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Helloo Nissar, PH, Ved, Sudhir, CVs, Barry, Gurmeet, Drashti, the rest of GHSP, friends et al...hope u all had a fabulous New Year's party !

I think u made a good beginning with your first episode this year with a little bit of everything...Maaneet moments, suspense with Brij, a touch of the old with Geet missing her family, something new NE-Arjun-Tasha(?) etc... a good potpourri of events to come.

- Well, if anyone had expected a Maaneet-Brij confrontation today, they must have been smoking something.

- Liked the fact that Maan broke his promise of not touching Geet...her safety is paramount, worth breaking any promises made. And I'm glad both are on common footing.

- Liked the fact that Geet confessed her fear of someone in the room and Maan does see a shadow and hears the sound of running feet.

- Liked the fact that he does not want to overly worry Geet but is alert to danger. Who's shadow was it ? Why did he hear running feet ? So today we find out the servants quarters are behind the much easy for Brij to stop by anytime he wants

- MSK resorts to CC monitoring to keep an eye on Geet and her safety.

- Loved the part where Maaneet talk about Geet's family and how she misses her mom n dad. Why do I get the feeling that Maan will make every effort to find her parents and bring them to the wedding ?

- I notice that Sandy brought this up and Anj aptly answered the question - where did Brij learn to cook ? In prison of course !

- Brij's target is Geet. Brij let one interesting comment slip - something to the effect ' saara parivar bikher diya'. So does that mean Brij too does not know where the rest of the family is in HP ? Who bailed him out ? Can't be Arjun - they both dont recognize each other.

- How did Brij lay his hands on the blue prints of the Khurana mansion ? If anyone suspects Brij/Ranbir Singh later, his room should give plenty of clues.


- Arjun seems to be improving his performance....NE on the other hand ...

- Interesting personalities of the Khurana siblings -

- Maan - takes his time to fall in love due to some past baggage, hides his feelings for a long time, but once in love is steadfast

- NE falls in love at the drop of a hat and is very open about it

- Dev is only in love with himself so much so that he can do no's the 'others' (read NT) that makes him do bad things

- Vicky - let's wait and wonder

- Arjun acts the big boss today which does not go down well with Brij... a good beginning for a new conflict

- Brij walks in, sees NE in Arjun's arms and has a disgusted look. What does this mean for Arjun and NE ? Will Brij conclude that NE is the same khoon as MSK and useless, therefore his next target ? Or will it be Arjun ? After all Brij is a killer and the taste of blood can be addictive to a killer.

- Will the next Maaneet-Brij battleground be KC office ?

- How will Maaneet recognize Brij - thru his voice or appearance ?

- If Maan finds and brings Geet's parents, will that put a damper on Brij's plans for Geet ?

Gurmeet, Drashti, Beizaad - Thumbs up, guys !

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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@Parm woah so its fabStarClapClapI am glad you gave it a try and I've neva seen u write so much Parm u got talent khotti..U were hiding it in ur PramAngry You said u weren;t a pro joothiiiAngry

and I am gonna PM u abt Manisha if u r not botheredROFL

@Sandipa Amazing analysis I loved the most are the dupatta ones with the datesStarStarClapClap
Actually Symbolism is not my part I don't recognise it..I end up messing with it so I won't give it a try but thanku sandipa and Parm for those outstanding points..StarClap


