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Dill ki ye dhadhkan-Epilogue:page117.4/9(complete) (Page 17)

Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged

heeelosss guys...thanxx for liking my previous post guys and now here goes my next part
R-ab kya hua muskaan kuch bol na chup kyu hai?
Muskaan still silent
R comes near her grabs her by her shoulder and having tears in his -eyes- i love you muskaan and mai jaanta hu tu bhi mujhse utna pyaar karti hai
muskaan looks up into his eyes and tears start coming in her eyes
she escapes out of his hold turns around
M(not facing him)-aisa nahi hai rahul
R-to phir kesa hai muskaan(again holding her) bol na muskaan...or agar esa sach mai nahi hai to jo abhi hua
 hamre beech tune mujhe roka kyu nahi? ha? bol na muskaan bol? or agar tu mujhse sach mai pyaar nahi karti to meri aakhon mai dekh kar bol yahi baat
M-silent for some time still crying
R-khede muskaan kehde...sach to yeh hai ki tu mujhe pyaar karti
bol muskaan ab chup kyu hu hai bol...jawab de?
M(shouts)-HA I LOVE YOU...(sweetly now) i love you very much i love you nahi jee sakti mai tere bina

A big smile appears on his face and the  they hug!!!!!!!


ridhima's house
7:30 am


nani goes to open the door and sees armaan standing there

NANI-arrey armaan beta tum yaha or vo bhi itni subah?
A-ha vo nani actually aaj ridhima hospital mere saath jaegi islie usse hi lene aaya tha
N-par beta tum logo ki to duty 9 baje hai na?
A-ha...vo...nani...mai vo...ha ha mai vo late nahi hona chahta tha na islie
N(holding his ear)-nani ke bacche late nahi hona chahta tha ya kuch or baat hai? hm? sab samajhti hu mai(leaves his ear) jaa vo upar hai apne kamre mai so rahi hai
A-jee nani
and he leaves

ridhima's room

ridhima was still sleeping when armaan enters and was mesmerized to see such a beautiful angel in front of him...he was looking just like a small cute baby while sleeping which brings a big smile to armaan's face.

He goes close to her and sit besides her on the bed
A(thinking)-kitni sundar lag rahi hai meri basket sote hue!!! mene kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki ridhima meri zindangi ka itna important hissa ban jaegi. Mujhe abhi bhi yaad hai ki hum kitna ladhte the, hamari pehli mulakaat pe hi hum ladhne lage the the images of the their first meeting in th BB court came to his mind
vo jab pehli baar mujhe vo ehsaas hua tha,jab mera man karta tha ki usse apni bahon mai lelu aur kabhi door na hone doon, jab sirf uski ko dekhne ko mann karta tha and the flashes of the jungle scene come to his mind vo pehli baar jab hum dono ne ek dusre se apni dill ki baat kahi thi apne pyaar ka izhaar kiya tha and finally the images of their confession comes to his mind

guys the credit for the video goes to nomii761 on you tube but after the last part i would add something that they re-united and you know this so back to my ff
finally he come out of his thoughts and started waking ridhima up he goes close to her ears and gently whispers "basket" she doesn't wake up armaan tries again "bakset" just a bittt louder and when she again didn't reply so he went near her ear and shouted very loudly that ridhima woke up with a jerk
R-aaa!!!!!!(she looks to the other side to see who was it and made an angry face on seeing armaan)armaaannn!!!!!!
A-good morning basket,shukar hai tum uth gai,acha ab jaldi tayyar ho jao 7:45 ho gae hai or nau (nine)baje hamari duty
R-ohhh shit mai late ho jaati,thank you armaan acha tum yahi ruko mai abhi naha kar aayi
A-well your welcome basket
she was leaving when armaan called for her
A-or ha basket(ridz turned around) agar nahane mai koi help chahiye ho to mai yahi(he said with a smirk)
R-armaaannn!!!!!! and she leaves

scene shifts to sanjeevani
samica was sitting on the stairs of the fire escape sobbing softly remembering the events that took place in the changing room when they both crashed into each other
so they both were lost in each others eyes sooo much that they didn't even realize what were they doing they just kept on coming more close to each other nishant tighten his grip around samica's waist and she came more close to him,their was distance of just an inch between their lips...they went totally out of control not knowing what was happening and during all this samica lost in nishant only spilled out by mistake,,,,,,,those three magical words

