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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 14)

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Chapter 9

After disconnecting the phone, Vipin Rao looked towards the closed door of the study….he knew they were sound proof ….Raja Saab did not know he made an appointment with Mr Kripalini for Nakusha…when Lekha, Ayi Sahib secretary came with the request, Vipin Rao could not say no for Ayi Sahib had never approached him for anything….he had watched the poor lady drifting alone in this Haveli, no one to share her pain with, her husband refused to understand her….she was unlike other wives who used their husband's secretaries to keep a tab on her husband….he had seen her silent tears for Raja Saab never hid his latest at her face…..he spared no opportunity to show her, her classless background….




Krishnakoli ami tarei boli, kalo tare bole gayer lok!

Meghla dine dekhechhilam mathe kalo meyer kalo horin chokh

Ghumta mathay chhilo na tar mote, muktobeni pither pore lote

Kalo?  Ta she jotoi kalo hok, dekhechi tar kalo horin chokh

 (I call her a dark beauty, villagers call her dark

On a cloudy day in the meadow I had seen her, the dark doe eyed girl

Her head was not covered, hair cascading down her back

Dark?  For even if she is dark, I have seen her dark doe eyes..)


(Lyrics by Rabindranath Tagore, translation by me )



Dutta drove the car, his mother was sitting next to him, for the first time he was driving with his mother sitting in the passenger seat…as family when they go out, if he happens to drive, his father usually occupies the passenger seat or if his father happened to  drive then it is him who is sitting next…..


Dutta adjusted the rearview mirror, she sat at the back seat looking outside….so different from the girls he knew, not the usual ones towards whom he got attracted but still he could feel being pulled towards her through an unknown force ...from the moment he saw her in the meadow, the moment he hit her with his whip and she looked up to see him on the horse….her eyes flashing, lips curling….


She was not fair, neither she was too dark, average built, slim with soft features but her eyes, her dark mesmerizing eyes, sparkled when she spoke but when she was absentminded they were filled with pain, the loss of her missing family….


He never got to know his mother's family, they rarely visited the Haveli, except to render some invitation for a marriage or birth in the house…Patils were their illustrious relations, it was their honour if the Patils paid a visit to their house…his father though accepted the invitation never went to attend, though he ensured enough gifts were sent on the day of the occasion.  Oh how many times he had heard  his father lamenting that it is important to marry within your class, you mother never could understand me and other than giving me children has done nothing to be my mate, let alone my soul mate…..I get no support from her….


Yes I am attracted to that girl, I have been attracted to many girls in the past, what is new in this other than she belongs to a different class?  She is a girl and he will also over come her but till the attraction last…hmmmmm….




As he brought the car to stop at the foyer, Ayi Sahib got down….giving her son a smile she asked Naku to come along for tea….Naku picked up her packages and thanked him for the ride to follow Ayi Sahib….when he called…




Ji….she turned….


I think you have missed this one…it is yours...


O ..did I…I am sorry….not used to carrying so many packages together you see, she flashed another smile grabbing the packet to follow Ayi Sahib….Dutta handed the keys over to one of the drivers standing to take the car to the parking lot….


What car do I bring for the evening, the man asked….


Err I think I will stay at home during the evening…abhi tak mood nehi hai jane ka…ageh ka pata nehi…


The driver shook is head, he was surprised indeed first he drives in with his mother and the new girl and secondly he does not want to go out….strange…but then the evening is long  and he will change his mind when he starts feeling bored.




Nakusha stood before the mirror holding the dresses once again in front of her…Ayi Sahib has gone over the top, not one is what she can wear casually, the kurtis and the sarees but then in this Haveli nobody dressed casually except for Roop, she wore jeans but maybe that too was of high end brand which Nakusha will not know, she remembered Dutta, wearing his jodhpurs and knee length leather boots when he rode out, Raja Saab in his business suit from morning till evening…just like in the films…nobody moves around in this house in pajamas, nobody seems so atleast….


Oh how she would love to wear her crumpled nightie, the musky smell of it when her mother yelled to give it for washing…Nakusha picked up another packet, taking out the dress she frowned…it was a tunic dress, a nice floral design with white blouse…it was casual but elegant …but when she had peeped into the packets in the Mall she had not noticed this….Nakusha laid the dresses on the bed, they had gone to the food court, Nakusha remembered Ayi Sahib giving hesitant glances at her son, as if waiting for his approval or trying to judge his reaction when Nakusha chose to a 'dosa' for herself and Ayi Sahib while he settled for a 'tuna sandwich', he did not wrinkle his nose at their ordinary food…Naku observed how hesitant Ayi Sahib had been…he took a bite or two of his sandwich and then said he is coming from round the corner indicating the toilet…Ayi Sahib finally got to relax, as soon he left, Nakusha told her quickly how he picked her up in front of the building and how she had to make up the story….


Naku we have to be very careful, see if Mr Kripalini moves into the court, publicity is bound to happen, such high profile lawyer fighting….but before that no way Raja Saab should get to know….


You think if Sir, comes to know he will tell Raja Saab….


Ayi Sahib kept quiet….to be very frank with you Nakusha, I don't know my son, I had very little to with his upbringing, he also went to the boarding school because his father wanted him to become a man but whatever I have seen him, he is a moody person……very serious most of the time but then caring in his own way….when he laughs he does have a hearty laughter…..


Strange when he employed me, Raja Saab did not over-rule him…..


He is the male child, his successor…Raja Saab seldom overrules his son….didn't you see how the servants treat him?  Even Leela…..


What about your daughter…..


