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papia Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
You can continue with one but please dont leave the remaining two totally.  You can write other two whenever you will get some time may be a month or couple of month interval.

But thanks for your effort and the way you write those. Its really great to read all three.

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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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love in 10 days
shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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love in 10 days

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ksgforever10 Goldie

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Hey People! Finally.. As you all know. I am continuing with this FF. I am really very very sorry. With this sort of health & perfomance in studies I can't continue with soo much writing & all. I am very sorry Again. I simply hope that I don't dissapoint you all with this FF & My future Updates. I Love You All <3



He was shocked, and thought that how did this girl got my address? He was about to ask her, but soon, she entered the house passing him a smile.

"Umm.. Where did you get the address from?" He asked after offering her the seat, and wearing his shirt, he felt embarassed, a bit.

"I get everything what I want. Simple!" She winked at him. He looked down not reacting to her actions.

"Umm..Listen I-"

"Who is it Jaan?" The voice spoke from behind interupting the conversation of the two, and making armaan sigh a big sigh of releif.

"Um.. Riddhima! Meet Prachi, Prachi..This is Riddhima! The Love of my life!"He said the last line whispering. Riddhima did have a frown on her face as Prachi had come to their house, but, she was satisfied with the talk she had with Armaan, and she knew he loved her madly & unbeatably.

"Hye! Nice to meet you!" Riddhima shook hands with her and sat beside armaan, really close to her, they both had their hands entwined with each other which made Prachi frown a bit.

"Same here!" Saying this she sat back.

"So..Prachi? How did you reach Mumbai? I mean, it was always your dream to get into modelling in Paris!" He said. Prachi was very much fond of modelling & had her dreams of becoming a super-model. But as they, success is nothing without struggle. But, people like prachi can't get through that struggle because you need to be filled with a lot of passion for it, which definately she never had.

"Um.. I couldn't go on with the struggle thing! Please, don't get on that!" She said feeling awkward.

"Oh! Umm.. I'm so sorry!" He apologized. He didn't liked her that much, but still, he was a very caring person & he cared about each & everyone which Riddhima loved the most about him.

"It's Ok! Anyway, Let me get on with my purpose of coming here! Tomorrow is my birthday & fortunately I met you today. So there's a party at my house tomorrow at 7 in the evening! You have to come there! No excuses at all!" She said in one go.

"Um.. Actually Prachi We-"

"We will come!" Riddhima completed the sentence for Armaan. He looked at her & smiled seeing her quite happy & not at all upset now.

"Oh! Great. I will be waiting for you two. Eagerly! I guess I should leave now!" Prachi hugged Armaan & shook hands with Riddhima, they both headed her to the door & bid a goodbye.

"Bye!" They both said together. Riddhima was smiling heavenly, armaan's heart always felt a heavy stone whenever he used to see her upset or going through a bad phase. But now he was feeling very light and perfect. He knew how difficult it was to see your Lover's friendship with his/her ex. But she was handling it very nicely & he loved her for that.

Riddhima closed the door and turned to go when she heard her name.. "Riddhima!" Armaan siad.
"Hmm.."She turned back. Armaan walked towards her having a slight red nose, a smile playing on his lips, and a sweet twinkle in his eyes.

"I Love You" He said, showing her all his Love in just those 3 heavenly words. He couldn't Love her enough for her bravery & maturity of handling the situations rather being such an emotional person. "I Respect you for the way you are & I...I just wanna thank you for being in my Life, & making it worth living!" He said. He was out of words, suddenly, all his flirty, filmy, & lovy-dovy dialougues were lost, His dictionary of so called Armaan-Mallik's-Filled-With-Love-Dialouges was running out of space!

"You know na that you don't need to mention that?" She said while keeping her one hand on his cheek.

"Just remember one thing, I am in-complete without you!" She said, he felt so good to hear that, to hear about his importance in his life, he felt releif & hugged her tight.

They both forgot about the case, the party, the environment, all they knew was that they were with each other at the moment. And it was the best part of their Lives according to them.

They both parted & smiled at each other heavenly.

"Ok! So what do you exactly wanna do next?" Armaan smiled mischiviously at her and she pushed her back.
"Hey!" He shouted and ran after her. "I'm not in a mood to play Tom & Jerry right now! Um.. Let's go for a walk!" She said as armaan ran towards her & stopped listening to her marvelous idea.

