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Dill ki ye dhadhkan-Epilogue:page117.4/9(complete) (Page 101)

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Previously on dill ki ye dhadhkan

|Ridhima's chura| |AR romance/armaan teasing Ridhima| |Yaz and Ridhima talk| |Ridhima getting ready|

Part 40

His eyes got stuck as he looked at the beautiful figure  descending the stairs in her beautiful golden lehnga and looking simply stunning the way she was ready, the hair and make-up artist indeed did a great job. All the world around was blurred for Armaan all he could see was her beautiful bride, he automatically stood up as she came closer to the stage and proceeded his hand towards her, giving her hand to him she came on the stage and he made her sit. And like all other indian marriages it was time for the photos, with different people,  with each and every relative, everyone wanting to get a photo clicked with the duo and then the photo-shoot of the bride and groom with those so-called romantic poses.

Finally they stood in front of each other with beautiful garlands in their hands, it was now time for the var-mala. Ridhima proceeded to circle the garland around Armaan's neck when he stepped back, trying to tease Ridhima, and yeah, he was pretty much successful. Well hello, who said Ridhima was the shy types bride? She also wasn't going to give and so she literally stood on her toes and made wear the garland. It was Armaan's turn now, but Ridhima was not ready to give-up so easily, she also had Atul, her dad and Yaz by her side, who had already lifted her him giving Ridhima chance to annoy Armaan. And she did succeed. Armaan tried pretty hard to get to her but alas! He had to finally give-up and circle the garland around Ridhima's neck when she was back.

Finally it was dinner time and the two were famished, not waiting for anyone they both just took their seats and started eating like animals. When Anjali reminded them that it was their marriage and they were the bride and groom, well then they became humans again.

As another round of  chapatis were served Ridhima began to tear out a bite, when her hand snapped back, as it was really hot. Seeing this Armaan didn't care about anything just took her finger and started blowing over it gently, she was just aw-ed by his cuteness and couldn't avert her gaze from him. He looked up to see whether she was fine or not but got lost in her eyes which stared back at him with so much love, but they were brought back to the real world as the flash of the camera blinded their vision.

Once they were done with the food, it was the time for the last ceremony, pheras. Ridhima couldn't believe her eyes as she saw the beautifully decorated the mandap, all thanks to Anjali she had just engrossed herself in giving Ridhima the perfect wedding. And right now she just wished to hug her tight, her heartbeat  rose as she proceeded towards the mandap. She was heck nervous as few more hours and she was going to become Mrs.Ridhima Armaan Mallik.

As she sat down, she felt a bit relieved seeing Armaan as he would be there with her as she enters her new life, what else does she want?

The ceremony started with the priests proceeding it with all the mantras, and completing rituals. Soon the two completed their pheras and now it was time for the two to leave. They took everyone's blessings and of course Ridhima was a bit sad as she had to leave behind her family. Hugging everyone, she sat in the car with Armaan and waved a goodbye to her family, but who said the two were leaving alone? Of course their friends were following them, how could they miss out on a chance to pull a prank on the big time prankster.

Stepping out of the car he was stunned to see another car behind them, with their friends in it and he knew he wasn't going to be spared.

"tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho?" asked Armaan shocked

"what do you mean hum yaha kya kar rahe hai? Tere dost hai drop karne aaye hai" replied Rahul.

"mere ghar tak?"

"haan toh?

"haan toh….okay kar dia na drop, ab jao"

"Armaan ab tu aisa karega hamare saath?" started Abhi with his drama.


"matlab ye ki hum tujhe chorne aaye hai aur tu hame andar invite bhi nahi karega?" placing her hand on Armaan's shoulder, Muskaan asked.


"haww, Armaan ye sila diya tune apni dosti ka?" and there goes Muskaan with her emotional banter.

"okay, okay fine" finally Armaan surrendered "chalo"

Entering the house, all of them properly welcomed the duo. Well yah that was a bit unexpected, all of them all sweet and all with them? But then that was kind of them.

"wah Armaan tera ghar bada saaf sutra lag raha hai, Ridhima ke liye kiya hai kya?" Asked Atul as all them occupied the sofas. Listening to this Ridhima said nothing, just blushed.

"Champ, mera ghar hamesha hi saaf rehta hai" he replied, anger dripping from his each and every vein.

"Armaan ridzi betho na, apna hi ghar samjho" interrupted Nikki.

"hehe, sure" replied Armaan sardonically, cursing his luck, or rather his friends in this case.

As they sat, Anjali came back from the kitchen with a big bowl in her hand, filled with milk and placed on the centre table.

"ye kya hai?" asked Armaan.

