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Armaan felt really lucky for the first time, maybe his fate was playing bad, real bad, but still how could he forget that he has riddhima?Having riddhima in his life, made him feel that NO! He is not at all unlucky, If god has given him some tough phases, then he has also given him a weapon to pass the tough phases, a strong weapon, more strong than armaan.She was the only important thing he had in his life at this point of time, Yes His friends were important, but somewhere around riddhima was far more important than them.Isn't this true? Oh yes, It is!

The sunshine broke the continous sweep of the dreams and the fantasized world of this beautiful couple, the sun rays fell in the room, passing through the window and finally reflecting at the end of the marbled floor.Armaan's eyes felt something light-like and he woke up, he still wanted to sleep more, but he couldn't.He looked to his left side table and saw that it was 6 in the morning, he thought that now there is no use of sleeping, so he decided to start his new day.

He went off the bed, but before going, he looked to his right, a beautiful angel was sleeping, he kissed on her lips lightly so that her dreams don't have to face an obstacle, he smiled at her shiny beauty, and cursed god as to why has he made someone so beautiful and ir-resistable?He went to the washroom, and stood under the shower, each and every drop fell and slid down to his smooth skin.Meanwhile, outside, riddhima woke up.When she woke up she saw that there was no one in the room, she stretched her arms and yawned.

"Armaan", Was the first word whispered by her at the very moment she woke up.She walked off the bed, and searched for him, he was nowhere in the house and everybody else were still in their dreamlands.She came back to the room, she kept on walking in just when something clicked to her mind, she looked towards the bathrooom door and thought that has she chekced that place?She slid down the handle, it was unlocked, as armaan had not locked it because he thought that riddhima was sleeping.She accidently went in and saw armaan taking shower.Although he was not completely visible to her, as he was inside a square like box, especially kept for taking shower, and the doors of that square like small place had opaque mirrors.

She for the first time felt like her cheeks are just gonna grill up hot, she felt a bit goosebumps, even she never knew that her BF is so hot?She bit her lower lip and clunched up her hands feeling the excitement.It was not her mistake, what is the need of armaan looking so hot while taking bath?Haha, well that cannot be answered.She was like *WHY-AM-I-STILL-STANDING-OVER-HER!?!*, but even she never knew why she was?Why didn't she ran away from that place immediately after getting in and being such a sati sawitri like?

Each and everydrop that fell and slid down armaan's body, gave goosebumps to riddhima, it was as if, she just wanted to go and hold him hard.All these kind of emotions were running up and down in her mind and heart, but she was unaware for the next to happen.


Armaan held the handle to slide off and open the door, she immediately ran off from that place, armaan felt someone standing at that place but he ignored it.He still thought that riddhima must be sleeping, so he just wore his towel around his waist, with nothing on top and went out of the washroom.He went out and never looked here and there and simply went towards the dressing table, just when he saw his beautiful lady was sitting on the bed with her back resting on the wall.He came from back and hugged her and whispered in her ears.

"I love you"And kept his chin on her shoulders.It was a quick moment for both of them.Riddhima smiled and kept on staring nowhere.The guilt was still lying in her heart.She wanted to tell armaan that she was peaking in when he was taking bath.Well, it is not exactly like 'PEEKING-IN' , But this is the way that riddhima thought.

"Uhh..armaan"She collected some courage and spoke up.

"Hmmm.."He replied.


But before she could complete there was a knock on the door.Armaan went to open it.

"Heyoo hawtieee"

"Morning..anji"Armaan said and flashed up his dimples at her compliment.

"Yr..mujhe toh samajh hi nahi aata"While saying this she stepped in.

"Kya??"Armaan asked.

"Ki woh joh police waale hai unka abhi tak divorce kyun nai hua!"

"Kyu ??"Riddhima questioned.

"Arrey, afterall, pakka wo log is hawtie ko dekh ke gay ban gae honge, and then when their wives come to know this, toh divore toh hoga hi na"Anji cracked up unknwon of the fact that she's failing bad!

"Ha !! PJ"Armaan said.

"Huhh !!"Anji said.

"Why you're here miss.PJ?"

"Oye, I just came to invite you guys for the breakfast, jab romance khatam ho jae to aa jaana" With this she wnet off the room making the couple blush.


"Morning guys"

Everybody greeted informally to each and every friend.

"Uhh..armaan??"Muskaan asked

"Hmm" He looked up.

"What's the plan ??"


"Yahh plan...for today?"

"I'll go home and then for duty"

"Ohhh god armaan, remmeber there are just 2 days left, so let's enjoy and hang aorund..and have..have Loadsss of fun!!"Rahul said thrilled.

"I second this"Anji said.

"I third this"Atul said.

"I four th.."Before muski could complete she was interuppted.

