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|Love In 10 Days| AR - FF| Upd.Pg. 129 | (Page 106)

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Originally posted by hotKaJen

nice part!
finally armaan is back 2 himself
cont soon
thnx 4 pm
Hmm..Finally our old armaan is backBig smile
Originally posted by sweetdesire

Heyyy when are you going to update yaar...Plzzz update sooonnn

Tryinggg but busy with studiesssOuchOuchOuchDead

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They all were so happy that armaan was finally back to normal. It was like, the whole gang was having the best time of their lives. Armaan had completely forgotten about the rape thing, and also that just day after tomorrow, he'll be back in the prison and the court fights will start.

They all got ready and went to a nearby mall, to have some fun, shop, and to let AR spend some time together.

"Um...Rahul let's go to that shop? OMG, Anji look..They have such pretty dresses! Please c'mon na rahul..anji, atul..Come guys!" Muskaan wanted to leave AR alone, but the rest couldn;t understand what she was trying to say, so after saying this, she finally went on by giving an expression which made them understand that it is there time to escape and leave the beautiful couple alone.

"Uhh..Yah.yah Muskaan...Uhmm..Let's go.." Rahul said and started to walk with the rest of the gang except AR.

"Uh..wait guys..hum bhi chalte hai?" Armaan said.

"No No.. You guys..we'll be back soon"

AR were left confused and shocked. Muskaan, rahul, anji and atul went inside the shop.

"What the heck was that man?!" Armaan said.

"I don't know? God knows why they all are acting so strange!"Riddhima replied.

"Accha leave them...let's go there!" he pointed towards a restuarant, which was dark, yet elegant.
"But armaan what about them?"She stammned.

"Uh..Leave them na..Come!"

So AR went to the resuturant leaving the rest of the gang behind.


"Rahul how's this one?" She placed a dress on herself and asked rahul while looking at herself in the mirror.

"Um..Nahh! Eh..What about this one?" He showed her one more, but as usually, she never liked it.

Muskaan saw many more pretty and short dresses, which she liked but fortuanately they were unliked by rahul as they were short.
"Rahul..Please na...look..this one's so pretty..Why can't I buy it?"
"Muskaan..It is tooo transparent!"

She was now frustrated.." Uf..Please rahul I need space." And she walked off to the oter side of the shop which contained more pretty and more short dresses which angered rahul.

"Anjali how's this?" Atul showed her a kurta.

" can's a kurta! I mean..I..I don't wear kurta's na!?" She said.

Atul felt bad but he ignored his feelings, "Um..Ok..Let's go with muskaan, I'm sure you'll like her choice of clothes!" He said smiling." Aww so sweet of you..Come give it to me..I'll buy it" She replied as she was so impressed by atul's honesty and respect for her." Really?" He cheered up, "Yes Really".."Now C'mon!"She said.


"Uh Riddhima..Such a nice place na?" Armaan asked her.

" beautiful and so quite..I love these sort of places. They let you stay in peace!" She said.

"Wah ridz, you are toh becoming filmy day by day?Kya baat hai! I am Lovin' it!" He flashed his teeth. " tumhaari badaulat" She replied. After this a waitor came and asked them to give their order, they placed their order, and the waitor went off. For a while there was complete silence, everything was quite and pleasent.

"Ae dolo waale untle!"

A Kiddish voice spoke from behind.

Armaan turned back as he got hell scared that who can call him like this? He looked back as well as riddhima but found no one, slowly-slowly there eyes moved down, noticing a small baby girl, she looked very cute and looked as if she is only 5 or 6 years old.

"Kaun mai?" Armaan asked.

"Ha too be mote she untle...gim me my ball pljj!" She said, making him smile and making riddhima go like 'Awww'. Armaan looked down and notcied a small ball just behind his foot, he picked it up and proceeded his hand to give the ball to her, but dragged it back.

"Untle pljj dona." She said.

"Lekin mujhe kya milega?" He asked, he just wanted to play a bit with her.

"Agal aapne mujhe ye ni di na, toh mai aapki beti ko utha le jaungi ha" She said. He was shocked? Did riddhima loooked like as if she is his daughter?
"Who me?" She asked as she was confused.

"Ha aul kaun?"

AR looked at each other, and after the silence of 15 seconds, they broke into laughter. That actually what made that little child think that riddhima is armaan's daughter.

"Arrey uncleee ba..." Before that child could insult him more, he gave her the ball and asked her to go. Riddhima still kept on laughing, and after a while armaan frowned that does actually he look like an uncle?
"Tsk! Oho armaan..Why are you so upset?" She said after finishing her laughing session.

"Nothing..Tumhe kya? You keep on laughing na! Why do you care?" Seriousness was on the peak.

