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naava IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Swatrocks

 Welcome back Kool Di...............Smile
                  U r back with a bang. It was a nice post. I am seriously fed up with this insult-insult game played by Arman. Manav shuts Archu's mouth when she defends him in K's and Archu Manav's mouth in the D's.  Angry
                       Seriously how can they b so dumb? Urgghh..........Angry.
                    I want Manav to claim those 3 lacs from Minchoo's ghulamAngry,insult egoistic Varsha to the extent that she is afraid to face Manav.Angry How can she forget everything Manav did for her.Angry I will spare Vaishu here as she will lose her happiness in the coming episodes. So Manav shud just ignore her. But this is only a wishfull thinking. Manav will not do anything and will just walk away D'oh, Hope Archu trust him. Poor guy.Disapprove
     Di i wud serioudly like to see Vaishu and Satish as a pair. Satish deserves a kind wife.Approve
 Jaywant and Varshu wud be paired. I trust Jaywant he will show Varsha her place.Evil Smile
                    Y cant Manav b happy? He deserves to b happy na? I just dont like to see him getting insulted like this. Disapprove
                      I hope Savita accepts and loves Archu , if at all Arman are going back to the D's.
 Pls show the lead couple happy for a change. Unhappy
                  Regarding Jaywant , i never liked him ( sorry Ouch) , may b coz he was brought in the serial with an intention to replace Manav in Archu's life. Dead
                     Mahesh Shetty is playing the character very nice. But i am still obsessed with SushantLOL
           I seriously hope they show Arman doing well i n their life.Smile
 Love u di...... take care..........bye.........Smile

i know this was a letter to kool Wink but since u posted it publicly LOL i wanted to comment on a couple of things. Tongue

  i agree, satish deserves a good wife and i think vaishali has a sweet and naive heart. and they would make a good jodi...   alas though, i foresee dharmesh reforming, (he didn't start out so bad they just switched him),,and vaishali accepting the son in their life... tha'ts ok...all for reform i guess.

as far as jaywant & varshu...they should just be business partners since thats all they want out of life...both selfish & self centered people (and i never liked jaywant at all either...i always thought he was slick and conniving...icky he's physically handsome? his heart is not beautiful.. personally i;d like to see jaywant written out of the story  but i know a lot of people like him.  (can't figure that one out).
sorry i butted into your conversation with kool... LOL
happy new year !!

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Tiyali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged

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lunza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tiya229

 .@ green: i think we are in for another course of love turns hate by PRof. Archana. she will do patofy savita and make her good again...


What is she going to do ? Sleep on the D's kitchen floor again with cockroaches and cats for companySilly?
can I just say - BLAH !! Angry

btw .. this Insult-insult game is actually fetching the show high ratings and beating JDJ in daily TRPsOuch

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naava IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Originally posted by naava

Originally posted by piya_10

the actor playing Dharmesh seems bored too, his character has been butchered way too bad.......unless there's a miraculous twist where he was forced to marry his first (?) wife it seems bye bye for Dharmesh. Someone posted the other day that maybe he married his best friends wife or something ala Silsila still it'll be bigamy.   

it's been repeatedly said by several articles  that dharmesh never married this girl madhuri..that they simply had an out of wedlock child.  i don't understand why everyone keeps saying he was  married to her or is committing bigamy...or even infidelity..cause he hasn't had "relations" with her since he met and married Vaishali...he neglected to tell V or anyone of this indicretion in his past...which is for sure wrong when there is a child and continued contact. and certainly makes him a big hypocrite when badmouthing manav.... but..i don't quite understand where everyone is coming from. ??? does India have a different definition of bigamy and infidelity than other places?  ??  LOL
Perhaps its not technically bigamy then . Does it make it any less disgusting ?

hi kools welcome back
 i think we're still talking apples and oranges...i think dharmesh is disgusting - that said  i still want to defend him...Dead  Shocked he had a past life he didn't disclose.  he was not married but fathered a child.  he isn't having an affair with her now, neither physically or emotionally.   his only interest is because the child is his, he loves the child and she happens to be his mother.... YES he is very very wrong to keep this secret, to make up disgusting stories..etc..  he is rude and selfish and self centered.. he has insulted vaishali over and over and i don't think really loves her...he even told her that his business and his reputation were more important than she was...(can u imagine??? if it were me, i'd be outta there already on that one!!!)  but....he's not married to two women, nor committing adultery...even emotional adultery....   i just like things to be clear and not muddled...  sorry  Big smile

and happy new year to you !!! 
Swati_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 10:08am | IP Logged
@NaavA , Hey dear its k.. This is Kool Di's thread ,so I had dedicated to Her.. Well i am happy U replied to post..This is a public forum U r free to post ur views...
nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Very nice post Kools. You spoke my mind.

