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Mimi: And we're backCool

Ravjot: Hey wanna hear a joke?Big smile
Fatima: Sure as long as you're not the one telling the jokeLOL
Ravjot: Why not?Shocked I'm funny *hmph* Remember my story about the doodwala and tangewali?ROFL
Mimi: You know what's funny?
Fatima: What?
Fatima: Haha very funny *rolls eyes* Well do you know who's really funny?
Ravjot: Me?Big smile
Fatima: No *fakes a face* It's -MohitzPari-
Mimi: Well we're funnier then her *hmph*
Ravjot: It's ok we'll just add it to the list of awards to stealCool
Mimi: Next up is Most Likely to become MJHT's Creative Award
Fanta: Do you have what it takes to be a creative?
Mimi: Can you come up with cool interesting tracks?
Ravjot: Well this member can! Our very own myownareaBig smile
Mimi: And of course there are some that aren't as likely
Ravjot: myself included
Fatima: But that's probably cuz you're too lazy to think of a track in the first place Ermm
Ravjot: N-wait yeahLOL
Mimi: Well the most likely member on the forum is -Rinky-
Ravjot: *sees Fatima reading a pink letter* Hey Fanta whatcha reading?Shocked
Fatima: I got this strange letter. Man this member keeps hitting on me
Mimi: WHAT?!Angry First drugs and now you're seeing people behind my back?! That's it. WE'RE OVERAngry
Fatima: But I-
Mimi: I don't wanna hear it! Just leave me alone *turns back on Fatima*
*Fatima walks away slowly*
Ravjot: Uh.... *looks at Fatima then at Mimi and then at audience* And the flirty member award goes to -MohitzPari-
Mimi: PARI?! It was her? Well that explains everything *runs to manao Fatima*
Fatima: Told you I was innocent *hmph* Next up is forum's most Angry Member
Ravjot: I'd like to think of it more as Jhansi Ki Rani awardCool
Mimi: But it's called Angry Member...
Ravjot: But it reminds me of Jhansi Ki Rani...
Mimi: But that's not what it's called...
Ravjot: But that's what it reminds me of...
Fatima: Shut up both of you! You're giving me a headhache! Angry
Ravjot: Party pooper
Mimi: And the Jhansi Ki Rani *looks at Ravz* aka Angry Member award goes to TheLionessBig smile
Fatima: I'm hungry
Ravjot: Want ice cream? Chocolate? Candy?Big smile
Mimi: Cake?Shocked Gulab JamunBlushing
Fatima: Those are a lot of sweet things. But are the as sweet as the forum's sweetest member?
Ravjot: Sweetest member?Shocked Who is it?Shocked
Fatima: Well we have not one but 2 of them. Any guesses?
Mimi: Oh oh oh! I know I know I know! *jumps up and down and waves hand frantically*
Fatima: *rolls eyes* Yes?
Mimi: It's falooda and kulfiBig smile
Fatima: No....those aren't names...
Mimi: Nooo that's what we're giving themBig smile The sweetest members are Senny and MohitliciousBig smile
Ravjot: Well that was sweetest, but who's the shyest?
Mimi: Well have another tie. One of them is not only shy but is also sweet.
Fatima: Is it Senny? And is the other one gopi06?
Mimi: YupBig smile Congratz guysBig smile
Ravjot: You know why some people are shy?
Mimi: WhyShocked
Ravjot: Well if they're like me it's cuz they get scared by seeing all these active people and feel intimidatedROFL
Mimi: People scare my MacaroniShockedShockedShocked *looks at all the spammers*Angry
Fatima: Why you glaring at them? You're a spammer yourselfErmm
Mimi: I'm different *hmph*
Ravjot: Well the biggest spammer on the forum isn't Cookie. It's -MohitzPari-
Mimi: I saw this comingSmile Anyway I'm gonna go do hmwk. Man I don't get it at allUnhappy
Fatima: Aww need some help? How about you ask the forum's most gyaani member? I'm sure they'll know what to doBig smile
Mimi: Gyanni member?ShockedShocked Who is it?Shocked
Ravjot: It's myownareaGeek
*Mimi runs to ask but trips and falls*
Mimi: That hurtOuch I could really use a hug right nowUnhappy
Ravjot: Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars. i can really use a wish right now wish right now wish right now
Mimi: That's nice but I want a hug not a wishSmile
Ravjot: I knew that...
Fatima: How about you ask the most huggable member?
Ravjot: We have a huggable member?Shocked
Fatima: Yeah! How could you not know?Stern Smile
Ravjot: Well you don't know about THAT kid *hmph*
Fatima: Not this againStern Smile
Mimi: I WANT A HUG!Angry
Fatima: Go to the huggable member thenAngry
Mimi: Who is itAngry
Ravjot: *looks at paper for winner's name* It's myownareaBig smile
Mimi: Thanks MacaroniBig smile
Fatima: Hey Ravz, how come you call her Cookie and she calls you macaroni? And then you both have other names like Ravz and she's MimzErmm Do you have any other names?
Ravjot: I'm not telling Big smile
Mimi: Go figure it out yourself *hmph*
Fatima: *rolls eyes* Why am I stuck with you two =/
Mimi: Cuz we're cool Cool
Ravjot: YeahCool Plus I don't think we have as many nicknames as this one person
Mimi: Yeah she has a lotStern Smile
Fatima: WhoShocked
Mimi: TheLionessBig smile
Fatima: Oooh I see. Since we're talking about names, Ravz what does your name mean?Shocked
Mimi: Want a hint? *sings* Oh Mr.Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun. Please shine down on meeeeeee
Fatima: What kind of a hint is thatStern Smile
Ravjot: My name means sunlight =/ She's singing about the sun. Get it? Fanta's slow *shakes head*
Fatima: Well it wasn't that obvious *hmph* Speaking of Mr.Sun and sunlight, who's our Mr. Sunshine?
Mimi: Oh oh oh! I KNOW THIS ONE!
Ravjot: I wanna say it!
Mimi: He's my PBAngry
Ravjot: He's my betaAngry
Fatima: Just get on with itAngry
Ravjot and Mimi: yulZ
Fatima: Well that's Mr.Sunshine. Who's our Ms. Sunshine?
Ravjot: *jumps up and down* I know!
Mimi: I know too! Her ID gives it awayBig smile
Ravjot: I love her IDShocked
Mimi: Me tooShocked
Fatima: Well who is it?
Mimi and Ravz: Sunshine Girl
Fatima: Congratz to all the winnersBig smile
Ravjot: Time for another breakCool
Fatima: You love breaks don't you?LOL
Ravjot: YupCool
Mimi: It's the reason why awards are taking so longROFL
Ravjot: Shut up ROFL

