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Nakusha's faith vs Dutta's cynicism (Page 3)

lizdarcy Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -priya

you write coz we love reading your post!! .....beautifully written an absolute treat to read!! Big smile

Shilpi and make-believe i loved your replies as well! Clap

Awwww...Blushing thanks a ton, Priya!!Big smile

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lizdarcy Senior Member

Joined: 10 August 2010
Posts: 776

Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shruti10august

HATS OFF to Liz, Shilpita, make-believe. Clap

U all expresses all ur feelings into words in a very beautiful way wich i can only dream of.

I m being a constant viewer of ltl from day 1 nd absolutely enjoyed nd luved it but after joining I-F, i must admit that i m luving it more nd more....

Thank u guys for posting such beautiful posts....
Thank you, Shruti, for reading it all! And yes, it's IF that has made the show all the more enjoyable for me too! Smile

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lizdarcy Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mozart66

Originally posted by shilpita87

WOW....CAn i say WOW?

How do you do it 1 at night?....write something so beautiful...Oh liz...i think when you'll fall in'll love like's just how you see things that makes your post beautiful.

Ok..coming to post. bang on again..nakku is so unlike what dutta had seen all his life that he couldn't help himself from loving her more eachday....and therein lies the jeopardy...he saw her as unfalliable and pure and put her in a pedestal and when her truth came out he felt that pedestal crumpled...

but little did he know..that nakku didn't love him to rise on pedestals..she loved him because her heart told her to love him...because she saw wht others like seema and supriya couldn' integrity and honesty that looked and judged things beyond their face value...She called him her chand...that in itself should be telling about her love for him...She doesn't even have to do anything special to make him fall in love with her again now...she is just being herself, honest,simple, chaste and innocent of worldly wiles and he can't stop himself from falling head over heels again..he said he didn't want to see her face..didn't want food from her hands..
look at him now..he can't can't see her..her face just stays in his mind like a fixature... he still searches her out albeit with traces of anger and hurt(which i saw mellowing last week)...he can't eat anything that she had not touched..only being fed by her fills him..
and all these without even trying for it...that's power of her love.

Dutta....we call him a gadha...but really is he a gadha.?...he knew how to show his love without the flowery words...he knew how to defend her honor when his sister called her names...he knew how to believe his wife's character before she asked him...he just didn't erase those questions when the time came..he nipped any doubts that might have crossed anyone's mind when suresh came to him with that pic...his anger when he talked to his mother about the reason for being angry with nakkusha seemed justified to me....its not easy to forget the hurt that the one person whose trust you craved the most didn't trust your love enough...but then...he has not yet counted on the fact that where nakku was concerned his heart was just not his was hers...just like her heart had always been his to protect, to wound, to love and to cherish...he had done it all to if she did a little of that hurt back with all the love and can he complain?

but there lies the difference between their love...nakku's love silently endures till the dam overflows and washes away his anger...duttta's love burns so deep and fierce that its intensity burns him and in the process bruises him some making him lash out in pain...

but both the kind of love is great in its own and fire.....candle and the moth...
LOVELY SHILPITA!!!!! LOVELY LIZ!!!!!! You guys said it all!!!!
Thanks mozart! Smile
lizdarcy Senior Member

Joined: 10 August 2010
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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 2:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tintiny

Lizy, very well written post....hats off to your analytical understanding...while Dutta is complex, Naku is simple, maybe too simple for us to understand her completely.  As a woman I sometimes failed to connect with her until I read this post.

Yes I can understand why she is not revealing Kala's antics before Dutta, it is not she has the confidence of handling it herself, it is more because she does not want to hurt Dutta.  Who does Dutta have in reality, his mother is not his mother who gave birth to him, his sisters see him the cause of their father's untimely death hence do not care for him the way sisters should.  In this matter I am with Naku but I do not understand why she does not share the same with Bajirao?  Doesn't she need a friend or a bit of guidance...
While Dutta is a paradox of complexities, he needed somebody as simple as Naku (minus her superpower, I do not support her driving the jeep, last time she made Baji drive it while going to save him from Chaskar)  opposites attract and if we had somebody as complex as Dutta, imagine what would have happened...who would understand whom...they would have been too involved with their own emotions instead of understand each other....
Yes Lizy...I do understand Naku better after reading your post, her passion to love her man wholeheartedly and overlooking his faults and drawbacks...a selfless love....
Like you said, she is too simple for us to understand her completely. And it is this that has Dutta stumped. The more he knows about her, the more he's intrigued. The more he's falling in love with her.
And if you've noticed, Naku's love has not only calmed Dutta, but also given him an inner strength. It is this strength that has kept him going inspite of having an identity crisis, inspite of knowing Naku's truth. This is what has kept Dutta sane in the face of Kala's evil machinations. It is what makes Kala's plots innefectual everytime. She thinks she's driving Dutta crazy, but Dutta is calmly waiting the storm out. All this is only because of Naku's love.  The cynical defeatist is dead. We have a new Dutta who fights his fate, and believes in possibilities, all thanks to love. And now, even when he gets to know Kala's truth, it is not going to shatter him.
Thanks for your reply, Tintiny! Smile

