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Monday 3/ 1/11

Roja is happy - pray, why?? She got some new additions to her ammunition cupboard.
She raided Abhinaya creations office and collected a whole load of hack-saw blades,
normal blades, axes, saws etc., etc., Inimele rambam pOda mudiyathu nnu oru chinna
hope - Rojaaa, have you gone more nuts???? hmmm Innikki episode apdi Oru rammmbam bam baam...

Baalu - Shree's biological dad - over aa feeling vida, Paatti consoles - "you are not a
burden on me. In fact your being here is good for me as I do not feel lonely any more
(aama, Baalu epdi Paatti veet le land panninaar?? Did Roja miss some thing?) just wait
and watch, your daughter will come to you soon" On cue, Shree arrives with her parents
- the agenda is different though - Shree is happy that she came to seek blessings from
paatti and her guilty parents actually want the blessings of the biological parents. "nee sowkyamaa, naan sowkyam " happens and paatti learns about Shree's "girl seeing " padalam. Paatti is sad....

To cut a long story short, Shree educates paatti that it is Karthik who is the chosen
groom - " he just happens to be the son of my parents' parents do not know
my affair with him" Paatti looks happy - blessing from all.. habbbaaaa nalla mOkkai  pOdaraanga ppa....

Nivedha in Nadu theru - scooter makkar panrathu - Aadhi  comes there "by chance "
( uh huh Roja, serial le vera epdi thaan kaatta mudiyum?? Ellathukku kutham solre??) ,
 helps to start the scooter - again to cut a long story short , they make up and the  credit is
given to  AAR. Who do you think is privy to this rendevouz??? Raj Mohan- sees, seethes
and leaves...Both Aadhi and Nivedha are oblivious to the fact that Saturn is smiling at them....plan to meet at the same place, the next day (athu sari, beach, park laam
outdated?? Nadu theru is in vogue??? ennavO pOngappa0


Tuesday  4th January 2011   Episode - 181

Adhi enters the house happily whistling.  Shruthi wants to know the reason for his happiness.  He asks her to find out, she does on a condition that he get her whatever she wants.  Oru vayasu payya mugathula santhosham + asattukaLai=lost love found she blurts the formula.  He is surprised, ask for something small - aNNan is unemployed youth (appo business paNrEn nu sonnadhu??), she wants him to marry Nivedha without any further delay (unemployed + kalyanam = tragedy formula theriyaadhaa???)  Both of them wonder how to put across to RM, and conclude that AAR should have helped in this, and call her.  Thanks her (actually he did say, thanks paNNa called nu), AAR says both Shruthi's and Adhi's wedding should happen, until then she is not at peace (naangamattum ennavaam - appothaanE serial mudiyum)   Shruthi too talks to her and AAR concludes yaamirukka bayamEn...  enters Nivedha.  AAR asks if she too came to thank her.  Nivedha says it is her duty to bring Adhi and her together.  Kadamaikku dont expect thanks she says.  (hmm.. kadamaikku thank paNNalanaalum cannot take it for granted)    Manju brought her friends home and is orE kooththu katting.  Nivedha wanted to study and so she is here... AAR has a doubt what study - preparing for civil services (IAS /IPS /IFS- kizhunjudhu krishnagiri)  AAR directs Nivedha to her room, and wonders what is she going to study without any books (Nivedha comes only verumkaiyyE vEngadamE)
Gayathri in the kitchen.  Shreenidhi comes to help her, is asked to rest, has to be palich when the maaps ppl come to girl see.  Shreenidhi has a doubt, if not palich will they reject her.  Gayathri gives a romba nallavanga certificate to Palli and RR.  Palli seems to be giving prominence to character and not beauty she says, for she pardoned Gayathri and Shrinivasan when they explained their folly.  Shreenidhi is worried, Gayathri feels if she becomes Palli's DIL she would be looked after as a daughter...Shreenidhi fears the worst during the girl seeing (mind voicelappa)
RM comes home angrily (appdinu namma purinjukkaNum, avvalavu lakshanamaana acting)  slams the car door..  Vasanthi wants to know why he is so tensed... also comes Shruthi... RM summons Adhi... Shruthi goes to fetch him, warns Adhi that RM's mood is not okay..  RM talks with a lot of preamble asks Adhi to sit - says thOlukku mEla valarndhaa thOlan (thamizhla La Laanu oru ezhuththu uNdu illa - adhu kaaNOm) , all present feel uncomfortable.  RM starts - his seeing status and money apart he is more caring for maanam and mariyadhai, which Adhi has floated in the air.  He saw Nivedha and Adhi in the conference hall (nadu theru) coochie cooing.   Adhi says RR's family is gowravamaana kudumbam.  RM says let Adhi prove it, then he will publically ask sorry to all, until then not to meet Nivedha and leaves the arena.  Vasanthi chides him for not being careful (nallaathaan irukku!!)
AAR walking up and down remembering how RR did not take a call from home when she and Ganesh were at RR's office.  Calls Anu, Nivedha picks up says Anu in the kitchen, is called for.  AAR asks why Anu is in the kitchen all the time, to employ a cook.  Anu replies RR doesnt like food cooked by cook (cook paNravanga cooknaa, appO neeyumthaanE cook??)    AAR had been to RR's office with Ganesh, praises RR's office and then slowly asks if she called him then.  Anu says usually she never calls him when he is in the office.  AAR disconnects the call after letting Anu know that she wanted to inform about her visit to RR's office.  AAR in thoughtful mode...