"Armaaan..Woh sirf ek chota sa baccha tha..Use kya pata ki tum mere daddy *giggle* Uhum uhum...mere daddy ho ya lover?"
"Oho Miss. Riddhima lover-shover and all hu?" He came back to normal, Dr.Armaan's Teasing.
"Chalo ye sab chodo..The food is here..let's have it and then we'll go for shopping..Hmm?"
He nodded a 'Yes' and they enjoyed their meal. After finishing the meal.

"Sheesh..The food was so bad na? I feel like puking!" She said as they walked out of the restuarant.

"Oh Shit feel like puking abhi se hi..Abhi tak to maine kuch kia bhi nahi.." He cracked up his melo- Drama.

"Shut up armaan...The food was really bad that is why I feel like puking! Samjhe? Nautanki kai ke!"
"Accha mai tum nautankia!??" He said leaving her confused. She made a face like 'WHAT-DOES-THAT-MEAN-NOW?'!

"Um..Wo sorry riddhima..mujhe ni pata ki nautanki ka female version kya hota hai ! I;m sorry!?"He said this so childishly and cutely which made riddhima smile her heart out even when she was angry with him that how dare he called her something which doesn't even exist? NAUTANKIA?!?

After the cute AR talk, they went for shopping, armaan bought many branded clothes and perfumes. Riddhima bought some stylish clothes for herself and armaan as well. First they went for Armaan's shopping and then for riddhima's.

While riddhima was shopping

As everbody knows, riddhima loves buying new clothes and accessories. So as she went thr' whole of the store, she found great clothes and hung all of them on her hanger, armaan! Some dresses were lying on his head, some on his shoulders, and some were held my his hand, finally they proceeded towards the changing room.

Riddhima picked up one dress from his shoulders and went in.

"Oye riddhima?". She turned back, "Mai bhi aao kya?*wink*"." Armaannn" And she went in.

He was standing outside with clothes all over him, he was smiling, remembering the puking part. Just when he saw a couple of hot girls went by him, and giggling on his state.

"Tsk tsk! riddhima" he called her name out.

"Kya hai?"
"Oh f**k man this is so embarassing..come out..Please!" He begged her.

"1 minute..Just 1 minute!"

After 36 minutes and 53 seconds, riddhima finally came out after trying 19 dresses, from which she only likes 3!

"Oh God you girls!"He whispered.

"Armaan..I know I'm a need to tell me that* Giggles*"

"*Smirk*" Her sweet comments made him smile. She bought her clothes by her money as she was an independent chick. They were just coming out, suddenly from nowhere, a girl wearing short minnies, and exposing clothes, walked side-by armaan and they clashed followed by all the pollybags in his hand, on the floor.

"Oopss! I'm so sorry!" He said.

The girl found this voice familiar, she looked up and yes, she was right, she knew him. Riddhima stood a bit away from them waiting for armaan to pick the pollybags and come.

"Um..Armaan Mallik?" She asked. He looked up and was stunned, "Prachi?" He said.

"What a surprise armaan? It's been 3 years? Oh f**k? What are you doing here, and man you've changed dude! And that means you've become more hotter*wink*" She said making him smile.

"And you've not changed at all? Still one pinky chick? The same as in college!? Right? Making all the men go crazieee after you!"

"And you were also one of them*smirk*"

"Oh C'mon, i was a kid that time!"
"Oh paleeez! Our relationship was not a joke yr! 2 years !"

"Hmm Yah! But c;mon..It was not at all love!" He said.

"Neither it was friendship?"
"Umm..Actually..forget it" He concluded, as according to him the conversaton became boring second by second.

They exchanged numbers. Armaan finally came to riddhima.

"Who was she?" Riddhima asked.

"Um..Don't get angry..But basically she's my ex!"


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Hey everybody..I know I'm late but still bear with me..Anways, chota hi sahi but the update is thereLOL! Do read it and comment/Critisise..Love you all..And once again thanks a lot for commenting on the previous part..And have replied to everyone;s comment as well..But If accidently I;v forgot someone then pardon me I will..Love ya all...Thanks once again...


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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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yipeee i m first to cmment

hey Sam
awesome part as usaual dearClapStarClapStarClapStar
loved it so much...
loved muskann hw she left AR alone...
AR restaurants moment  was superb
hehehe that gairl is so funny ridz is armaan daughterLOLLOLLOL
OMGGG ridz is shopolholic yaar poor armaanLOLWink
oh armaan ex is here, i hope she didn't creat any prob btw ridz n armaan
thanks for pm
plzzz continue soon

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wsome update luved it xx

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lovely part.cont soon .

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awesome update

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