They both went inside the room and got into comfortable clothes, simple ones. After 10 or 15 minutes, they were ready and they headed towards the car. As armaan took the car keys riddhima told his that she wanted to wlak to the park & not drive in the car. Armaan first said a No because he knew that she is feeling a bit weak, but then later on her agreed realizing the fact that it will be quite romantic for both of them. As they headed out of their house area, and walked on the lonely street, they had nothing to talk. Riddhima wrapped a shawl around herself as she was feeling very cold. But still she felt hell cold. Armaan noticed so and hugged her from side, rubbing her back and making her feel warm. She looked at him & said I Love you through her eyes to his blue circular shining like marble eyes which said her back that... "I Love You Too."

They both walked, with riddhima's head resting on Armaan's shoulder and his right hand wrapped around her and the other hand in his pocket, he was feeling cold too. The shining moon was the only source of light for them at the very moment, the trees on both the sides headed them anywhere, and they kept on following so without noticing that where they were heading to, because they never cared where destiny took them, until & unless they are Together.

"Armaan!" She said softly.


"Umm.. would you mind if I ask you a question!"

"Yah Sure! I won't mind anything Riddhima!" He said convincing her to go on with her qustion.

"Armaan..I..Um.. Forget it!" She gave up, she was feeling too shy.

"No! Please tell na."
"Leave it! Seriously it's nothing!" She replied.

"You're getting me Curious!" He said.

"Hahaa. Good for you no!" She laughed back.

"Please Na!" He faked crying & riddhima couldn't resist herself from kissing him on his cheek. She kissed him & tilted her head again on his shoulder, and preferred saying silent.

Armaan's voice turned into a whisper, "Riddhima!"

"I'm feeling too shy to ask you so! So Please leave it."She requested back.
"Don't feel shy! I'm your Armaan afterall." He said so sweetly that it made her go all 'Aww-ish' types.

"Ohk Fine! I just wanted to ask you that.. Umm.. Have you.. You know. In the college times, have you s..sle..slept with Prachi?" She asked, she had curched onto hand and Armaan could feel her shivering. He wanted to grab & kiss her but prefered answering her question first.

"Riddhima I-"

"Armaan.. I know she is very hot & better in the physical thing if compared to me but..-"
"Shut Up!" He pounced on her. "It's nothing like that!" He faced her & held her by her shoulders. "Yes I have slept with her! Maybe more than 10 times! But I've always used a condom! You know such a big flirt I was in College! And Now, I just imagined me and her in the bed. I guess I am about puke!" He said the way he felt.

Rddhima opened her mouth to say something but was interupted by him, "And that reminds me! I've always imagined you & me in bed together, And we do it & even do it better than what I did with Prachi! Prachi doesn't stand anywhere in front of you! She stinks! I hate her! & I love you!" He said it all in one go. He started to finally think about what he just said now, as he said it all without even thinking once.

Riddhima smiled, & said nothing. She grabbed his hand again, tilted her head, wrapped his hand around her waist & started walking again. After 13 seconds, finally armaan smiled & said nothing. Their souls were busy making Love in he street.


"No, even she is not picking up the phone!" Atul said as he disconnected the his phone.
"I ust hope Riddhima is fine!" Anjali prayed to god.
"Don't worry! They would be fine! Armaan is with her!" Rahul said.

"But, Rahul! Even Armaan is not picking up his phone! What if..."Muskaan said.

"Chill Guys! We're getting too worried! They must be busy making Love! Now can we please resume to the pub?" Rahul said & everbody nodded.


"Holy Shit! 13 Missed Calls?" Armaan's eyes pounced out as he checked his phone.

"I should have carried my phone with me!" Riddhima said regretting the fact that she thought that maybe Armaan must be carrying his phone so there si no need of carrying her phone.

"It's Ok! You never knew! Let me call them back, they must be tensed!"

"Yah! Especially Rahul!" She replied back.

Armaan called Rahul and said that they are fine & expalined the whole situation that they both forgot to carry their phone to the walk.

"Thank God you both are fine! You guys must be busy in making love right? Dekha.. I knew so. We all were getting worried when there was nothing to worry about!" Rahul said on the other side.
"Shut Up Rahul!" Armaan said as he turuned Tomato-Red.

"BTW, Did prachi come?"
"Oh.. So that means she got the address from you? Bitch!"
"Chill Dude! She met me at the mall & asked for your address, I gave her. After all she is one of your really hot GF's!"

"Shur Up Rahul! I'm Gonna kill you. Riddhima is feeling too insecure with this Prachi Thing!"
"Armaan.. There is nothing to feel insecure about! She is just a hye-bye buddy for us. Tell her that!" Rahul said.