Wednesday      5th January 2011    Episode - 182 -

Earthquake at Shrinivasans'
Shreenidhi sitting thinking / worried.  Gayathri comes and asks her to get ready.   When she is leaving for her room, she gets a call on her mobile kept on charge, sees it is from Nivedha, doesnt answer and leaves for her room.  Nivedha calls again and the call is attended by Shrinath, who breaks the news of girl-seeing for Shreenidhi.  Shrinath calls for Shreenidhi, Nivedha after confirming it is Karthik who is coming to girl- see promises to be there in 10 minutes time.  Shreenidhi is left helpless, praying to God to save her, as such problems galore and what if Nivedha gets to know RR's other side (maattattum, Censored Censored Censored ) Shreenidhi is sent in again to get ready by Gayathri.
Viswanathan sitting in the living room all ready to go girl seeing.  Palli comes and complains that RR has not yet arrived.  Viswam says that he would arrive soon, must finish work.  Palli says all that work should be so that at the end of the day he can spend time with family (ammaNi, adhu plural la irukkardhaala thaan vambE) and gives him a mouthful.  On cue RR arrives, says sorry, would get ready in 10 minutes time.  Sundaram calls says he is in Mandaveli and would come straight to Shreenidhi's house.  RR goes into a room and Karthik is sitting worriedly.  Both discuss about the earthquake that would take place and RR is confident he can pacify Palli.  All this discussion is done with the door ajar.  Palli comes in to check if RR  is ready, but doesnt hear the discussion.  RR gets ready, Palli says car hasnt arrived after service, MK brings in the car.  Comes inside the house to handover the keys.  RR introduces Palli as his wife, MK is confused, remembers his visit to Anu's house.  They decide to leave in two cars (innoru car pudhusaa??) but want another driver for Palli doesnt want Karthik to drive.  MK offers to be the driver. 
Shrinivasan reading paper, Gayathri all tensed as maaps house ppl (maapillai veettu makkal) havent arrived yet.  Shrinivasan says must be on their way, Shreenidhi is all ready, pacing in her room worriedly...and the MHP arrive in two cars.   (10 minutesla varennu sonna Nivedha enga??)   MPH welcomed by the threesome, MK gets introduced to Shreenivasan, is compelled to come in...  Sundaram has not yet arrived .. and the rest wait inside.  Karthik is restless.  Palli looks around and whispers in RR's ears that they must be equal to their status.  Shrinivasan wants to know and is told that the house is very nice.  Shreenath and Karthik get introduced.  Shrinivasan asks Gayathri to send in Shreenidhi with coffee.  Palli says this girl seeing is all only a formality, she has mentally decided that Shreenidhi is her DIL. (First poNNu paarumma, appram sollu)   Shrinivasan and Gayathri very happy to hear that.  No need for coffee now, let Shreenidhi come, want to talk says an over enthusiastic Palli.  Gayathri goes in to fetch Shreenidhi, asks her what is her problem, she looks like ghost - beaten (pEi arainjamaadhri), Shreenidhi negates, is asked to smile and is taken downstairs. Palli tries to see Shreenidhi who is hiding behind Gayathri.. Both SBTs are tensed.  Shreenidhi is still behind Gayathri (poNNu kootiNdu vandha wont they be beside them, why walk in the front?? - suspensaam..adhu oNNuthaan koraichchal...)  Shreenidhi comes and stands in the front - finally.  Palli gets a shock, stands up like a bolt - neeyaa?  Asks Gayathri if this was her daughter.  All of them stand up, Pallavi calls RR... She never wanted to face this girl ever in her life, but RR made her come looking for her she shouts.  Karthik tries to intervene, Palli is cheated by the father - son duo she shouts.  Palli also outs the secret of love between Karthik and Shreenidhi.  The Shrinivasan family shocked.  RR says nothing wrong in loving someone, but Palli says the fault is in loving this girl.  Mrs and Mr Viswanathan try to console her in vain, RR tries again with pazhamozhis uttered by Palli, she says everything is wrong, thought the daughter will be like mother but Shreenidhi is very unlike Gayathri.  Gayathri and Shrinivasan have a guilty kind of look on their face...