Will reply in detail later. I have an exam tomorrow.

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dew_drop Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Welcome back Di! Hug
So good to read your matter of factness again.

PR is oozing absurdity nowadays!
Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Hey Kool, great to start the new year by having you back ....
If Arman cannot take a single step without reverting back to either Archnas family or Manavs why the hell did they elope
They eloped with a lot of bravado but when first calamity struck them in form of Archus illness they went back to her mom as REALITY sunk in PR shows some reality after all . That just love aint enuf , a good salary and accomodation is needed
If Archana had not given her jewllery to savita , at least that would had given them a breather , some money to get a start but foolishly she gave that gold also to savita
Why isnt Archna WORKING wht happened to her one yr old magical diploma
Her character has been totally changed .The other day she told manav, all I want is a roof over my head and one chulha ....that's it .That is after she was the administrative supervisor on a very good salary I guess her character has gone back to being a girl who just wants to be a house wife ...

Why was Archna dressed like an Amma in Pune with pinned up hair let loose and a shawl was her honeymoon for Gods sake.........why do CVs make this lovely young gal look like a Madonna in her thirties with a shawl looking as if her only purpose in life is to BLESS people or something ?Frankly all that ARchu's get up needs is a halo around her head

I read somewhere that Ankita was told to go easy on her hair styles and make up because Archana  is supposed to be a simple girl .In order to make Archu look simple, the Bt heads are making her look sick and sort of ill all the time .When she was not well, then I could understand but looking like this in her honey moon makes no sense .
The insults have a sickening PATTERN . When one tries to defend against the insults the other tells him or her its ok and lovely to bear insults as this is only what RISHTA NIBHANA is all about . And then both take the BS with saintly suffering expressions .
Did you see the scene where Manav is telling Archana that as long as they keep bearing these insults and show tolerance , they will be happy ...
When she told him , I will try and win Savita back again , he told her ' I love this thing about you the most ' .
The stupid decision making spree has started AGAIN . Manav is HIDING Vaishali's tragedy ..........FOR WHAT ?  She desrves to know for GODS SAKE ! His way of making a decision on that issue was posing a vague ambiguous question to Archana who didnt have a clue . Archna too gave a vague senseless answer without displaying the slightest curiosity in digging out more facts as to why is her non communicative hubby asking questions like this today . But then Archna was never famous for her grey cells .
Archana is extremely stupid .She turned out to be way more silly than I thought .How could she not figure out that Manav is talking about some other person and not about himself ......
Now when she will find out she will get angry with Manav .
Manav cannot be insulted anymore . I mean he CAN"T . U see guys there r no more insults LEFT . This man has been insulted in every possible way by his sasural and still shamelessly LOVES them . He has been slapped twice or thrice by saas , yelled at by BIL , treated like KACHRA by saalis , accused innumerable times by Manju , all that remains is a scene where we will see Manav lying on the floor with arms spread like Christ and the K family jumping on his groin with spiked boots with glee and giving each others HI FIs as they step down to give each other a turn
Maybe you missed the episode when Archu was trying to tell Manav not to go back to her house as  everyone will insult him and then Manav's answer was ' You took so much insult from my mother , it is my turn now ' .So you see this is how he is thinking ...That this is Karma paying back ....for how he kept quiet all those 3 months when his wife was getting insulted day and night by Savita and Shravani ...
Even though Manav is getting insulted ,  his dilemma is nothing compared to what Archana went though .
Archu was sometimes even physically attacked by savita and Archu had to deal with a Souten who hated her ......left no oppurtunity to put her down ...Archana even had to put up with the heart break of watching her husband getting engaged to another girl and going out with her etc etc ..So compared with that Manav is still having it easy .
Manohar and Sulochna have been wonderful with him .. Archana is caring for him as if he is a baby .varsha and Vaishu don't live in the house .
