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Dill ki ye dhadhkan-Epilogue:page117.4/9(complete) (Page 2)

nacima IF-Dazzler

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wow great continue soon
Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Thank you guys for liking my update I know you didn't like it much as there was less of AR scenes and keeping your request in mind I am writing this updateBig smile


Armaan and ridhima reach lonavla orphanage they were just ignoring each other very badly so they just go to their respective roomsDisapprove

Ridhima's room

Ridhima was talking to herself-ye armaan samjhta Kya hai apne aap ko,Jab usse mujhse maafi maangni chahiye thi tab vo mujhse ladhne laga...urghhh...I hate him
Ab tum dekhna DR.armaan mallik Mai tumhara kya haal karti hu!!!!!Angry

scene shifts to rahul and muskaan

R-muskaan vo...ummm...vo...mai vo...kal raatConfused
Muskaan  cut him in between-mai jaanti hu tu kya kehna chahta hai aur kal raat hamare beech aisa kuch nahi hua jisse tu apne aap ko zimmedaar theh raye
rahul smiles and hugs herEmbarrassed

scene shifts to armaan's room

he was sitting in his room and waiting for the kids to get ready for their check up when suddenly he hears ridhima shouting-"armaan,armaan bachao mujhe,pleasee armaan"
the voice was coming from outside he got tensed and ran outsideShocked

As soon as he reached the door of the orphanage,a small pot was kept there filled with water and armaan didn,t noticed and stepped in it and his leg got stuck in it he tried to take it off but panicked after listening ridhima's voice again-ARMAAN TUM KAHA HO ARMAAN PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!

he got scared and ran outside.There two kids were hiding on the sides one child was sitting on the left and was holding the left-most part of the rope,and the child sitting to the right was holding the lef-most part and there was a pit in front of that rope. And as armaan reached that point he fell into the pit.

he was too angry and he slowly started rising his head up-"R I D H I M AAA!!!"Angry
ridhima was standing in front of him with the kids all around her laughing and she clicked a picture of armaan in that condition!!!!!ROFL

A-tum!!!!!!!!! urghhh!!!!! tumharei himmat kaise hui mujhe kichar mai girane ki????Angry
R-maine? armaan maine??? mai to waha kadhi thi to mai tumhe kaise gira  sakti tum to khud yaha gire ho n jab tum apne per mai aise matka phasa ke chalo ge to giro ge to sahiEvil Smile
A-tum na zada smart banne ki koshish mat karo!!!Ouch
R-karungi bolo kya karloge???Approve
A-kuch nahi bas mai tumhe ek pyaari si jaadu ki jhappi dunga!!!Hug
R-kya???? armaan dekho armaan door raho mujhse armaan nahiShocked

AND she started running and armaan was running behind her and suddenly armaan caught ridhima and both of them fell on the ground and armaan was on top of ridhima and they got lost into each others eyes (and there starts our one and only asmaaniii)Embarrassed

As soon as they come back to their senses they suddenly stand up and ridhima was sooo angry that she hit armaan hard on his shoulderAngry

R-maine tumse kaha tha na ki mujhse door rehna,dekho kya haal kar dia tumne mera
A-acha!!!! or tumne jo mera haal kiya hai and tumne mujhe maara??? DR.ridhima basket gupta!!!!!
R-ha mara and lo phirse maara
she again hit armaan on his shoulder
Armaan also hits her gently on her hand,then again ridhima and then again armaan and finally they broke into fight like cats and dogs!!!!! they started pulling each other hairs...

and suddenly rahul and muskaan comes running

R-arrey!!!!! ye tum dono kya kar rahe ho???
M-armaan ridhima stop it!!!!!Confused
 but they didn't stop so rahul held armaan from his waist and muski held ridzz

AND they started pulling them
M-ridz chodh ye tu kya kar rahi hai???
RA-armaan tu pagal ho gaya hai chodh usse 

M-oyee namuno,ye tum kya kutte billi ki tarah ladh rahe the tumhara dimaag kharab to nahi ho gaya,ullo de pattho,akal wakal hai ya nahiQuestion
RA-ye koi tareeka hota hai!!!!! tum dono ab bacche nahi ho grow up guys!!!!!
A-bilkul sahi kaha rahul iss ridhima mai to bilkul akal hi nahi dekh meri kya haalat banadi hai!!!!
ridhima open her mouth in shock
M-oye tu chup kar chuchundar!!!!
RI-dekha muski kaise baat karta hai maine kaha tha mujhse door rahe!!!!Angry
RA-chup bilkul tum dono ab ek shabd nahi sunna mujhe get back to your rooms