Thursday- Continuation of drama at Srinivasans'

RR scolds Palli in public saying she is inconsistent with what she said about Srinivasans being the best. Palli says she is not like her mother (Gayathri). She says she likes Gayathri, but she wont accept Shree as her dil. Shreenath asks for an explanation..flashback on Palli's first encounter at the temple with Shree when shree told her off for getting the first priority at the temple (actually it makes Palli look stupid for relating this story to Srinivasan;s family as the reason for rejecting the girl- Palli looks like the pompous idiot who needs the first priority at temples!)
Shreenidhi is crying and apologises for that temple incident. Palli then relates what happened the 2nd time Shree met Palli at the temple, when she asked the priest to give her the aarthi first- Palli claims it was so offensive of Shree to ask the priest to give Palli the aarthi first (why I dont understand,maybe one of you do) even though Shree maintains she did that because of respect for Palli, but of course Palli doesnt buy that. Palli claims Shree made her lose her peace of mind since that day (please I dont see why this incident is SO offensive but anyway). Palli says she is shocked at Shree's thimiru pechu because she loves Karthik and knew Palli cant do anything about it.
RR and Karthik try to stop her from concluding about Shree, and RR asks Palli to let Karthi live with his love interest rather than interfere in their life. Palli claims Shree is not a good woman, as she saw Shree with another man at the temple, tying a thread around his hand, and giggling with him (in this day and age how do people come to these conclusions after seeing a man and woman together- kadavuLaem They must be living in the 1800s.)

Srinivasans and Shree are shocked, as Karthi and RR. Shree explains it was Prem, who is like a brother to her. She asks her to stop humiliating her once and for all and runs inside her room.
Shreenath explodes like a volcano (finally he starts acting) He asks them to get out, saying that he wont agree for his sister to get married into RR's low class family anymore...(thank god he said it, enough is enough). Useless Karthi and Palli's parents follow her out. RR apologises and leaves, saying she will accept Shree one day. 

Nivedha on her motorbike, has a head one collision with a car (Prem is the driver). Prem offers to take her to the doctor to treat her wounds (another new love story starting??)

RR and Palli's parents srguing with Palli on her BAD behavior. Palli justifies saying all of them played her out, knowing it was the girl she hated. All their efforts to convince her is of no use, and she insists Karthi is out of his mind to love her. Palli says she cant forgive her for standing with Prem at the temple. Karthi justfies it saying it is Prem, but Palli wont hear of it, saying Shree is a loose woman (How can she be so loose with her words!)
A courier arrives then with a package for Palli. She opens it, and it is a picture of Prem and Shree standing together (taken at the office opening ceremony). She shows the photo to all, saying he is the guy she saw at the temple. Karthi says he is the guy who is trying to break up Karthi and Shree. Karthi is sure it is from Prem but Palli closes the chapter.

Prem brings Nivedha home, and she invites Prem home. Anu overacts as usual, and is pacified by Prem that everything is ok. Anu offers Prem some coffee. Prem says he was enroute to Shree's house, and they find both were going to the same house for the girl seeing ceremony, when the accident happened, therefore both prem and Nivedha missed the function. Nivedha hopes the ceremony went well and accepted Shree. Prem offers to call Shreenath to enquire how the ceremony went. Shreenath updates Prem on what happened. Prem updates Nivedha and Anu that Karthi's mother didnt like Shree, so it is called off. Nivedha and Anu are looking sad....


Update for Friday, Jan 7, 2010:

Prem is conferencing with Shreenath - what happened?  how is Shreenidhi?  Shreenath updates him, says the woman was so mean and even when Shreenidhi tried to explain to her, she wouldn't listen to her at all, he would never allow his sister to marry her son even if she should change her mind in future.  He says that he feels sorry for anyone who goes into that house as a DIL (first person to have some brains in this serial and see through Palli, congrats, Shreenath!), Prem says that maybe whoever comes as a DIL will straighten out this Palli, wants to go and console Shreenidhi, Shreenath tells him that she has gone to sleep - thank God, or else we would have another consoling scene, and Shreenidhi will start again on what a perfect gentleman this Prem is!