Episode Analysis
BriMaan's Strong Connection: Maan knows his brijy's aahat more than geet who is brij's sister that is why I love themm...Tongue
MSK's Sharp Dimaag:I love How Maan takes every warning so seriously unlike some other men who would not listen to the girl and say u were HallucinatingLOLand then when they realise the truth they will regret it..Munda is DifferentCool. He follows his sharp insticts and will do anything protect his lady loveStar
I'll Protect from Every Danger:Loved the way he wasn't willing to leave her after he saw Brij's Shadow..He wanted to hold her tight in arms to preotect her from tht anonymous stalker...EmbarrassedTongue
"No promises or bets are more important than your Life"Star
Phew They didn't end up arguing over it instead she confessed her dream to him in a mature manner..Big smile
MSK'S Stalker PhD:stalker emoticonLMAO this man doesn't fail to surprise me CCTVcute white kitten head emoticon 81 Cute White Kitten EmoticonROFLROFLROFL 
BriMaan's Dil connection: Maan doesn't care so much abt Nakewl..Aree Sambhal Kee haiyeee..EmbarrassedLOL
Brij's Intentions: I thot he was here coz she sent him to jail but here he is more worried hwo his family has broken into pieces coz of her and the izzat is gone to hell coz of her so yh tht was a shocker for meShockedLOL
Its War:Maan Singh Khurana Vs Brij Handa with one common Goal Geet..She is neither KHurana neither Handa but is connected to both..
Daya's Duplicate: was it me or the servant standing the middle to MSK's left on the screen looked so much like Daya or is it me seeing Daya everywhere after his dance in JDJROFLROFLROFL
Maaneeet's Soul Swap: Gith being ultra romantic while Maan is worried more about her..Ish hard to digest tooo romantic GithLOL
Timezone Confusion: She said "Raat ko jo hua aap usse pareshaan hai na" ok so they were in office in the morning came back it was probably evening or afternoon when lights went off and Brij's shadow was seen so it wasn't night then why did she say tht l8rErmm
Maaneet's Telepathy Buziness: Third Time Geet's Family is mentioned so I won't be surprised if the whole Handa Parivaar ends up at the shaadi..but then Brij said their Family has been shattered into pieces so now only MaanGod can bring them back..
Maan in droolworthy Pose:Day Dreaming I admit I was swooning..been ages drooling ova him in vests and loved the trousers back too ...This was perfect just liked the one in HP where he empties a whole bottle of water on himself and Geet comes to ask for help from him for the agent guy in the yellow dress..btw did I mention how much I hated this yellow yellow dirty fellow shade she wore mainly bcoz it reminds me of NE's entry she wore the same shade thenDeadUnfortunately I rememba itSleepy
Maaneet's New Year Resolutions: MSK is gonna go on goddi and churaofy Geet to Khurana Mansion..She will bcum Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana and he will bcum Geet's Maan forever..Embarrassed
Gith's New Year Gift: Its just Creepy whatever you do someone is looking at you, even if is your own Mangetar it is creepy if someone has his eye on you..Well Anyway Good Luck Gith your Gift for the new year are the cameras so ur Maan can continue his stalking buziness..LOLLove the way MSK has to be provoked once abt Geet's life in danger and he will do any and anything to protect her from the dangerStarEmbarrassed
A generation leap of Weapons: NO fair I demand his Talwaar back..He can say to everyone..this is how sardarji's work..They chop everything with Talwar tht gives the desi flavour to it..I mish his talwarOuch
NE&Tasha: Give me a choice..GeekOfcoursee Silly me Any Day..
NE&Err-Jun: Hattaa Saawan ki ghattaa....Hey bhaggubee emoticon 3 Playful Bee EmoticonTheir Love story ki gaddi is goin to da bins..the speed's limit has increased and the break has faileddAngryDead
and KC suffering from recession No glasses to drink water and torturing our innocent eyes with thatDead
The Fall Stern SmileSeriously she is such a big despoNow Brij is my only Ashaa plzz do her balaatkaar and chuck her in HP jungless do her murder..Do anything take her awayy..onion head emoticon 6 Onion Head Emoticons
Brij's Scheming Plans:StarThis is how I love it when two Genius Men's brain will collide..Big smileHe even has a FoneShockedNT might have given it..and when Err-Jun called I thot now we are gonna knw how they are partnerss..but I guess CVz are gonna put the history under wraps of how he got out of jail? how he knew geet was in delhi? she is with maan singh khurana? well Newspaper& media can be the answer but I find it difficult to believe coz NE lives on the same palnet doesn;t she? then hhow coem she didn't knw anything abt their marriage and the khurana khaandaan tamasha done so anyway I can wait for that..Big smile
@Everyone Except NE&Err-Jun Great GoinggClapStarClapStar
@Piyush You are not bad but it is Nikunj's poor performance overshadowing you which makes us hate the presence of you two together and break the screen..AngryOuch
Not disappointed if it is new year CVz don't think a lot ppl are gonna watch it so they give fillers but still if you watch it for the development you will be fine with it..Big smile