A-acha hai nahi rehna mujhe iss chudhel ke saath
R-kya tumne mujhe chudhell kaha!!!!

and on hearing this rahul muskaan get fed up and leave from there in angerWacko

ON seeing this AR feel a bit embarrased
and leave from there

R(TO HERSELF)-yaar aaj kuch zada hi ho gaya!!!! ridhima tu aisi kab se ho gayi???par armaan ne bhi to...nahi ridima focus armaan to hai hi baccha and ye baat hi to tujhe uski sabse achi lagti hai...shayad mujhe armaan se sorry bolna chahiye!!! mai aaj hi usse baat karungi!!!!Broken Heart

and what happens next for that you'll have to wait for my next update!!!! hope you like it and i promise from tomorrow onwards no fights of AR only romance!!!!!! 

thank youSmile

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Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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hey thank you very much guys for liking my update. And today i am writing an update as i got some time but i would be able to update next on 16 when my exams are over hope you understand!!!!


the same day armaan in his room
A(talking to himself)-ye basket apne aap ko samajti kya hai pehle to mujhe kichar mai girati hai and phir mujhse hi ladti hai...bas bohot ho gaya ab jab tak vo mujhse maafi nahi maangti mai usse koi baat nahi karunga!!!! to ab DR.armaan malik mission ridhima ko ignore karo starts!!!Tongue

the next day at sanjeevani

shashank calls all the interns

S-good morning interns!!! aap soch rahe honge ki aapke saare senior doctors kaha hai? well actually vo sab lonavla gae hai.
L-par doctor shashank vo to hum interns ki training ka part hota hai na
S-ha magar DR.lavanya par iss saal ye faisla mere haath mai nahi tha ye board of directors ka faisla hai!!! khair maine aapko sabko jiss ke lie bulaya tha vo to mai aapko batana hi bhool gaya
interns ab kyunki hamare senior doctors yaha nahi hai and abhi kuch din mai meri surgery hai to mai chahta tha aap mai se koi mujhe assist kare. Bas do din baad meri surgery hai to islie mai aap sabko do din ka waqt deta hu to show the best in you!!!!!
to ab aap jaa sakte hai,thank you!!!

as soon as the interns come out of the office

L-kuch bhi kehlo DR.shashank ko to mai hi assist karungiCool
A-lagta hai logo ko sapne dekhna ka bohot shokh hai kyunki surgery mai hi assist karunga
lavanya turns to ankit-sapne dekhte hoge tum,surgery tum kabhi assist nahi kar paoge coz i am much better than you ankit!!!Angry
suddenly nishant comes in between-guys tumhe ladhne ki koi zarurat nahi hai because ye surgery meri hai!!! mera matlab mai assist karunga
and suddenly rohan starts his calculation-ummm...dekhie agar aap bhagwan par pura bharosa karte hai or agar aapka dill saaf hai to aap jo chahenge vo hoga,aise ek dusre se tez tez vartalaab karke koi laabh na hoga!!!

L,A,N(together)-shut up rohan!!!Angry
and they leave from there and samica looks at rohan smiles at him and leaves and rohan is standing there with a confused expression!!!!Confused


M-yaar ye ridhima na bohot ladhti hai bichare armaan ne uska bigada tha??
R-ridhima??? tum jaanti nahi armaan ko vo itna chalak hai,pakka ussi ne kuch kia hoga tabhi ridhima ne ye sab kia hoga!!!
M-oye!!! tere kehne ka matlab kya hai ki galti armaan ki hai??
Muskaan opens her mouth in shock-rahul tu to na,jab mai keh rahi hu ki armaan koi galti nahi hai to nahi hai
R-to tu kehna kya chahati hai mai galat keh raha hu???
M-oye kutte di dum tu kab galat nahi boltaAngry
R-kya bola mai kutte ki dum?? to tu chipkal ki puch
M-oye chup oye kamine!! jo bhi ho tujh jaise gavar se baat karne ka koi faida nahiAngry
they both leave from there in anger!!

scene shits to armaan's room

he just woke up and saw a small note on his side table it was by ridhima and on it was written
'i am sorry mere dill ke armaan DR.armaan

mai jaanti hu kal jo maine kia vo galat tha
please mujhe maaf kardo

i am sorryUnhappy'

armaan gives a slight smile and suddenly the smile vanishes after remebering yesterday's incident 
A-focus!!! armaan focus!!! tu usse itni jaldi maaf nahi kar sakta
and then he turns the side of the note and sees something else was also written
'agar tumne mujhe maaf kia to please aaj shaam ko mujhe orphanage ke piche milna

