How many saw veecha perform:Warning PG6&Mod's note PG7 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by xavivilla

Originally posted by Istil

hi..did u write that?...very beautiful peom....I MUST SAY ITS TRULY CREATIVE......and very nicely written..i have no words to praise it anyfurther....thxs for posting it..

Yes, I got a bit carried away, the first half is mine.. It was the only way I could convey my true thoughts, the last part is from other anonymous quotes, which I've edited.

As I said, I am not against any of them, and hope for the best. I do feel for the two women caught with one man, and it's a pity he hasn't realized the dent he's caused to them & everyone. I hope he is sincere after marriage. 

We all have their good & bad qualities,  no one is perfect (not even I).

Apologies for hurting anyone's feelings and if in case I was wrong or being too firm.

Best wishes & Goodbye! Smile


Bible: Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shall not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after he hath committed adultery with her already in his heart". (Matthew 5:27, 28)

Quran: And come not near unto adultery (totally abstain from its preliminaries and everything that is likely to lead unto it). Lo! It is an abomination and an evil way". (17:32)

Quran: You who believe! Be upholders of justice, bearing witness for Allah alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives. Whether they are rich or poor, Allah is well able to look after them. Do not follow your own desires and deviate from the truth. If you twist or turn away, Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat an-Nisa', 135)

Among those We have created there is a community who guide by the Truth and act justly according to it." (Surat al-A'raf, 181)

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okay first of all sorry mods for answering whereas you would suggest us to stay calm n mum., but reading this post i HAD to reply not only as a telly lover but as an Indian.

Originally posted by Istil

Moderator you are feeling in your right mind? 

Are you truly being fair, in your hearts of hearts, or are you totally intolerant? 

This is completely incorrect.

EVERYONE here is talking about actors and bashing them. Someone is against Reshma, others against Icha...it's been like this since I have visited this site.

i dont know how long you have been here but i have been here more than 6 months now and i think we all here bash either iccha or tappu*(hence the  charatcers)...not tina or rashmi- the actors.

It's funny because I was not against any of them personally, justs what their private dating etc which should be private not on screen

as long as my knowledge of Indian constitution goes i think freedom of expression is a chief proposition there; hence going by that whether or not someone talks about their private life on screen is entirely a matter that shall be left to them. if someone does not like to see that he/she always has the freedom to 'change the channel' with the help of this tiny thing called the remote-control.

I haven't as I have nothing against all three of them. It is so obvious that I have not abused nor bashed anyone here, I am soo surprised of your note, no doubt someone has tried to create trouble for me by reporting a whole load of lies, unless your understanding of English is so poor that you do not understand the good intentions and my well wishes in my posts. 

I even congratulated Nandish & Reshma for their marriage, yet obviously you have dug too deep into my comments and seen something else.

Learning more about the Indian culture I can see that you too Moderators are biased to ONE opinion and can not take a different opinion even when someone has given evidence, sources, links from your own friends sites, statements by actors themselves and when it is so blatantly obvious and out in public.

Why is this happening? Why are you all so confused, drunk, leading miserable lives? Because you do not want a righteous life, you follow only your egos & whims, you have no 'deen or madhab,' no idea of what set of virtues and values you should have because you follow sooo many idols, it's incredible!

The truth is, no one in the admin is mature, or intelligent here, but are fans of actors who are ready to attack any member with a totally different set of beliefs, ethos & opinions....just like football hooligans in a football match.

It doesn't matter how many times your members have attacked me, yet I remained silent -since I am considered as a 'nobody'...no one will follow up my posts and do justice on my behalf, will they?

Therefore, until you are ready to do justice, then I suggest you take your false accusation back or provide me with evidence as to how I have 'bashed' any actor, when a) they are not present here, b) I have taken evidence form their own sources, including from this site and provided you with links, c) I have not abused anyone, nor slandered anyone, it is OBVIOUS Nadish has been dancing romantically with both Rashma & Tina...that IS fooling around, like it or not.
i think this accusation of yours was the funniest... if an actor dances with an actress that becomes debauchery for you. i suppose then u expect all the dance partners around the world to get married to each other!

You simply can not take the TRUTH, nor accept people are different with different sets of beliefs. In fact you are being totally fanatic and extremist by rejecting the beliefs and opinions of others, and promoting online bullying, intimidation to other members who do not follow your own twisted, contorted version of the truth. 

It seems you are all very drunk and can't see who is being attacked and who started all this. I didn't start the discussion on these topics, they did, so why you should accept their views and not others? Is this site only for HINDUS?

In fact you and your friends have violated your own rules by attacking me when I have posted the least amount of posts compared to anyone else here. I have found a lot of members here have been very disrespectful to me on this site, yet you said NOTHING, it makes me believe that you are part of this gang who want to attack anyone new. 

If everyone else is permitted to give their crazy opinions and worship actors as idols, then I can put it straight for mine and other's records that we are just as opposing in your views and will not agree with them making it out that that Tina, Nandish, Reshma are 'perfect' people who are not doing anything wrong...without faults...of course they are wrong!