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Before doing the Episode Analysis...let me first start with the Den theme today which is symbolismEmbarrassed...Parm and Sandy already hv done a brilliant job covering almost all points will b short and precise in my pointsEmbarrassed
There r very rare serials made in Tellyland which gives importance to symbolisms and Geet is one such rare show where most of the scenes,or dialgoues or situations hv symbolisms filled in themEmbarrassed..
1)Name Symbolism:Maan Ki Geet:Maan means respect and thats what he gives to Geet her new identity and respect in societyEmbarrassed;Geet means song and thats what she gave to MSK today..filling his life with songs of love,life and happinessEmbarrassed...
2)Dupatta Symbolism:Dupatta is suppose to cover a girl's izzat and thats what MSK does everytime the dupatta comes in MSK's hand...and thats why today Geet is MSK's family's IzzatEmbarrassed...Right from HP days till now Geet's dupatta always lands up in MSK's hand..thats Babaji's way of telling Geet who is her saviour and soulmate in this lifetimeEmbarrassed
3)Dialogue and Scene Symbolism:Whenever a dialogue loop is opened in one episode,CVs make sure its closed in some other episode...for example MSK initially saying "yeh ladki mujhe paagal kar degi" and then later MSK in hospital lift admitting "tumne mujhe paagal kar diya hai"Embarrassed....Then MSK in HP saying "tum meri aadat ban chuki ho" and then later after khoon bhari maang fiasco MSK admitting "tum sirf meri aadat nahin par ab zaroorat bhi ban chuki ho"Embarrassed;Similarly even scene loops r closed many times in the lets take the latest example...MSK during fake engagement confession scene asks Geet whether she is waiting for a sapno ka rajkumar who will come in white horse for her and today we get a similar spoiler picture indicating that the loop will b closed soonWinkTongue;Or even the promise scene today where MSK admitted that no promise matters when it comes to her safetyEmbarrassed...
4)Water Symbolism:Water has always played a cruicial part in Maaneet love saga...they met in water....they both first hugged each other passionately in water...and who can forget the fountain scene where Geet saw the reflection of her man in water and realised his worth in her lifeEmbarrassed.,.Water is the divine connection in their relationship along with taaveez of courseEmbarrassed..
5)Taaveez Symbolism:Right from starting episode till now Taaveez has been the divine connection between Maaneet which has always made them realise that they r incomplete without each otherEmbarrassed;Taveez has always brought them together and made them discover their importance/significance in each other's livesEmbarrassed...
6)Colour Symbolism:Colours of Maan and Geet's dress hv always played an interesting part in their storyEmbarrassed;Whenever Geet comes in Green,MSK and Geet hv ended up fighting with each other whether its the scene when Geet comes in Delhi office for the first time or the scene when Geet tells her past truth and goes to the railway station or the scene before their break-up or the current scene where MSK makes the promise of not touching her before marriageOuch;But again Green colour has always defined their relationship in a strong manner because after every fight they hv come more closerEmbarrassed;Whenever Geet or MSK wears white ,it has defined the purity of their relationship and whenever they wore red,we see more passion comingWink but a combination of Geet in white and MSK in black has given us epics like Kurbaan hua depicting wild desireEvil Smile...So these different colours hv actually help Maaneet's relationship to prosper with every passing dayEmbarrassed
7)Saree Symbolism:Whenever Geet is seen in a saree it has given her pain and hurtCry but MSK always came  to her rescue eventuallyEmbarrassed..whether its the Kurbaan hua dance or the fake engagement proposal or the pee loon scenario or the maula mere sequence or the current mahii mahii dance...But mayb Sarees will get a new definition after marriageErmm
8)Dove symbolism:Dove has always brought certain realisation in Maaneet's life...Geet for the first time realising her attraction for MSK physically in the JA scene where we saw Doves flying around MSK when he was practicisng his Tai-ChiWinkTongue;Same doves were present in the attic room as well where Geet saw the smiling picture of MSK and realised that MSK too might hv a past;Doves always brings happiness and purity around but sometimes it can also make u realise in which direction your life will lead to in the coming short it does show u the direction of your life Embarrassed
9)Song and Dance Symbolism:DD on SBS has rightly said that Maaneet r a musical coupleLOLEmbarrassed;They depict their emotions,feelings.desires,anger,passion and everything through song and dance whether its the kurban hua moment(wild desire) or hum tum moment(passion and lust) or behne de moment(passion and realisation of love) or teri deewani moment(realisation of pure and divine love) or kehna hee kya moment(physical desire) or Roop tera mastana moment(passionplay and desire) or pee loon moment(extreme love and passion) or maula mere(love and respect) or tumko dekha(divine love ) or where the party tonight(jealousy and passion) or Mahii mahii(Pain,desire and passion) or kuch toh hua hai(innocent realisation of falling in love) or  tumse hee(longing for someone)...Embarrassed...Maaneet hv always connected to each other with different display of emotions through these various songs and dance sequencesEmbarrassed