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-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Ok kids I've added all the siggies in the previous pages so be sure to check that out =)

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a little faith
a little faith

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Congratulations to all.

Dil se thank you for spreading your light upon this forum in all your unique ways that made it shine out brighter, like the North star in the night's sky.Hug

God bless you all

Love Sabah

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ROFLROFL........... receiving a biggest spammer award  while spamming in this thread...this cant get any betterROFL......but as I promised earlier....I wanna dedicate this award to Sid and Doll...for me...I m NOTHING compare to them when it comes to spamming....this reminds me of Askki and AamirCoolROFL..

Awwww the funnist wonder...I always put millions of roflers in my postROFL........sometimes I use them when I have nothing to sayROFLROFL.........its a tip...if u have nothing to say and u r totally blank...use my helps alot m telling u....I love much as I love baby hahah

FLIRTYYYYROFLROFL....just now I was talking about cutting mohitErmm.....if this is flirt then yeahhh I m flirtyROFL.....SOMEONE said....."leave them with mohit n they'll show u what flirting is!! (aftr gaining conscious though)".....ROFL..yeahh thats true...haha..I didn't know the F of flirt before knowing HIMLOL

thank u ALL who nominated me once again!! love u guys!!! Hug

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@ sid- hayeee re Mr sunshineEmbarrassed........thank god u got Mr. one...we were doubting on ur genderErmmROFL.......haha u deserve this bro....u ROCK!!!!! now we want party!! Cool

@ anki- congo ankiiiiii...where are u yaar..missing u badly!! mwahhh

@ divz- u r on a ROLL girl...hi5...u deserve this all!!! ya!!!

@ hinu- OMGGG ms ya..congo jana!! 

@ nidhya- congo dear!!! 

@ Senny- awww congo senny!!! 

@ rinky and gopi- congo guys!! 

great going my hosts....loving it!! Thumbs Up

Edited by -MohitzPari- - 04 January 2011 at 4:05pm

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a little faithx..Anki..x-Ravjot-Sunshine Girl

.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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3, 23, 33, 63 - is this just a coincidence?:OO WOW

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-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

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^ I ws hoping to post on 43 and 53 too put you guys didn't let that happenROFL Mera sapna adhoora reh gayaROFL

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Originally posted by -Ravjot-

^ I ws hoping to post on 43 and 53 too put you guys didn't let that happenROFL Mera sapna adhoora reh gayaROFL

didn't u just say Mods have power and they can do anything in their kingdomErmm...see now this is our powerCoolROFL

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a little faith

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