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                                                                     Monday  3/1/11

                                                      Update by Rojakka

Neram nallalle Roja vOda neram nallalle.....another  mOkkai episode ...
.enna paavam seythanai ........Rojaaaa
Ennnaaa paavam seythanai ......
DSDR and LR 1 thiruvilaiyaadal KAana......
Enna paaavam seythanaiiiiiiiii

Roja kku paatu ellam apdiye pOngi pOngi varathu ppa

DSDR thiru mugam thaan first segment le ye - avar ennavO Alcoholics Anonymous le
training edutha mathiri OCP thedaraar. Asattu  Reva athai bathroom le Olichu vaichu
irukka. DSDR finds that, empties the tablets in to the toilet , flushes and replaces with
similar looking vitamin tabs (hmm, DSDR eppO doctor aanaar??? correct color
Anyways, Reva comes with the milk, DSDR asadu vazhiya calls her
 Rathi, Ramba and Thilothama rolled in to one (Roja neram yen nalla illai nnu ippO puriyaratha??) Finally Reva swallows the vitamin tablets - Eljay, unga kutti Raani
update panna adutha generation vanthudum from DSDR and Reva -
kashtam da sammyyyy ....

Palace De LR 1 - Park maama is moottai kattings. Thani kudithanam pOraar . Kudisai
veedu paarthach. Agent comes and says that the kudisai owner wants all the advance
at one stroke - "evening ready  pannitta, innikke milk boiling !!" Park agrees. LR 1 starts
her parambalaattam and says that Park has a palace at his feet - "why should you go
to a kudisai??" Park says that he lived in LR 1 's palace only at the behest of his son,
MMMM - "now that Raani is out of the picture, I want to go far away from you" LR 1 begs hubby darling to stay but Park says that she has THE house and needs no relations -
"be an orphan, athu thaan unakku punishment" LR 1 cries , says that she repents,
calls park to come with her " to make amends.... give me a last chance " Park is
skeptical but nevertheless follows wifey darling.

Third segment - cat and mouse game of Sori and Kavya. Sori calls the manager and learns that Kavya knows everything. Orders the manager to keep Kavya off the office but madam enters just then. Sori gets to know that and asks the manager to give the phone to her.
Tells her that he is staging a drama with manager as the co-respondent " Our business is gone  but I need to keep the employees happy so that we can resurrect...." Kavya believes that. Sori keeps the manager in the loop and asks him to keep Kavya in the dark about the truth. Well, that  plan will go south now..... the auditor arrives.... manager tries to steer him away from Kavya..but Kavya wins.. Auditor happily says " Sori is among the top notch business South India.." ..Kavya marupadiyum confused...Roja mattum enna?? Thangalai da sammmyyyy




Update for Tuesday, Jan 4, 2010:

Update by Eljayma
Kavya is stunned when the auditor says that Sori's firm has made more money in the last three months than other firms in the city have made in the last twelve months (does the whole city have only one auditor? or are such matters not confidential any more and do auditors discuss these matters over the table at coffee sessions?)  After he leaves, the manager confesses that he said everything according to Sori's instructions.  Kavya is confused, thinks back to Sori's telling her that his business was facing losses, avoiding her in the bedroom, gets more confused, throws a few files off the table, holds her head, says Ayyoooooo, walks to one side, throws a few more files on the floor, holds her head again, and finally faints.  Habbaa, I am spared her restless pacing and throwing files!  Malar comes in with coffee, sees her on the floor, and tries to wake her up, but she does not regain CONSCIOUS!!!!! (conscious varalai avangalukku!)

Now the drama - Scene 1 - Bhagyam and Poonga come to Selvam's house, Poonga is surprised and Bhag says she has to do parigaaram where she did the paavam, feels bad that Selvam is living here after she threw him out.  Selvam comes out, looks at her, followed by Archana, who comes out, sees Bhag and turns into a volcano and erupts.  Archu tells Bhag to clear the place if she has ever eaten any food with salt in it, if she has any VMSS, she is not a woman but a rakshasi, (and that's why we named her LR 1!) asks Selvam if he has forgotten how she was thrown out of the house by Bhagyam even though she was pregnant, has he forgotten how they slept on the sidewalk with nowhere to go, has he forgotten how he sobbed on her lap in the temple, and so on.  Priya and Bhanu come out, Bhanu wants to know who this woman is, and why Archu who is normally a patient person, has now erupted like a volcano?

Scene 2 of drama - Bhagyam tells Bhanu that she is the woman who raised Selvam, who used his earnings from the age of eight to feed her own children, who cheated him out of the house and left him and Archu on the street.  She says now Vasu has disowned her, Rani has disowned her and left, the sambandhi whom she believed actually challenged her and said he would see how the marriage will take place, and now Poonga wants to move out of the house, leaving her an anaadhai with just a house for company, while Selvam has no house but is surrounded by his family.  Finally, she says she has not come there to ask Selvam and Archana to return to their house, but to ask for forgiveness, and falls at Selvam's feet (another drama?)  Selvam says Ennanga neenga ..., and Archana looks suspicious.

Thodarum ....




