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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2

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The other day I was watching the TV, a girl was interviewing a father and son, they are old moneyed family, who  live a luxurious lifestyle of breeding horses and racing cars but also do their charity as it is part of their inheritance too'both of them were very polite and were embarrassed on the question how many cars each one of them has, is it true it is 50'the father laughed self consciously well the younger generation has more he admitted but then also said, god has been kind to us, we are not ashamed of our wealth and yes we do lead high quality life'..what I liked about them they did not believe in making headlines or bragging about themselves so unlike the  nouveau rich in India today'if one brother is building the worlds costliest mansion, the other brother immediately is wanting sanction to build another, if they happen to do charity they ensure that they make headlines in doing so'etc etc'.so I thought of a storyline, a combination of the two with an ordinary girl thrown in'..


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Raj Gharana



She stood watching the river, it was still and calm, she could not believe that about a month ago, this whole place had a different picture, the river had swollen suddenly, the rain which was in drizzle poured like a waterfall, cloud burst they said, cutting off the area with the others.  Their peaceful life was disrupted, the river banks broke, the houses were flooded, the water for which they were proud of, making their land one of the most fertile in the country, the village boasted about high yield in crops every year.  In the village headman's office there were several trophies displayed'but everything changed in one stroke though now standing here it was difficult to apprehend'


The clearing of voice brought her back from her thoughts'.she waited not turning back'.


Come by dear, time to leave'a kind voice spoke from behind'she wiped her eyes before turning to look at the elderly lady'..


I have left necessary information with the office, if they get any news at all they will inform me'.


The girl nodded '..


Errr, would you like to take another look'..


The girl shook her head in negation'..


The lady watched the girl and then extended her hand, the girl hesitated before accepting it.




The gate was huge, the grounds endless, it takes good 5 minutes in car to reach the Haveli from the gate'Like everyday the lady of the house sat holding court'..they were no longer the rulers of the land, infact the country has gained independence over 60 years now but then for the locals it is still them, the rulers of this land, they come here still instead of going to the local authorities with their problem'many tell her with her the trend of coming up to the haveli will also end'.she sighed, the thought did not make her happy but then it seems so ' her secretary noted down each problem, her eyes narrowed at a distance she saw a woman standing under the tree, her gait looked very familiar but after all these years'.can it be so?'..


She got up, with her, the people sitting on hunches in front of her also stood up'.she gestured them to sit before walking slowly upto the figure'.


Auntieji  aap'her voice shook, as she came closer, trying to run only her knees'..


Madhvi, the lady came forward to hug her'you recognized me after all these years'.


How can I forget you'Madhvi wiped her eyes'..the lady smiled, she was happy indeed'..


Madhvi turned gesturing to her secretary to send two chairs'..


As they sat down they held their hands looking at each other, noting the changes in their form'.


You still stand the same way you know, Madhvi commented ''.


Auntieji smiled, I guess some habits die hard'.


I cannot believe that after all these years you are standing in my house'.


It is good to see you Madhvi, tum toh 'rajrani' ho vakei me'.


Auntieji meri baath chhoriye'.aap kaha hai, kya karti hai, I do see your name in the papers sometimes'.


Bus ussi me lagi hu, only I don't know how long I can continue, getting old you know and to fight with the government is not an easy job'.


Madhvi heard the lady in rapt attention, she was a little girl when Kalpana Auntie joined their school, she was freshly out of the university, a young woman with a desire to change the world, the condition of women in Indian villages particularly, after her joining the school she went around various houses to see which girl child is not going to school'she even formed a group of senior students to help her to conduct classes for the ladies of the house in the afternoon after the regular school got over.  Needless to say things were not smooth for her, she became item of mockery amongst the local authorities for she got into head on collision over various issues soon.  Madhvi was one of her most favourite and brightest students, her father was the 'Sarpanch' of the village and though Kalpana Auntie often fought with her father, she was fond of Madhvi, she was bright, attentive and she idolized Kalpana, often telling her when she grows up she wants to become like her, to which Kalpana smiled but said nothing.


One fine day their dreams shattered, Madhvi's marriage was fixed, Madhvi was hardly 17, below the official age stipulated by government of India for marriage.  Kalpana marched to the Sarpanch's office warning him of dire consequences if he did not call off the marriage immediately'


Areh teacherji, aap bekar me garam ho rahi hai'.be rest assured, I am not marrying my daughter atleast for next 3 years, abhi toh sirf sagai karwa raha hu'ladka achha hai, haath se na nikal jaye'


Why do you think you will not get a better proposal for Madhvi, she is a good girl'.


The Sarpanch smiled indulgently, ha meri beti hai, aap ke muh se uski tarif sunna mujhe achha lagta hai, lekin yeh gao hai teacherji, unlike the city, you are required to do certain things at certain times, I am only going ahead with the engagement, aap nischint rahiye, even the boy's family does not want to get their son married now'.ladka khud parai kar raha hai, they want this marriage not because of money but you know achha ghar, achha khandan, these things matter also'..


Kalpana was relieved, she returned to inform the same to her student'.but Madhvi did not look happy to get the news'..


Auntieji, I want to be like you, I want to study and then become a teacher myself, I did not like the boy and his family too, kaisa nak chara lagta hai'


Kalpana laughed'ha in this country  the boy and his family still have an upper hand'.they do not realize that they need a woman to add to their family tree'


You know Auntiji, I don't believe what babuji has told you'..three years?  Do you think I am worth  three years of wait'.Madhvi frowned'..


Kalpana did not know what to reply, she too had her apprehensions but then where was the evidence and you need some basis to fight '..


He is your father'.


Hmmm'..but I


Listen  Madhvi, try and become friendly with the boy, write letters and then try to influence upon him'.


