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First of all I want to say happy new year to everyone in the den Hug I have meet someone amazing friends here in the last year and I hope the den goes from strength to strength and is special year for every devil.
Symbolism is a tool that has been in literature for hundreds of years to give a hidden deeper meaning than the words alone can convey to the reader. It can be a beautiful and powerful technique when used and can enhance the enjoyment of the reader if used properly. Is symbolism a technique the writers of Geet are employing or are the viewer's just envisioning things that aren't really there, that is today's topic of discussion.

When we watch the show, we start analyzing everything in the scenes and some see hidden deeper messages that reinforce and support the characterization and emotions in the story, thereby, taking the scene to a higher level making it seem even better than it is. Sometimes the complex and intricate symbolism I hear being discussed makes me wonder do the writers actually go into that depth and details when they are writing these scenes or is this just our love for the show and Maaneet making us see these things. If the writers can conjure up a 18 year old sister out of thin air without having any foundations laid for her entry and then don't bother to give us a backtrack, are those writers then really paying that much attention to the scenes and placing hidden symbolisation in them. Unless we know for definite that these symbols are being intentionally placed in the show, it is not just conjecture on our part? How do we even know we are interpreting the symbolism correctly and not missing out on symbols? I'm no expert on symbolism, when there is a scene at night, the reason I think the moon is there is because the moon is in the sky at night time, nothing else. So let's discuss some of the symbolism that is used in the show.

1. Taveez
So I have heard a lot of how this metal little box is responsible for keeping Maan and Geet together and has been giving them a helping hand to get their happy ending. Many think as long as MSK has the taveez nothing can happen to Maaneet. So I have decided we all need to go back to where this journey with the taveez started and see whether it deserves all this praise and accolades we give it in the show.

Now truthfully, does anyone actually remember this scene properly other than that famous line aap ka humsafar aaj hi aap ki zindagi … and the taveez being given to Geet?

I didn't myself the actual details until I re-watched this scene recently. Tota Ram (a green bird) is responsible for predicting the Geet Maan milan at the mela ShockedLOL

 How many of you remember that?Tongue Tota Ram comes out his cage flips over the top three cards and voila your future is predicted LOL Will all the devils, please form an orderly queue to have your future predicted by the amazing Tota Ram. Now, no shoving in the back there, I know you are all eager to see Tota Ram, but he will answer everyone's questions, poor bird doesn't have much to do nowadays, the mela session is over as it is winter LOL so don't worry you will all get a free prediction, think of it as my new year's gift to you ROFL

There are many things wrong with this picture first of all birds are not psychic, never have been and never will be. Second of all tarot cards are a load of rubbish and not worthy of the money they are printed on.  Plus I thought in tarot card readings, the person who the prediction was for was meant to choose the cards not a bird, so they didn't even do the reading properly to begin with. If the reading isn't performed properly, all predictions are null and void, HAAN Tongue


So some random fortune teller says some clich lines about humsafar coming into your life today and how god's blessings will be with you if you make him wear this taveez. Now if this really happened to you how many of you would believe this guy? I hope no one is seriously gonna say yes, or it's off to in Shomu's van to the crazy house for you LOL  I know the first thing that springs to my mind when I think of a fortune teller at a mela, fun fair or just fortune tellers in general, scam artists. You might go visit their booth, just for laugh but you would take it all with a pinch of salt. He probably saw a young girl and thought what would she love to hear from me and hence he spinned her some lines on her true love coming into her life that day. Dolly tells him that Geet's  humsafar has already arrived and he tells her to give him the taveez then. Shouldn't he have seen that her humsafar hadn't entered into her life yet if he really had a gift. A scam artist, sorry I mean a fortune teller, gives you a free gift, do you think it's anything more than a metal box. Would he really give such a powerful thing away for free if it really had the capacity to do all the things some of us think it is doing. No way, obviously he wouldn't. The man is trying to make a living by telling people's fortunes, he's not a rich man in disguise passing time at the mela for a laugh, so if he had something that powerful wouldn't he make some money out of it?

