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Free Falling =) MayankNupur. OS

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'Kiss him.

Kiss him senseless.

Kiss him to my heart's content.

Kiss him till the world stops.


"MS.BHUSHAN! Are you listening?!" cried our teacher.

I immediately snapped out of my reverie much to my discomfort and everybody else's laughter. I looked at her and murmured "Yes ma'am.. I'm a tad bit sick." I hoped I sounded convincing.

"What is it?" The teacher asked, her concern etching on her podgy little face.


"Girl problems, ma'am." I turned around to see him smirking. He wriggled his eyebrows suggestively and gestured towards the restrooms.

Of course, once Mr.Mayank Sharma had spoken, the teacher couldnt have anything to say ! She just looked at me and gestured.

I glared at him one last time and excused myself.

Mayank Sharma. Epitome of perfection. He was brilliance down to  the art form. You just can't get better than the guy. I hated him. To my heart's content. He was a jack-ass. He just didn't let me have my way at anything! Always had to be him. Prick.

I washed my face, muttering to myself my complete disregard for the douche-bag.

"Loser. Asswipe.. Completely nuts I say.."

"And people who mutter to themselves are normal nowadays, is it?" I jumped and saw Diya's reflection in the mirror, adjusting her lipstick smears. She probably got them after making out with some.. Nah. Forget it.

"I'm just irritatated Diya!"

"Mayank..tsk tsk. Honestly Nupur? Pretending to hate him isn't going to change the fact that you have feelings for him, that he's your best friend and that you wanna ki.."

"I DO NOT WANT TO KISS THAT GUY!" I was panting heavily by then and glaring at her. Gah! Why couldn't the lot just leave me the hell alone!

"I wasn't going to say kiss ! I was going to say.. kill ! If that's what you want.. kiss. Sure.. Then why does your diary have his face drawn on it?"

"I was...stabbing the picture I drew of him." I said and damn, even I couldn't believe it.

"Oh! Okay.. I guess there wont be any harm in telling him that you have no feelings for him whatsoever then!"

"DON'T DO THAT!" I said, screaming a little but more than necessary and I grabbed her arm.

She turned and gave me a once-over, my dissheveled appearance scaring her and said "Nupur.. just admit it. You like like him."

I rolled my eyes and as she stared at me more, I could feel my walls crumbling. I soflty muttered, "Yeah.. I do."

She looked at me, her eyes softening and said, "Don't worry. It'll all work out."




Stupid Meddler.

Idiotic Meddler.

Foolish Meddler.

Meddler Meddler Meddler..

"DI!" I snapped out of my reverie once again to see Gunjan's caring face staring at me and Samrat's quizzical look.

"What happened, Di? Extremely zoned out you look! You havent touched your food!" Gunjan said.

"DIYA MEDDLED!" I said. Gunjan kept looking, her eyebrows furrowing and Samrat still looked clueless.

Gunjan gently said, "Did she tell anyone about your feelings for Mayank?"

What. The. Bloody. Hell. I hadn't even told anyone about my feelings for the prick and seemingly, the whole college knew ! Bloody perfect !


At this point, I could see that even Gunjan looked peevish. "Are you kidding? That's great ! Now you don't have to do it !" said Samrat.

I gave him the proverbial finger and then looked at Gunjan in distress. "How do I do it, Gunjan? I can't face him anymore! It's been so hard just to look at him and figure out how I feel; but facing him? No way!"

"Chill, Di. It'll all work out."

"NO IT WONT! It cant! I.."

"Can I help you, then?"

His hot breath on my neck was like hell. I looked up into his chocolate brown eyes, they were smirking, smiling, taunting. No..

He shook hands with Samrat and pulled Gunjan into a small hug. He looked at me expectantly, not knowing how to greet me. I just kept looking and time seemed to stop. He walked one step further, closer to me.

'Kiss him.

Kiss him senseless.

Kiss him to my heart's content.

Kiss him till the world stops.


"Nupur?..Nupur!?!" He swatted my arm this time and I glared.

"We need to talk." he said softly.

And...I ran away.


All I could do was think why, why me? My crush of two years now believes that I want to glue myself to him and kiss him until he loses all his senses. Which I do wish I could do but that's not the point. He's not suppose to ever know that. But he knows. Our relationship of science partners and waving every time we saw each other could, with no doubt, be declared ruined. And to add onto my depressing day, I saw him in clear view, walking down the hall with his eyes scanning the place, as if he was looking for someone.

I gulped and right at that second, my eyes made contact with his. A smirk slowly formed on his face. Soon enough, he was speed-walking down the hall, pushing past people, towards me. I, on the other hand, was freaking out beyond belief.

Hyperventilating for the second time today. This is not good for my health.

I did the only two possible things I could do: One, I threw my two best friends in front of me (while letting out a scream). That's what they're for after all. Best friends are meant to be used for shields and distractions. Two, I ran. Ran like my pants were on fire. I didn't look back once. I kept running like Dory kept swimming.

Just keep running, I told myself, just keep running.

I made it a block away from school before having to use a street pole as back support from exhaustion. This is what I get for 'having a fear of running' every time we had to do any type of movement that's faster than walking during P.E. class. At least that earned pity from my P.E. teacher (who loves exercising that it has become an obsession) which earns me a beautiful A-. She also loves my acrobatic skills. I do do some awesome somersaults.

"This is enough exercise for the week," I breathed in and out endlessly. "Make that the year."

"Are you okay, miss?" I opened my eyes and saw a fragile looking old women standing in front of me.

"Yes," I managed to get out after countless of breaths.