Update for Wed, Jan 5, 2010:

Update by Eljayma

Bhags falls at MM's feet, and clarifies that she is not asking him and Archu to return to their ancestral palace, but to talk to Poonga, who is talking about living in a separate kudisai.  She says she will be an anaadhai if he also leaves, and finally MM tells her to get up and says Poonga will always be with her in that house (paavam Poonga, avarukku life imprisonment!)  Suddenly the baby can be heard from inside, Bhags looks inside, asks to have a glimpse of her grandson, her kudumba vaarisu (who will carry the mighty MM lineage!).  She says she has never seen the baby (and whose fault is that?) and takes out a waist chain from her surukku bag.  Apparently, this is the same chain that Selvam used to wear as a baby and she has preserved it all these years (enna, rommmmba paasam inge pozhiyaradhu?), can he put it on the baby?  Archu doesn't look too happy, and Selvam says No (and I almost fainted - indha manushanukku kooda rosham vandhudhaa?)  Alas, no, he tells Bhagyam to put it on the baby herself, and they all troop into the house (!!), Bhagyam puts the chain on the baby, konjifies, asks the baby to kick her with his tender feet (paavam andha baby, oru paavamum ariyaadhadhu, adhai poi inge vandhu maati vechu ippadi oru koothaa?).

Kavya is in the hospital, her MIL and FIL come running, FIL asks about Kavya, Sankaran says the doctors are inside, konjam conscious slip aachu!  MIL comes up with some nasty remarks as usual, FIL tells her to be quiet, Sankaran says that Sori has been informed and he is on his way home, MIL is annoyed that he has been disturbed, FIL again tells her to be quiet.

The doctors are discussing Kavya, and one doctor says her husband knows about the "no marital relations" taboo, and he has not told anyone about it, so tells the other doctor to not tell anyone.  The other doctor praises Sori's nature, Kavya has been listening to all this (conscious thirumbi vandhaachu!) and cries.

Poonga and Bhag return to their home, Poonga doesn't reply to Bhag telling him to bring his paathirams to the kitchen, she asks him why and he says he doesn't believe she has changed.  She tells him she has truly changed, he points out that she has said this before and then proceeded to cheat Selvam, so he goes into the puja room and asks her to do sathiyam on camphor.  She goes out of the room (oodhuvathi kondu vara poraangaLaa?)

Thodarum ...

Thursday  6/1/11
update by rojakka

LR 1 is not bringing any incense sticks Eljay - instead brings the house documents-
SHOWS it to Park and says that she is ready to sign anywhere - "just so, MMMM
can reclaim his house "
(ayyO da, rommmbbbaaa clever ma nee !!! UnnOda DSDR
sign panna maattan apdinnu thilla langadi velai kaattare !!!)
Looks like Park senses
Roja's mind talk and says " No, I do not want the docs. Just promise on this camphor
that you will never go back to being your true self " LR 1 must be heaving a sigh of
relief (athu sari, Park documents ai eduthundaa ??? DSDR kitte yaar Othai vaangarathu??) and happily promises - the camphor dies an instant death as LR 1 bangs it hard ( Park ai thaan adikka mudiyalai, nee yaavathu nalla vaangikkO ) Park is happy and asks LR 1 to
cook - "un kaiyaale sappidaren "
(ayyo Park maama, ipdi kavunthittengale !!!! Roja sings
a solo Muhari - some thing like Pammal  K.Sambhandham song )

Muthukumar's wife and MMMM - some God forsaken haunted , unfinished building.
 Well, MK is hiding there and obviously he called his wife only that morning and asked
her to come along  with MMMM - First apologizes for ditching MMMM and finally comes
out with the story " I was coming to the Registrar's office with money.........arson.......
all gone... me in Nadu theru.." blah blah.... MMMM is smart , asks "Insurance??" MK
says that the surveyors felt that it was not an accident - finally narrates as to how
RS asked him to ditch MMMM and when MK refused warned him of dire consequences
 "avan thaan aalai vaichu erichu irukkan !!" MMMM kku apdiye soora deeram pOngi
varrathu - "he cheated my family and now yours ??? Inimel avan yuirOda irukka
 koodaathu.." - rushes out - MK and his wife make a futile attempt of stopping him.

MMMM comes to RS' den - learns that he has gone for some convocation Wink ceremony
and heads to that place. The watchman of the den calls RS' crony and imparts the
news. Crony tells RS and RS says that until the green comes from RS, MMMM should
not be manhandled. Some guy - possibly got a salary of 10 Rs - is praising RS to the
 skies " Yezhai Pangaalan, POdhu nala sevakan " blah blah - RS in his acceptance
speech says that he is accepting this title so  that many people will come forward
to serving the poor - MMMM comes, shouts at RS , his cronies try to contain and RS
is dripping milk and honey "athu yen SIL Oda bro thaan, let him talk, avar problem
 therinjaa thaane solve pannalaam " Crowd le innOru 10 Rs case does a sky-earth
jump and calls RS as Uthaman. MMMM has a sensible Q " Nallavanukku ethukku
gundar pattalaam?? He cheated me.... tortured his own daughter because she
married my poor bro.... now brought a kOdeeswaran to Nadu theru..." goes on and on..
.RS narrows his eyes ... not sure if the crowd believes MMMM or not....