P.S-i love you 'DR.ridhima ke armaan'

the last line bought a biggg smile on his cute face


muski was just walking by when she met rahul they just gave each other angry looks and passed away

M(to herself)-ye rahul kitna ganda hai...urghhh
R-ye ladki na apne saath saath mujhe bhi pagal kar degi

Armaan was busy with the kids when he suddenly saw ridhima and was lost in her beauty

her soft hair gentky coming over her beautiful face her sweet grey eyes which said everything and can make anyone fall for them her smile that made our doctor sahab blushEmbarrassed and as soon as he come to his senses-armaan tujhe ridhima ko maaf nahi karna par yaar usne mujhse maafi maangi na!!! par usne mera bohot bura haal kiya tha magar maine bhi to usse gila kiya tha...urghhh basket lagta hai mai usse door nahi reh sakta shayad mujhe usse maaf kar dena chahiye!!!!!!

scene shifts armaan goes outside the orphanage in the garden

as he reached there he was stunned by the sight he saw there the whole garden was glowing with lights there were red heart shaped balloons on the bushes and ridhima was standing there in a plain red saree and she walk towards him

R-to tumne mujhe maaf kar diya??
A-pehle tum batao tumne mujhe maaf kiya ki nahi???
R-haa n i am sorry!!!
A-sorry to mujhe bolna chahiye...i am sorry basket
R-it's okay
then they both hug
and armaan proposes his hand to her for dance,ridhima signals a small boy sitting there he turns on a romantic music and then they slow dance as they did when they first came to lonavla.
rahul and muskaan see this
M-arrey ye dono to...
R-matlab hamari ladhai karva ke khud itna romantic ho rahe hai
muski and rahul look at each other feeling guilty
M-oye!!!! jaanvar
R-ha bol chipkali
M-vo mujhe maaf karde na
R-ha vo mujhe bhi and then they hug

so here end another part
hope you liked it and i again say guys if you want me to pm you then add me to your pm list


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Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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thank you very much guys for liking my post and i am so sorry to keep you waiting for a long time but now i am finally writing it and i feel sooo good!!!!!!


the scene starts in sanjeevani

all the inters enter the hospital with just one aim to impress DR.shashank for the sugery as they had only one day.

in the locker room

NISHANT-hey!!! lavanya good morning
LAVANYA-good morning!!! so all set to loose???
N-what haarogi to tum coz mujhse better koi nai!!!
L-uhhuhh???? wese hum kyu ladh rahe hai agar tum DR.shashank ko assist karoge to i have no problems yaar par agar vo sadhu ankit jeet gaya to???...nai nai vo kabhi nai jeetega correct??
N-ya par mujhe bas uss behenji samica ko harana hai!!!

suddenly samica enters saying-itne over confident hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kyunki assist mai hi kar rahi hu!!!
N-oh really,mujhe to nai lagta kyunki DR.shashank kisi confident and promising intern ko hi lenge jesi ki mai and tum mein vo baat nahi hai!!!
sam opens her mouth in shock-kya tum...tum na...tumne kabhi apni shakal dekhi hai????
N-bas,tum ladhkiyo ko jab kuch or nahi milta na to hamari achi shakal bigadne aa jaati ho!!!
S-tumhari shakal ko bigadne ki koi zaroorat nahi kyunki vo pehle ki bigdi hui hai!!!
then he leaves and sam goes to her locker!!!

scene shifts to the general ward

shashank was on rounds that time and samica and nishant were as usual fighting as small kids
N-how dare you tumne mujhe maara kese????
n she hits him again
N-thta is the limit he was also about to hit her just then shashank enters
SH-doctors!!!! ye aap log kya kar rahe hai??? aap doctors hai koi chote bacche nahi and doctors hone ke naate aapki reponsibility hai ki aap patients ki taraf dhyaan de na ki inn fizul ki baaton pe
S-par sir...vo main...
shashank cuts her in between
SH-mujhe explanations nahi chahiye DR.samica
N-sir,isne pehle start kia
S-nai sir ye jooth bol raha hai start isne kia
SH-doctors agar aap sanjeevani mai rehna chahte hai to first grow up...esa behaviour yaha nahi chelega n now stop fighting and back to your duties
S n N(together)-yes sir!!!

