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Sweetu's Short Stories [Updated on 2/23/11]

DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

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Please do not claim my work as yours, or steal any parts of it!
Thank you!

Fight For Friends => Page 1
Sister of a Gem => Page 1
 A Cry Over Destiny => Page 1
A Love Story => Page 2
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DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

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Fight For Friends

By: Sweetu/Shivani

The last thing Sussy needed was another reason to be mad. It was only yesterday when she found out her best friend, Kristie was talking behind her back. The person she trusted the must turned out to be the reason the school would make fun of her. Now, she only had one person who cared. Tamara, the sweet girl she met that year in freshmen English, who always cared for her.

"Out of all the people, i can't believe Kristie would do such a thing," Sussy said

"Well, know you know who your true friends are," Tamara told her

" But why would she do such a thing?"

" She changed after she met those 2 popular girls, Maria and Selena. The talked her into it. Kristie thought if she did what they say, she'll be part of the cool group. She doesn't realize her mistake at all!"

" Whatever. I have you! Just promise you won't leave me!"

"I would NEVER leave an amazing friend like you," Tamara assured

As the girls were getting ready to leave the lunchroom, Maria, Selena, and Kristie approached them.

" Eww," stated Maria. "Where do you shop? Clothes for the Nerd?"

The three girls laughed

" I can't believe you were friends with these geeks," Selena said to Kristie. " Aren't you glad you joined us?"

Kriste nodded. "I told Tamara to join us, but she denied. She'll regret talking to this looser soon!"

" Sussy isn't a looser," commented Tamara. "She's a better friend than you."

Sussy smiled. The three girls walked away laughing and cracking jokes about Tamara and Sussy.


The next day at school, when walking into math class, Selena had tripped Sussy. She knew she couldn't cry because it would make things worse. Unfortunately, she couldn't control it. Selena, Maria, and Kristie started to laugh. Holding back her tears, Sussy ran out the room. During lunch she spilled her heart out to Tamara

" What did Kristie say?," Tamara asked

" Nothing. She was enjoying the moment along with Selena."

" And Maria?"

" She was absent"

" That's it," Tamara yelled

" We need to make Kristie realize what she's doing!"

" How do we do that?"

" We do what she did to you!"

" What you mean?"

" You tell Maria and Selena HER secrets!"

" But.."

" No Sussy. We have to get our friend back, and this is the only way to do it! Meet me outside the school before the first bell rings tomorrow. We'll wait by the bench where that cool group hangs out" Tamara walked away. Sussy knew what Tamara had in mind was wrong, but it was the only choice she had left. It was time to give Kristie a taste of her own medicine!


The next morning, Sussy was nervous. She hoped to get her best friend back. 5 minutes after Tamara and her had arrived, the three girl walked over to the bench

" Your in our spot!" Demanded Maria  "MOVE!"

" We will! After Sussy says what she has to," Tamara yelled

Everyone stared at Sussy

" Di..Di..Did" "Come on Sussy! Your doing this for a good cause! Its either this or humiliation forever," She told herself

" You guys know that kid Ryan, the really dorky one? Kristie had a crush on him in 5th grade"

Everyone gasped. Kristie felt tears in her eyes

" She even threw up in the car once. She gets car sick. That's why she never goes on trips"

Kriste hid her face and ran inside. Sussy chased her into the girl's bathroom


Kristie hugged Sussy. "I'm sorry," She said. " I should of never did what I did. Please forgive"

Sussy nodded and hugged her best friend. Tamara joined them

"Helllooo," Selena said.

" I hate you guys," Kristie told them. I don't need friends like you. My friends are cool enough"

Selena and Maria walked a way, leaving the 3 girls to themselves


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DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

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Sister Of a Gem
It has been 5 years since my sister passed away. I was 15. I remember it like it was yesterday.
"Hurry up," My mom yelled "Your prom date will be here any minute."
It was Anita's senior prom night. Ryan Whitebun was her date. My mom was rushing her to come down before he arrived. My sister came down in the most prettiest dress ever. It was a white and pink sleevless dress, with a silver strap in the middle. Her heair was curly and glowing. I remeber it so wel because it was the last time she had looked so beautiful- and happy.
"Anita, you look georgeous," I smiled and said
" Thanks Tina."
The doorbell rang. Mom opened it. It was Ryan. He was weaing a balck and white suite. He said hi to us, and then left with Anita. Little did we know, it was the last time we would see her like this
It was about 1:00 AM when the doorbell rang. I was sleeping in my room, but the bell had woke me up. I could hear everything.
" Where is you daughter? Your older daughter?," The man asked. He had a deep voice. I wanted to know who he was
" She is at the prom. Anything wrong officer?" OFFICER! IT WAS THE POLICE! Their had to be some mistunderstanding. My sister was not a bad person. I thought mom would just tell him and he would leave, but I was wrong. I creeped behind the stairs, hiding, and watching what was going on. The officer pulled out a small, gold necklace. I recongnized the necklace. So did mom. It was Anita's. She got it from Mom and Dad when she turned 16.
" Its Anita's! My daughters! Where did you get it from?" My mom looked scared as she ever had been.
" We need you to come identify a body," The officer said. " Your daughter may have been died"
" Mom gasped. I hid my scream. Mom went upstairs to get her purse, and saw me.
"Take me with you," I pleaded
" Stay home. Let me go. Anita can't be dead! She'll be home any minute! Stay home!" It sounded as she was trying to encourage herself.  She ran downstairs and closed the door behind her. It was 10:00 AM in the morning when she came home.
" Anita is with you right?," I asked hopefully. I saw a tear run down her cheeck.
 "Anita is dead." 
I wanted to ask how, But i couldn't gather the courage. Mom knew what was running through my mind
" She was leaving, and a truck hit her."
I gasped. Anita was young, and beautiful. She was my role model. I couldn't believe i had lost my gem, my sister.
My dad was on a buissness trip. Mom called him, and he arrived the next day.
" Its okay," he assured us. "Whatever happened, happened for a reason"
I knew he wanted to cry, but he couldn't. He had to keep us strong
We held the funeral 2 days later at the graveyard few blocks down. He body lies next to my great-grandmother's.
5 years later, I am standing on that very spot. I'm 20 now. Because of what happened to my sister, I was afraid to go to my Senior prom 2 years ago. But I know she's in a better place, looking down at me. That is all that matters.