"But..But what about gabbar guys??"Armaan said.

"We'v managed dude, afterall we are your friends, she gave all of us a leave of whole 1 month!!!"

"1 MONTH?????????"Armaan's eyes popped out.

"Yahh I know, you must be shocked, seeing our perfomance from the last 1 year, we'v not took even 1 single holiday yr ! So without any hesitation she gave us these peaceful 30 days of enjoyment !"Muskaan said.

"I can't beleive this !!!"

"So Tell na..what's the plan ??"

"Uhh...let's go to..uh...mall ??"He said.

"Hmm...not a bad idea..But uh...promise me one thing girls !!"Rahul said, with all the girls having a question mark on their faces.

"No shopping !!!"And with this muskaan threw an aloo paratha from her plate straight to rahul's face making everybody laugh.

After that everybody started having their breakfast.While in, armaan placed his left hand on riddhima's right hand.Riddhima actioned him to stop but he didn't, he was in his naughty like mood.He moved his hand from her hand,to her thighs, under her top, to her wiast, making her shiver bad, with his each and every cold touch, his fingers crawled up and down, giving a pleasure to himself, and to some extent to riddhima as well.But she was feeling a bit nervous like.She looked at him lietraaly, her eyes were begging him to release her, and he as a bhola bhala but naughty boyfriend, gave her a flying kiss and left her.

She proppered up her top and resumed with her breakfast.



Riddhima was washing the plates with no one around her.Suddenly armaan came and hugged her from back and then there were those 5 minutes of complete coziness and silence.They both had closed their eyes feeling this precious and priceless moment.After around 6 minutes, riddhima broke the silence.


"Yes my lady!"He said making her smile along with her nervousness.


He completed the sentece for her..."want to kiss you"He said straight forward making her giigle even more.

"Arrey, nai baba..I actually want to confess something"


She faced the wall, as she couldn't meet his strong and powerfull gaze.

"I..Actually when you were taking bath, I accidently came in and"She clsoed her eyes tight immediately after her sentence ended.Feeling the embarassment of the moment.Armaan smirked and started opening the dori of her choli(Or whatever), She was taken aback but she said nothiing, then he slid down her top a bit and kissed her bare shoulders, at that moment she was completely taken aback with a shock!

" kya kar rae ho ??"

" can see me in that kind whenever you's a girl's right..and when it comes to men...Huhhh !!"He joked.

Riddhima was shocked.

" are not upset with me..??"She said smiling her heart out, the twinkle and clinkiness came back in her eyes, which made her look more and more beautifull.

"Riddhima..I am alll yours...and you are alll mines...and you know are even free to rape me if you want..I swear I won't mind that and foile a case on you!!"He joked.

"Armaan"She said in her original girly tone.

Finally the atmosphere was lightened up a bit, they both hugged each other, feeling back the comfort of their secret sharings, and conffessions.They had one cozy hug, feeling each other, and after 5-6 seconds, they parted and armaan kissed her on her forehead.

"I love you armaan..."She said.

"I..."Before he could complete riddhima kept her finger on his lips and nodded a no.
You don't need to put your love and care for me in words...I know..I know..It's impossible"With this she winked leaving behind a shocked armaan.

"Oyye Hoyye...riddhima kya baat hai??, You are toh getting romantic day by day"He said.

"It's all because of you..."She said.

Armaan had completely forgotten that he came out of the jail just before 13 or 14 hours, he was happy and satisfied.He felt and did each and everything in a way of aplomb.He had a feeling of contentment.He loved the way his present was going on.But he forgot about his future, which is still pending, but who says life is dependent on future?Live the present and forget the bloody past, then you will have the courage to face your future, when you are confident about it.And that is what armaan had it on his mind.


They broke apart as this irritating voice interupted their ever-lasting romance.

"aee khotte se puttaroo...we are getting late..chalo be"Muskaan went off now.

After she wnet off armaan made a face making riddhima smile.

"Chalo not let's get ready"She said.

"Oyyeee...You mean let's get ready TOGETHER??"

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ksgforever10 Goldie

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Hey guys !!Smile

Thanksss for alll the loveable comments and appreciation on the previous part !!Tongue
Hope you all like this one as well!Big smile
Love you all, and yah this time not by mistake, I have uploaded a big partLOL!
So please please pleaseee do comment, It is sooo awesome to read them...Plzz do commentSmile

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dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
awesome part..
 loved it to da core..
do continue soon.. n thnx alot 4 da PM!!!
araja1234 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Awesome part. Loved it and thanks for the pm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
awesome part!
mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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gr8 update.i like ar romantic scene very much.pleas continue soon.thanks for pm.
felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it loads
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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superb part.
continue soon.
thanks for pm.

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