scene shifts to lonavla

after the dinner
ridhima enters her room and suddenly the door closed itself and she got sooo scared and as she turned she saw armaan was standing there
R-pheww!!!! armaan you scared me
A-kya??? mai tumhe itna daravna lagta hu basket??
R-armaan baccho jaisi baatien band karo and bolo kya kaam tha yaha kyu aaye ho???
armaan holds her in his arms and says-romance ke lie!!!
Ridhima puts both her hands around his neck-romance ke lie???...awww well mere paas abhi time nai hai!!!
A-basket mai pyaar ki baatien kar raha hoon aur tumhe time ki padhi hai
R-armaan chalo ab jaao yaha se
she started pushing him outside
armaan stops and asks-par kyu basket???
R-kyunki...ha kyunki mujhe kapde badalne hai
A-WOWWW!!! mai koi help karu
R-kya...???...armaaannn!!!!! tum bas jao she pushes him outside and was about to close the door when armaan stops her-  basket mai sach bol raha hu kuch nahi karoonga pakka...plzzz plzzz
 and she closes the door

scene shifts to rahul and muskaan's room

M-abey ullu ke patthe,gadhe,pagal...tere saath rehne se better to yeh hai ki mai jahanum mai hi chali jaau
R-to jaa na chali ja roka kisne ne hai!!
M-dekha armaan dekha tune ye kesa hai mujhse ladhne mai sabse aage
R-ha to tu konsa kum hai mai to sirf terese ladhta hu tune kabhi khud ko dekha hai har kisi se ladhti hai!!!!
M-chu kar tu ghade ki aulaad!!!
R-dekha armaan ye isse itni bhi sharam nahi hai...mere baap ki burai kar rahi hai ab

and poor armaan was stuck there,listening to them both

M-ha to mere marzi mai to har kahi jaaungi,tere baap ka raaj nai hai
rahul gets angry and shouts------aeee!!!! baaap pe mat jaaio...baap pe mat jaaaiooo...kaat ke rakhdunga!!!
Armaan shouts loudly- shut up guys!!! kitna ladhte ho
ridhima hears this shouting and goes running to their room-kya hua armaan tum chilla kyu rahe ho kuch hua kya tum theek to ho na!!!
A-theek??? in dono ki ladhai khatam ho to theek hounga na mai dono hi to ladh rahe hai isme konsi nayi baat hai!!!! mai to darr hi gai thi!!!!
the scene shifts to sanjeevani

shashank was going to tell that who will assist him in the surgery but when he reaches there he sees lavanya and ankit fighting
SH-doctors aap iss jagah ko kya samjhte hai aapko kitni baar yaar dilana padega ye hospital hai koi ladhai ka aakhra nai
A-i am sorry sir!!!
L- yes sir sorry!!!
SH-whatever !!!
he leaves and goes to declare that who will assist him

who will he select??? you will come to know in the next update

and guys if you want me to pm you so add me in you frnd list


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Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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thank you so very much guys for your love and support!!!
your comments seriously encourage me to write new update!!! and i am so sorry for the delay so here goes my next update!!! :)


at sanjeevani...shashank declaring the results

SH-good evening interns to jaisa ki aap jante hai hum sab yaha kis lie assemble hue hai!!! so mai aapko bata du ki mujhe jo bhi intern assist karega usse 30 extra points milenge!!!!

everyone is damn confident that they will make it but poor rohan is just praying to god!!Ouch

SH-to aap sab ready jo intern mujhe assist karenge vo hai...

samica and nishant look at each other with a challenging and lavanya and ankit to each other.

the scene shifts to lonavla

ridz is busy packing her stuff as they will be leaving for sanjeevani in an hour suddenly muski enters saying-urghhh ye rahul bhi na i hate him samajhta kya hai apne aap ko...matlab ab to hadd hi paar ho gai hai mai to na isse chodungi nai...i'll kill himAngry

