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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 6:17pm | IP Logged

Fatima: Anyone else feel like the awards are taking too long?

Mimi: MaybeErmm
Ravjot: I wonder whyErmm
Fatima: Maybe it's cuz of all the breaks we took cuz of youSmile
Ravjot: Well it's not my fault I get tired *hmph*
Fatima: Sure it's notErmm
Ravjot: *hmph*
Mimi: I love how we're making Fanta look like she's no funROFL
Fatima: I am fun! Without me you both would take months to finish announcing so you should be thanking me for keeping you guys focused!
Ravjot: Yeah yeah whatever you saySmile Nah I jokeROFL Thanks for helping us stay "focused"
Mimi: Though it didn't really workROFL 
Fatima: Well it's not like I had to host. I just thought of helping you guys but if you're not gonna appreciate it then I'm leaving *hmph*
Ravjot: Ruk ja! O dil deewane! 
Mimi: Baby please don't goooooo!
Fatima: What on earthStern Smile
Mimi: STAY! We appreciate all the help!
Ravjot: Yeah! So get back here! Please?Big smileROFL
Fatima: *sighs* Fine. Hopefully the most helpful member is more appreciated then I am
Mimi: Of course they are! Everyone appreciates whoever lends a helping handBig smile
Ravjot: And this member is aashizinBig smile
Fatima: Thank for all your hardworkBig smile
Mimi: You were more helpful then FantaBig smile
Fatima: HEY!Angry
Ravjot: *ignores Fanta* And it's time to announce the jaan of the forumBig smile
Mimi: She wanted a life time achievment award instead but we didn't careBig smileROFL
Fatima: So we're giving this to her instead. Congratz -MohitzPari-
Ravjot: Pari's such a loud mouth no?Big smile (Please note this was for the sake of the script. ILY PariBig smile)
Mimi: The opposite of this next member
Fatima: mean quietest member?
Mimi: Yup! Any guesses on who this person might be?
Fatima: Is it...yasri?
Mimi: 50 points for Fanta! Since when did you join the guessing game?Stern Smile
Fatima: Since Ravz left to get ice cream
Mimi:What?! *doesn't see Ravz anywere* When did she go?
Fatima: Right after she called Pari a loud mouth
Mimi: Without telling ME?!ShockedShockedShocked *pulls out cell and calls Ravz* MACARONI! Grab me some kulfi on your way backBig smile *hangs up*
Fatima: Stern Smile
Mimi: What?
Fatima: Don't you think you should've told her to get back here so we can continue with the awards?
Mimi: But I really wanted kulfi.... plus since she's not here, one less person eyeing my husbandBig smile *stares at Akki and starts daydreaming*
Fatima: Earth to Mimz! Focus! Awards!
Mimi: But it's Akki! *makes eye contact with Akki and starts walking to him while Dhadkan plays in the background*
Fatima: *drags Mimi back* Stop getting all romantic! Leave that for the most romantic member
Mimi: *sighs* Fine *hmph* *looks at Akki* Call meWinkCool
Fatima: *rolls eyes* And the most romantic member is-
Ravjot: *comes flying like a super hero* aahana86Big smile
Mimi: Did you get my kulfi?Shocked
Ravjot: YupBig smile Here you go =)
Fatima: Where's mine?
Ravjot: You didn't ask for any...
Fatima: ....
Mimi: Speaking of food, I bet a certain someone's getting hungryShocked
Fatima: Me?
Mimi: I meant someone else but sure
Ravjot: I know who! And it just so happens he won the best bhai awardBig smile
Mimi: And since he's my bhai I get to announce itCool It's my PBBig smile yulZBig smile