10)Hug Symbolism:I hv noticed that Maan-Geet hv given us different types of hugs depending on the situation..behne de or wheres the party tonight hug defined passion but the hospital hug defined longingness for each otherEmbarrassed ;Then the storeroom hug when Geet fainted defined how MSK is caring and protective towards his GeetEmbarrassed;Confession hug was out of respect and purityEmbarrassed...
My Episode Analysis nowTongue
Mayb I m in minority today but I m not too disappointed with the episode and actually liked it more than yesterday's episode if I skip the NES-NEB partsLOLLOL
Reason is today's episode has a good story progress and most important.. some unexpected things happened today like MSK actually getting a hint of someone trying to enter Geet's roomThumbs now he is extra-cautiousWink...we din't expect that MSK will actually see Brij's shadowWinkLOL..and whenever we get such intelligent MSK in action,episode has to b extra special thenBlushing;Loved the way MSK goes and hugs Geet in such protective manner...that concern on MSK's face showed the extent to which he loves GeetEmbarrassed...I liked the dialgoues in the start where MSK said no promise is important than her safetyApprove...So MSK is ready to break any promises when it comes to GeetEmbarrassed...Also loved the fact that CVs successfully ended this whole promise loop here in a unique mannerEmbarrassed
Secondly I liked how Geet remembers her parents and gets emotional which is very natural during the shaadi time but at the same time she has not forgotten what her parents did and so she doesn't want the Handa surname with her anymore as per the precapThumbs Up
About the camera part..I m fine with it since it was important for Geet's security after she refuses to come to the house before marriageSmile;Geet has a valid reason for not coming to Khurana mansion before marriage since she wants to enter the house only as Mrs.KhuranaEmbarrassed;Under such situation,MSK had no option but to fix cameras becuase I guess he believes his stalking skills r better than keeping security in the outhouse for GeetWinkLOLLOL;And now along with Geet's safety,he can even stalk Geet 24/7 sitting in his own roomEvil SmileLOLLOL;I loved the way today both were hving matured conversation on this safety issueEmbarrassed;Even the phone chat was cute today with MSK giving new year wishes to GeetEmbarrassed...
MSK today admitted that Geet is the most important person in his life and so he can do anything to ensure her security and safetyThumbs Up;Earlier once he said that Dadi is most important person in his life;So does that mean its replaced by Geet now ??Wink;Mayb we will know this in the futureEvil Smile
MSK looked extra hot in his black vest and well DD was right..GC's dolle sholle looks really sexyBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing..After a long time I was drooling over MSK like a silly teenagerBlushingBlushingBlushingROFLROFLROFLROFL..A combination of Intelligent+Hot MSK is always lethalEvil SmileLOLBlushingBlushingBlushing...
Its good to see that Brij's character is still consistent and he is still obsessed over his Forefather's lost IzzatROFLROFLROFLROFL;Also I hv earlier complained that one reason for low trps is because Maaneet track has no story except some silly bickerings..but finally I m glad CVs hv brought the story back in Maaneet track with Brij elementThumbs Up;Brij's character is not only managing to bring the curiosity element and suspense in the show but its also making sure that there is a continuous story progress in each episodeThumbs Up;
The scene where Arjun calls up Brij and asks him to come to office for the party arrangement actually proves that Arjun and Brij r not partners in crimeBig smile;This makes the track even more interesting because both Arjun and Brij r hving their own game plans to destroy Maaneet's big dayEvil Smile;But CVs make sure that Maaneet marriage happens in the end and the baby is safeEmbarrassed...History of this show has proved that negativity can never bring in good create suspense..bring in dramatic twist and turns but in the end positivity should winApprove...
Only turn off today was Arjun-Annie forced love track which is repeating almost all Maaneet old scenes minus any X-FatorSleepy..but again Brij giving those killer looks seeing Annie in Arjun's arms makes viewers curious to know whether Brij will try to take advantage of Annie now like mayb kidnapping her and then forcibly marrying herEvil SmileWinkLOL...that track will b 100 times better than a forced Arjun-Annie love trackLOLLOL
Since office party is coming up seems we might get to see another song-dance sequence or mayb some more suspense might b created with Brij trying to kill Geet in the office since there r no cameras inside the officeEvil Smile;I get a feeling we might see some attack on Geet in the party but as usual MSK will save herEmbarrassed and then MSK might put his doubts on ArjunOuch ;Eventually Arjun might b the one to expose Brij here on the marriage day to clear MSK's doubts and gain MSK's trustWinkEvil Smile;But again that will end Brij's track and viewers want to see more of CVs make sure whatever u'll do, Brij track does not end with Maaneet marriage;He can b strong negative force in the show which can bring in interesting twists in the storylineApprove
My Episode Rating:8.5/10 Overall I found the episode quite interesting minus Annie factorTongue..GC-DD were superb today and so was Behzaad as BrijThumbs Up..Today execution and editing was good and story moved at a good and interesting paceSmile...Except for Annie,all other characters r managing to generate interest in the showSmile