Manjusha is the only one who tortures him day and night ...Vinod is angry but even he is paying all his bills and so far has not taunted him about this ..His grouse with Manav is that he is spoiling his sister's life ...
Vinod's complain with Manav is valid  correct just very badly timed .He should have said all this after the divorce ...why now ??
They are showing  these days that as time is going by Manav is feeling more and more guilty as to what he put Archana through .He said  sorry to her again this Friday .He will keep putting up with insults for her as I think he feels that he was the one who gave her so much pain and heart break ....I don't expect him to ever say anything  against his insults ...he thinks he deserves all this .
It is Archana who should speak up and take a decision now .She should tell him that this is a stupid equation that just because I put up with that time now you are doing it ....All this has to be put in the past and she should just take his hand and leave the house .....
I hope she will do this in the coming week.Also would like to her to thank her parents  before she leaves , for their support and the honey moon , break ties with her sibblings for now .
Butchering of Dharmesh was so unncessary . From a plump practical young guy who has different rules of living life he has been changed to a bigamist to show poetic justice to ARMAN as Vaishali insulted them
Kool I don't think he is married to Madhuri ..So Biggamy is not happening here .Vaishali is his only wife ...
Sadly the two villains r more interesting currently .........Jay and Savita . I am sad to see Savita put in villain category but they have done it .Yet I say she and Jay r interesting as ...........
I am loving the way Mahesh Shetty is playing Jaywant .You should have seen how he once made a phone call to Archana ...The way he said ' Archana..Jaywant here ' , it really was such a chilling and  cold voice ...very good actor , good personality too .....
Jay will cook political plots but never harm Archana . He told Manjusha in so many words THAT and that made me sit up .AHA ! I said . Now HERES sumthing interesting . I got a feeling that Manjusha will get her karmic lesson from JAY as Manju hates Archu and will do something that will invite Jays wrath . Can't wait for the 3 devils to turn against each other , I want JAY to hold Manju's tresses and shake them and throw her at Vinods feet before going down himself , telling him exactly what Manju is . And then Vinod shud DIVORCE her .
Hope this happens , sounds great .
Savita will do politics but wont be able to see Manav being harmed . Now this is interesting too .
Savita knows that she has been invited because something big is being planned .Now after manav gets insulted , it remains to be seen if she will tell Manav about what Jaywant  saying and warn him about this dangerous guy ...
I don't think she will.She wants Archana  out of Manav's life so bad that she  is even willing to work with manav's worst enemy .....
I know she will fight back on Monday but would her reasons will be to try and protect her son or to try and get Archu out of his life by creating a big jhagda ....
Remains to be seen if she loves manav more or if she hates Archana even more than that .
Conclusion : ARMAN r boring , villains r interesting . What wud we do without them . That Yasir is good . Acha hai . And yeah , TDH looks horribly good looking in a white open necked shirt as he compliments Archu with demonic boldness in FRONT of her hubby without giving a damn .Muvaaaa !
 Manav is a good human being ( being played extremely well by Sushant ) but he is a very very dry and boring person ...only now he is sometimes shown as happy ( playing cricket and having a physical relationship with his wife ) , Archu for some reason was always looking sick ....she  too is very boring ,her sense of humour is little better than Manav cause she teases him sometimes ...
Jaywant is definitely a very interesting chaarcter and I am glad that he is there as the villian because you need to have a strong villian for a good show or a movie .
I will tell you the scenes I loved ..
When he calls archana on the phone ...
When he pays a compliment to her right in front of her husband ( totally ignoring Manav )
When he is smiling wickedly as Dharmesh is telling  him that his hand injury is fake , asking Dharmesh i na cheeky manner as to why he is so scared of his wife ....
I liked the jJywant and Dharmesh chemistry there .They both knew that they were making ullus of these girls and they were loving it ....LOLLOL 
I also wan t  Jaywant to be doing this for revenge but I get worried when he is speaking to himself .....his thoughts are all about wanting to own Archana at any cost, he wants the ultimate commitment , he wants marriage Shocked ...
Once again , great to have you back and keep in touch ..The forum is suddenly looking more alive with you back here .....

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