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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devils Den - Boss se Big Boss (Page 46)

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged

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@palllo  LMAOROFLROFLROFLi LOVE NE's and Brij;s resolution the most and I want them to follow it..

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@ All

Why the heck can't we get an Arjun-Tasha track. The girl is a heads and shoulders above NE in acting. I would watch that any day Big smile

And where is Meera for crying out loud? They replace Meera with NE Angry

When one is used to champagne, one will not touch cheap arrack (desi liquor LOL LOL LOL made from potatoes )

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here is my full take-
along with epi analysis

Hey eveyone!!
HEre is something on Symbolism :)
Episode analysis below
A symbol in lit usually is used to shed further light(a symbol of illumination!! ROFL) on a particular theme, dialogue,thought etc..

It can be used to shed light- by either Satirizing the said theme..or by using it in its literal meaning.

Taweez was the first symbol( i think) we saw in the show- Destiny.
The chanciness of destiny- that is what it has highlighted..

The Baba, parrot or whatever was right- because it was mere chance.
There was a huge probability that it wouldn't happen- but it did.
The taweez kept coming back as a reminder of chance- how the self-determined girl wasn't the only one determining her own life...that the randomness which is a part of all human life isn't always due to clumsiness or circumstances but a khichdi of things and an arbiter which is arbitrary LOL and abstract.

This was the basis of symbolism on which perhaps was built up the love story- or started to.
As a chance- it might have not been the result of their falling in love- but they did fall in love.

Coincidence- of course- Maan wouldn't have been there if he could help it...but in the beginning he WAS there...coincidentally..that taweez was the indicator of chance...a reminder that it could be..or not..

But gradually as their feelings got stronger ..the taweez became a symbol of their love- a Chance (or chances) that led to the fruition of a relationship for life.

She put it round his neck as a reminder of their love.
which is usually seen as the biggest risk of anyone's life.

That symbol stayed as a reminder of Destiny- and their Love
it's a love token now...but might be used further

Of course- even in literature-  a symbol changes with the doesn't remain constant throughout ;)

The way taweez continued to be shown so many became a symbol..

A thing becomes a symbol when WE see something in it..whether it's there or not...whether it was intended in that way or not- is a limited and a limiting question because well..a symbol is GIVEN out to be INTERPRETED in everyone's own wayEmbarrassed

A ROSe- can stand for anything- for anyone.
But to prevent it from becoming extremely is given a context.

In every 'symbol' we have- whether it be dialogue loops, scene loops,pictures, or objects(including celestial bodies) we have contexts that keep symbol and our interpretation keeps changing as well..

I love what PRam said about the Moon..I agree..and the shooting stars too..

but see we have associated things with shooting stars and the moon for centuries( trust me...I have READ completely moony people that form the Canon of Lit today)

Celestial bodies used because of their permanence and the associated interpretations that continue to stick to most of them are very difficult to shake off..

so even if Moon comes out every day and is merely a satellite- it is shown to be full moon in GHSP, although there is also amavasya- because it looks pretty and is associated with certain things that add a certain etherial quality to Maneet...

I'm still writing..but it's time for the I'll be back!

Symbolism about names on the premise-

Dev- IRONY IRONY...look what he pretended to be and who he turned out to be

MAan- Respect. 

Geet- SONG. and associations with it- Life, music, love

Geet ka Maan- geet's respect and self-respect - he supported her in her journey- being there and sometimes by not being there

Maan ki Geet- She taught maan to LIVE again..he now views life with an open heart and mind.

Nain Tara- well...tara of everyone's eyes- that is what she wants to be...the best..she wants it all..she's ambitious and determined..she's also an attention seeker..ROFL...
And ironically- she is anything but a taara of anyone's eye..except her brothers'

Meera- Will be devoted to her love and friendship for Dev ...till now..let's see what happens aage

Arjun- White. He isn't..LOL

See, names are played around with and have certain associations with adds to the richness of character when their very names become the anti-thesis of their character

Im not going to redo a thesis on Dupatta..
I believe it's a matter of honor because it is worn to cover a woman against exposure.
I don't know how..but it does..LOL..geet hasn't been wearing it for fashion but it goes with her attire- in the sense that her thought process is that of a punjabi girl who has respect for her self and that respect involves having an open-ness of thought while combining her tradition. 

Whenever she has torn her dupatta- it has been her giving a PERSONAL object v closely associated with her to bind Maan's injuries.

and when maan saved Geet..the dupatta flew on his came into his hand and onto him...transposing a part of HER attire- one SHE associates with her self-respect to Maan

Dev couldn't remove her dupatta when it got stuck.
dev took away her privacy.

Geet allowing maan to come into her private space is therefore what v basically the dupatta is about..
The whole honor thing is then built up from this basic idea I think...

(im trying to retrace associations here as Im sure Sandy has already done a brilliant job with the symbol detailing :)) )

Other symbols- are used in their traditional associations with colors and what they evoke.

we think white and we think- clean, we think pure
We think Green and we think trees..grass...nature.
we think red and we think..etc etc
we think black and we think..etc etc


About Pictures=
BABY is the biggest symbol being used...NOW I hope she get's converted from a symbol to a living being
Paintings of the Virgin Mary, and other ones have been used to indicate certain things and those were consciously done.