Fatima: Where there's best bhai there's obviously best behen
Ravjot: Any guesses one who it is?
Mimi: I know! It's her! *points at the audience*
Ravjot: Who are you pointing at?
Mimi: Her! Can't you see?
Fatima: *looks at where Mimi's pointing and sees 128428392 blank faces staring back* Yeah that sure narrows it down. How about saying the name?
Ravjot: Well it's kind of obvious who it is thoughLOL
Fatima: TrueErmm I'm sure many of you have probably guessed it but for those that haven't, it's -Ragini-
Ravjot: And her name starts with an RBig smile
Mimi: Mine starts with an MBig smile
Fatima: FCool
Ravjot: Are we practicing our ABC's?Geek
Mimi: Omg you know who that emoticon reminds me of?Shocked
Ravjot: WhoShocked
Mimi: That guy!
Ravjot: ... which guy?
Fatima: Shukla ji?
Mimi: Yes him! Wouldn't it be pretty cool if we had a Shukla ji on the forum?Shocked
Ravjot: We doShocked It's nikki028Big smile
Fatima: Which award should we do next?
Mimi: This one looks interesting! Chunky Mishra of the forum!
Ravjot: And apparently we have two of emBig smile
Fatima: Deblina_ArTi and dolly18Big smile

Mimi: Next award, if we tell you what the award is, you'll probably guess who the winner is cuz it's that obviousLOL
Fatima: Well how about we give a hint about the character then? She's a divaCool
Ravjot: Yeah like that wasn't obvious. Yes kids the next category is Dia of the Forum and I think we all know who that is!
Fatima: shruti.nilBig smile
Mimi: Hopefully she's not too freaked out to come here and pick up her awardBig smileROFL
Ravjot: Well what's Dia without her dodo?
Fatima: Uday?
Mimi: So who is Shruti's Dodo?Big smile It's.... *drumroll* dolly18Big smile

Ravjot: CongratzBig smile And don't let her abuse you!
Mimi: Abuse?Shocked
Ravjot: That's what my dad says whenever my sister yells at meBig smileROFL
Fatima: Shruti's too nice to yellLOL And isn't your sister younger?
Ravjot: Your point?
Fatima: Never mind. Next up from the Bhushan family is NupurBig smile
Ravjot: *sees all the Nupur fans eyeing this award* Whoever wins this award should make a run for it
Mimi: And it's TheLionessBig smile
Fatima: Congratz! And the last member of the Bhushan family is GunjanBig smile
Ravjot: And the winner of this award makes everyone want candy
Mimi: CandYlicious_SGBig smile
Fatima: Well since we just announced Gunjan and Nupur of the forum, why not just go ahead with GuNur of the forum?
Mimi: Not only are these two members fan of different jodis (i.e. 1 is mayur other sajan), making it easy to pick who should be the Gun and who should be the Nur, but they're also actual sistersBig smile
Ravjot: And they're not getting their award cuz they didn't give me the cheesecake recipeBig smile
Mimi: Didn't you make one though?
Ravjot: Yeah but it didn't turn out rightUnhappy
Fatima: Well either way you can't keep the award. Hand it over
Mimi: It's ok Macaroni! We'll change our names to Yamini and Ragini and keep this awardCool
Fatima: Alright then *gives em both a stack of legal documents* go fill these out
Mimi: On second thought...I like my name
Ravjot: Well hopefully this will make them give me the recipe. Here you goBig smile
Fatima: Are you even gonna make the cake?
Ravjot: Maybe.... maybe not...
Fatima: Then why ask for itStern Smile
Ravjot: What if I decide to make it? Then what huh?
Mimi: Cake Blushing
Fatima: Anyway.....that was GuNur so next should be SaYank no?Big smile
Mimi: I love SaYankShocked
Ravjot: Same! See! *points to her I <3 SaYank t-shirt*
Mimi: I want one too!Shocked
Fatima: Guys! Focus!
Mimi: Oh right! Well SaYank are cool but SaYank of the forum are even coolerCool
Ravjot: Give it up for dolly18 and nikki028!
Fatima: Well we've been through the Bhushans, GuNur, and sayank. What should be next?
Mimi: MayankBig smile He's name starts with an MCool
Fatima: You're becoming like Ravz =/
Ravjot: You're saying it as if it's a bad thingStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile ANYWAY! What's cool is that this member is also part of the SaYank pair we just announcedCool
Fatima: Yup it's nikki028Big smile
Mimi: And now for the Sa part of SaYankBig smile Samrat of the forum!
Fatima: Ravzie was an idiot and got the category mixed up and accidentally got 2 siggies made for this
Ravjot: Leave me alone! There were a lot of categories ok *hmhp*
Mimi: Didn't you do the same with biggest spammer?
Ravjot: Yeah...
Fatima: And what's funny is that both are for the same person
Mimi: -MohitzPari-! That lucky duck!
Ravjot: She's a duck?Shocked Since whenShocked
Mimi: Since I said soApprove
Fatima: Hey remember that time Samrat became Bhavesh?
Ravjot: YeahBig smile I even made Jia a siggyCool
Mimi: Guess what! We have our very own Bhavesh here too!
Ravjot: No wayShocked
Mimi: Yes way! And guess what! She also won the SaYank award so it totally makes sense!
Fatima: dolly18Big smile
Ravjot: You know whatErmm I just realised we said that Nupur and Gunjan are part of the Bhushans
Mimi: That changed thoughShocked We now have the Sharmas and ShergillsShocked
Ravjot: You know what else?Shocked
Fatima: I bet it's something stupid
Mimi: No it's notAngry Macaroni tell kar!
Ravjot: Both start with ShShocked
Mimi: No wayShocked
Ravjot: I know right?Shocked
Fatima: *smacks forehead* Why am I surrounded by idiots.
Mimi: Who you calling an idiotAngry
Ravjot: Just for that we're not letting you announce the Mr and Mrs. Sharma award *hmph*
Fatima: Noooo! I wanted to announce it! They're one of my 2 fav peopleUnhappy
Mimi: Too bad so sadAngry
Ravjot: And I don't think I need to tell you who the winner is but I'll still tell you guys anywayLOL It's-
Fatima: *cuts off Ravz* Gagan and Preeti!
Mimi: *smacks Fanta* What did I just sayAngry
Fatima: I'm not gonna tolerate this abuse! *runs off stage*
Mimi: And next up is Mr and Mrs. ShergillBig smile
Ravjot: What about Fanta?
Mimi: She'll come back later. She always doesSmileROFL
Ravjot: If you says so. Anyway, Mr and Mrs. Shergill of the forum are....
Mimi: -Ragini- and -MohitzPariBig smile

