Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Make me fall in love..<3 arjun-arohi FF prt10 pg34 (Page 8)

..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
hey dear whn r u updating?????

.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
wen will you be updating?? Smile
aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
come on yar .. its been almos2mnths since u have updated..
i thnk we all hadly remember ur ff.. plz update asap

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Anupa28 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
plz update soon...whats wrong...its really nice...
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
yea...its sooo good...please update it
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pls add me to your PM list~
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I am so sorry about the late update. College, and exams and stuff, i almost forgot about this. But since i have holidays now, i will be updating a part every week :)

Arjun got worried day after day. His new project about the whole 'wedding-stuff-website' thing was getting more complicated day by day, he just couldn't figure out the proper stuff, and Gauri had disappeared. Obviously there was no other go, he had to ask Arohi to help him.


Meanwhile, Arohi's life just got a little better at office. And back home, she told her bua, that she would be moving out soon, for she didn't want to be a burden on her. Her bua was relieved, but tension prevailed, where would she go?


Arjun was sitting in his cabin. Staring at the computer screen, he was helpless. Why was gauri so weird!!! He wanted to know. He tried yet another time.


"Gauri!! What is wrong baby, please temme???", he asked her politely, holding her hand. This was the umpteenth time he was asking her. He tried questioning that in every way possible – in anger, in desperateness, with love, politely, every way. Just no answer. He needed one, for he just couldn't figure out what was wrong.. what went wrong or what was going wrong!

"nothing arjun… ", she tried avoiding it.


 Fed up with her answers, he hung up. He called up arohi, hoping to figure out about the wedding website atleast. She told him that she would help him. But work piling up, and busy office, she planned to meet him on Friday for dinner to discuss about the website.


The week passed by in a hush. Arjun drove her to a quiet place for dinner. He needed the quiet atmosphere and with so much tension and everything, he needed a calm ambience to discuss work.


Arjun – arohi you want anything more?

Arohi- - nope, that would be all.. *signaling the waiter, their order was done*

Arjun – so arohi.. there is this company which…

Arohi – arjun, I'll tell you what, lets just enjoy dinner peacefully, without having to think about the website thing. We'll discuss it after dinner?

Arjun – okay, if you say so!

Arohi – good! So temme, what's happening with gauri? Problem solved?

Arjun – nah!! She is not telling anything.. I have tried asking her in every way I could.

Arohi – well, then leave it..

Arjun – how do I leave it?? Im so worried..

Arohi- hey.. she will come around.. waise bhi, I told you, don't get into a relationship.. enjoy being a single ;)

Arjun – oh shut up.. and single reh ke enjoy kaise karta?

Arohi – there are so many other single ladies.. unke saath timepass karo…

Arjun – wahi toh kar raha hu na..

Arohi – WHAT?? Kiske saath?

Arjun – tumhare saath dumbo ;)

Arohi - *shocked..* ahan.. stop hitting on me!!

Arjun – tum hi ne toh kaha tha.. enjoy with single ladies.. hit on them.. wahi toh kar raha hu…ab Arohi.. tum hi batao.. *innocently* main tumhara best friend hu na.. ab tumhaari baat kaise taal sakta hu??

Arohi – ohh mere chunnu-munnu *pulling his cheeks* shweet se cutie-sweetie bacha, *raising her voice now* itna innocent act karne ki koshish mat karo!!

Arjun – chunnu-munnu arohi, mujhe act karne ki jarurat nahi hai.. mai hu hi innocent..

Arohi – oh please…

Arjun – arre puri baat sun lo.. mai innocent tha.. but jab tum meri dost bani ho, tabse tumhari sangat ka asar padte padte meri innocence chali gayi.. not my fault!

Arohi – ab bacha, bada toh hona padega na… toh I thought tumhe training de du.. kaam ayegi kabhi future me..,.

Arjun – waise food is good…

Arohi – ya it is.. my choice, so obviously!!

Arjun – food is good except this tamatar in the sabji.. arohi.. yeh tumhari choice hai na, toh ye tamatar tum khao.. *transferring the tomato piece onto her plate..*

Arohi – eiiiw!!! Have some table manners arjun!!