Write letters??  Mere ghar me zindagi me kisi ladka ko koi ladki chhithi nehi likhi'zinda ghar denge mujhe'.


Address toh pata kar'then we will see....Kalpana got up to go.....




Madhvi had found out the address, seeing the same even Kalpana was startled'.it was a very good proposal from Madhvi's point of view but then Kalpana was not a woman who got influenced by these, these were too trivial for her'instead she helped Madhvi to write her first letter to her to be husband'.


3 days later while taking class, Kalpana noticed, Madhvi was not present'..


Isse kya huwa, she was fine yesterday'..Kalpana looked towards her friends, they bowed their head.....Kalpana instantly knew things were not right somewhere'.


After school she trotted down to Madhvi's house'her grandmother shouted  Madhvi should be locked up'teacherji, we respect you but please do not cross the limit, itna achha rista and you are encouraging Madhvi to goof it up'.


Goof  it up?  I thought she just wrote how she likes to study and attached a copy of her report card'


Us ghar me jaida par ke kya hoga? Paisa hai itna ki 10 piri khaye toh bhi khatam nehi hoga'..


Aapko kisne kaha ki paise ke liye padai karna chahiye'Kalpana asked politely'..


Nehi toh aur kis liye chahiye'aap padi likhi hai, tabhi na idhar naukri mili hai in the government school'Dadiji glared'


Paisa sambhalne ke liye bhi padai likhai ki jaroorat hai'.Kalpana smiled at Dadiji, who will make this woman understand that Kalpana's main aim in life is not to earn money'.


Jo bhi ho, Madhvi will not go to school anymore'.Dadi said finally'..


Ok then I will come and teach her in her home'.


Bahu unko bahar ki rasta dikha do aur darwaja band kar do'..


Two days later in the late night before the school closed for Ganesh Festival, Kalpana was arrested for unlawful activities, some mismatch in the school accounts'.the regular accountant was on leave and Kalpana was in-charge temporarily'..


She only got released to see Madhavi's doli leaving the village'..that was the last time they had seen each other'Kalpana sitting inside the police jeep and Madhvi in a long luxurious car, crossing each other at the highway junction'..Madhvi looking at her with teary eyes'..


Kalpana was later transferred to another school as punishment'..


35 saal baad auntieji we are meeting'..


And you have recognized me after 35 years'.


You are a famous person'..


Infamous is the right word Madhvi, the authorities do not like me'..


Yes your crusade is on and you are continuously challenging them on their policies'.


Kalpana watched the uniformed bearer serving them with tea and snacks''as he finished'..Kalpana looked at him, there is a girl standing there behind that tree most probably reading a book, call her please, she must be hungry'..


Aap ke sath koi aur bhi hai, Madhvi asked puzzled'.


Yes Madhvi, and she is the reason I am here today at your doorstep'




She shivered as she entered the house holding her small bag, the hall huge, with big chandelier, chairs which you see in the movies, if not better, her eyes burnt, feeling dizzy, the continuous sleepless nights, the loss, the changes happening too fast'.she gripped a back of a chair'..


Tum baith sakti ho'.Madhvi spoke gently''


She looked at herself, not very clean and the upholstery looked expensive, much more than her entire belongings'.


Ji'Ji mai theek hu'.


Ayi Sahib you sent for me, a serious voice spoke from behind'..


Leela'..Madhvi greeted, this is Nakusha, I want you to prepare a room for her'.


Ayi Sahib, in the quarters no rooms are empty except if she does not mind sharing hers with '..


Leela you got me wrong, I know none of the servants quarters are free but then what I meant was prepare a room in this haveli'she is an honoured guest, niece of my favourite teacher'her name is Nakusha'..


Nakusha'.Leela repeated slowly, Nakusha felt a pair of eyes studying her from top to bottom'.she shifted her weight from one foot to the other'.


Leela, any problem?


Not really but I hope you have the approval of Raja Sahib'..


There was an uneasy silence then Madhvi spoke again, her voice shook a bit '.Leela you don't have to worry about the approval,  do what I have asked you to do'.


Through the corner of her eyes, Nakusha watched, Leela raising her brows and Madhvi looking visibly insulted


Yes Ayi Sahib'.Leela turned towards Nakusha, come with me, she instructed before marching off, Nakusha looked at Madhvi, she nodded her head gesturing her to follow Leela'



(Friends, the company thinks I need to be trained so they are sending me to a four day training programme, it is doubtful after it is over, I will have the energy to write anything else in the evening so, I will update on alternate days for one week atleast Razz )

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Hmm ..I like it
Training ...god not remind me ....I  too have a training in Jan ...But Then I take Training period as honey moon period ..... Wink

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a new FF.........great.....its sound Dutta is Raja Sahib or his father probs dear.......update whenever u want.......i'll be waiting for u.........

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A new FF of ursClap............ my wish fulfilledWink..............a nice one indeed...........Nakusha looks quite elderConfused........... will Dutta  be the RajasahebConfused?????????? curious u knowBig smile.............
waiting fr the nxt problem updt whenever u can ............looking frwrd......... 

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Wooo another FF.. Great start... who's raja sahib exactly? lol

Update whenever u can...
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Originally posted by ushankitvc

A new FF of ursClap............ my wish fulfilledWink..............a nice one indeed...........Nakusha looks quite elderConfused........... will Dutta  be the RajasahebConfused?????????? curious u knowBig smile.............
waiting fr the nxt problem updt whenever u can ............looking frwrd......... 
where did I mention Nakusha's age Tongue
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good start...i am making guesses already...update when possible...see my epic drama is still hanging some where...while i am caught up with my second chances....two much too between can't finish either..

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brilliant start.. unique story.. good luck with ur training ane post as and when u can dear.. looks very promising as everything u write is so immersed with emotions

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