Ravjot: And luckily for this one i didn't have them make their own awardBig smileROFL
Mimi: I still can't believe you did thatROFL
Ravjot: I didn't mean tooROFL  Anyway, NAP TIMEBig smileROFL

Edited by -Ravjot- - 07 January 2011 at 7:04pm

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
Pari said I could take my time so I posted waaaay after half an hour was overROFL
Nah I joke. Had to go out with mummyLOL
I demand a speech from all the winners!Approve

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----- Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 6:26pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged

I'm the LUCKIEST Approve Any guesses why?

*drumroll* Cause I got to make sigs for three of my MOST FAVOURITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD in this round Cool
Pari Cool SAMRAT of the know I made that sig keeping you especially in mind, even if you wouldn't have got that award (which I don't think was possible btw) I made it so that you would love it EmbarrassedLOL I'm SUPER glad you got it cause you deserve it too Hug  hope you like the sig Heart i lovee youu...x
Yams and Ragz...I'm a lucky duck Approve Cause I made this sig keeping you both in mind.. *intellectual powers* I'm SO SO SO SO SO glad you both got it Embarrassed It would have been unfair if anyone else would have got it so LOL Again i hope you both like the sig Embarrassed You are undoubtedly the best sisters each other and to me Embarrassed 
Hug to you both...x
Congrats to everyone else as well (; Ravs nikki029 should be nikki028 in your sig Stern Smile But I think she'd already be over the moon's okay (: ROFL
And Ravs Miz Fanta Cool Your hosting rocks as always.. (;

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 07 January 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
Oh shootStern Smile I'm gonna go try to change it somehow

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
Shocked OMFGGG *rubs eyes*  ok i just got the best behen of the forum, GuNur of the forum and Mr. and Mrs. Shergill of the forum..Blushing WOWWWWW this is undoubtedly the best day ever
OMG one award with my sister and the other one with my best friend Day Dreaming Awwww this cant get any better Day Dreaming  I love u both Pari and yams Hug muaaah!
Thanks to all who voted for me Hug love you all

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
^ So who's the Mr and who's the Mrs?LOL

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:15pm | IP Logged

m the happiest person at the moment....let me breath........

goshhhh....this is the best set of awards.....right from siggies to all the winners...omggggggggggggggg m loving all and friends, my siggies, my siggy makers, my hosts ofcourse....goshhhhhhh I will be back....need some timeROFL

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