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Dancingdoll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 3:09am | IP Logged
Jab Pyaar karoon toh sirf pyaar karoon
Aisi shiddat se karoon, ki har be-pyaari cheez dhundhli lage!
Kept the best for the last Liz! Awesome post! You have captured Naku's essence very aptly. Naku's strength lies in just one word - Love....Love in its purest form...Because its this love which makes the most complicated issues, simple...Your perception changes towards every aspect of your life...Your vision becomes tunneled....The tunnel that ONLY converges to love from every walk of your life...When the goal, vision and the means to achieve it becomes ONE, Its simple to make decision in even testing times....
For eg: Say, you love Dutta unconditionally and he is infuriated and is totally ignoring/insulting you. If you love him, you know what he is going through. You can parse his exterior and see that love still prevails but has been fogged. Now, If Love is your destination, what would be the means? To dump a guy who is not accepting you or stick to him, in his thick and thin, whether he likes it or not? Obviously latter one - right? This is what I mean when I say that love makes your decision power strong because the options in your hand are very few....They are right options and will lead to your love....Naku follows her heart, she lives for her love...Hence, her life is simple, her thoughts are simple, her actions are simple, all bourne out of love....This is my personal experience that Love removes the web of confusion, it never leads you to a crossroad and makes you stand in the middle of it and work out which route would be the best...Because Love has only 1 route.....This is a simple philosophy that Naku follows....She doesnt complicate things by sitting and wondering what Kala would do next...She spends her moments in love...She takes things as they come....Because Love is in itself a time consuming activity!! LOLLOL
I have never written off Naku for Dutta. She compliments him in every way, just like a Yin Yang. He was the deranged crossword puzzle, she arranged him precisely....she is the key to his lock...I wouldnt go into the details here because all former posts have covered this aspect...Your post itself has hit the bull's eye here...

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Oh... i forgot to say in my post..who dared to say nakku doesn't suit dutta....helllooooo?

the names itself define their suitability..

love story of Nakkusha- Dutta

Nakkusha- unwanted, unlucky

Dutta- the ultimate supreme being(name of an Avatar of bramha,vishnu,mahesh), ruler of his dynasty...

if a lovestory sprung up among such extremely different was bound to be this beautiful...i first commented on the names to my mom even before i saw the episodes...i fell for the show in august after amber pe milte hai sequence...and am still catching up with all the past episodes..and till now i have felt nothing suits dutta better then his nakku..

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divy609 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Beautiful Post LizClapHow do you go into such depth It's so Mesmerizing!!!
Like AS said once Any other Gal would have left Dutta long back for all his tortures but for Nakku who Loves him truly , Expects nothing from him and with all her simple traits........

 Loved Ur replies Shilpita ,DD........

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KavitaDR Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Hi Liz,
Loved your post Lizzy.ClapClapClap
I agree with practically most of the  opinions when it comes to Nakusha's "simplicity "as the perfect foil for the complexities that have defined Dutta's life up to now, or the the hold that she has on him by virtue of her qualities as the harbinger of peace. However, I refuse to believe that she is a simple girl because, beneath, this apparent guileless exterior for all, she does, consciously/unconsciously display such a powerful understanding of life's basic philosophies and her unconditional acceptance that love will make every wrong , right, that  she managed to sway/influence Dutta from Day 1. The terms sway/influence may be misconstrued as it could purport to Nakusha having an agenda but that is not at all intentional. It is rather to convey the degree to which Dutta allowed this girl he saved by default/fate, one dark night, to make such an inroad in his life. I do not need to go in the details as we are all aware of the story. Dutta connected to Nakusha because of her silence as she managed to calm the raging storm which had been the sum total of 10 years of crime and grime by just looking at him with a query for protection, love,  trust and faith in her eyes. She was, probably, the first woman who ever made such a silent demand for the first time in his life making him feel "worth" as a human being. He may not have understood that he had been hit by the lightening of love on that night but he he was aware of her right from the moment he actioned the water pump so that Nakusha could wash her hands at the roadside dhaba. That was almost a symbolical invitation from Dutta to this dark mysterious girl to help wash away all his sins once she had washed the grime off her hands.  
I have to thank Fivr for her TIN dated 25th March 2010 (that I read yesterday) and encouraging me to watch that episode once again  when Dutta bares his soul to Nakusha and explains why he expects the girl who wears his mangalsutra  to to be able to see and accept, wholeheartedly, the hands tainted with the blood of so many people that he slayed or came in contact with the bullets that were not meant to kill any innocent/unfortunate individual who came in the line of fire  to understand that his life could at best be ephemeral. Nakusha was led into that inner sanctum that was the raging/bleeding heart and soul by Dutta who, unconsciously, made a plea to the girl that he did not recognise as the love of his life, yet, but could not ignore, to listen and placate the storm that has been slashing his mind and and body for so long.
Nakusha understood this and her subsequent imagination that she was washing off Dutta's hand tainted with blood sealed her fate and that of Dutta's on that night. The purification of Dutta's soul started then. And ever since, she has borne  everything that came her way with a silence and dignity that defies and frightens every thinking individual. Dutta needed these soothing hands and silent lips to calm down. One could argue that in nearly every field of endeavor it has been true that silence could be traced to cowardice? There are times when it is our obligation to speak up and tell the truth. Many times those who should speak out and warn of danger remain silent because they are afraid or fear that they might hurt someone's feelings. Such silence is far from being golden. When sin is winked at, when error goes unchallenged, when dangerous practices are not exposed for what they are, the "silence" of those who should speak out is nothing but cowardice.Confused
What I just stated above may be totally justified but I will digress here from rationality and moot that Nakusha represents the vehicle that will enable Dutta to clear his life of all the sins he has committed up to now and to achieve this, Nakusha, unknowingly, has to let him go and shed his blood to wash away that sum total of ten years of a life filled with crime and grime. It is also poetic justice that Baaji accompanies him on this journey as he was the one who initiated Dutta in that dark world and has to repent by possibly losing his friend, momentarily, to pay for this sin. Dutta, also needs to meet Seema on this journey to get a complete and irrevocable understanding of Nakusha's sacrifes and self-effacing persona that will enable him to live a life full of genuine love and peace. Nakusha may, actually, have been sent by the Gods themselves and all angels of God do have to suffer to absolve humans of their sins. LTL is after all a fairy tale.Embarrassed

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