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Dear friends

Happy New Year!

I have been really enjoying the last couple of episodes of GHSP a lot. Frankly speaking, the re-entry of brij made me very much enthusiastic. Every moment feels thrilling. So I would like to start my episode analysis with brij considering the last few episodes. Brij's entry, to me was the best new year gift for the viewers from the Gteam. So as a blind fan of that character, I ignored a very crucial inconsistency while brij reentered the show. Its not how he was bailed but how he ended up being a chef. Personally I don't mind how he suddenly ended up in the wedding ceremony because its our pleasure to have him back. But for brij's reputation in the show it would have been better to show some small clips regarding how he got bailed and then joined the sardar caterer and then killed the master chef.  Because he may have collected all the information through his followers and may have successfully killed the chef but how would he handle the rest of the chefs and helpers in the sardar caterer? Those professions are not a one-man job. Besides, he never in the past seemed to be the kind of man who can cook. Killing and cooking are two very different arts and its very rare that one single person has both the qualities. A man who says hello with a stab can manage to cook for a wedding and that too for around 5000 people sounds really inexplicable. BTW brij too has got slim fingers. Artist, no doubt, killing/cooking!

Now the best thing the team did regarding brij was to keep his character intact. Yes, he is a man whose pleasure, passion and pastime is killing and he has his own reasons behind being such a person. Also he is not the type who waits and plan for his prey. The moment he locates it, he jumps on it. So its very logical that he went up to the outhouse to kill geet on the first night of his entry on the house. Although the sudden existence of the backdoor followed by staircases that lead directly to geet's bedroom was too much to take on the new year's eve. Nevertheless if we consider the story flow, then wow, wonderful! Yes, the team maybe planning brij and arjun to both implement their evil plans on the wedding day. But brij is not the kind to wait and so they made the current situation unfavorable for him so that he will keep trying till the wedding day and finally get his opportunity on the grand day. I loved the way he groaned when arjun asked him to meet in the office today. Yes, he really would have replied differently if the situation and place were different. My only hope is that somehow arjun-brij plans will clash on the wedding day making maneet marriage take place peacefully.

Well, I loved maan-geet conversation today. I loved the way maan hugged her right after he saw the shadow. It was a hug that wanted to protect his love from all evil. Their exchange of feelings was really beautiful. Geet's dream entering the Khurana Mansion as his wife was too sweet and the expressions that maan gave hearing that was too precious as well. Both of them looked happy and content and that made us, the viewers, very much content. Although(my "althoughs" never brings good news), I actually expected maan would consider staying on the ground floor of the outhouse till marriage. I mean, the cc camera can give the view of the intruder maybe but bad things can happen before he reaches the outhouse to provide help. CC camera is effective when there are guards on or near the expected crime spot or where there are automatic controlling systems of locking the criminal in the spot from where the observer is positioned. But here, maan can only be able to witness the crime. Its not possible for him to stay awake every night till wedding to check geet's situation. I hope the camera servers more than the reasons why it was put. Else, frankly, its silly to install a cc camera whereas hiring some security services would have been more appropriate. BTW as I remember from an episode back when geet came to stay in the outhouse for the first time, maan said "ghar pe ek bhi security guards nehi hai. Yaha pe serurity system laga hua hai". That is there is no guards in the house instead security systems are installed here. Then why didn't it work when brij entered the outhouse?

