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Dill ki ye dhadhkan-Epilogue:page117.4/9(complete) (Page 110)

Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
Hola Amigos!Hug Finally updating and sorry it's kinda crappy Dead So bear with me :)

Previously on dill ki ye dhadhkan

|Armaan Ridhima wet romance| |Armaan cooks| |Gang teases Armaan| |Ridhima thinks to surprise Armaan|

Part 42

Failed. What she would say the status of her plan was, as fast as the idea came popping into her mind faster it went down the drain. She had been really excited to surprise Armaan, which she would name as being the perfect wife. Once she was done writing down the requirements on the piece of paper, she called up Armaan to confirm how much time she had to get ready with the surprise.

"tum aadhe ghante mai pohonchne wale ho?" she repeated, shocked as he told her when he'd come back home.

"haan! Kyu kya hua?" he asked simply.

"n-nothing, kuch nahi, t-tum aa jao" she smiled and hung up. Half an hour? She couldn't even get the stuff in half an hour, firstly she had to shop for new clothes which would have taken like and hour and another half and an hour to get other stuff. Poor soul. But somewhere around she did feel relieved because she was kind of nervous.

Now she couldn't even postpone her plan as she had to resume her duties in the hospital from tomorrow and they'll have hardly any time for one another.


The light finally broke in through the curtains as the day begun, her alarm disturbed her sleep and she slowly opened her eyes. The sight in front of her made her realize that everything around her was already perfect, she knew she already was the perfect wife as she loved Armaan more than anything else in this world and she also knew her husband was way more than perfect, she really needn't care.

The feeling of being embraced in his arms felt so nice that she didn't want to get up neither did she want this feeling to go. All she wanted was Armaan to wake up and talk to her, about everything as the two hadn't got a chance to talk after he came back from the hospital, he was dead tired and slept after the dinner. She pinched his nose cutely to which he frowned like a baby being disturbed in his sleep. She again did the same thing and this time he turned to the other side, now it was Ridhima's turn to frown.

She held him by his shoulder and literally pushed him off the bed to which he suddenly opened his sleepy eyes and looked back at Ridhima, smiled and again closed his eyes wrapping his arm around her waist.

"good morning" she whispered.

"hm" he replied.

"Armaan, hm nahi good morning bolo"


"Armaan! Good morning" she smacked him.

"good morning basket" finally he whispered in his hoarse voice.

"ab aankhe khol bhi lo"

"tumse baat kar raha hu itna kaafi nahi hai?"

"ugh'..fine! Sote raho, kal bhi tum hospital se aake so gaye the mujhse baat bhi nahi ki"  She was about to leave when he opened his eyes and stopped her.

"theek hai mai uth gaya, uth gaya. Bolo kya baat karni hai?"


"basket! Tum mujhe gaali kyu de rahi ho?" his eyes widened as he again wrapped his arm around her and they looked into each other's eyes as they laid down on bed close to one another sharing the pillow.

"tch, Armaan gaali nahi de rahi, yaad hai shaadi se pehle tumne mujhse kaha tha hum kutta lenge"

"Basket please nahi, iss ghar mai koi kutta nahi aayega"

"Armaan ye kya baat hui? Matlab tum chaar bacche chaha sakte ho mai ek chotu sa kutta nahi mang sakti" she argued.

"oh hello, baccho aur kutto mai farak hota hai"

"nahi, kutte bhi toh chote chote chunu munu bacche hi toh hote hai"

"basket, mana kar dia na ek baar iss ghar mai no kutte"

"tch, dekho Armaan iss ghar mai chahu toh kutta la bhi sakti hu, par tum mere bina baccha nahi la sakte" she laughed at her own line. It was a win win for Ridhima.

"fine, agar iss ghar mai kutta aya toh mai iss ghar mai nahi rahunga"

"thik hai" she replied simply "mai bhi dekhti hu tum mere bina kab tak reh sakte ho"

"huh! Mai janta hu tum bhi mere bina nahi reh sakti"

"reh sakti hu"

"pakka?" he pulled her closer by her waist.

"haan pakka, tum konsa itne important ho"

"toh marr jau?"

"Armaan!" she yelled "aaj ke baad esa sochna bhi mat"

"ab kya hua?" he smirked.

"thik hai nahi reh sakti tumhare bina, khush yahi sunna chahte the na tum" she spoke as her eyes welled up. She removed his hand from her waist and rushed to the bathroom, with Armaan following her but she closed the door on his face.

"arre basket, I am sorry mai mazak kar raha tha, darwaza kholo" he knoked.

"Basket please, kholo I am sorry" he yelled again. After like a 100 tries he gave up and got ready in the common washroom. Coming back to the room, he noticed it had been half an hour and she hadn't come out, it worried him and he knocked again.

"Basket? Ridhima darwaza kholo, Ridhima?" before he could knock again, she came out wearing a green suit, all ready to go to the hospital.

"chale? Hum late ho jayenge" she asked without an expression on her face.

"basket, please mere baat suno'."

"mai niche gadhi mai hu" she said and left.

"abey yaar!" he sighed and left.