Is this what you teach your teenaged daughters, sisters...to dance half naked, with strange men, one man with two women, he (Nandish) chooses who he wants leaving the other one stranded...oh but he dances with her (Tina) when she is pressurized to do it for the sake of satisfying the egos of your fans....what kind of morality is this? You call this professionalism? It's the most immature, behaviour I have ever witnessed of Indians.
yes if an actor is dancing/acting/ romancing an actress on screen who is not his girlfriend in real life it IS called professionalism. the profession here being 'entertainment'. its what they do. hence if they dance n act with someone who is not their real life partner i dont think it is amoral.

I never thought India could stoop so low...a man is about to get married, yet dances with another woman ....my goodness, your women must have a will of steel to bear this torture from their men hanging around, fooling around with all sorts of women....but when it comes to marrying two women, and giving them equal rights oh no, that is unacceptable...so what do your actors do? They flirt with one, and marry the other, while dancing with yet another...what is this? Why put anything other than the actual drama discussion here in the first place if you don't want people to discuss such issues? People ARE bound to talk and advice when something is going wrong especially when the topic is raised and links are provided and vulgar obscenity is going on.

i have no words for this part. i think you had gone really angry and hence wrote stuff that makes very little meaning. if an actor declares he will only make his on screen appearances with his partner then we would have never had a Nargis-Raj Kapoor or an Audrey Hepburn-Gregory Peck.

That is why we have world religions, and why people follow them and give their personal opinions because each individual has his or her own set of beliefs & opinions, they have the right to voice those. Silencing others is not your business, you as a moderator should see if no one is violating your site, no one is abusing, no member is bullied by others, or intimidated, insulted or slandered....but you have done very little in way of protecting your members honor.

You wouldn't even be able to pass a libel case against me even if I asked you to because I have not slandered nor abused anyone, I have simply stated i do not like their fooling around mixing dating etc, on screen in PUBLIC, and given you the evidence with all the links...it's madness to attack a person for putting the record straight of their behayat, besharam acts, with all the links, which are IN PUBLIC, even posted from your site!

I come from a family where our women don't have boyfriends, we do not date, we do not have 2 women dancing with the same man and each of us fighting for him, spoiling him, so I will find such disgusting actions distasteful,
with all due respect to your beliefs ma'am, just because you dont have a boyfriend havin a boyfriend becomes immoral now??????

esp. when your fans continually bombard this site with such links, idolize these actors and when the drama is supposd to be about something else!

Good Gracious ...excuse me but they are not my idols and I don't worship them! I came here only to catch up with the story, not to be attacked by all of you for any little thing I post.

You people are bent in your own ways and are blinded by your own lack of values, your vices, misjudgment & discrimination. If you are a Hindu - you should know about "ADHARM" that you are all committing here.
i guess you are trying to say that we are doing 'adharm' by appreciating people who are in love??or by saying that it's alright to have a boyfriend?

Sorry you may not like what I have to say, but this is me, I believe in this and no one has the right to take my freedom of beliefs & opinions, not even you. 


Istil Smile

before making controversial comments about an entire nation and its race i would like you to think a li'll bit more from now on.


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pragya what a wonderful reply,Clap hats off 2 u

u have read the whole letter, u r very brave.LOL
but it will be better if we ignore such posts, why waste our mind by reading such nonsensical posts, inko reply denge toh yeh aur kachra likhenge

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Originally posted by intruderfast

pragya what a wonderful reply,Clap hats off 2 u

u have read the whole letter, u r very brave.LOL
but it will be better if we ignore such posts, why waste our mind by reading such nonsensical posts, inko reply denge toh yeh aur kachra likhenge

LOL what to do yaar... couldnt stop myself Embarrassed

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Originally posted by pragya_dutta

Originally posted by intruderfast

pragya what a wonderful reply,Clap hats off 2 u

u have read the whole letter, u r very brave.LOL
but it will be better if we ignore such posts, why waste our mind by reading such nonsensical posts, inko reply denge toh yeh aur kachra likhenge

LOL what to do yaar... couldnt stop myself Embarrassed

meri toh yeh post dekhkar lag gayi thiLOLLOLek line se jyaada nahin read kar paaya,
now i got what she was writing after reading ur replies,
mods pls take strict action asap. how can someone say bad things abt india like thisAngry

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**Mod's note**
I simply can't understand how a discussion about Veecha performance shifts to sensitive issues like caste and religion...this is what happens when members in virtual world take advantage of the freedom of speech given to them and starts talking openly about actor's personal lives and this is one reason why IF doesn't allow talks about an actor's personal life beyond a certain point becuase then discussion shifts to such sensitive topics like religion and country Smile
This thread will b under the scanner now since many have been found to b MID cases who will be banned soon...
For now closing this topic since the discussion is going nowhere but is only leading to more nad more fights
**Topic closed
Uttaran DT

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