Arjun – what table manners?? Take this too.. I don't like capsicum in my noodles..

Arohi – arjun.. yuk!! If you don't want then side me rakho na.. mere plate mei kyu daal rahe ho??

Arjun – bapu ji se sikha.. he didn't wear a shirt because millions in this country were poor to afford clothing.. same thing for food.. mai khana toh chod nahi sakta, atleast khana waste nahi karunga..

Arohi – oho!! Bapu ji aaj kaise yaad agaye??

Arjun – kal 2nd October hai.. gandhiji ki itni yaad agayi, isiliye tumhe ek din pehle hi dinner karane le aaya!! On behalf on gandhiji, im giving yu his birthday treat!

Arohi – HA-HA-HA, whatte a joke? Can it get more funnier?? OUCH, my stomach hurts, cos I have laughed that much!!

Arjun – okay, shut up. . BTW, where were we?

Arohi – umm.. whattt?

Arjun – yes, we were talking about me hitting on you. .

Arohi – yeah right, now yu shut up!

Arjun – actually, you're not that good that 'I' can hit on you!!

Arohi – what do yu mean? I am anyday better than your gf gauri!!

Arjun – don't talk about her..

Arohi – why not?

Arjun – you are no way in competition..

Arohi – LISTEN! Let's have a deal.. I seduce atleast 3 guys, and get them ask me out and yu try 3 girls..

Arjun – okay, deals on. You go first, I'll watch!


Guy 1 :

Arohi – hey, do yu mind if I sit here?

Guy – no problem..

Arohi – I want some wine..

Guy – sure… *orders wine *

Arohi – hmm.. thanks.. so what do you do?

Guy – I am an automobile engineer..

Arohi – oh that's cool.. so temme other stuff you like?

Guy – cars are my passion, I love racing.

Arohi – and I love racers *wink*

Guy - *smiles, and blushes*

Arohi – so why don't you gimme a lift home, and we'll see your racing skills..

Guy – sure, and maybe we could hit this bar, where they serve awesome wine??

Arohi – totally cool!!

Guy – lets go then!

Arohi – sure.. I'll just be back..



Arjun – you're a FLIRT!

Arohi – I'm GOOD.. admit it.

Arjun – dirty flirt!

Arohi – im good. Anyways should I go and do 2 more guys, or are you convinced?

Arjun – nope, yu win!!



Having fun, teasing each other and lots of masti. . . that is how dinner ended, without discussing about what they actually met for.


Arjun – now that dinner is over, can we please discuss my website?

Arohi – sure. Shoot!

Arjun – so they want this website.. the marriage stuff, more like wedding-shopping online, good deals, and all the little stuff, and I don't know where to even start from!!

Arohi – okay, I'll tell you what – go and sleep.

Arjun – I have a meeting tomorrow, what am I to do?

Arohi – I'll give you your proposal, and the whole file tomorrow morning. Don't worry.

Arjun – Arohi, you better. And if you don't, and you flop it, im going to KILL you.

Arohi – trust me..

Arjun – okay!! Good night arohi..

Arohi – good night arjun.. and dinner was good, thanks to me ;)

Arjun – whatever, bye!!



And so Arohi went home, switched on her laptop to prepare Arjun's proposal file stuff. She thought about how she would design stiff, and lot of other things, and her mind drifted to her own marriage-fantasy, and everywhere else where it shouldn't be. She didn't type a single letter. Amidst the fantasies, and butterflies in her stomach, she fell asleep.


Arjun – AROHIII !!!! wake up and gimme the file!!

Arohi – *in a sleepy tone*why are you shouting??

Arjun – because I have a meeting in half an hour, and I don't have my file!!

Arohi – so shout at someone else!

Arjun – you were supposed to prepare the file!!

Arohi – oh. Oh. Yeah.

Arjun – yesh oh-oh. Where is it??

Arohi – umm.. I –

Arjun – Don't temme you forgot, don't.

Arohi- and what if I said, I did?

Arjun – then arohi, I will be doomed, and you will be responsible.

Arohi – I'm so sorry, I mean –

Arjun – that wont help.

