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Dill ki ye dhadhkan-Epilogue:page117.4/9(complete) (Page 25)


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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
heya very nice part!!!!!
love it, n Riddhima's eyes pop out!!! lol...
bechara Armaan kiss mil hi nahi raha hai!!!! hehe... don't make my poor baby suffer soo much..awww!!!LOL

thanks 4 the pm n continue soonSmile

Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 6:53am | IP Logged
thank you so much guys for liking the previous update so much and making me so happy with your awesome comments!!!!! thank you to:


thank you guys your comment actually made me really happy and thnxx to the silent readers who liked it......

aar123,  sweetanamika,  Stupidcupid1234,  blessed4,  vidu87,  ksg_armaan_dmg,  ams021,  m-g19,  ARKJ_4EVER,  shilpI007,  prachi_mjht,  dhruvikaluvsKSG,  sweetdesire,  anumeha_rajat,  fafi,  ARMAANKSGFAN, 

thank you so much guys!!!!!

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Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged

so guys here i am with another update to bore you...LOL just kidding!!!! and guys so now in this part i am going to write a really small intimate scene as i have been approved by my awesome readers thank you guys and now here is the update



R-armaan ye tum kesi baatien kar rahe ho maine tumhe kitni baar kiss kia hai

A-nahi nahi basket...mai uss kiss ki baat nahi kar raha tha mai dusri kiss ki baat kar raha tha

R-doosri kiss...armaa...(before she could complete she realized what was armaan actually talking about)

She was shocked

R-ummm...armaan dekho mujhe...naa vo...ummm...duty pe...jaana hai...mai iske baare mai tumse baad mai baat karti hu


And she runs out...nervous and feeling a bit akward


                                                              *flashback over*




ridhima thought a lot about it!!! she was scared but at the same time she kinda felt armaan was right at some point.But when armaan saw her ridhima like this he convinced her that it was fine and he was just kidding so that she could concentrate on her work.But when armaan saw ridhima looking so beautiful standing in front of her...he just forgot about that and just wanted to go and kiss her.So he touched this topic!!!!


so armaan in walking towards her slowly while ridhima was thinking about the kiss


A(still walking)-basket yaad aaya?

R-ummm,...armaaa...(she was moving back as armaan was coming close to her)

A-bolo basket!! yaad aaya?

R(now ridhima could not move any further as the wall of her stopped her to move)-ha...wo armaan...ha!!

A(now very close to her)-to tumne kya socha?

R-ummm...armaan...mai vo

she didn't know what to do? or what to say? so without saying anything she tried to leave when armaan held her arm and pulled her close by her waist and tighten his grip on her waist so she couldn't soon as he did that ridhima closed her eyes as to tell him she was prepared for it but armaan understood she wasn't as he could see the wrinkles on her head which indicated that she was scared and the answer was "NO"

He just loosened the grip and let go off her

A-hahahaha...basket tum bhi na itni jaldi daar jaati ho mai to mazak kar raha tha!!!! tum bhi na basket...acha chalo ab mujhe jaana hai bohot raat ho gai hai


he turned to take his things that were kept on the bed...meanwhile ridhima was still thinking about it as he knew armaan wanted that.So armaan took his things turned towards ridhima

A(pecked on her cheek)-good night basket

He was leaving when ridhima held her hand and stopped him



lavanya is damn excited about valentines day party. SO,instead of having coffee or chatting with friends in her break which she always does she helped in the preparation of valentines day.

L-arrey bhaiya aap ye kya kar rahe jaldi kijie. Aap iss speed se kaam karenge to ho gai party!!!

while she was busy scolding him...there stood ankit admiring her with a wide smile...which never ever appears on his face...he was so in love but never ready to admit that.

L(looking up telling the worker what to with the balloons as he was standing on a ladder)-ha bhaiya thoda right ...nahi nahi thoda left...arrey bhaiya...ek kaam kijie niche utrie mai lagati hu

the worker gets down and she climbs up

she was setting the balloon when she lost her balance and fell down...well actually you know ankit was always there to save her...but this time he was late as it was someone else's arms she fell in. Her eyes were closed but still she could feel someone holding her

L(thinking)-who saved me? is it ankit?it  has to be him...ohh yes it's ankit

and she opened her eyes in order to stare in his green eyes but...ohhh who's this...those were not the eyes she wanted it to drown soon as she realizes it was not ankit she panicked and stood on her feet.

L-i am sorry(embarrassed)

GUY-it's okay...are you fine?

L-ya i am fine

G-hey by any chance do you know where doctor armaan is?

L-ummm...he left his duty was over's fine and ya please don't tell him that i was searching for him...i want to surprise him

L- ya sure but who are you?

G-ohhh sorry i forgot that...(he raised his hand in order to shake his hand with lavanya)hi i am DR.abhimanyu modi

L(shook hands with him)- hi DR.lavanya

before they could talk about anything else...abhi heard a voice calling him


A(turned around to see who it was)

V-armaan mila?

A-nahi actually vo uski duty khatam ho gai to vo chala gaya

V-tumhe kese pata?

A-inhone bataya(pointing towards lavanya)

V-ye kaun hai?

A-ohhh sorry mai tumhe introduce karana to bhool hi hai DR.lavanya...armaan ki intern!!! ryt?


A-and DR.lavanya she is my wife DR.nikkita modi

L-ohhh...hi(they shook hands)

then they talked for a while and left


scene shifts to ridhima's room


armaan was stopped by ridhima

she walked to him

A-kya hua basket?