 Now, the most difficult part of our meal which is neither interesting to chew nor easy to digest, was too disappointing today. Yes I am talking about anne-arjun propaganda. At this stage, I can understand arjun's reasons for such happy smiles but really clueless about anne's. She is actually so much infatuated that it doesn't bother her to the least that she knows nothing about this wedding planner. What a pathetic mind and emotion! Why is she infatuated anyway? When we love someone we have a reason for loving that person. Something about him attacks us. It could be looks, knowledge, work, wealth or any inexplicable reasons that pulls us to that person that we want so much to find out! But anne seem to be lost in her senseless emotion. If they were to fall in love with each other I would rather that the team decorated their love story too with some dignity. At least it could have been shown that arjun is playing with anne while anne is seriously admiring any quality of his rather than flirting 24/7 and being possessive already! The team represented such a dumb character out of anne that she is capable of falling in love with anybody. If nakul was handsome enough she would have fallen in love with him too. Arjun is the luckiest man on earth to find the silliest khurana member to implement his plans. I mean he doesn't even have to work hard. Whatever he does he gets her attention. Maybe that's why his plan will get ruined in the end cause its not a result of hard work. As they say, easy come, easy go. If we want something to last we have to work hard for it.

Anyway, lets see what's in store for us the next week. Because I surely am dying to know.

With loves and prayers.........


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King of stalkers is now stalking via cameras
Arjun NES story is definitely going the tezaab way
Brij is wonderful as a psycho...

Things I loved
Geet talking abt her parents but she has not forgiven the others
Brij still talks anbt purkon ki izzat and HANDA name is most imp for him
Brijs target is geet and any dewaar Maan puts up he wuill supposedly break it
No promise is more imp that Geets safety
Geet is so much more vocal abt her feelings..
Geet says Mere maan and MSKs reactions to it was so good
and last but deffo no the least Droolworthy MSK in the black vest..

Things I hated

Annie or should I say that actress . She just cant emote...

I defintely want Brij to slash Devs face or burn it so we get a good negative Dev
I dont think Brij is going to try anything with NES .. his goal is Geet and he will stick to that.. But maybe he will move MSKS attention to the NES and Arjun ka thing so he becomes more accessible to Geet

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Theme of the Den 

Parm, congratulations on such an awesome write up. You have started that you are not at expert on symbolism. This is really hard for me to believe after everything you have written. Good job. Pat yourself on your back from me. Clap
As always, my 2 bits on today's theme -

Symbolism is when the author uses an object or reference to add deeper meaning to a story. Symbolism can be subtle or obvious, used sparingly or heavy-handedly. An author may repeatedly use the same object to convey deeper meaning or may use variations of the same object to create an overarching mood or feeling. Symbolism is often used to support a theme in a subtle manner.

Writers insert symbols into their writing to allude to a feeling, mood or attitude without directly stating the perspective or mood intended. Symbolism is supplemental to the story.

Using symbolism in a story you write can be as simple as inserting something into the story that symbolizes what's happening in the plot (as in the example of the storm, meaning anticipation of chaos or something evil). But while this kind of symbolism is easy to incorporate into your writing, it's not very subtle, and overusing it can turn a good story into a series of way-too-obvious clichs.

Some of the common symbolisms (depending on context) used in stories are fire, flames, heat, hot temperatures represent symbols of passion or damnation, Sunrise, rainbows referring to reinvention etc.
Symbolisms in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi
Some of the biggest symbolisms that I have noticed in Geet are - 

Symbolism of names

Maan - (Respect) - All the important characters in the show have names that truly represent their personalities. Maan is someone with a lot of ego, thinks of himself as being right always, is very closed to the entire world, noone can penetrate his wall unless he opens the door for them to do so. A lot of people fear him because of the respect they have for him. All of this symbolises the positiveness of this character. The minute most of us saw Maan we knew he was a good guy, the HERO. Even if he acted like a barbarian in the initial few episodes. 

Geet - (Music) - I stated this in my analysis of Geet yesterday. Like music has namy flavours, Geet is filled with many shades. Every single person on earth loves to listen to music, the difference may be in variety. Music touches everyone's hearts and so does Geet.

Arjun - (A Just Warrior) - Although Arjun is currently being shown as a negative character, his names symbolises that he has to and will turn positive in the end.

Naintara (Start of the eye) - She really has been one person we have all admired in the who, for her evilness. We miss her when she is not around. She is the most favourite villain of the show.

Brij (Nature) - His name is also symbolic of his character. Like nature, Brij is a paradox and when we saw him in the initial few episodes we were not able to clearly gage if he is good or bad. He grew to be the bad things that nature represents, destruction, violence as the story grew along.  

