice man, all the stable boys do like you..I have heard them often speaking amongst themselves…


Bajirao gave a sad smile….


Nakusha believe me when I tell you that I am running after a mirage, a relationship which is already doomed it is only Roops who does not understand and me at times cannot keep myself away from her…


When you both love each other toh …should I speak to Ayi Sahib….I mean Ayi Sahib I am sure will support you….


I know about Ayi Sahib and her support lekin usse kya hoga Nakusha….you have seen Ayi Sahib's position in this house….and Raja Saab will no way want his daughter to be married to his secretary's son….


You are Vipinji's son?


Yes, didn't you know that?  I just told you we played together at children, that time we used to stay in the quarters inside the Haveli, now we stay just down the hillock, a house given by Raja Saab…since we have grown up we need more space so…..Bajirao did not say that to in his effort to stay away from Roops they expressed their desire to move out of the Haveli….


Does Sir…I mean bh…bhau…know about your relationship…


No I don't think so…after school he went abroad to study and now he is busy will his own life, trying to learn everything about his family business…


You can approach him, I mean he may be more reasonable than his father and I am told Raja Saab never over rules his son…..


Well Bhau is his son, isn't he?  Bajirao muttered those words to himself before bringing the car to halt at the junction….


Straightening her tunic dress Naku looked as Bajirao drove away….it was foolish to suggest something like this to him, Ayi Sahib is a living example and is suffering even after 35 years…Raja Saab is already an old man but his son, he will carry forward the name and tradition of family, won't he?





Nakusha read the 'to do' list given by Mr Kripalini's secretary to her….first she has to establish a contact with her aunt, get her consent that Mr Kripalini will appear on her behalf, arrange their meetings, get past records of the chargesheets already filed…though Mr Kripalini said he will be able to collect many things through his connections, not to get too worried about all the papers relating to the case but then there were some basic which she as Kalpana Rao's family member could do only….


His secretary observed Nakusha as her forehead creased reading the big list…


Maam, don't look so worried…once you start you will find there are many people who will come forward to help you….such people like your aunt are rare and they do have their well wishers and well connected people backing them…


Nakusha smiled…yes a lot of well known people are protesting, I do see in the papers….


The man smiled….yes best of luck, once Sir takes up the case you will see many things falling in place by itself only….


Ji he said that he will accept his fees for the first meeting after he agrees to stand for my aunt…..


Yes, you can give a token amount of Rs.100…as he takes up this case….


Bus?  Ayi Sahib was saying it should be….


Yes normally he does charge by minutes and appearances but this is a special case, he will decide his fees as the case progresses….Nakusha opened the big side bag Ayi Sahib had given her with the money…she took out a note….


Pay in the reception, the lady will also give you a receipt…..


Nakusha watched as the lady making out a receipt for her, she was feeling very excited, chalo kaam toh shuru ho giya …lets see where this takes me….


As the lady handed over the signed receipt she heard a voice from behind….Chale?


Spinning around she saw HIM standing….



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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
it seems that dutta will know about kripalini...............nice update........

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