She looked so concerned. "You look like you're about to have a heart attack."

"No'no. I'm'okay."

"Would you like me to help you cross the street? You look like you're about to faint."

'Why do I get the feeling that this should be the other way around?

Another being materialized beside the sweet old lady. "It's okay, m'am. I'll take care of her."

"Yeah, yeah, he'll take care of---pooping poodles!" I've been hanging around Diya a little too much. "Mayank?!" I didn't take the time to pause and think. I pushed myself off the pole and attempted to run. I collapsed (literally, falling onto the floor) the moment I took a step forward. This is sad. I didn't think I was that exhausted.

Mayank assured the women that he'll take care of me. I could feel the old lady watching me with weary eyes as she walked away. Once she was gone, Mayank averted his eyes onto me. "You fell for me right before my eyes," he said, teasingly. "You must like me more than imaginable."

Wanting to stop kissing the sidewalk, I rolled over onto my back. "It's imaginable," I said dryly. Translation: I fantasize about making out with you all the time! Kiss me, mold me into your body, run those long fingers of yours through my hair!

"Is that so?" He stretched out a hand, offering to pull me up. I took it and with a strong jerk, I was back on my feet, my body pressed against his. His other arm wrapped around my waist. I was madly blushing and hyperventilating. I'm going to have a serious problem if this hyperventilating thing keeps up.

I couldn't help it. I looked up. His chocolate brown eyes were trained onto mine. If he wasn't holding me, I would've melt into a pile of goo like the Wicked Witch of the West did when she was met with water. He was leaning closer, his lips oh so close to mine. Instinctively, my eyes shut, waiting for him to kiss me.

I waited, waited, and waited.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

My eyes flew open. His grinning lips had retreated back and his eyes were laughing. Disappointment and embarrassment was rising in my chest. But immediately, anger overpowered that disappointment and every other single emotion I had. With all my might and strength (which is of a ten year old) I kicked him in the shin. I watched in entertainment as his face churned with a mixture of pain and confusion.

I childishly stuck my tongue out at him before running off.


"You stuck your tongue out at him? What are you, five?" Apparently, my two best friends found this hilarious because they couldn't stop laughing. They were clutching their stomachs and looked as if they were about to fall off of their seat. They're probably wetting their pants by now.

"Sixteen, actually," I said. I buried my face into my hands. "I feel so bad for kicking him in the shin too." I sulked. Saying that made them laugh even more. I rolled my eyes and turned away from them, deciding to distract myself by (last minutely) doing my homework for my next class when I realized that I left my binder in my locker.

My extremely laid-back teacher was too busy playing cards (yes, cards are not allowed in school) with some of the other students. If I asked him if I could go to my locker, he would probably just throw me a hall pass. Not wanting to trouble him with such trivial matters, I slipped out of my noisy and cheerful classroom.

Twelve tries later and my locker still wouldn't open. I was about ready to beat it to a pulp. The Hulk was on vacation right now, so I couldn't call him over to help me open (via destroy) my locker. So, I puffed out of my chest, feeling independent, and raised my tiny fist in the air. I was ready to strike my persistent locker when I got interrupted by a smooth and familiar voice.

"You kicked me in the shin and now you're punching your locker? How much anger do you have?"

My body did a one-eighty. "W-w-what are you doing here?"

"I saw you walked past my classroom and decided that you're much more interesting than my boring Calculus teacher," he smirked and held up a bathroom pass.

My cheeks matched the redness of a tomato. "Oh." I think my vocabulary just reduced to that of a newborn baby. If my preschool teacher would've just taught me about love, hormones, and how to act in front of a gorgeous specimen, I wouldn't be in this situation right now.

"By the way, I know that the note wasn't from you. Benji told me that after Diya gave him an ultimatum to fix the problem or be run over by her car and thrown into the land fill," he said. His eyes scanned me up and down and finally, they settled onto my flustered face. "But obviously, you did and still want to press yourself against me and kiss me senselessly."

"It's your fault for being such a cutie pie." Did I just call him a cutie pie? Kill me, just kill me now.

Before it even registered in my now peanut of a brain, his body was pressed against mine with my back glued to the lockers. And once I comprehended that he was on top of me (gradually crushing my ribs), his lips were on mine. Kissing me softly, as if I would break if he placed any more force. But he was wrong. I was already breaking, melting, swooning. I didn't even have the chance to kiss back before he pulled away.

"For leaving you lingering yesterday," he said, smiling. It wasn't a smirk anymore, just a simple smile. And my heart was going ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump hurriedly and endlessly. "I knew you wanted to kiss me but you were just so cute to tease and I couldn't help myself. I tend to tease people I like."

He called me 'cute'. And he kissed me. Hehe. I could forever live happily.

Wait, pause, stop. "You like me?"

He gave me a wink. "Maybe, just a little." And then coolly, he walked away.


He looked over his shoulder, still walking. "Yeah?"

I smiled. "You'll fall for me just like I fell for you," I said with certainty and a hint of hope.

A shock expression crossed his face and just like that, he mistook a step and tripped.

And right before my eyes, he fell.



 Hey everybody!
This is just as OS alright and I will continue posting other OS scenes as well :)
Thank you so much for all the reviews :D

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vryyyyy nice start subi(hope thts ur name as displayed in ur signature) continue soon n add me to ur pm list for this ff...Smile
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Wow wonderful start dear
just awesome
pls do cont. it
and add me to ur pm list
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great add me in ur pm list!
wud luv to read this story.........!!Smile
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nice one do pm me when u update.
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great start! plz do pm me when you update!

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