"Yah Yah! I had a talk with her, she is fine now! I think I need to spend more time with her!" He said.

"Don't worry dude. You relax. You spend time with her! I promise no one will be calling & disturbing you!"
"Thankyouu Raoool. I LOVE YOU!" He said feeling very happy.

"Save that for Riddhima! Byee!" And he disconnected the phone without waiting for Armaan's reply.

"What happened?" Riddhima asked.
"Hm? Nothing.. They are cooled up now."
"Good!" She smiled back cutely.

"Umm.. Riddhima!" Armaan called out her name and followed her to the kitchen. Only to see her making a coffee, he notiched she had changed into casuals, her hot lingerie turned him on but he controlled. She was standing near the Table taking out the sugar packet, just when he hugged her the back & rested his chin on her shoulder.

"What Armaan? Go get fresehn up! Your shirt is wet with all the sweat! Please Go!"
"What? Are you tryinng to say that I'm stinking!?" He asked warning her.

"No Baba! I am just asking you to fresh up! Then me & you, will have coffee together. Hm?" She turned back and cupped her face.

"I can smell something naughty & romantic!" He winked and made a mischivious smile.

"Shut Up! Go Now!" She pushed him out of the kitchen and resumed towards the coffee machine. Only to hear him calling her name again, she turned back and saw armaan peeking in the kitchen.
"You're back?" She showed anger.

"Just wanted to say I Love YoU! Bye" And he rushed back, only to leave her smile like a fool, cherishing the moment that happened a second ago.

She made the coffee & waited for him in the sofa set up in the balcony, as the breeze was quite cold and she preffered having the coffee outside. She placed one mug at the table on the one side of the balcony, and took her mug with herself towards the ceiling where she held the warm mug in her hadn feeling the warmth of the hot coffee. She held the muh near her face and bent on the ceiling looking at the moon and appreciating the unanimus beauty of moon & stars. Soon she could feel two cold hands slipping down her waist, she smiled and her eyes felt the comfort. She closed her eyes to feel his cute nuzzles in her neck.

"Missed me?" He whispered silently.

She smiled silently, but still he could her smiling and smiled between the nuzzles. He pulled her more close and completely pasted her body with his. She gasped. Armaan kept on nuzzling, as he wanted to feel the moment.

"Hm!" He managed to reply back.
"You're coffee is getting cold!" She said so cutely and honestly that he pushed himslef back and smiled loudly at her. She smiled back at him. He went near the table took his coffee, walked towards the ceiling & stood behind Riddhima sipping his coffee.

"How is it?"
"Delicious!" He blinked his eyes making her feel shy.

They had their coffee near the ceiling and talked heart-to-heart talks with each other. They couldn't help but pass comments in between their convo to make each other feel special & Loved. They finished up with their coffee and sat together on the big sofa in the balcony. Riddhima sat but armaan lied down in his laps. He was very tired, they had their short & sweet conversation and when they stayed silent off for a while, Armaan had drifted off to sleep, with Riddhima hands caressing his tiny fringes on his head. He held her other hand tight near his heart. Riddhima smiled & had tears, she felt so good & satisfied.

She bent down & kissed her forehead & said... "I Love You!"

Hope You All Liked the Update <3
Sorry for grammatical errors, I couldn't go through it after writing it as I was feeling a bit dazy :S
Sorry! :(
Please Do Comment if you feel like commenting & don't forget to press the Like Button :)
Love You Alll <3

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res...i m first yipeeeTongue...
Sam...totally amazing , superb partClapClapClapClap...loveddd ittt sooo muchhh...woowww yaar loved supercool  ridz...give good dose prachi...loved Armaan n Ridz ...they are so cute n adorable not to forget romantic couple...
awesommm part dear...rahul n armaan too good...waitng next part...thanks for pm...plzzz contiue soon

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Originally posted by shilpI007

OMG! You're simply tooo FASTTT!!ShockedLOL

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ksgforever10

Originally posted by shilpI007

OMG! You're simply tooo FASTTT!!ShockedLOL

i knowEmbarrassed... hw a ur exm going??????

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ksgforever10 Goldie

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Originally posted by shonadesire

Originally posted by ksgforever10

Originally posted by shilpI007

OMG! You're simply tooo FASTTT!!ShockedLOL

i knowEmbarrassed... hw a ur exm going??????
Haha.. I missed all of my exams except Eng! I was suffering from Dengeu! That's why couldn't update as well. Was very weak!Dead
But Now Finally I updated! I feel like a strong stone just slipped off my headLOL

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