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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 10)

divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 1:05am | IP Logged
Nakusha went at the back of the courtyard, behind her room to be precise'though her room was nice, she wanted some fresh air, sitting on top of a bonnet of a car, she helped herself with the food, yes the dish was real tasty, she did not know what it was but it was just awesome, unlike anything she had eaten before' she chewed she smelled cigarette, turned her head to watch him standing and observing her leaning against another car'.




oh cool, so the story is going to b too interesting ha?Smile

m happy........... update soon......... the real LTL is so slow.........

atleast ur speed is gud enuf for us to enjoy.......

update soon........

ya a request, can u pls PM me if u can when u update............

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swati2008 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Tins.......awesome one......Baaji is really considerate.........but Dutta........plz dnt make me hate some good side of his..........i liked the way Naku answered back........why Leela is so rude.........dnt she realise.......she's only a servant........i think she was in love with raja sahib secretly........but AS ruined her plans........thats why she's bitching behind her it Dutta in the last scene........are u going to fulfill my demand of a rocking TaSha scene.........waiting for it........btw where's evil queen Kala............

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Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Hi tinni awesome upd8
God dis dutta is one moody guy
Loved nakkus comeback 2 leela
Lov nakkus fighting spirit in dis ff
Tinni u never PMed hoo
Upd8 soon can't wait teek heh

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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 5:43am | IP Logged

nice update ....

feeling bad for ayi sahib .... dutta very harshhhhhhh....

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged

hey tin.. nice part.. nakku really knows how to give it back.. hope she does the same with dutta.. I am sure he will come and tell her off for sitting on his car maybe.. leela is so unsufferable and is moulding kanta to be just like her!


Poor AS had such a hard life.. in spite of having kids, she never could raise them the way she wanted.. such a lonely existence.. everything is just for showing people and maintaining outwardly appearances! Now nakku will teach them how real life is and what lil pleasures in life means and how a family should be well knit!!

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Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
Chapter 7



Nakusha went at the back of the courtyard, behind her room to be precise'though her room was nice, she wanted some fresh air, sitting on top of a bonnet of a car, she helped herself with the food, yes the dish was real tasty, she did not know what it was but it was just awesome, unlike anything she had eaten before' she chewed she smelled cigarette, turned her head to watch him standing and observing her leaning against another car'.






Roopvati laughed at the joke the young man cracked, she knew her father wanted her to get interested in him but to be very truthful Roopvati aka Roop or Roops never understood his sense of humour, she knew she was not the brightest of brains around nevertheless she could not call herself dumb and Salil's sense of humour was something she could never fathom..  I don't see your brother, the rising entrepreneur, the rising young Turk of India…what business horse selling..Salil laughed at his own joke…


Roops became serious, she did not like it…yes from horses the family still made quite a lot of money and it was their family pride….Salil…can I get you a drink?  She asked instead….


Umm you wait, I will get for us…the usual for you isn't it Roops?


Yes Salil….please …so nice of you …as Salil went towards the Bar, Roops stepped backwards, watching around she ensured everybody was busy, she quickly left the room, he must be waiting….


Ayi Sahib was trying to look interested in the chat she was having, narrowed her eyes to see Roopvati leaving the room….her youngest child and her greatest concern….she knows about the man her husband has in mind for her and like Roops too she is not happy but cannot share it with anybody as she knows the moment she opens her mouth, her husband will shut her up and her children will do exactly what their father wants them to do as if just at times to prove she is wrong as usual.




Nakusha sat stiffly as he walked upto her …she prayed to her lord hoping he will not throw her out of the  haveli atleast…


You have got expensive taste for a dining table I see…he observed….


Is it so?  Nakusha replied trying to figure on what model she was sitting….well I am not very good with cars, agar mera bhau hota toh keh deta 'tai tujhe itna bhi nehi maloom'?  Nakusha went quiet, for the first time she spoke about her family to someone other than Ayi Sahib in this house…


Well it is a 'Maybach'…he replied after a pause..


Maybach?  Aisa gari ka naam toh maine zindagi me nehi suna….is it very costly…


Never mind, what are you doing here….


Well eating dinner, tomorrow I have to report to work at 5 a.m. sharp…what are you doing here…


Smoking….the food smells good and I am hungry….


They are about to serve it, I saw it in the kitchen they were making everything ready…..


Hmm looks like Leelu has got my favourite fish prepared …


FISH?  Which one is fish?  I don't eat non veg….Nakusha let go of her spoon on the plate….


This is my favourite fish, baked fish…he picked it up and started having the same from her plate, hmmm he murmured in pleasure as the taste spread in his mouth….


Yeh mera jhoota hai…Nakusha replied….


You want to have the rest?  No na, god I am famished, I hate these parties I have to wait till the guest have taken their helpings…..without waiting for her consent, he carried on with his eating….


Excuse me Sir, leave something for me too, I don't eat fish but I do eat dal and sabzi ….


No I am not too fond of Dal…don't worry, Leela loves to feed….


Definitely not me for I have eaten your favourite fish before you could eat it…she is real upset….


He laughed, startling her….a refreshingly open hearted laughter….yes she is a bit partial towards me…


Kyu?  Nakusha asked


As because I am the …..he looked up to see Nakusha's hair, the turban was loosened and was cascading down her shoulders, releasing the spoon he raised his hand to feel the hair….it is wet he  murmured huskily…..


I had to wash it for I thought it smelled of shit, she replied softly….


He raised a tendril to smell…Nakusha shivered….she felt she was losing herself an unknown feeling….


Dutta?  Dutta?  Where are you?  A female voice broke the spell


Hi Seema me here…. He stepped back holding Nakusha's gaze for few seconds before turning back….