Everything else that happens with the taveez or whatever you think is happening, is just a figment of your imagination and your desire to believe that there is something else at play as it makes for a nicer story doesn't it? What can taveez do if Maan and Geet do want to go separate pathways, it is gonna melt and transform into a pair of handcuffs and keep them locked together, there isn't even a enough metal there to make sturdy handcuffs there so that plan would fail anyway. We all saw for ourselves when Geet and Maan had their MU the taveez did not keep them together, you might have think it tried when it got stuck, but it was bound to get caught up in their clothing, the way those two were fighting like WWF wrestlers do in a Friday night smackdown LOL  It's just a metal box at the end of the day stop trying to make into something it's not, Geet can get her duputta tangled in a plant pots all the time LOL so it comes as no surprise to me got the taveez tangled in MSK's hospital room door handle. It wasn't God, trying to tell her MSK is there in that room, don't go, it's just Geet Handa being her usual clumsy self.


2. Dupatta


Duputta is just a duputta at the end of the day, it is worn either on your head or around your neck, it does not signify her honour, her izzat or anything else. Geet does not even wear her dupatta properly half the time, she just scrunches it up around her neck, so it ends up covering nothing so what does that mean, she doesn't care about her izzat or it just fashion.  But she makes such a fuss about not having it if MSK comes in, it's hilarious, I still remember that scene when MSK walked in on her when she was getting ready and did a ishara to him to give her dupatta and then the way she put it was, there was no difference in her having it. Geet's dupatta gets stuck on any random item they can think of and MSK helps her to release so we all think this symbolises how he will save her izzat, remove all obstacles in her life but this just shows how accident prone and clumsy she is, how she doesn't look where she is going half the time, hence the Maaneet bumping sessions we get every week and MSK doesn't leave any chance to help Geet as he is bit obsessed with her if you hadn't noticed.  Izzat cannot be bought how many times have we heard our elders say that, it has to be earned and duputtas don't come for free. It's just a piece of material, next we will say her salwar signfies her dignity as we never see it fall down even though it's held up by a string, showing what a fragile state Geet was in after the dev fiasco and how MSK has never messed with her salwar (we have seen hook her top buttons and dori) shows he wouldn't dare play with her dignity. Dev gifted Geet a red duputta, he takes her izzat away so how can the duputta symbolise her izzat and isn't a red duputta symbolism of a married women, which she never was. There are times when Geet rips her own duputta to help MSK even when he was still like a stranger to her, why does she do this without any hesitation because it's just a duputta nothing else, cause this would mean Geet is tearing her izzat for MSK, which MSK would never allow happen.
 Duputtas have been notoriously used in all Indian dramas as way of having romantic scenes, the classic example, duputta gets trapped heroine thinks the hero is responsible but it's a nail or something. Now I never heard that the duputta was symbolising the heroine's izzat in these shows even when they have had similar scenes with their lead pairs, but because Geet has had such a traumatic past in this show, we are all adding two and two together and coming up with these theories.

3. Names



The name Dev is derived from the Sanskrit word Deva which means god. Now whether you believe in god or is not the issue, as we don't have any qualm's over this Khurana sibling's existence (maybe some over whether they are true brothers or not), now who could I be hinting to, let's all take a moment to ponder this ongoing conundrum. However, I think everyone agrees that Dev is more devil like than God like.

First of all let's look at the reason Dev came into Geet's life and why he needed the money, were his intentions good, but his way of going about achieving it wrong, was he a misguided soul? No, Dev needed the money to save his own skin after creating huge debts gambling. Gambling is thought of as a sin in many religions. So we all make mistakes in our lives at some point, it's how we react to them and rectify them that shows your true character. Could he not work to earn some money to pay off his debts, like anyone else would? But instead of working hard to sort out his debts, he decides to try take a shortcut route full of lies, fraud and deceit, where an innocent girl was made to pay the price for his mistakes.

The plan itself was sickening and evil to say the least. Although the mastermind was someone else, Dev did not have any problems going along with this plan which makes him equally as guilty to begin with. The responsibility and success of the plan lay at his hands as he was the main character in this charade, if he was not comfortable with what he was doing, the plan would flop but he displayed no problems or discomfort, showing he is a man who does not have a conscious.

Geet's family were happy with the rishta as it was from Canada and he came across as a decent guy, so what was the need to make Geet fall for him. It was not like Geet's family cared whether she said yes or no to the rishta, if Daarji was happy this shaadi was happening, so why the need to such romantic gestures as showering Geet with rose petals. The plan up to this point was cruel enough, make Geet fall in love with you then marry her despite already having a wife, steal her land and jewellery and then ditch her at the airport, but this wasn't enough for him… He decides to cross all limits and boundaries of humanity and has a SR with Geet, despite knowing he is going to ditch her the next day, he couldn't control his selfish needs for one night despite being happily married. According to Indian law this SR would be classified as rape. Despite cheating on his wife, Dev should no remorse and even slapped NT when she questioned him about what he was doing. Finally, there is Meera, despite all of he has done, he still has the nerve to go for no3 in the show, he never misses a chance this one.