Arohi – lemme explain

Arjun – that wont help either. You know what, you're going to come with me, talk to the clients, and convince them. You will have to do that.

Arohi – but, my office?

Arjun –I dunno, you're coming, im going to pick you in 5. Don't have a bath, put nice clothes and tons of perfume!




5 minutes before the meeting –

Arohi – don't panic Arjun, I will get this.

Arjun – I'd rather not say a thing.

Arohi – u want things to go fine right?

Arjun – am I talking in Chinese?

Arohi – so deal then?

Arjun – whatever it takes.

Arohi – good, so if I get you this, you're going to get things straight with gauri.

Arjun – I have tried, but..

Arohi – you're going to get things straight with gauri, and im going to come with you.

Arjun – arohi,

Arohi – that's me.. and that's a deal.

Arjun – you're impossible.

Arohi – try me, now lets get in. and yeah, watch me ;)

Arjun – better get it right.


In the conference, Arohi totally nailed it. She convinced the client on her wedding ideas, and the website design ideas. Though she didn't have any file, and written stuff, she promised the client, that they would give them the entire prospectus, and every detail of the thing. And Arjun couldn't stop thanking her. That deal meant a lot to the company as they planned to start a new division for that alone.


So as it turned out, Arohi won the bet and off they went on a date – a threesome date, arjun, arohi and gauri.


Gauri was sitting there, and Arohi marched up straight to her.


Arohi- hi gauri, nice to meet you. I am Arohi..

Gauri – nice to meet you finally arohi.

Arohi – okay, so done with the pleasantries, now temme what the hell is wrong with you and arjun?

Gauri – we're fine.

Arohi – oh yeah. Don't gimme that.

Gauri – what?

Arohi – everything is fine shit. Im his best friend, so I know things are not fine. Now temme whats wrong?

Gauri – that is between us.

Arohi – not anymore.. common gauri, telling tomorrow, or today, it's the same thing.

Gauri – look, you wont understand.

Arohi – try me gauri.

Gauri – okay, arjun will you give us some privacy?

Arjun – okay, I'll go.




Arohi – so gauri, what is up?

Gauri – it's a long story. .

Arohi – all ears. . please you gotta do this for arjun!

Gauri – okay, so it all began during college. I was in love with Rajveer and . .


To sum it up, she was in love with rajveer during college, and they broke up during their final year – new ways to discover, and a whole new life. Gauri moved on with Arjun, the truth was tried to move on with Arjun. But Rajveer had come back with apologies and more. Their love rekindled, and gauri wanted to move back with rajveer. She just didn't know how to say it because Arjun would be broke.


Listening to Gauri's college love story, Arohi was reminded of her sweet love, back in college. How they would do everything together. The promises of being 'happy' and 'happily-ever-after'.  She looked at gauri, she was lucky to get her sweetheart back, but at the same time, she missed hers, and it kindled the pain of her breakup with it.


Gauri – Arohi,  are you listening?

Arohi – yes.. yeah.

Gauri – you will have to help me tell this to Arjun, I mean I hope you understand.

Arohi – I do, trust me I have been through it so yeah, I do.

Gauri – you have been through it??

Arohi – it's the past, so hey leave this to me, I'll talk to Arjun tonight.

Gauri – thanks Arohi.




Gauri left, and Arjun had been pestering her to tell him the problem. But looking at him, she didn't know how to say it, and break his heart. For she knew, what a heart break meant, and what came after that. But Arjun deserved to know and yet again the situation was the same, she faced years back. The only thing, she faced the heart break, and Shefali (Arohi's best friend from college) had conveyed that to her. Now it would be vice-versa.


How weird sometimes life could be? She had put on so much courage to forget all about it, but yet again Arjun's heart break reminded of hers.


She only wondered, how would she say this to Arjun, and how would he take it?


who broke Arohi's heart?

How will Arjun react?

Arjun-Arohi will they come closer?

STAY TUNED, and comment or press the like tab =)

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waiting for your next update...
i thought u would never update ur ff...
thank god u r finally bak...
bdw...loved this story loads :)

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