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Okay, so I finally read your latest update! It was so good. I mean, it was real sad though too. Almost made me cry! Disapprove It was nice reading it though, and keep up the good creativity you have with your stories and siggies! WinkThumbs Up

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DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

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A Cry Over Destiny

Time flies. Days pass. Each second of your lives teach you something new.I've learned something new. When you need to tell her, you tell her. Or else, everything shatters. Just like that.
I was 23 years old. My mom was ready to get me married. Their was someone, someone I loved. Someone you made me feel that being with her was like sitting in heavan. Her name was like a sweet honey. Sapna. But, how can I tell her? If she accepts me then I would of been on cloud nine. But, if she didn't, then I would have nothing to live for.
I went to go tell her. But something kept stopping me. I was scared. Scared. Something inside me gave me that fear. Hearing NO would destroy me.
One day, after seeing her, and failing in telling her, I went home. My mom said, "Rohit, go get dressed. Put that suit new suit on."
" Why?"
"Raj Uncle's family has a lovely daughter. Her name is Poonam. She's 24. We have to go see them! We will be finalizing your wedding date TODAY!" She was smiling like she'd achieved something big. I couldn't break her heart by telling her i can't marry Poonam.
We went to go see Poonam. She said she liked me. Saying no at that time seemed wrong. I agreed. The date for engagment was next week. We were gonna get married in a month. While my family were jumping with joy, I was crying with pain. My face showed enthusiasm, my heart did not. Somewhere, something felt wrong.
That night, Sapna called me. I decided to invite her to the coffee shop and tell her how I felt. I picked up.
"Ohhh Rohit! I'm sooo happy!"
Those words brought I smile to my face. "Kyuh? Why?"
" Rohit, I'm getting married. My dad's freinds son came today! Oh i'm so happy. I'm finally growing up."
She was happy. Happy about getting married. To someone else, not me. That ment she didn't love me.
"Congrats i said." I held my tears back
"What are you up to?"
"Just about to call you to tell you that I...I'm also getting married"
"A family friend. Her name is Poonam. I have to go now. Bye" I hung up before she could say anything.
On the day of my engagement, Sapna was wearing a beautiful blue and green choli. She seemed as if nothing had happened. As if i ment nothing to her. Just, Just a friend.
Her parents invited us to her wedding. Seeing her name with someone else made me want to die. She was getting married the same day as me. My marriage was at 12, and hers at 5.
It was my wedding day. The day. i'd have to leave Sapna in my past, and move on ahead in the future with Poonam. I told myself that i'd have to forget Sapna. But my heart wouldn't let me. My phone rang.
"Rohit, Its Sapna. Come to near the Water Foutine by the Coffee shop. And hurry!"
What did she need? I went their as soon as possible.
When I got their, she was wearing her favorite red and white choli I had gifted her. When she saw me, she ran to me. She came in my arms, and started to cry
"Rohit, I love you! I didn't know how to tell you. I didn't realize this until I saw you get enagaged to Poonam. That's when I felt as if YOUR THE ONE! I was scared. Scared to tell you. You looked so happy with Poonam, and i can't live with this in my head. I had to tell you before you got married, and before I go married"
I looked at her in the eye. "Its my fault. I fell in love with you since that day I saw you. But, i couldn't tell you. When I finally was ready, you called. You told me that your family found someone for you. You seemed so happy"
" Now what?," She asked
"Look. Maybe god put different people into our destiny. Its to late. Go. Go back. I have to do the same. "
She didnt move.
"Look Sapna, its for the best! I'll always be by your side. But right now, we have our own duties. To make our family happy."
We walked away from each other. One mistake changed our whole lives forever
Its been 5 years since my marriage. Those 5 years, I've never made Poonam feel like I didnt love her. But, me and Sapna reamined best friends. Faith might have done us apart, but she will always be an important person in my life!
Friends, If theirs someone you love, tell them. Because one day, you'll wake up and realize it's too late....

dancing hearts animated divider

Inspired for Vikram and Neeharika's(Rajeev ke Rockers) dance on Jan. 21st
Dance India Dance Doubles

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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@PimpJuice: LOL thanks! I would of united them, but then the message at the end wouldn't really have a menaing to it.
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Awesome stories Sweetu....Clap specially the last one...So touching and expressive, keep it up Thumbs Up

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