Friday jan 7th 2011 Episode update

Update by Shree
(dont forget...all saabams,thittu,adi,udhai ellam ivarukke...vanjanai illama vaari vazhangunga makkalae...LOLLOL) friday update
Selvam's erimalai avatar continues...Tells everyone abt RS's vandavaalams...Ellarum listening with shock...RS mattum "pesuda maganae pesu"  look vitting...Selvam say RS is responsiblefor Muthukumar's thalai maraivu vaazhkai...RS's allakkai tells selvam to stop his story...But selvam shouts.."Idhu kadhai alla..Nijam"...(vijay TV Talk show title)....Next is annamalai movie dialogue..."...."dei ajashekar...wait and watch ...Till today i worked for my family..but from now onwards iam going to work for muthu sir...Unnai vida avaruperiya aala varuvaru...i'll help him in every way...and also one more sabadam...listen...Naanum unnai vida rich aagi,bunglow ellam...i'll livein the same oor and prove myself..indha orr makkal unnai parthu thuppa vaikala....Thuppum!!LOLLOL(lol...avaru sonnadha naan ezhudhitten..ROFL)..u watch... God will be there with me...Idhu name is not selvam...(Even now u r not selvam..U r MM...may be time is nearing to change the name MM??)
Hero Selvam leaves after sabadams and RS tells the event manager that he is not in a mood to continue with the fn....He saysi'll accept this pattam once i prove myself that iam innocent...RS leaves and namma arivalai makkal shouts RS vazhga..RS vazga...DeadDead
RS and co leavesand one of his allakai asks permission to pottu thallufy selvam....RS says..we should not do anything to selvam now...wait panni pazhi vaanganu...No direct attack in selvam matter..only maraimuga attacks....and i also have a plan to pazhi vaangufy bags..ellarum wait and watch....
Selvam in auto...MK sir calls selvam and asks him where heis..Selvam tells him abt RS fight...MK sir warns him to be safe...says he is leaving this place...He will not come back ....Selvam tells him to wait there...he is coming....But MK sir says no need forthat...just a help needed...sell my car and from that money give this month's salary to my staff and takeur service charge...iam leaving...dont worry i'll not go for wrong decision ..i'll defenitely come backone day...He cuts the phone...Selvam calls back but no use...MK 's SIM card kuppaiyila...
Selvam sad...
nail bitingnail bitingnail bitingnail bitingnail biting
No bedroom stories pls.....
Sori reaches home and asks abt kavya's health...His mom pottu kuduthing kavya to sori...Sori goes to his room...Kavya sitting sad...Sori calls her reply from kavya..Sori asks her what happened..konjam company loss la going drama va otraru sori....Kavya says ella unmaiyum enakku theriyum..Sori shocked...kavya crying...says iam a useless nnu doctor sonnanga...not fit for marraige life...Kavya polambing abt this problem to sori...Sori says i cant see u crying...suffering..adhaan naan sollala...Kavya crying hard...she says she is very much worried abt her maamiyar now..if she asks abt baby naan enna solluven?....oppari continues...

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Thanks for the update Rojakka.
Intha serial, eppathan mudiyum?!!!!  Cry Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

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Thanks for the update, Roja!  I am not able to use the Like button because I have already used it ten times during the past 24 hours for your updates, according to the message I keep getting, hence this post.

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Thanks for the update  roja akka.......

I want to know what the director  trying to say in  this serial? bcz  i did't understand anything.. 
they  just dragging the serial........

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Thanks Roja akka, yaaru paa sonna intha serial mudiya pothu nee?? nalla dose vaangunen amma kitte for telling her to be happy that this crap is going to end soon. Cry

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Thnaks rojakka.
ivanga romance torture pathadhu nnu ippo new couple onnu konjaranga...kovama konjaranga...
Yov...ennai vittu pogadhayya....grrrrr
YOV....CV's Kadhaiya maathungaiyya....

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Shree, I think the Bags-Poonga track would be more entertaining and worth following, and much more likable than the Vasu Reva track, or the Sori and Kavya track.  A couple of songs will make it much more enjoyable, and we can actually watch it.  Remember the time Poonga chased Bags around the well, in his imagination, to the accompaniment of Sundari neeyum ...?  That was a memorable episode.

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Originally posted by eljay

Shree, I think the Bags-Poonga track would be more entertaining and worth following, and much more likable than the Vasu Reva track, or the Sori and Kavya track.  A couple of songs will make it much more enjoyable, and we can actually watch it.  Remember the time Poonga chased Bags around the well, in his imagination, to the accompaniment of Sundari neeyum ...?  That was a memorable episode.
yes yes..
so we can expect a latest version of sundari neeyum and sundaran naanum....
Park singing...
park naanum bagyam neeyum
sendhu paadinaal  enna
odi  aadinal enna...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Bagyam's edhir paattu...
Ellam ok...ok.. ok..
IF enna aagum??...
Seruppu parandhu varum...LOLLOL

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