The other characters are not worth mentioning.
Colour Symbolism

Simple colours can also be symbolic, depending on your location, or the context in which they are used. Red, white and blue are symbolic of all things wrt love, peace, rage. We have seen Geet in red and white sarees and dresses more often than not. 

Ironically, White is Maan's favourite colour symbolising that he likes peace (although he is not so peaceful himself. He seeks something that is not him). And Red is Geet's favourite colour.
Green has come to represent anything which is pure. The first time when geet entered her office which we now know changed the course of her life, she was in green. And Maan gifted her a Green dress later on in the show. 

Colours can represent different things depending on the situations. For example most commonly red symbolizes happiness, marriage, and prosperity but can also represent rage. Also the colour of mourning is white, but it also represents peace and beauty. 
Tools of symbolism

Ring - The ring has come and gone many times and we even know that is Geet's way of asking for a new one. In any case, ring represents wholeness, completeness. It is something that has no beginning and no end. Maan putting the ring onto Geet's finger is symbolic that their love is eternal and he will always be there for her.

The famous Taveez - No specific symbolism other than the one created in the show itself. He was the hamsafar for her and Babaji will protect them from harm, forever.

Duppatta - Differennt colours all binding them together. All colours join to unite Maan and Geet

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Sree's take posted on her behalf

Theme of the Den - Symbols

Nice work Parm, Sandipa, Geeta, Jaya!

Symbols, marks, tokens or signs, 
It's the Den's theme and I'm trying to rhyme.
I've heard about them in folk lore, come GHSP I have seen them in galore.
They look like a trusted friend, to whom I can turn in time of distress.
They make us believe in destiny, journey with them looks bright and shiny.
They have joined the leads as one, let their love glow as Moon and Sun.
Let the heavenly bodies shower them with blessings,
Let them be saved from evil cursing.
Though there are some black holes, that engulf the happiness whole.
Some names I hate to take, still I'll mention them for namesake.
Dev, Nayantara are not to be spared, Anvesha u have to search for truth.
Arjun your name states white but to my contrite,
You are grey but you may sway.
Once you know the evil deeds, the family you called once was it's seed.
Hope you see the light and make things right.
Now Maan and Geet....
Geet is Maan's life song, Maan has taught Geet to stay strong!
Together they complete each other!

Episode Analysis

Kaun hai jo tum par rakhe nazar, kya hai uska kaam yahan par.
Kya ho saktein hain irade, kyun khatare ka ishara hain karte.

Tum ho mera jahaan,
Kasamein aur sharton ka tootna nahi nuksaan.
Akele rehna nahi mujhe bhaye, chalo sab sang rehen...
Yeh baat mujhe suhaye.

Sundar, salona, sukhad ek sapana, dulhan ban ghar bane voh sajana.
Sang tumhare phir chalon main,
Jeevan ka naya safar tum sang shuru karu main.

Dekhein satarangi jo Sapane, sach honge poore ab apne.
Pyaar mere tum raho na bekal, tum sang jeevan ka ab har pal.

Suraksha karni hogi pukhta, tabhi door hogi sab shanka.
Chahun or nazaron ka jaal, pata chale saari dishaon ka haal.

Vesh badal ghusa hai khatra,
Bahana hai dushman ke khoon ka ab har ek katra.
Purkhon ki izzat ke naam, khud ban gaya hai haiwaan.
Irade iske lagate fauladi, Geet ki jaan jokhim mein nazar aati.

Pyaar bhari baaton mein ghumayi baat,
Nazar rahegi tum par ab yeh batayi baat.
Pal pal main hoon tumhare hi paas,
Ankhen band kar bhi mehsoos kar sakte yeh ehsaas.

Mayaka tumhara hai soona, jaano mein yeh iss baat se nahin anjaana.
Shaadi ka yeh bandhan, dilaye yaad ghar ka voh aangan.
Chod mujhe aana tha jo, babul ki khusbhoo sang sanjo...
Par kismat ko kuch aur hai manzoor, shayad iss jindagi ka yehi dastoor.

Naya saal ki sab ko badhaiyaan,
Geet aur Maan ke jeevan mein bhar jayein khushiyan.
Ek duje ke ban jayein is dafaa,
Subh ratri keh hum kahein is bhaag ko alvida.

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