A-ha bolo basket

R-armaan maine uske baare mai socha bohot socha aur mai jaanti hu ki tum mazak nahi kar rahe the...aur armaan mujhe lagta hai tum sahi keh rahe the!!!!! tum mujhse pyaar karte ho aur mai tumse aur mujhe tum par poora bharosa hai...apni jaan se bhi zada

A-aarey basket!!!!! mai sach mai mazak kar raha tha...agar tum nahi chahti to mai tumhe force thodi na karunga

R-aur agar mai chahti hu to


R-ha armaan tum meri jaan ho aur tumhara mujh par pura haq hai!!!!! mujhe tum par poora vishwaas hai

ridhima went close to him took his hands in hers and made the place on her waist the she placed her hands on her cheeks and went more close to him there was no place left between the two ...she then took her lips close to armaan's...they both closed there eyes,living the moment.

And ridhima said what armaan wanted to hear

R-DR.armaan mallik...KISS ME

armaan couldn't believe his ears as to what ridhima said...he thought ridhima was forcing herself into this so tried to stop him

A-par bask...

R(cutting him in between)-KISS ME(she repeated herself)

A-nahi basket mai mai...lekin bas...

before he could complete ridhima interrupted him by placing her lips on his softly

armaan was shocked he widened his he never thought that ridhima had the guts to this.

slowly armaan just lost complete control and kissed her back but it never turned into a passionate always remained the same sweet and same...they were kissing each with lots and lots of love in their hearts.Now they were so lost that they didn't knew what was happening so armaan made her lie on the bed now they both are kissing each other and armaan is on top of ridhima''ridhima slowly moved her hands in his hair''and ya let me remind you it's never gonna change into a passionate kiss!!!!! Now armaan slowly moves his hand to her stomach and opens the belt of her robe'..ridhima never realized what was happening neither did armaan now they stopped kissing but still lost!!!! With his index finger he slowly put aside the robe from her shoulder and procceeded to her neck  and placed damp kisses there'.this went on for a while when armaan came back to his senses stopped kissing her and stood up ridhima also opened her eyes thinking what just happened now and as sson as she realized what was happening between the two she also stood up a bit embarrassed never realizing that her robe's belt was open armaan set down his hair and seeing ridhima like this he went close to her tied the belt of the robe pulled up the part which was exposing her shoulder''he took her in his arms and lied her down on the bed


ridhima was confused as armaan just covered her and now he is again making her lie on the bed'.now she was scared an confused armaan went close to her kissed her temple an wished her


A-good night basket!!!! I love you

R-love you too


And then armaan leaves leaving a shocked and touched ridhima behind and this showed his love for her!!!!

Scene shifts to the locker room

SamicA IS there and from a long time is thinking about the same incident that took place in the changing when she said "I love you" to nishant. Suddenly nishant walks in whistling!!!! When he sees samica there and gets quite'.there is a pin drop silence there now he goes to his locker and is searching for his stethoscope'..he is tired of not fighting with samica so gives up and speaks


N-urghhh''.okay now that is enough'..samica now that's too much ''.it feels really akward''I need to talk to you

S-hmmm'..mee too!!!

N-pehle main

S-go on

N-dekho samica uss din jo tumne''ummm''jo tumne mujhse changing room kaha that kya vo sach tha?

S(turns her face away as she is scared to face him)-ummm'..vo''mai nahi jaanti

N-kya matlab tum nahi jaant?

S-''..ummm''nishant''bas mai nahi jaanti

N(goes to her and makes her face him)-dekho samica iss baat se tum jitna bhaago gi rumhe utni parshaani ho gi

s-please nishant choro iss baat ko I don't want to talk abou it

N-par mai chahta hu (pulling her closer by her shoulder)

S-nishant leave me' are hurting me

N-mai nahi chorunga jab tak tum mujhe sach nahi batati

S-kya janna chahte ho tum ha?

N-yahi ki''yahi ki

s-kya nishant?

N-yahi ki kya''kya''.kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho?

Now they both had tears in their eyes

Samica was quiet she didn't utter a word

N-bolo samica bolo!!!!!

S-please nishant mujhe jaane do

n-nahi pehle mai ye jaanna chahta hu ki do you love me or not''.bolo samica''.kya hua? Pyaar karti ho mujhse ya nahi?...bolo samica bolo''.jawaab do


to know samica's answer you gotta wait for the next part

so guys here it was and I know the length Is too much for you guys to read!!!! Sorry!!! So hope you understand!!!!

Thank you

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ksgforever10 Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

hey KB,u know what reading this part one song flashed in my mind...OH ZARA ZARA TOUCH ME TOUCH ME,KISS  ME KISS ME,HOLD ME HOLD...aur ye dono toh bed pe jaa pohoche...awesonely explained I must say,it was very hottingly HAWT,and please let nishant call me SAM not SAMICA,that sounds gawar.......and wowwwwwwwwwwwww nikki and abhi pehle se hi majnu laila ban chuke hai...DHATTTT!!!

REALLY,it was an awesome part and wow yaar armaan is so much concerned,his true love explored by his each and every action,expression and tarda tarda tarda....I realllllllllllly loved the part completely from the core of my heart...!!!Smile

Edited by ksgforever10 - 23 March 2011 at 1:23pm
ksg_armaan_dmg Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Loved it
Update soon
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:29pm | IP Logged

awwww...that was really amazing...........

superb part....

loved it..............

thnx for the pm..............

KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved AR
armaan is soooooooooooo sweet
yayyyyyyyyyyyy AN r back
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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