The whole day, Ridhima didn't talk to Armaan. As much he may try, she won't even look at him. Even when Armaan came to her office she excused herself and went from there, she was really mad at him this time and he knew he had a lot of buttering up to do that day. Armaan's work got over as the clock struck 5 and he again went to her office only to see she wasn't there and realized she was supposed to be in a surgery. He waited in her office for another hour or so, when she came back.

"Armaan, tum ghar chale jao mai di aur Muski ke sath shopping jaa rahi hu" finally she spoke to him.

"mai bhi chalta hu"

"tum kya karoge humare sath?"

"shopping aur kya."

"iski zarurat nahi hai Armaan"

"mujhe chalna hai"

"thik hai" she said and they both left from there.

After shopping Anjali and Muskaan went back to their place while Armaan and Ridhima made there way back home, only to be struck in an hour long traffic jam which was caused due to the heavy rain, when the two at last came out of the jam their car gave up but thankfully they were close to their place. Pushing the car they both reached home and all they wished to do was sleep. Around 10 o'clock they opened the door to their house but who said their bad day was over, Ridhima left the room keys in her office and the office keys? Poor them. It was with Ridhima.

"what?"  he shouted "tum itni careless kese ho sakti ho basket"

"chiko mat, ab galti ho gayi toh mai kya kar sakti hu"

"great, aaj raat ko yahi drawing room mai sona padega then, thank god, hum shopping karne gaye" he was thankful to Ridhima that she had taken him to shopping at least they could get out of the wet clothes. All Ridhima had brought was a beautiful blue saari for herself and tracks for Armaan.

"sorry" she muttered and hung her head low, it was then it struck Armaan that she was already upset with him and here he was scolding her.

Sighing he apologised "I am sorry Basket, mujhe tum par chillana nahi chahie tha and uske lie bhi jo mene aaj subah kaha tha, mai mazak kar raha tha basket"

"mazak? Armaan, tum jante ho esa soch kar bhi mujhe kitna bura lagta hai"

"mai janta hu basket, I am sorry" she nodded, accepting his apology and hugged him and went to change.

Wearing the light blue sari, which securely wrapped around her legs and exposed her waist, she looked undeniably beautiful. She saw Armaan standing in the kitchen, with his new tracks on and a loose shirt which he had picked up from the laundry basket. He was making tea for both of them.

"Armaan ye shirt toh mene laundry ke lie rakhi thi"

"Basket mai kya shirtless ghumta ghar mai'." He was speaking when he looked up and stopped speaking and just stared at Ridhima. At first she waited for him to speak but then saw his eyes moving up and down along her body.

"um'.Armaan?" She called. He snapped out of his own world and looked back at her face.


"tum kuch keh rahe the?"

"haan, wo na'.nahi, yahi ki'." He stopped again and walked over to her. He didn't speak up again till he came extremely close to her "'tum bohot sundar lag rahi ho"

She looked up and stared in his eyes, only to see something different in his eyes this time and it made her nervous, so she tried to change the topic.

"wese gandi lagti hu?" she smiled.

"nahi, mera matlab wo nahi tha, I mean'..iss'"



"chaye ubal (boil) gayi Armaan" He moved back and went to the kitchen to pour the tea in two cups. Coming back with cups he handed one to Ridhima and with one in her hand he sat down on the couch a few inches away from her. They both drank the tea in silence with Armaan continuously starting at her, after five minutes of continuous staring from him, she spoke.

"Armaan tum mujhe ese hi ghurte hi rahoge toh'." She was about to complete her sentence when she looked up and saw Armaan coming closer to her. Finally closing the distance between them, he took the cup from her hand and kept it on the table in front, her eyes followed the cup and stopped there as she didn't have the guts to look up in his eyes. He then faced her with his one leg on the couch and other on the floor they were barely inches apart when he held her by her elbow and pulled her even closer and his nose touched her wet hair which stuck to her forehead.

She still didn't look up, Armaan's hand slowly moved from her elbow to her shoulder and then to her chin, softly tickling Ridhima. With his hand under her chin he made her look up as she closed her eyes and their lips came closer than ever.


Finished. :D

So here you go all. Do press the like button and comment.


Thank you.


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awesum part... loved it!!!!!


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awww..finallyyy updated*dances*

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PS: I want to be first...Cry


Are u serious mehak?Shocked... I Mean,How could u stop at such place...Arrghh..I so want to read more...Abhi ke abhi update karo...huunnnTongue..Hayeee  What a update yaar...Right from the Start...Awieee Ridzy want to Give Surprise to Armaan but aah He was tired ..huun..Mazza kharab kar diya.LOL..he he he and see ,Pura din usse Ridzy se baat karne ka mauka nahi mila...Poor Armaan...Waise bhi marriage ke baad Husband kahaan kuch keh paate hai.ROFL..Love AR moments..Totally ARish,jisme tumne break laga diya.Angry.huun..Ab do continue soon yaar...You toh know na ki how besarm I wasWink ...Thanks for the PM and yaah next tym update karne se phele do text me...I want to be first yaar.Embarrassed.. Take care

Lots of Love

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Nice part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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thanx for pm

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pm me the next pllx

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Originally posted by teenorchid

aray fikr nt. Hum aapke saath hain. Dun gt demotivatd.
Ap bus update karain

rightly said

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