ridz got angry and said-bas kar muski,tum dono hadd se zada ladhte ab to bohot ho gaya hai...bas karo itna ladhna acha nai hotaAngry
M-ha to tu ye aaram se bhi bol sakti thi
R(was about to get up and shout again but she cools down herself and says)-dekh muski mai maanti hu tumhari bohot ladhai hoti aur ha ek relationship mai ladhai hona normal hai par itni ladhai bilkul theek nahi hai!!!!!!
M-relationship ab ho to na!!!
R-kya...kya matlabConfused
M-vo mai
R-mai kya muski bol!!!
M-vo...mera...ummm...mera aur rahul ka break ho gaya
R(shocked)-kya muski tu pagal ho gai hai kya?? ye tune kya kar diaShocked
muski started crying-mai kya karu ridhima ab tu hi bata ab isme meri kya galati hai ki vo chuchundar ki aulad,gadhe ki dum,ullu ka patha,gavar,pagal bevakuf aisa hai!!!Cry
R-muski tu rona band kar please and ja ja ke rahul se baat karke aa and ye sab sort out kar
M-mai??? mai kyu sort out karu galti to uski hai na!!
R-muskaan ye galtiya nikalne ka time nahi hai...balki tu...
M(cuts her in b/w)-bas ridz maine faisla kar lia hai it's over she goes running out of her room and ridhima sits down confused thinking what to do???Confused

scene shifts back to sanjeevani
SH-or vo intern hai...DR...rohan
everybody is shocked and embarrased thinking now what to doWacko
rohan who's eyes were closed opens hi eyes and a big smile comes on his face!!!!! Big smile
R-shukriya...mananiye shashank ji
Shashank makes a confused face trying to figure out what he said and says-your welcome DR.rohan!!!Confused

scene again shifts to lonavla

ridhima was roaming in her room tensed thinking how to get back RM when armaan enters her room
A-hey basket ready ho???
A-par mera yaha se jaane ka bilkul mann nahi hai kyunki waha ja ke kaam karna padega
R-vo armaan mai tumhe
before she could complete armaan holds her close to him and pushes her against the wallEmbarrassed
before ridhima could say anything she was lost in his eyes and forgot about RM...they were continously staring into each others eyes when ridhima comes back to her senses and says-armaan ye tum kya kar rahe ho choro mujhe koi aa jayega
armaan locks the room and says-lo ab koi nahi aaega!!Embarrassed
R(shocked)-armaan ye kya kar rahe hoShockedShockedShocked
A-jo mera mann kar raha hai vo!!!
Ridz think what to do-ummm...ummm...arrey papa aap
Armaan leaves her and turns around scared and was shocked to see no one there armaan got angryAngry and looked at ridhima who gave a naughty smile and ran away
armaan started running behind her in the room only when armaan tried to hold ridhima.
she tripped and feel on the bed and armaan was on top of herDay Dreaming
they were again lost into each other's eyes...armaan got closer and closer and kissed ridhima's head who closed her eyes then he slowly took his lips a bit down and kissed her nose...he went more down and was getting close to her lips making ridhima's heart beat faster and faster but instead he kissed her on her cheek which bought a smile on her faceSmile
then he kissed her neck...ridhima was speechless and when she came back to her senses she got up and was about to armaan holds her again in such a way that ridhima's back was facing him...he went closer and closer and kissed on her shoulder ridz was feeling shy and said-armaan...vooo...chalo hum late ho rahe hai jaana nahi hai kya???
she stands up and goes to pack her bags

scene shifts to AR were in the car going back to dehli

A-arrey yaar is jam se hum kabhi nahi nikal payenge yaar!!!!


R-armaan horn bajane ka koi fayda nahi ye traffic tabhi hatega jab iska man karega 
A-hmmm...wese ab hamare paas romance ka time haiWink
R-kya??? armaan tum bhi na!!!
R-oh no!!!! armaan mai to tumhe batana hi bhul gai mai itni important baat kaise bhool gai..
A-kya hua basket???D'oh
R-vo armaan actually na aaj subah muskaan mere room mai aai thi rote rote and usne mujhe bataya ki uska or rahul...vo break up ho gaya A(shocked)-kya??? kab????kaise???kya???
R-ha armaan pehle mai bhi shocked thi par ab socho unhe saath kaise laana hai

to know what will they do to bring RM together you'll have to wait for the next update and sorry guys i know you must have been bored reading such a big update i am sorry and i hope you liked it

and guys add me in your friend list if you want me to pm you

thank you!!!!Smile

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Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
ok guys so these were the parts which i had written in DMG forum and now i am gonna write episode#11 but not now as everybody will be lacking behind the track so i'll wait for two more days and then will write!!!! and guys who all want me to add me to the pm list please send me a friend request!!!

thank youSmile

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iceprincess101 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
awesome parts so far....waiting to read add me to ur pm list and update soon....
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged

simply amazing...

loved it.........

continue soon..........

n do add me to ur pm list...........

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