Naintara = star of our eyes

Star of our eyes is like saying someone is the apple of our eyes ie they are cherished and loved above others. However, Naintara is one of the loneliest characters in the whole of GHSP. To begin with she had a loving husband and was accepted by all (apart from MSK) as the daughter in law of the Khurana family. However, after making plans to mess up Geet's life, she invertedly messed up and destroyed her own life and alienated herself from everyone. Her poisoned thoughts slowly eroded and dissolved any love Dev once had for her in his heart. With Dev having deserted her and moved with Meera, she drafted in PQ to help her in battle to get revenge, however, as soon as PQ discovered the truth NT was alone again. Even Sasha and Tasha ditched her seeing what depths she was willing to sink to. Dev although not deservedly seems to have found someone who can overlook his past, whilst NT all on her lonesome, until the recent entry of her bro. Arjun will leave her side too once he knows the actual truth just like PQ did, it's just a matter of time and NT will be left with no one in the world to call her own once again.


His name was throwing up lots of different meanings on google so I have decided to discuss something else related to this character, his famous red tilak. The tilak is applied at the point which symbolises where your third eye/spiritual eye would be. The spiritual eye and its opening is linked to spiritual enlightenment and mediation. I don't think Brij does yoga and mediates, he just doesn't take me as the type. As for him having reached spiritual enlightenment... err I don't think soo unless go on murdering spree is a new way of cleansing the mind and soul.


Arjun means white. White is synonymous with being the colour of the side of good, the hero's colour but Arjun hasn't come to be a hero, sorry NES. Right now Arjun is a very dark and dangerous character, who wants to get revenge for what he thinks his sister has gone through. Arjuna from the Mahabarat was famous for never failing to hit the target and being undefeatable. But will Arjun really bring down MSK and keep him there, obviously not as we can't have evil triumph over good, what kind of message would this send out, so his aim is going to falter at some point and miss the target and that is when MSK will rise again. How far will Arjun go to get his revenge, we will have to wait and see.


Anwesha does not mean non-existent, therefore it is not symbolic of her character, case closed. This was by far the easiest part of this theme ROFLROFLROFL


Means sharp intellect, genius and sagacity. I'm not going to even bother to explain this one, PM me if you need help, but don't expect a reply ROFLROFLROFL 

4. Celestial bodies

As if we don't get enough gazing into each other's eyes, we now get constant moon and star gazing. These two are going to have really high optician bills in the future. Maan and his constant wooing under the moon, where do I begin with this one. I think I have cracked this and it answers a few other questions that have been bothering the devils for ages, ps it's nothing to do with symbolization. We have been wondering about MSK's parents for a while well I think the CVs are trying to enlighten us with MSK's past with these moon scenes as MSK is really half human and half werewolf. I don't know who was the werewolf was but I think it was his mum and when Mr Khurana senior found out her secret he went and re-married. This is the reason why no one mentions Maan's parents and why MSK really hates women as his mum made him half werewolf. This also explains why MSK was not very good at things like showing human emotions especially in the beginning and his stalkers skills he has heighted sense of smell which helps him locate Geet easily.   Geet seems to have tamed his inner wolf with her love but it still comes out and now again. So what happens to this love struck half were-wolf when there is a full moon, of which they are absurdly high amount of in GHSP. It is kinda similar to how a true werewolf would be affected, the gravitational pull of the full moon affects the tides and as the brain contains a high % of water, the full moon messes up with the werewolf's mind making them go mad which causes their savage side to come forth. With MSK the full moon, messes up his head making him dangerously diabetic coma inducing level sick with his romantic talks or say crazy absurd things like stars are giving salaami to his and Geet's rishta.  

Speaking of stars that brings us on to the very common occurrence of shooting stars in GHSP whenever Maan and Geet are around. Shooting stars are masses of debris, falling through the sky leaving a streak of light behind them on entry into the earth's atmosphere. Now that sounds very dull and boring, therefore, they have been given a makeover to symbolize something romantic and sweet, which they are not. Whatever way you try to dress it up, masses of debris will remain debris. Shooting stars are not falling because the stars are looking down and us thinking, wah what a jodi, I better take a trip to planet Earth to let them know I approve and they have my blessing otherwise they might break up knowing the stars don't approve of their rishta. Shooting stars would become an even rarer sight than they already are in that case then.