"i love you nishant"

as soon as she said this they both came back to their senses and parted immediately. They both were shocked to hear what samica just said as she said totally out of her mind. Now they were not making any eye contact and were looking down to the akwardness
before she could complete she just ran away as she was just speech less
                        *flashback over*
scene shifts back to ridhima's room 

armaan is still in the room waiting for ridhima to come out. On the other hand ridhima was in the bathroom in a towel when she realized that she forgot her clothes in the room,she always had a habbit of keeping them on her bed but today she couldn't go out in a towel as armaan was there.
A-ha basket?
R-vo actually armaan maine apne kapde bed pe hi chor diye please zara mujhe pakda do.
As soon as armaan sees her clothes on the bed armaan decides to pull ridhima's leg and a naughty smirk came on his face
A-basket kaha pade hai? mujhe to nahi dikh rahe
R-arrey dhyaan se dekho bed par hi honge
A-nahi hai basket
R(understands what he was trying to do)-armaan dekho zada smart mat bano ok mai sab samjhti hu tum kya karne ki koshish kar rahe ho
A-arrey basket ab mujhe tumhare kapde mil hi nahi rahe to isme mai kya kar sakta hu?
R-acha!!!! ek kaam karo tum room se bahar jao mai khud hi le leti hu
R-armaan(no reply) armaan(again no reply)...lagta hai gaya so she steps out of the bathroom and closes the as soon as she closes it turns she sees armaan standing just an inch away from her
Ridz get scared and realizes that she is in towel in front of armaan,she feeling embarrassed tried to cover herself but failed
R-ummm...ummm...vo,...armaan maine ...umm tumhe kaha thi ki bahar chale jao or tum abhi bhi yahi ho
A-arrey basket vo actually mera jaane ka mann nahi tha...uummm...agar mere piche se aake tumhe koi aise dekh leta to?
R-armaaannn!!!!!!!! i know tum yaha kyu ruke the pagal nahi hu mai
A-nahi basket mai tumhare lie hi ruka tha kyunki aise tumhe dekhne ka haq kisi ko nahi hai...sivae mere
hearing the last line ridhima blushes and as soon as he looks up she again sinks into the depth of those ocean blue eyes and the ocean was so deep it is difficult to escape from them. And armaan also was lost in the those green eyes so their eyes were locked and the key to it was not easy to find. Ridhima's wet hair was coming on her face and armaan slowly brought his hand near her face to remove them so he could easily see the angelic face,he grabbed her by her waist,came closer and more closer they lips were very close armaan went more close and softly planted a kiss one her neck then went a bit down a small kiss on her shoulder and two three more and finally they heard nani's voice

"ridhima armaan jaldi niche aao late ho jaoge"
 they came back to the real world ridhima ran quicky towards the bed to pick her clothes...took them and ran to the bathroom

back to sanjeevani

lavanya was in the locker room taking out her lab coat and stuff from it as she turned she saw ankit was there and she just kept staring at him with a lot of admiration and she didn't even knew why? just her heart wanted to keep looking at him. Ankit could feel her staring at him, so he felt kinda uncomfortable...
A-ummm...tumhe mujhse koi kaam hai?
L-no reply
A-hello mai tumse baat kar raha hu
L-again no reply
Ankit goes close to her and waves his hand in frontof her face so she comes back to the real world and she came back with a jerk 
L-huh...kya? ha...kya hua tumhe koi kaam tha
A-ha...kuch puchna tha tumse
L-kya? pucho?
A-tum mujhe...vooo...ese ghoor kyu rahi thi?
L-mai...mai...kaha tumhe ghoor rahi thi?
A-abhi abhi jab maine enter kiya to tum mujhe ghoor hi rahi thi
L-maine kaha na nahi ghoor rahi thi
A-tum ghoor rahi thi
L-nahi mai nahi ghoor rahi thi
she was leaving and as she took her first step just because of her she lost her balanced and fell on ankit and was on top of ankit now and the great eye lock session!!!
A(thinking to himself and of course out of his senses)-she's so beautiful pata nahi mai isse itna kyu ladhta, ye itni achi hai,iski aakhein itni nashili hai ki bas inhi mai khone ka mann karta hai,iske baal.