Kalavati is married …Ayi Sahib stopped swallowing she looked, after Kalavati was born, though she was welcomed as the first grandchild of the family, I had a terrible time as it was a girl and Raja Saab's horoscope said he would have no male heir…..he himself is the only son after three sisters…..


I conceived but had miscarriages, it was third time that Dutta was born, after my mother-in-law kept a lot of fast etc etc., his birth saved my marriage, they were contemplating to get Raja Saab married once again…


But that is against the law…how could they do that…


Ayi Sahib smiled…Nakusha money has its uses, if Dutta told you today the police would fine him for breaking traffic rules well no police in this town will do that atleast…


Oh really but then you are no longer the Rajas of Patilwadi in that sense anymore….


Ayi Sahib laughed, her laughter sounded so like her son….she was about to say something when they noticed Dutta was coming towards them, he frowned when he sat down to notice all the finger chips he was served with the sandwich was finished….He looked towards Naku….


Naku stuck her tongue out, I am sorry I finished it off, baato baato me pata hi nehi chala….should I get some more for you?


Nehi lets go, I will drop you home…


Dutta you need not bother, I have a car with me…..


Ayi Sahib I have some work at home…you ask your driver to go back to Patilwadi….he picked up the shopping bags…


Sir I can carry them….


He did not bother to reply….instead walked ahead….Ayi Sahib whispered, he is being a gentleman…perfect Patil etiquette …Naku rolled her eyes….


Naku watched the dresses, she usually got one good dress for Diwali, the extra money was donated Kalpana Rao's fund, to earn some blessings and good wishes for the family…so what have they done wrong, why cannot they be found till now….why my family is suffering bhagwan?  As usual there were no answers to her question……blinking her tears Naku picked up the tunic dress…she remembered Dutta had gone for quite a while before he returned to join them back in the food court….




Dutta picked up the book he had purchased from the bookstore….The Agony and the Ecstasy, a book on Michelanglo's life…pouring a drink he sat on his settee, opening the book, today for some reason he was feeling very calm, today he went around the mall with his mother and Nakusha…strangely he did not feel irritated as Nakusha chose a pair of shoes for herself.  When Seema took her for shopping he could not wait for it to be over, he remembered Nakusha's eyes looking horrified seeing the price tag of the shoe she selected, her guilty look as Ayi Sahib was paying for it…nothing fancy, simple fair with reasonable price…OMG everything is so damn costly here, she moaned, idhar footpath par dukan nehi hai kya…udhar sasta milta….


Dutta laughed to himself as he turned the pages of the book and made himself comfortable, there was knock on the door….he shouted 'come in' Kanta entered carrying a tray…..


Kya hai?  He asked…not feeling hungry…


Maam sent….she put down…Dutta noticed a light salad and a bit of snacks…Leela knew what he liked….nothing heavy or greasy with his drink….


Kanta stood even after putting down the plates…


He raised his brow…


Maam was asking what would you like for dinner….


Dutta frowned….kuch bhi, she knows what I like and I cannot think of anything special ….


Ji, Kanta still hesitated…


Any problem, now Dutta was getting irritated….his good mood getting ruined….


Kanta went towards the door…


Oh Kanta…I would not mind a dosa for dinner…tell Leelu to prepare that….


Funny request, Kanta thought, he never ate dosa for dinner before…what would be her aunt's reaction when she hears this…



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I am sorry the bengali font did not come, I will write it in english later when I have time, now rushing to office :P  Love Tin

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely dutta is getting attracted to naku............i love the song 'krishnakali'.........

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Yess... I knew he was attracted towards her... well he will b in love with her soon and then seema can go away lol...
LOL she ate his finger chips hehe... I LOVE when he looks at her from the rear view mirror.. ders always something special bout it lol..
Now he wants to eat Dosa... Hailaaa he's already chnging a little bit lol.. bechari nakku, she doesnt the how much shes affectin him..
Aw i feel sorry for AS.. her marriage was on rocks cause she had a girl first.. den a miscarriage... den finally Dutta... poor her... Im surprised she still stays in this house.. they treat her like shes no1.
Great update :)

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Reading the words in english i didn't recognize it as krishnakali...but nice translation jayati...
So he is attracted...well nice..Have to say he has class of wooing girls...the packet was slipped to her so subtly....and though i am not fond of south indian food...because thats wht i get for breakfast every single day after coming to pune...i kindda liked him asking for that....he doesn't know wht he is getting into.....a deep soul piercing love....hey i would like some mushy stuff between them know midnight revendeous(i think got the spelling wrong) or something..

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Wow!!!!!!!so Dutta into the second step of Luv with Nakku...........first he hi her with the whip and they argued.......secondly he had a chat with her and now he is attracted.........sooooon it will be luv in full swing...........Dutta cleverly slipped in thedress he bought fr her...............nakku at all his finger chips..........And at night he wants to eat!!! what a farmaaish................loking frwrd fr some light Tasha romance...........maybe Dutta trying sum sneak-peaks at nakku..........jealous Dutta when he sees her freely speaking to sum male co-workers or sumthing like that..............waiting fr 2morrows updt...........

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Loving every  moment of ur amazing story..............well its getting quite difficult to wait for da nxt morning.......Embarrassed

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Originally posted by tintiny

Chapter 9

hey tins........

wat an update yaar........... so he brought the dress for naku......... mmmm.............

his excuse for getting attracted sounds physical........ but soon he will fall flat..... as he wil never b able to get out of her thoughts.......Wink alrdy asking for dosa.........LOLLOL

really good update............

it was a lengthy update, but it seemed so less again........ i definitely want more............... hope u update today only....... wat say...Smile


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