Shreenidhi is ready to go to work, mom tries to tell her not to go, but she insists, dad supports her and tells mom to let her go, so mom gives in. Mom is worried that people may ask her about the girl seeing business, Shree thinks that her mother doesn't know that she has told the people in her office that she is already married to Karthi, and regrets that she has not been a good daughter to her mother.  After she leaves, Balu and Meenakshi come there, Meenakshi continues to konjufy the photo of Selvi, while Balu gives them the prasadam for the temple, where they had gone to pray for Shreenidhi.  Srinivasan updates them on the girl seeing disaster, and Balu assures them that they will definitely get a better varan for Shreenidhi (yes, let her at least get a guy with a decent job and a decent MIL).

Anu and Nivedha - Anu is ranting (Palli kaatru pattu irukku pole thoNudhu!) at Nivedha for speeding and RR comes in.  Anu updates him on the accident (I am using this word "update" all the time, soon I will be saying it in my dreams also!), then Nivedha tells him about the girl seeing business turning into a disaster.  Now it is Nivedha's turn to rant - how can a boy's parents do this to a girl, don't they ever think of the girl and how she must feel, Anu tries to tell her to stop.  RR says she is justified in getting angry and asks her if she thinks he would do such a thing, and Nivedha says she wouldn't be surprised if he also acted like that.  Anu wants to give her four rooms (naalu arai - I know, I know, it is the other aRai!), but she has already left.  RR thinks whether it is because he disobeyed his mother and married Palli, or because he hasn't told the truth to Palli and Anu (the answer is Both!  You and you alone are the cause of all these problems!)

Karthik is calling Shree at work, she doesn't answer, he calls again and again, she doesn't answer, and all this is observed by the woman who doesn't like her in that office.  She tells Shree that the MD wants to see her, and when Shree leaves, the phone rings again.  This woman picks up the phone, and Karthik apologizes, then assures her that they will definitely get married, and she remains silent, then disconnects. 

In the meantime, Palli has come into the room, demands the cell phone from Karthi, sees the number he has called, and flings the phone to the ground.  Spineless Karthi stands there, while Palli's parents come rushing in.  Palli gnashes her teeth and leaves.  Karthi also leaves, miserable.  Palli's mother asks dad - what paavam did we do to anyone?  Have you forgotten already?  You got RR married to Palli even before checking to see whether or not Anu was dead.  I am still appalled at the way she treats a grown son, on the other hand, the son doesn't even have a job, so what does it matter? 

RR leaving for work, Anu asks him to stay, flashes of Palli in the car, going somewhere, RR insists on going to work, Anu sees him off.  As his car nears the gate, guess whose car arrives at the gate?  No prizes, but ... it is Palli's car! 

Thodarum ...

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Thanks RP.
Oh my Krishna : what a way to start this year's update of AP ...RM in full blast ??

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Originally posted by rojapoooo

Friday?/ yaruppa??

Adhaanga, andha pudhu paati aaga poraagale, andha amma thaan - eljay!

Is that true? wow!

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Yes, cool, it is true, and I am looking forward to it! 

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Thanks for the updates roja and eljay

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Thanks Eclat - AAR thollai thaangalai ppa - pokes her ugly nose everywhere !!!! Pallu kku nalla jOdi
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Thanks, eclat!  How did Shree plan to keep this a secret from  Nivedha, or how was RR planning to keep his double life a secret forever?  Wouldn't Nivedha attend Shree's wedding?  How about Anu and AAR?  Was he planning to pack them off to Bangalore?  I still don't understand how anyone can even do this girl seeing for a guy who doesn't have a job, and how the girl's parents haven't even asked about his job.  Worst of all was Palli's comment about their status - it got me gnashing my teeth. 

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Thanks, cool, for an excellent and super fast update!  How can RR just stand there while his wife raves and rants away like a madwoman?  Why didn't Shree's father say he wouldn't give his daughter in marriage to a family where the MIL has already shown herself to be an arrogant female?  Woman is too nice a word for Palli!  I am glad Shree's brother voiced what is in all our minds.  At least he has the spine which is so sadly lacking in Karthi and RR, as well as Palli's parents, who must get an award for being the worst parents of all time.

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