before proceeding further he listens a whistle and they realize that nishant is in the locker room and the suddenly get up...the tone of his whistle changes and a question mark comes on his face

N-guys tum ye bench ke piche kya kar rahe the?
L-ummm,,,,,,,,vo nishant...ummm tum jesa soch rahe ho wesa nahi hai
A-ha lavanya sahi ke rahi hai
N-hmmm...ya sureee 
A n L feeling embarrassed leave from there before they could get out
N-aur ha guys(they turn around) get a room
L(makes a face)ha ha ha very funny 
they leave leaving nishant laughing behin them
so here it is guys another long one!!!! hope you like it , do press the like button and please comment also so i know how did you feel about this one? and criticism accepted with a  long smile!!!!

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
nice part yaar

thanx for pm

cotinue soon
KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved it
All da couples r Sooooo cute
Armaan is soooo naughty
Loved him
Can't wait 4 more
Con soon
Thanks 4 da pm
sweetanamika Newbie

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
hey mehak
awesome part
i loved it alot
ksgforever10 Goldie

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged

EmbarrassedHEYO KAMEENE BABEHug........kem cho majamaShocked....hehe just thought of speaking abit bengaliWink...lolzzzzzzzLOL......anywaysShocked.........

WAY YAAR..KYA BAAT KYA BAAT KYA BAATClapClapClap..........seriously i loved the part soooooooo damn muchBig smile.......and i loved the towel sceneEmbarrassed....armaan ka bas chalene to bas basket ko wo poora din towel mein goorta raheGeek....heheheLOLWink.....waiseShocked....agar aisa hua so he would definately take advantage of itBig smileTongueWinkSmileLOLStar...YAAR u don't know but i luvd the scene between AR sooooooooooo muchStar......they were chooooooooooooooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeetDay Dreaming....but please yaar next time write a bit bigger partsWacko....i know they are already bigWacko but still i want more more and more!!!!LOLTonguesanjhe kameene babeWink.....apni kuti babe ki baat nahi manige hu????ShockedlolzzzzzzzzzzzzLOLLOL......hmmmm....Wink
i luvd the way nani pulled armaan's earsConfused....awwww that was really cuteTongue..i still remember when Crydmg used to comeCry padma did the same onceShocked.par ab to dmg ni lahaOuch...haw mehak mujhe na dmg ki yud LOLCryaa gayi.....but reading ur ff my sadness vanishedBig smile.........sacchiTongue...!!!
hahahah....u dnt know yaar i was drooling over the bed holding my stomach after reading this was soooooo funnyROFLROFLROFL.....i actually imagined him saying it and winking+smirkLOLWink........and it looked really awesomeClap......infact it looked f**king awesome yaar......Wink
AWWWWWWWWWWWWTongue..........ankit and lavanya r sooooo sweetLOL.........and har baar kiss karte karte rehe jaate haiOuch.....nd i completely agree luvi's very vry beautiful....Star
but in all.Shocked....i loved the towel scene and then when nishant teased L& was soooooooooo kewlCool.........yaar u r such an awesome writerClap..........nd u knw wat u really know how to keep people waiting fot the next part desperately...!!!ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
and plzzzzzzzzzzz is baar update kripya karke jaldi kar dena kammene babeShocked.....nd haw aap kutti babe ki baat zaroor manoge hainaShocked???...........
lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzLOLWinkTongue.......yaar i just luvd the was just soShocked.....


phewwwTongue...........ab yakeen hua that i loed it so damn muchBig smile....luvd ur ff yaarEmbarrassed....plzzzzzzzzzzz update ASAP...!!!Shocked
luv u 2,3,4,5 raise to infinityHeart,
samica(karan's angel & miss.ksgian)Heart
for you:-Embarrassed
and vodka shots ofr my really bog vodka fan.....:-Wacko
and the hunk:-Winkwith ur fav open shirtWink

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
nice part

Joined: 09 October 2010
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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
nice update love it!!!!
AR moments r soooooo cute!!!!
thanks 4 the pm n cont soon...Smile
-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
nice part loved it
cotinue soon

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