"game hai, okay dekho mai iss doodh ke bowl mai ek anguthi dalungi tum dono ko apne haath iss dhoodh mai dalke ye ring dhundhni hai and jo bhi isse dhundhega, wins the game" exclaimed Anjali.

The game started and Ridhima didn't wanted to lose of course, so she had totally engrossed herself in that game and looked extremely cute, with that expression on her face, making Armaan totally engrossed in staring at her cute face. He came back to the actual world as he felt his hand touching something cold and then he realized that it was the ring, but he wasn't going to end this game so soon, it was time to tease Ridhima now.

Taking the ring in his hand, he slowly crawled his hand closer to Ridhima's and held it making Ridhima jerk and look at him in shock. Through her eyes she told him to leave her hand but that wasn't easy. Talking him out of something by speaking by her mouth was itself a difficult task and she expected he would leave her hand when she wasn't even talking? But Ridhima was no less, even she knew how to take things her way.

"Come on guys, itni derr kyu laga rahe ho?" shouted Anjali, intrigued to know the results.

"ab mai kya kar sakti hu di?" she said pulling her hand out of the bowl "Armaan mera haath hi nahi chord raha"

Uh-oh! She was smart and Armaan was embarrassed and others, well, just couldn't control their laughter.

"oh hello? Main tumhara haath pakda tha ya tum mujhse ring lene ki koshish kar rahi thi?" he said showing the ring to everyone.

"oh-no, kya yaar Ridhima tujhse ek ring nahi kichi gayi Armaan se?" said Muskaan in a defeated tone.

Ridhima was shocked that everyone was buying Armaan's act rather than hers. Narrowing her eyes she gave an angry look to Armaan but soon smiled, as he winked at her. It was so difficult to be angry with him and that's why she loved him like anything.

They all sat there for some more time and talked about various things but soon they were really tired.

"chalo guys bohot der rho rahi hai chalna chahie" said Abhi. Oh! Armaan was so relieved and happy that they all would finally leave but he just nodded in agreement. They all stood up and started walking towards the guest rooms.

"uh guys, bahar jaane ka darwaza uss side hai"

"haan toh tujhe kya lagta hai hum iss halat mai ghar jayenge, hum kal jayenge ab" said Rahul irritating Armaan to no ends, but what could he say now?

"Chal Armaan good night, tum bhi so jao" spoke up Abhi yawning, actually trying to hide his smile.

"hehe sure, good night good night, so jao saalo tumhara hi ghar hai" and all of them proceeded to their respective rooms, leaving an irritated Armaan and a laughing Ridhima behind. "haha, tumhe badi hassi aa rahi hai? Tum bhi jao, ab toh tumhara hi ghar hai" Like a good girl, she quietly went to their room.


She sat in front of the mirror and just stared at herself for a while, she felt really happy. Finally her new life with Armaan had begun, and she was immensely nervous as she knew what was coming up. She knew Armaan had decorated that bed, as that was so him. She was scared, removing her dupatta she thought to herself, will she be able to live to his expectations in this marriage? Yeah that was completely stupid to think after 3 years of relationship with him, but tonight was different. She was just nervous as she knew once Armaan steps into the room, she will not be able to even breath, due to nervousness, so she just wanted to distract herself.

She was lost in her thoughts when she heard, the clicking voice of the door handle and jerked out of her thoughts, turning her face to the door she saw him entering the room.

He heartbeats became erratic as he closed the door behind him and the look in his eyes, made her even nervous. He started proceeding towards her, and with each step she got scared and even more scared. He stood behind her, and bending to her level he looked at he in the mirror.

"basket?" he called out still not tearing his gaze away from her beautiful image in the mirror. She saod nothing just looked up at him.

"aaj mai bohot khush hu. Patah hai maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki mujhe jesa ladka kabhi shaadi kar bhi sakta hai, balki mujhe toh ye bhi nahi lagta tha ki mujhe bhi kabhi pyaar hoga. Par tumne sab badal diya basket, ab tum hi meri zindagi ho aur tum soch nahi sakti ki mujhe abhi kitna acha lag raha hai, ab se mai tumhe jab chahu dekh sakta, tumhe mil sakta hu, tumhe gale laga sakta hu. Ugh…I am really happy basket, really happy for US" smiling widely he ended his speech with and "I love you"

Ridhima was just speechless, she would have cried any moment. She would never forget his words, and it stunned her to no ends to see her naughty, irritating and never serious Armaan, taking their relationship so damn seriously. Turning back to him she just hugged him tightly and he also wrapped his arms around her. Soon he lost himself in her embrace and unknowingly his hand roamed around her bare back, making her close her eyes.