I'm going to be chup now..LOL
and end by saying this-

Symbolists usually live in their own world- didn't care about the logic- as the movement came up as a reaction to the Rationalism of their age. They give symbols out sometimes so abstract that they cannot be interpreted..
For eg- the French Symbolists
Trust me again- those poems - anything meant everything and vice-versa..ROFL

I have loved the water and mirror symbolisms- and perhaps some of them were also very consciously used

 but really at the end- it's what we make of the symbols and the diversity of opinion we get when and if we look at them and interpret them that adds depth and detailing to the episodes.
 That also tells us about ourselves more because at the end it is how WE view things that matter and not how we are SHOWN themEmbarrassed
Big smile

Love to all!


Anj ka answer- Picture symbolism...

A horse is a symbol of strength- because its a STRONG animal! ROFL!!
To be astride a horse is seen as an image of control.
Usually Grooms sit on a horse or a mare in their weddings to show  that image of control, that the groom is ready to take on responsibility of a life together with his bride, that he can control . MSK also is holding the reign of the horse...
And MSK is definitely that.
He is MAANGod..the HERO...the savior etc etc and the Epic Hero(well- so what he is not riding in a chariot?)

MAan is a punju, but I see the kirpan is missing- which shows that the groom is willing to Protect the bride and would have been a very nice effect 

MSK had told Geet they would get married with all "Reeti-riwaaz" and looks like that is going to happen!Embarrassed

The image completely goes with MSK ka nature...look how proud he's sitting with a happy Geet in his arms...he's holding her tightly (so she doesn't fall off), and she has her arm around his neck- completely comfortable and in a loving pose- they are a perfect fitWink

Horses are also, In western tradition seen as the most rational of creatures and MSK has prided himself on his rationale..but the presence of Geet on that horse with him also shows that their togetherness will be a combination of the rational ( of the brain) and the spirit and the heart

So basically, I see it as an image of Maan and Geet ki sense of responsibility and confidence to embark on a new journey together...with or without the ghodi!Wink

BEsides- He does look AWESOMELY HAWT here!!

Episode Analysis

Will be in points as I'm really sleepy now..

1. I loved the breaking of kasam...interpreted it right  yesterday :P
No kasam or vow is greater than Geet's safety for him.

I liked the hugs, and the reassurance.
I liked how he noticed and was wary but didn't want to worry Geet.

2. his quick action of putting cameras gave him opportunities to stalk the girl...LOL
He looked HAWT in that vest!!

3. ohh..Brij's darkness was replaced with the light of Maneet's love!LOL

4. Mention of the family...I loved this scene much as I was pained by it..

But Geet mentions she's not a handa anymore..she's Geet soon to be Khurana but she left her parivaar.
She was missing her mom-dad thoughOuchCry and I liked how MSK guessed..brilliant!

5. Geet reassuring Maan that she's okay..that he needn't be so superstitious..
HEr saying she doesn't want to go to the mansion because her dream is to go to the house as his wife, holding his hand. (they had entered like that when they had gone to talk to dadi post KBM)

6.MAneet convo ...Maan watching her while Geet talking to him.

Geet maan convo- about Good Night..ROFL!! yahi kar sakta hai Maan...
About New hopes for the coming year..
Geet being MRs MSK
Maan being MR Geet.ROFL

This scene I LOVED!!!

7. Arjun-Annie scene- Please please get that girl to show some rudiments of expression in her eyes.
Arjun looked good...
The water drinking scene...(sujal....:D) 
I would love to see her attraction and desire..but dikhayee toh sahi!!!
let him seduce...LOL

The fall-catch I don't like..(the precap)

MY oh my...
That expression was KILLER...and KILLING..the constant clutching the dagger...hmm hands itching to kill her off eh?
I LOVED how he said Maan.
His vengeance and his thirst for Geet's blood is really scary...
and he's conniving too...ab brain uska hai ya kisi aur ka i dunno..
he said not even an iron wall can protect Geet from me.

But maan is Geet's himmat and taaqat...much more than a physical barrier...
could it be that when Geet is being harmed- Arjun saves her and therefore gets immeditately an entry in MSK's good books.
and in that way Arjun uses Brij.

We need to know who bailed Brij out and how he came so fast. This really needs to be shown and I hope it will be!

HE does mention today that the family was scattered because of Geet and what she did.
the family izzat..and all.
Didn't he think of izzat when he was out murdering???!!!Angry

Arjun- Brij interaction
Haan ya naa? do they know each other?
Or is NT the only connect between them?
Or are they here for their distinct reasons but will be allies later?

Very nice potential here and needs to be thought out by the CV's...hope they have something v v exciting in mind..

Brij seeing Arjun-NE together...well..he looked pretty disgusted...LOL! I wonder why!

barry- good dialogue

Gc,Dd, Behzaad-great job guys!!


love to all!!

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@ Daaku who wished a wonderful maahi year?
@ Ash so you are trying to scare off your no1 fan ROFLROFLROFL good luck Ash, but i don't think he will scare easy, he's seems very intense as he can fall in love with you through your VMs Silly

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just saw the epi....
good first 2 part.....but please Cv's spare me the horny's so disgusting...but me love to see more off Arjun versus Brij...

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Geetu n ash: awesome takes...

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@ Pallo

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