5. Colours

How many more different white outfits for Geet can they come up with, we have had the all styles from sari to salwar suit LOL the costume designers must be getting fed up ROFL The constant use of white and red, does is it really add anything to the scenes by using these colours, is it meant to even be adding anything to the scenes or are they only used because they are Maan and Geet's favourite colours. I personally don't care what colours they wear in scenes as it's the dialogues and the acting that should bring across the romance and passion, for example, I don't need to see them in red clothes, if they wear blue the message will still come across. The use of symbolism is supposed to add to the scene and overuse of the same colours repeatedly as symbolism blunts its effect if there was any. Whenever we see white clothes in the show, we expect good scenes but Dev entered in white clothes, so didn't that mean he was supposed to be the hero and not the baddie in the show. The episode when NT breaks the truth to Geet about Dev being married to her and where she tells her to abort the baby, is the first time in the show Geet wears white. So before the maaneet love story white was just white and didn't symbolise anything but as soon as this love story began everyone started to see white with a different perspective, isn't that interesting to notice.

So I could go on even further but it's new years day and I think I have made you suffer enough already ROFLROFLROFL

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sowiee I took index & analysis ka place..I got a pm so I thot itmy have been done soz ParmOuch
Parm woah so far its fabStarClapClapI only read abt taaveez and I came running to comment..I am glad you gave it a try and I've neva seen u write so much Parm u got talent khotti..U were hiding it in ur PramAngry
and I am gonna PM u abt Manisha if u r not botheredROFL

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WOW Parm..this was really AWESOME!Clap and funny too!!

A symbol in lit usually is used to shed further light(a symbol of illumination!! ROFL) on a particular theme, dialogue,thought etc..

It can be used to shed light- by either Satirizing the said theme..or by using it in its literal meaning.

Taweez was the first symbol( i think) we saw in the show- Destiny.
The chanciness of destiny- that is what it has highlighted..

The Baba, parrot or whatever was right- because it was mere chance.
There was a huge probability that it wouldn't happen- but it did.
The taweez kept coming back as a reminder of chance- how the self-determined girl wasn't the only one determining her own life...that the randomness which is a part of all human life isn't always due to clumsiness or circumstances but a khichdi of things and an arbiter which is arbitrary LOL and abstract.

This was the basis of symbolism on which perhaps was built up the love story- or started to.
As a chance- it might have not been the result of their falling in love- but they did fall in love.

Coincidence- of course- Maan wouldn't have been there if he could help it...but in the beginning he WAS there...coincidentally..that taweez was the indicator of chance...a reminder that it could be..or not..

But gradually as their feelings got stronger ..the taweez became a symbol of their love- a Chance (or chances) that led to the fruition of a relationship for life.

She put it round his neck as a reminder of their love.
which is usually seen as the biggest risk of anyone's life.

That symbol stayed as a reminder of Destiny- and their Love
it's a love token now...but might be used further

Of course- even in literature-  a symbol changes with the doesn't remain constant throughout ;)

The way taweez continued to be shown so many became a symbol..

A thing becomes a symbol when WE see something in it..whether it's there or not...whether it was intended in that way or not- is a limited and a limiting question because well..a symbol is GIVEN out to be INTERPRETED in everyone's own wayEmbarrassed

A ROSe- can stand for anything- for anyone.
But to prevent it from becoming extremely is given a context.

In every 'symbol' we have- whether it be dialogue loops, scene loops,pictures, or objects(including celestial bodies) we have contexts that keep symbol and our interpretation keeps changing as well..

I love what PRam said about the Moon..I agree..and the shooting stars too..

but see we have associated things with shooting stars and the moon for centuries( trust me...I have READ completely moony people that form the Canon of Lit today)

Celestial bodies used because of their permanence and the associated interpretations that continue to stick to most of them are very difficult to shake off..

so even if Moon comes out every day and is merely a satellite- it is shown to be full moon in GHSP, although there is also amavasya- because it looks pretty and is associated with certain things that add a certain etherial quality to Maneet...

I'm still writing..but it's time for the I'll be back!

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reserve for episode analysis
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ReservedBig smile
Parm yet to go through your whole post..but whatever little I read..its fantasticClapClapClapClap

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Happy New Year 2011 To All my lovely Den Friends! Hug

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