Realizing what was coming up, she came out of the hug and faced the mirror again. He placed his hands on arms, which slowly crawled them up to  her shoulders, reaching out for her earring he removed her  right earring and then the left one. She was a heck too edgy as he removed her mang tika and he could see the  red vermilion, which he himself had applied. And finally he removed the heavy neck-piece she wore.

He placed a kiss on her neck, and her eye-lashes stuck together. He placed some more kisses on her neck, shoulder-line and her shoulder before picking her up in his arms. They stared into each others eyes as he walked her to the bed slowly. Placing her on the bed gently, he lied beside her, removing a strand of hair from her face he proceeded to kiss her when he heard a knock on his door. Perplexed he moved to the door and opened it a bit to see Atul standing there.

"yaar Armaan bed-sheets kaha hai? Abhi ne uspar ice-cream giradi"

"ice-cream? Uh….room mai ek cupboard hai usme hi hai" Closing the door again he started going back, when it knocked again. This time it was Muskaan.

"oye hero, tere ghar mai shakkar nahi hai kya?"


"kya huh? Beta shakkar kaha hai batao, chaye (tea) peeni hai hame"

"um, upar left mai second cup-board mai hai" again closing the door, he went back to Ridhima, when again it knocked and this time he was hell irritated.

"kya hai?" he shouted as he opened the door again.

"bhai tu gussa kyu ho raha hai? Mai toh tujhe good night wish karne aaya tha" asked Rahul trying to act innocent.


"kyu nahi bol sakta? Tu busy hai kya?" he winked as said the last line.

"bye Rahul good night" and he closed the door.

Before he could even turn to go back, he heard another knock. Without even opening he shouted

"what?" it could be easily sensed that he was damn irritated by now.

"Armaan, wo darasal hamare room mai bohot thand hai, apna hearter de sakte ho?" shouted Nikki back. This time he opened the door and went outside only to all of them standing in a line with their back stuck to the wall and then it clicked him what their plans were.

Now it was Armaan's turn to turn gabbar. He gave them all his deadly glare.

"wo uh,…..Ar…Armaan….hamari baat sun" started Atul, but automatically became quite when he saw Armaan walking towards them, as if he would eat them alive. With every step he took, they all took one back and this continued till they reached the stairs and ran for their lives. Running behind all of them he dropped them to the main door and closed the door. In short pushing them out of his house.

He sighed relieved, that they all had gone and happily proceeded towards his room. But all his happiness went down the drain as soon he entered his room, as he saw his sweet little wife sleeping peacefully.

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Me 1st

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love the part where everyones making fun of armaan!!! superb updateThumbs Up

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Daam I am so late..:(


Hey MehakHug...OMG you updatedShocked...*faint*...*recover* ...ohkk now I realized  that u updated in realWinkLOL...Love the the way you describe all the rituals of AR marriage...So beautifully yet it look so realisticThumbs Up...I am impressed Mehak...Seriously...Be the photo session, Varmala ritual or the Phere moment. All are written so perfectlyClap...Finally AR are married and Ridzy became Mrs. Armaan Mallik...And of course I also love that Ring Finding wali rasam...All in all the whole chapter is written so beautifully yaar...Awwiiee AR got so amazing friendsTongue...He he he...Love the way gang tease them and most importantly tease ArmaanLOL...Love AR moment...Waiting for more so you better update soonAngryWink LOL...Thanks for the PM...Take care



PS: A very Huge Congratulations for crossing 100 pages love...Thumbs Up


Lots of Love


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ohkkk pehle to.. 2 b honest m completely clueless bout the ishtory of this ffOuch
n not even planning to read it anytym soon Tongue
bt apne likhi h to fatak hi hogi.. m sureWink
anywho coming 2 d recent was sooo damn sweetSmile
armaan n his kuper cute antics really made me awestruck for sumtym (2 min n 13 sec 2 b precise)Tongue
n the way you described each n every rasam was just fab...ek dum *PERFECT*Star
n AR k frAnds ekdum rj ki gf jese h...*dishturbing*LOL
bt zindagi wud b INCOMPLETE without their DISTURBANCEDisapprove
sorry FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on d prt ...hawww ridz so gyi?ShockedShockedShocked
nhiii nhiii nhiii how cn u do dis mehakkkCry
wtevr aur karao indian style shadi...thak k soegi ni to ka kregi huhAngry
sunieee ...jaldiii se KUPER PASS le aao unhe pleeesh n make armaan  lucKy lyk my bffWinkLOL
bss ya aur veli batein karu?Confused
waise ap to thakoge ni so puchna hi bekar h chaddo...Tongue
n last bt not d least...HUH HUH HUHEmbarrassed

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Awsm part.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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