A girl called Seema wearing off shoulder gown came and hugged him when her eyes fell on Nakusha behind Dutta….


It seems you are busy Dutta, she pushed him away….


Nakusha if you have finished eating you can go from here now….


Err yes Sir, I am just through, Nakusha jumped off the bonnet before running towards the kitchen in thumping heart….entering the kitchen she quietly put the plate down in the sink, suddenly her appetite was lost and crept out of the kitchen towards her room….as she touched the door knob she realized Dutta must be just below her window with the lady for whom he was waiting while smoking…




Ayi Sahib handed over a chit to Nakusha, the name of the top lawyer with his address was mentioned, my secretary made it saying for a friend, nobody in this town refuses the Patils but then I cannot come for obvious reasons….


Yes I understand, Nakusha replied as she got down at the convenient point…I will be there, Ayi Sahib showed her a market opposite, after you finish come there, we will have something together and then go back home….


Yes Ayi Sahib I will ….Nakusha's throat was drying up, she stood in the crossing with a thumping heart as she saw Ayi Sahib car roll away, she waited at the zebra crossing waiting for the lights to change when she noticed Dutta driving the same car she was sitting on yesterday with the girl next to him….she turned away her face quickly but realized he may not have seen her as he was busy driving and chatting with the girl.  The lights changed, she crossed the road and went into the building the chamber of the lawyer was located.




Mr Kripalini looked at the girl sitting opposite him, trying to put 2 and 2 together, the girl was clearly nervous but she was trying to be brave….he opened his scheduler, in clear words it was written the appointment was given to the Patil's….well the Patil family was his old client, he also got clients in their reference, those people were obviously somebody in their own fields unlike this girl, who looked to be nobody….


Hmm kya naam bataya tumne apna?  Mr Kripalini asked in his booming voice..


Naku swallowed….Nakusha Ganpath Rao….


How do you know the Patil's….


My aunt was Ayi…I mean Mrs Patil's teacher…..


Mr Kripalini frowned, Mrs Patil….the quaint lady who hardly spoke….followed her husband like a pet…..




What can I do for you my lady….Mr Kripalini noted the time, for him time was money and he did not like to waste it….


You have to take up the case of my aunt….


And your aunt is?


Miss Kalpana Rao….Nakusha replied now in a firm voice….


Now Mr Kripalini sat up…Kalpana Rao?  You mean….


Yes the very same…..


He scratched his head, experience taught him to hide his expressions but it is interesting the Patils want to fight for Kalpana Rao, especially when Mr Sriram Patil made every effort to stay away from petty politics…obviously he did not want to come into forefront so he sent this girl….


Well of course but where are her papers, you don't seem to carry any…..


Nakusha swallowed, well I don't have any with me…instead she briefly narrated how she landed with the Patils and then said as they had decided with Ayi Sahib…you see Sir, on my seeing the newspaper, I want to take up this case, my aunt is the only living relative I have now….she stopped…then swallowed I mean till my family is back…..


So where does Mr Patil or lets say the Patils come in the picture….


Err nowhere, I mean except for setting up this appointment with you they have nothing to do with the case…..


Hmmm and my fees are high, how will you pay them?  Mr Kripalini was losing interest…..


I know Sir, of course but then I will raise money, first I need your consent, I know my aunt's case will provide a challenge to you and people like you are always looking for challenges….


Hmmm from where you will raise money?  The poor people for whom your aunt works cannot afford me and I do not fight on behalf of the government meaning I will not stand on their behalf as free lawyer for your aunt…..


I know…I will pay….maybe…maybe I will need some time but then I will definitely pay …


Are you employed somewhere ?  Mr Kripalini asked…


Now Naku stopped for one she was the stable hand and whatever her salary it won't be enough for his fees….


Sir, I am still trying to get my foothold and I am also looking for something…..


Ok young lady…I get your point, as you correctly pointed out Ms Rao's case will be a challenge for me…I will take a couple of days to think and get back to you on this….so should I leave a word with Vipinji?


Vipinji?  You mean Raja Saab's secretary…no Sir, I …I am grateful to the Patils but then on this case I am on my own….I will contact you….after two days…..


Hmmm ok then I have got another meeting…..


Thank you for your time and your fees for now Sir…..


Mr Kripalini raised his brows….I thought you were going to raise the money….


Well I do have something in the bank….


He smiled ok you can pay me if I take up for case for today's meeting later…..Nakusha gave him a huge smile and walked out with her head held high…as the door closed behind her, he picked up the phone and asked his secretary to connect him to Sriram Patil.




Nakusha came out of the building giving a huge sigh of relief,  she was not expecting the interview to go well as it did as she had heard lawyers with such name, as soon as she had finished her morning shift she came running to get dressed for Ayi Sahib had already fixed an appointment, on the way to the town they discussed and chalked out how they want to go about it…make it clear to him that no way the family is involved, though money will not be a problem I don't want Raja Saab to find a reason to interfere ….


Suddenly Nakusha felt very confident, though Mr Kripalini looked to be a hard man but it seems he is a logical person and once they start moving things, they may also raise money, why should she be depended onto Ayi Sahab, she is sure many people would like to help her aunt….she was about to step onto the road to cross it when she jumped back…a car came and stopped before her….

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inosh Groupbie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Great update...with sublime touches
I really like the concept and flow of your fiction

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Ruya Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Great update Tinni
So finally some Tasha interaction widout Duttac being so hoity toity
Ooohhhh he ate Nakkus jhoota well dats it then he's a goner for her now
Can't wait till nnext update

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